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      Month (Episode 0)

      • The Jungle Myth Thread Starter: Veronika Lopes Thread Type: Normal. Thread Location: The Jungle. First Encounters: Tanya the Terriermon River Addams and Rae the D'Arcmon Returning Encounters: None. Stages Reached: Baby II and Child Summary: Veronika Lopes, a 14 year old who had just moved to Oklahoma, ends up in a strange new world and remembers little of how she got there. During her first few moments in the strange new world, she encounters some scary yellow worm-like creatures that aren't friendly. In the meantime, they're holding little white creature hostage. Status: In Progress
      • The Shifting Sands of the Great Canyon Thread Starter: Nicole Whittaker. Thread Type: Quest. Thread Location: Canyons First Encounters: Nicole Whittaker, Ramiro G. Eldgridge and Calab the Impmon and Freilu the Plotmon Returning encounters: None. Stages Reached: Child, ??? Summary: Veronika and Tanya embark on a journey to find treasure within a massive canyon alongside a handful of other travelers. Status: In Progress
      • Digital Equinox: A Portal to the Human World?! Thread Starter: Terrafirma the Hackmon. Thread Type: Event. Thread Location: Mount Panorama. First Encounters: Terrafirma the Hackmon, Zoe Zhang and Caia the Biyomon, Strabimon, Varius the Lekismon, Adrian Fawkes and Vivian the Renamon, Rosalie Fawkes and Ignis the Guilmon X, Theo Spiros and Delphius the Otamamon, Salim, Irena Bakal, Balder Schwarz, Benny Guzman and Eva the Cutemon and Draco the Shoutmon, Arya Wagner and Nymeria the Yaksamon, Coria Anders and Olai the Elecmon, Mysterious voice in the Portal, Returning Encounters: River Addams and Rae the D'Arcmon, Stages Reached: Child. Summary: Veronika and Tanya climb up a massive mountain and happened upon a sort of discussion for opening a portal to the human world. Discussions and debates occur over whether or not the leader of this meeting, a Hackmon named Terrafirma, could be trusted or not. Little do the group of travelers know that something rather horrible was about to befall them. Status: Complete
      • Sub-Even 2-2: Into the Deep Thread Starter: Megan Addams. Thread Type: Event. Thread Location: Dark Ocean; Sunken Labyrinth. First Encounters: Megan Addams Returning Encounters: River Addams and Rae the D-Arcmon, Roy Alistair and Kame the Kamemon, Benny Guzman, Eva the Cutemon, and Draco the Shoutmon, and Salim. Summary: Continuing from the previous part of the event, Veronika jumps into the opened portal after a voice calling for help, going against her initial urge to help the injured Terrafirma. Tanya, who is more interested in helping Terrafirma, begrudgingly follows, though the two spend a brief moment contemplating the status of their partnership. Veronika, Tanya, and a handful of others that they met outside the portal must figure out a way to help an individual River Addams seems to know as "Megan". Status: In Progress
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      Month (Episode 1)

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