Of Angels and Devils (Ivan)

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    Tanya the Terriermon

      Tanya remained silent as she begrudgingly traveled along with her, but she was moving rather slowly. She only allowed herself close enough to not lose track of Veronika, though she was extremely tempted to just leave the back stabbing little brat that she finally knew her human partner was. Veronika wasn't even acknowledging Tanya's ideas, not that the Terriermon was even interested in talking to her partner at all.

      Veronika glared as she continued on. The two of them were only in the dark ocean for a few seconds, and her relationship with Tanya became something... completely different than what it was before. Granted, the reason had nothing to do with the dark ocean itself, but it wasn't her fault that the Terriermon get way too attached to literally everyone she met. Even Veronika herself... she should have known better than to get attached to a human completely disinterested in making any kind of friends what so ever.

      The teen couldn't even bring herself to look at Tanya when she realized the Terriermon wasn't even trying to pull her in any direction.

      The one thing that Veronika did notice was a particular tree. The young teen stopped for a moment as she stared at the tree, with a Kunemon taking a nap on the branch. Veronika's eyes seemed to soften. This wasn't just any tree, but the very tree that she found herself when she first appeared in the Digital world. Veronika let out a sigh. "If you want to take a break, Terriermon," Veronika pretty much spat the Digimon's species name. "Then you you better get rid of that worm." Veronika's eyes screwed shut in contempt as she pointed at the napping Digimon.

      Tanya glared at her partner before letting out a sigh and slowly walking in front of the human she was following. Tanya looked up at the worm and found herself scowling in ways that she hadn't been throughout this entire journey. The Digimon clenched her teeth as she began spinning aggressively. "Terrier Tornado!!!" Tanya yelled out, unleashing the green tornado at the worm, sending the poor thing flying away from the tree. Tanya pretty much marched over to the tree, glaring as she did so. "Happy now, human?"

      Veronika didn't give Tanya a reaction, and in fact didn't say anything at all. Instead, she let out a huff and sat next to the tree, forcing her Digimon to go sit somewhere else. The two of them looked away from each other, wishing not to associate with each other more than necessary. At this point, the only reason they even stayed with each other was for survival's sake. If it weren't for that, Tanya would be back at the Primary Village as of a long time ago.
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      Diablo the Impmon

        Ivan and Diablo were now back in their domain of the tropical jungle after their trips to the mountains and File City and boy did it feel good to be home! The two had gotten up early, had a very fruit heavy breakfast and decided to spend the day doing patrols of the Tropical jungle they called home to make sure no one was causing trouble. After a few hours however trouble was exactly what they found as in the distance Ivan heard the words "Terrier Tornado" followed by a pained yell of a digimon.

        Both Ivan and Diablo broke into their fastest run toward the sound and arrived just in time to see a little harmless Kunemon getting flung through the air. Without a word waisted Ivan and Diablo nodded at one another and then Ivan grabbed Diablo by his tail and the back of his scarf and after a quick spin launched him upward allowing him to catch the insect before he hit the ground and making sure he landed on a thick branch. Once Diablo landed back on the ground he sat the small bug digimon down gently and patted his head.

        "Where are the people who did this to you buddy?"

        The Kunemon then nudged his head toward the tree he had come from. Ivan and Diablo then just nodded at each other and broke into another run. As they ran Ivan unhooked his D-ark from the right side of his hip and pulled out his offence plug in card and swiped it down his digivice to activate it.

        "Digi-modify! Offense plug in activate!"

        As the card went active Diablo's small body glowed a dark black glow as his strength slightly increased. As they reached the designated Tree and Ivan saw the young girl and her digimon a memory flash of his sickly now dead sister hit him like a ton of bricks stunning him. Seeing this Diablo stepped foward and crossed his arms.

        "You know you guys picked the wrong jungle to bully defenseless digimon in. This place is protected but since you're new I'll ask nicely before my partner get's a chance. Please tell me who you are and why you're here."

        Veronika Lopes