Contest 3 • Codex Entries

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    Contest 3 • Codex Entries
    Write Codex entries, get cool prizes! Contribute to the site canon by writing entries for NPCs, groups and organizations, historic events, or whatever else you want. Submissions may expand on already existing codex entries, e.g. a new section on File Island's climate.

    Submissions should follow the typical submission guidelines, detailed below.

    Members can submit as many codex entries as they wish. Additionally, members are always able to submit codex entries, but these submissions don't normally come with fancy achievements!

    Submissions may be posted below, posted in the normal codex submission forum, or DM/PMed to a staff member.

    Members whose submissions are used in the Codex will receive:
    • the Contest 3 • Canonical World Builder award
    • and some bits!

    All participating members will receive:
    • the Contest 3 • World Building Extravaganza award
    • the satisfaction of contributing to a site-wide meta :wink:

    • Don't contradict already established lore, whether it's Word of God or player-submitted.
    • If possible, split your submission up into sections—think of how a Wikipedia article is laid out!
    • Specify whether your submission is supplemental and adds onto an existing codex entry or an entirely new entry.
    • Give your entry a short but descriptive subject, e.g. File Island - Economics, File City, or File City - Politics.
  2. Anima OOC

      Title: The Howling Labyrinth

      The Howling Labyrinth

      In a deep recess located in the southern parts of the Great Canyon, exists at a glance, an unremarkable cave distinguished only by a rusted plaque with a very clear warning at it’s threshold: “Intruders Beware; All Who Enter Are Doomed to Wander the Endless Halls of the Howling Labyrinth.”

      Within, is exactly as the warning and its name implies: an extensive maze of tunnels that twist and fork off into multiple branches that wind around in every direction, with intersections that often appear identical to each other, making it easy to get confused and lost within it’s passages. Though the surface of the cave looks completely ordinary, it’s walls prove impossible to break through.

      What once further complicated attempts to investigate the labyrinth, was a mysterious gale that blowed through the tunnels near constantly, forcing out even the strongest of digimon. It would occasionally cease for a day or two at unpredictable intervals, up until ten years ago when the gales simply never started up again.

      Temple of the Howling Winds

      If one were to reach the end of this labyrinth, they’d be disappointed to find its secret already left in ruin. The labyrinth opens up into a foyer of cracked marble floor, walls and pillars, where a crudely restored statue of an AncientIrismon stands vigil, arms stretched out to hold something that is no longer there. It’s easy to imagine that this place was once beautiful, but in its broken state it’s clear that tragedy had befallen the hidden temple.

      Further exploration would have you find the usual kind of rooms you’d expect in a temple, along with more extensive facilities that give evidence that it’s former tenants had lived their entire lives here. Multiple levels of barracks, expansive indoor garden arrays where food was once grown. Gyms full of beaten up training equipment house combat training equipment. A massive library can also be found, though nearly all of it’s contents have been reduced to ash.

      Despite appearances, the obviously restored statue at its entrance, and signs of some attempt to make at least a decent section of the temple livable, do hint that the place isn’t entirely abandoned. Two survivors remain, Nora the Turuiemon, and Pik the Piccolomon. Though they are both very skittish wary of strangers, they still abide by their vow of pacifism, and are willing to listen to those that don't come off as threatening.

      History of the Temple

      Nora and Pik aren’t terribly loose lipped about the nature of the temple, but if one were to gain their trust they’d be willing to share their story. The temple had once been home to a sect of warrior monks. They practiced various forms of combat, purely for meditation purposes, and were strict pacifists, sworn never to use violence upon another living being, not even in self defence.

      They worshiped an AncientIrismon as their goddess, who was believed to have originally founded the sect, and passed on it’s teachings and brought about the protections that had kept the temple and it’s inhabitants safe from the outside world. This included bestowing upon them a mystical orb that generated the gale that once swept through the maze and kept intruders from finding it.

      The monks lived their entire lives in the temple, everything they needed to thrive being made within it. The only few that left the temple, were either exiles who refused to conform to their faith, or scouts who were specifically taught the route in and out of the maze, so when the gale was stopped, they could escort exiles out, and also travel to primary village to acquire digi-eggs to adopt into their sect.

      Secrecy and seclusion had protected the sect for a long time, but even with nothing substantial for outsiders to even go on, curiosity and imagination were enough to motivate potential invaders. It’d be the infamous Vugarth the Musyamon and his gang of bandits that would manage to find their way through the maze, assisted by an exiled traitor who managed to recount the way through.

      The gang laid waste to the temple, ransacking every room, leaving destruction and chaos in their wake as they searched for everything that might have been valuable while brutally killing any monk they came across. True to their faith, the monks merely bowed to their fate, and died without a fight, except for one young disciple who tried and failed to fend off Vugarth single handledly, only to be easily beaten and taken as the only prisoner of the raid.

      Nora and Pik were the only two that managed to hide and not be found by the invading bandits. Ever since, they’ve kept living within the temple, though they have had to venture outside for resources since much of what sustained the temple previously, had been completely destroyed. They occasionally patrol the labyrinth, and leading any lost digimon back to the entrance should they come across any.