Important plot events and their dates!

Minor Event
First Labyrinth Event
A mysterious event dubbed the "Labyrinth Event" by mass media occurred in Yoyogi Park, part of Tokyo's Shibuya district.
Episode 0
VRMMO Maintenance
The Digital World VRMMO had server maintenance meant to correct a problem with the game, and people who forgot to log out before the maintenance found themselves transported to the actual Digital World.
Episode 0
Genesis? On the Island of Adventure!
Tensions reached their height when a Gazimon accused a human and her partner of permanently destroying Digimon, but a Hackmon managed to calm the crowd when she proclaimed the existence of a paradise—the Real World!
Episode 1
Digital Equinox: A Portal to the Human World?!
Terrafirma the Hackmon, the Digital Dawn, and those crested who chose to assist them attempted to open a portal to the real world, only for things to go terribly awry when The Tide showed up!

Sub-Event 2-1 • The Tide Goes Out
With the Tide making a dramatic entrance, the crested pooled forces to fight back the Tide and protect the wounded Terrafirma!

Sub-Event 2-3 • Trivial Pursuit
A group of crested pursued the mysterious cloaked figure into the caves underneath Mount Panorama, where they discovered a cannibalistic cult and a villain more powerful than anticipated.

Sub-Event 2-2 • Into the Deep
A group of crested entered the corrupted portal to help a stranger whose cries for help they heard from the other side, only to find themselves on the shores of the Dark Ocean.
Episode 2
Temps de la Joie
An annual wintry festival in the Arctic Region, hosted by the nomadic traders!
Episode 0