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    June 23rd

    Today I received this journal for my fourteenth birthday. It’s today, if you hadn’t already guessed.

    But this birthday in particular is special, because we just recently moved from our condo in New Jersey and moved into this lovely little apartment in Tulsa Oklahoma. It had been quite the long and trying process, but after five years of work, and half a year of waiting for a condo to sell, the Lopes have finally arrived! They knew they were missing something. They just didn’t know what it was.

    It may sound like I’m thrilled about this whole thing, and yeah, I’ve definitely learned to like the idea of moving away from everything I’ve ever known, but I hadn’t always been quite a fan of the idea. In reality, my parents had always wanted to move away since I had been born, but complications with my mother’s parents, and her father’s untimely death, brought up way too many complications.

    Well, that is to say, my grandfather died when I was nine. So, yeah, my mother was really reluctant to leave New Jersey. And, of course, the longer I lived there, made friends, and what not, the more reluctant I was to leave, too.

    Well, I suppose it’s only fair to go a little deeper in my history since I just received this journal. Also, as a disclaimer, I think that keeping journals is fun, but I’m not much of a writer. So, sorry if this isn’t all that well formatted or whatever. (I say to the zero people who hopefully read this.)

    Anyway, I was born in a hospital in Princeton New Jersey, but I grew up in Atlantic City. I lived in this Condo, though it was never meant to be a permanent place. From the time I turned five until now I always had this uneasy feeling that I never really belonged in New Jersey, mostly because my parents made it clear that we would eventually move away. (Though, again, my mother was one foot in and one foot out.)

    Now, I’m not that vocal of a person and usually keep all of my feelings to myself, hence why I keep journals. This is virtually my only way of venting, so I try to keep a log every day. I haven’t been doing that at all for the past six months, so this first entry might be a little long. I’m the only child, for now, though I have a baby sibling on the way. Good thing we managed to get out of that condo before we got another one running around. Our Condo was great for three people, but definitely not four.

    I started school at a nearby preschool, and I took to it like fish to water! When I was little, I made friends with everyone, or at least I tried to. If there was someone who felt left out, that would end up being someone I tried to hang with first. It was easy for me to do at this stage since there was very little discrimination. Little kids tended to treat each other equally. Someone who was likely to be hugged was just as likely to get bitten.

    It just so happened that one of those kids turned out to be my life long best friend, and perhaps the biggest reason was moving would turn out to be horrendous for me. Her name was Kendall, and she was a year older than me. At the time, she was incredibly shy and lacked any kind of drive to make friends. Luckily, I was the type to walk up to total strangers (who happened to be my age) and claim them as my friend.

    This one, however, was a special bond that started when we worked together to play a game that seemed to stump all of the other kindergarteners. To this day, I don’t even remember what the game was called, but I could tell that, deep down, we were both determined to wipe the floor with the competition.

    We lost. Terribly.

    But even though we were the losers, Kendall and I found ourselves on the floor laughing at how much fun we had working together. I knew from then on that if there was anyone I wanted to play with, it was her. We became inseparable, a force to be reckoned with. However, it seemed clear enough that our roles were meant to be a reverse of how it was when we met. I was never meant to be the outgoing one, or rather, I was never meant to be the leader of the duo.

    Kendall always lead the escapades, and decided where it was we went, what it was we did, but one thing that was certain, it was almost always fun. We would occasionally have our little group of friends, but we were so much like sisters that we were each other’s constant.

    She was there for me when I was struggling with the loss of my grandma, as well as quenching my loneliness. We both knew that Kendall could flash a smile at anyone and they’d be friends with her. They just dealt with me because I was part of the package. It wasn’t like they didn’t like me or anything, it was just that I was a million times shyer than Kendall was. No one knew how it happened, since I seemed to be growing into such a social butterfly when we met, but then again, these sort of things never are things meant for people to figure out. Kids grow up the way they grow up and that’s it.

    The two of us were opposites in just about every way. She was outgoing, I was more introverted. She was more into athletics and I was more into the arts. She was language and history person, while I was more into math and science. This, however, only seemed to strengthen the bond that we shared. She was always there for me if I was in an awkward situation, and I was always there to stare down any opposing foe that dared to pick on her.

    I may have been shy socially, but I wasn’t timid. I had a strong sense of justice, after all, and just couldn’t stand when others got picked on, or those who did bad things didn’t get what they deserved.

    But, anyway, as you may have imagined, being separated from my friend was a little hard. We had been inseparable for so long, and all of a sudden, almost out of nowhere, we were being ripped apart because I needed to move to a state I’d never been to. Despite this, it seemed as though Kendall was taking it worse than I was. She explained that I was her source of confidence. She was only as outgoing as she was because we were always together, and she always took comfort at the fact that we would always be friends.

    Feeling rather awful for her, I tried to reassure her that we’d always be friends, and that all we’d have to do is keep in touch, but it didn’t seem like she was interested. I would constantly text her, like I always had when I first got a phone at the age of thirteen, but unlike always, Kendall didn’t respond. I waited for a couple days and texted again, still no response.

    Feeling a bit worried, I took a visit to her house, and that was when she had the unmitigated gall to blame me for this whole situation! I won’t go into details about who said what, but long story short, it wasn’t very nice and I’m still sore over the whole thing. She didn’t even bother to show up when my family and I were driving off. Even though deep down I knew she wouldn’t so up, I still tried to get my family to wait for her to come. Of course, there was no dice and we just ended up leaving anyway.

    I texted her that we left, and I still haven’t received a reply.

    So… yeah. I bet you’re wondering why I’m okay with the move now. Well, it doesn’t seem like I’m friends with Kendall anymore anyway, and it’s not like I’m really to blame for all this. In a way, I feel like I could’ve made it easier for her, but it was already hard enough for me. I was willing to do all that I could to stay in touch, but she just wasn’t interested.

    Whatever the case, I feel more than ready to face this new situation now that my one reason to want to stay in New Jersey is no longer relevant. Well, Kendall is, but our relationship would be toxic at this point.

    Sigh, I just hope this was all worth it. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I can’t wait for school to start so that I don’t have to think about all of this anymore.

    (Much of this journal has been thoroughly crossed out, to the point where there are holes in the paper. Black ink has seeped through the paper onto the next few pages, particularly during the portions when she's talking about Kendall's bitterness toward her moving. Is she... perhaps... having trouble admitting something?)

    Tanya's Freeform
    Tanya, the name this particular Terriermon likes to refer herself as, is often described as a gem of a Digimon. She is often very sweet and kind to others, though she can be rather timid. She prefers to talk things out with other Digimon, or mean humans, rather than fight, causing her to have a sense of mercy rather than the sense of justice her Tamer has. Tanya tries to be a welcoming Digimon to all, and doesn't like excluding anyone, or making them feel bad.

    However, if she is forced in a situation where she has to fight, though it may take some frequent persuasion, this Terriermon is more than capable in defending herself and her partner, Veronika.

    She often makes lighthearted jokes, none of which are capable of being offensive, or if they are they're not designed to be. On top of that, she tends to make herself laugh all the time, because she can't seem to help herself. Veronica often describes her laughter to be rather contagious, one of the most contagious laughter she's ever heard.

    This all being said, Tanya is very capable of being rather stubborn, and once her mind is set on something, it's hard to change it. She's often a difficult Digimon to deal with when she's being stubborn, because she can also be very sensitive, and if you scold her, it's more than likely she'll start crying. But Tanya is a sweet person who only wishes to do the right thing, and is constantly trying to be a better Digimon despite her stubbornness. On top of that, Tanya is a humble Digimon who is both willing to forgive (though not forget), and apologize genuinely when she feels that she has to.

    Tanya's Evolutions


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