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      His blood ran cold. They were utterly ambushed. Darius and his digimon partner were in the middle of a bickering match until a horde of BladeKuwagamon appeared out of nowhere. They definitely looked dangerous. Digimon in the shape of a pointy sword and more than one of them spelled a disaster and risk of being hurt. It was especially true since the machinelike creature seemed to surround them on all sides. Why did they have to deal with this type of bull-shit?

      His Astamon had immediately began the on-slaughter of kicks and a barrage of bullets zooming toward his targets. His efforts were futile. The BladeKuwagamon horde rammed him into an icicle as it shattered into minuscule sharp pieces. Darius cursed when he heard a loud thud and a gasp of pain from his partner. The slashes caused by the enemies had left multiples cuts and lacerations. There was a glaring visible injury that had left him speechless and in panic. The digimon he had inwardly thought perfect and invincible was stained blood red. The deep gash was an unwanted sight to behold. It sent his digimon coughing out blood and clutching his chest as if it would restore back to its previous state. It only made matters worse. More and more darkened drops flowed downwards.

      The sight sent Darius’s heart pumping fast and it almost felt like it would explode at any moment. His eyes darted back and forth sensing the impending danger. His partner mouthed telling him to escape, but he could not even move from his spot. He was frozen, just like the barren winter ice. He could not leave the digimon he gradually became buddies with even though they didn’t want to admit that to themselves. The only thing on his mind was that his partner was dying and he needed to save him. His adrenaline flooded his system—faster and faster. A burst of illuminating azure light appeared from his burst digivice and zoomed onto his clenched white fists.

      “Wha—?” he muttered, staring bewildered at the glowing blade that he somehow summoned into his grasp. Before he could even finish his thought, the BladeKuwagamons’ attention was fixated onto the blade and immediately rushed toward him in a fury. He definitely was not ready and not trained in using any type of weaponry, but he had to defend himself in any possible way. Putting his blade in front of himself, it clanged loudly and somehow was able to defend from the barrage of slashes from the machine creatures. He gritted his teeth as his heavy legs dug deeper into the cold snow against the weight of the slashes. He was already shocked that he was still on his two feet. All that was left was his primal thoughts of survival. Nothing else. He should have just escaped, but his pride and companion kept him there.

      It was a blade against blade-like digimon. He was fighting a losing battle and only a matter of time until the pressure of the stressed fight wore him down. His partner was injured and no one else to rely on but himself at the moment. Suddenly, he felt another BladeKuwagamon swing down from his right side slashing the wind toward him. It was erratic and no set order of attacks. Unpredicable. He swung his body to the other direction and one clumsy movement. Unfortunately, he tripped on probably a root of a wintery tree and fell on his knees as it caused his shoulders to slump forward like the gravity pulled him more downwards. His blade still gleamed brightly in the cold tundra, but it was useless. He didn’t even know how to use it at all. If only he took some type of blade training back in real light, he would be in a better condition than this.

      Instinct driven, he thrust his blade forward toward a gust of wind where he thought another one was coming from. He was wrong in the worst way. It was just the cold blistering wind of the arctic tundra. A BladeKuwagamon charged from the opposite side with a mighty cry. He pivoted sidewards and sprinted away from that opponent only to bang into another enemy. He went bugged eye at the close proximity and what this meant for him. This might be his very last day. If he was the hero of a tale, he would be saying that he would fight until his last breath. This was not him. All he wanted was to escape but there were no openings so he needed to make one for himself. He saw a potential opening, but it was slim. There were just too many opponents. Without a clear plan, he immediately sprang back and sprinted toward his goal.

      Unfortunately, he failed in his attempt to escape his sullen fate. Things got even worse. A BladeKuwagamon appeared out of nowhere and stabbed into his thigh, causing him to groan loudly in pain and bend forwards until his clothing was stained crimson. He began gasping for air and clenching his fists until they were white and sweaty. His body became hot and vision became faint and blurry. The pain throbbed deep and it was like someone was continuously squeezing into his gut. It was like tiny bombs were exploding every second. He wondered why the BladeKuwagamon did not continue their slaughter. Maybe they just wanted an opponent to fight with? It seemed like they were patiently waiting for him to get back.If that was the case, maybe he should have played dead.

      He couldn't fulfill their wish of continuing the fight. He was really going to die wasn’t he? So young and didn’t accomplish anything. Suddenly, a thought sent him into panic into his exhausted limps. His brothers. friends—loved ones. Darius did not want to die. He promised he would come back. Alive and well. “I don’t wanna die,” he muttered solemnly. His vision faded and his body slumped under the gravity and his throbbing wounds. He fainted back, clutching his digivice as if it was the most important thing he had.
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        "Training complete!" A shout could be heard from beneath a pile of snow. Two figures emerged from the snow - a reptilian Digimon garbed in kendo gear and a completely unremarkable teenage human. The human's naturally pale skin was practically blue from the cold at this point, while the Kotemon seemed unfazed. "There is no need to accompany me for my morning meditation, Michael Walker," The small child-level Digimon sounded like a grouchy middle-aged man, something Michael still found off-putting to this day. "You need to be careful. Rumor has it a particularly fierce swarm of..."

        "Blade Kuwagamon was it...?" Michael replied, his voice soft and nearly monotone. He was holding up his pure ice-blue D-Arc as it displayed a holographic image of the very same swarm of creatures he had spotted nearby. He quickly scanned through the summary. "It says it's a weaponized insect Digimon whose entire body is made out of something called... Chrome Digizoid..." Kenta grunted in response.

        "That would make them a worthy opponent, then!" The Kotemon gripped his shinai tightly and immediately charged towards the swarm of armored adult insects Digimon.

        "Please wait. It says they are all adult-stage Digimon," Michael replied his soft voice barely audible through the howling wintry winds. "Shouldn't you Digivolve first?"

        "Bah! What's the point of a challenge if it isn't challenging?" Kenta replied gruffly.

        "Also, there seems to be an unconscious person lying in the center of the swarm," Michael then pointed out. "And that person seems to be bleeding."

        "I see. Then we should bring the opponents over here, then, lest they continue attacking the other human... A wise choice, Michael Walker," The boisterous voice of the Kotemon could no doubt be heard by anyone nearby. "Now, use your human words to ensure the safety of that other human, Michael Walker! I shall single-handedly deal with this menacing swarm!" Flames erupted from the tip of his shinai.

        "Oh... I guess then... Hey you, don't worry, we're going to help you..." Michael called out in a half-hearted, his voice barely more audible than normal and most likely unable to reach the other boy's ears. He turned to Kenta. "I don't think he can hear me." The Kotemon nodded and addressed the human and the Blade Kuwagamon swarm.

        "You need not worry any longer, human-that-is-not-Michael-Walker! For while these metallic insects may have taken the form of a blade, but their skills are a pale imitation compared to a true sword master! Now, regret the Digital Gods' decision to grant you the form that you have today, and prepare to reenter the cycle of rebirth!" Michael wanted to go and aid the boy, but knew that Kenta was far braver than he was strong. He gripped the small stack of cards he owned, prepared to defend his Digimon partner from the Digimon's attack.
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          “Damn it kid,” he groaned, clenching his fists until they bled to redirect his pain. He helplessly watched his partner attempt to defend them both. Why couldn’t he just leave? Even a weak human shouldn’t suffer this fate. He was in awe by Darius’s summoning of an illuminating azure blade out of no where and the power it displayed against the horde of vicious BladeKuwagamon. Was this one of Digisoul rumored powers he had heard about a week ago? If only they learned about this earlier, maybe they would have more of a chance to survive this dire encounter.

          One of the BladeKuwagamon land a direct blow to his partner’s thigh that sent him shrieking in pain. It hurt Dante’s enhanced sense at the blaring sound, but it scared him nonetheless. It was not the noise, but the outcome of it all. His partner dropped to the snowy ground. He just couldn’t believe it. The sight. He went bugged eye and stiffened his body. It was like Dante’s heart stopped from the sight. This was a dream—no, a nightmare. He looked lifeless laying on the ground. His natural golden complexion had sunken drastically that it looked lifeless. There was no way his partner could die. He didn’t want to believe it.

          Darius’s blood that seeped outwards and in plain sight. It sent his partner howling in pure grief. Bastards! He wanted to shout at the enemies for causing his partner to look lifeless but he ended coughing out blood instead. The BladeKuwagamon’s combined attacks had sent him hurling into that icicle and quite some distance away from his partner. He was just too far away. All he wanted to do was to hear a heartbeat from Darius but that which could not be attained. He squirmed to get back up, but his limbs felt like they didn’t belong to him anymore. He wished he could at least negotiate with them to work. Everything hurts right now. Every damn thing.

          His body ached, making he continually wince in agonizing pain. But there was an exception that filled him with despair and sadness. He gasped. Every movement from his left leg hurt from all the cuts and gashes caused by his enemies. Dante couldn’t feel his right leg. He couldn't make it move at all. How could this happen? When did this happen to him? He gritted his teeth in frustration. Dante vaguely remembered his legs being smashed against something he wasn’t sure of and then there was a jolt of pain that rocked his being. He thought it as if his soul was crushed into pieces at that moment. He took a cautious glance once more though hesitant, afraid to see if he was right. It was severely twisted backwards and he couldn’t do anything about it.

          Suddenly, he heard voices in the distances calling out toward his direction. Was this an illusion? Dante couldn’t clearly see the figures since the snow prevented him. His vision was gradually becoming blurred and feint. If there was a slim chance his partner was still alive, he had to find some way to get their attention, but it hurt too much to vocalize his thoughts once more. He was powerless now. There was no way he could get up. Still, he had to believe his partner had a breath away to be alive. How can he help? The only thing that could come out was a quiet growl from the feeling of guilt and regret.

          There was a flicker of hope against the harsh winds. It was a dying ember struggling to survive. The voices were drawing nearer and calling out to his human, but Darius most likely wouldn’t answer their call to rescue him. Hope seemed so foreign ever since he was abandoned by his close ones that unwanted memory. Darius and him were becoming more familiar and thought they were friends now. If he didn’t survive, it was another one abandoning him but not by choice this time. Hurry up idiots and save my friend. Do something. Anything.

          Was that a human and his digimon partner? It sounded like a male voice and the other voice called out to his Darius as a ‘human’ so that must be the case. If they were of the noble type or just someone willing to risk themselves to rescue a stranger, maybe could had a way to save his human partner. Dante vaguely heard the chipper voice saying something about a ‘true sword master’ and if he could talk, he would laugh at the dramatic introduction. It reminds him of Darius imitating something from a play. Inwardly, he prayed they had a chance to defeat the BladeKuwagamon especially that they were slightly weakened from his and Darius’s defensive maneuvers.

          They were weaker, but if they attacked, would his saviors be able to overcome their adversity of it all. His heartbeat slowed in pace and his face was paler than ever before but he couldn’t disappear now. His body still was able to move a little bit with a lot of effort so he decided to take action no matter what happened to him, whatever his outcome. His goal was to get their attention and make sure they were there to rescue his partner, not leave Darius die in the freezing tundra.

          Dante coughed out dark blood and it became harder to receive more oxygen into his body. If this was his last day, he might as well become a noble digimon and save his partner in some way. But how? The BladeKuwagamon were gradually buzzing and shifting back and forth as if they were becoming impatient and begging for another opponent to fight against them. It seemed that they noticed the other party as they zoomed toward the voices in a fury.

          “F—save him now pleas—!” he roared suddenly and howled a grating sound. The pang cut his voice. The fucking pain. It never ended. Where he yelled his plea to save his partner, it was pure agony. His wounds throbbed in a heavy burst. If he would die now, let Darius live.
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            The Blade Kuwagamon were heading straight towards the boisterous Kenta. He had hoped that the pair would be able to escape if Kenta could distract the Digimon swarm, but it would seem that wasn't in the cards. Even in his adult form, Kenta wouldn't be able to carry the both of them and still fight them off. He'd probably have difficulty fighting while carrying just the human. Either way, Kenta still being in child form didn't fit in to any of his calculations.

            "Kenta, this isn't a challenge or training anymore," Michael stated. "You'll be more useful if you Digivolve. So do it."

            "It is rare to see you so willful, Michael Walker. But I will comply with your demands!" The Kotemon nodded and an eruption of data surrounded his body. He had grown much taller, nearly seven feet in height full of lean, scaly muscle. His kendo garb had transformed into a more tribal-looking outfit, and his shinai had transformed into a giant sword on his back. He held a smaller cleaver appeared in his hand, and a large blade was attached to both of his wristbands. He stepped forward and used his cleavers to clash with two of the approaching Digimon. Kenta was clearly struggling, but managed to push them away in time to block a third Blade Kuwagamon by crossing his blades. "Their metal bodies still present a threat, Michael Walker. Do you have some kind of plan?" He was being pushed back by the force of his opponents and began to slide back on the icy ground. Kenta dug into the ice with the sharp claws on his feet.

            "Yes. Please don't die in the meantime, however," He replied, slashing a card through his D-Arc. "Defense Plugin!" Kenta's body flashed with a dim light as his scaly skin suddenly seemed slightly tougher. Which was just in time, as a fourth Blade Kuwagamon dove in and cut across the Dinohumon's midsection. Kenta began to let out a scream of pain, but Michael could hear it convert to a raging shout.

            "Lizard Dance!" The cried out, twirling his body around to slice at the nearby Blade Kuwagamon. While they were distracted, Michael took off running towards the boy and his Digimon, coming close to slipping on the ice. He held up a card as he got closer. Repair Bots. A card that could heal someone's minor wounds. Unfortunately, he could only use this card once in a short amount of time. At this point, the pair were in completely separate directions. He looked towards what assumed was the boy's partner Digimon. He looked much worse off than the human did, but at the same time, was still conscious. And Digimon could heal much faster than humans could, after all. He looked over towards the human boy. He looked unconscious, bleeding, and if left alone out in the cold like this, would almost certainly die. Plus Michael had heard the Digimon's plea. He turned to face the Astamon, nodding in understanding. He wanted to scream out in frustration, but knew that he wasn't the one with the worst of it here.

            "Forgive me," Was all he could say, barely audible as he turned around and ran towards Darius. He grabbed the card and slid it through his D-Arc. "Repair Bots!" He watched the nanobots work their magic on Darius, disgusted and ashamed of himself for wanting to face the Digimon he essentially left to die. Thankfully, he could still hear the clashing of blades. It seemed Kenta was still putting up a fight. Hell, he was probably enjoying it.

            "Do not tell me you lot are tired already!?" He heard his Digimon partner cry out. "I could keep this fight up for hours more!"

            At least it seemed that someone was coming out ahead in this situation.
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              Dante knew his time was coming soon. Before, he couldn’t imagine him being in this state so close to dying among the freezing tundra. Ever since the first day he was able to evolve, he thought himself as invincible. He was wrong. He was impatient and too arrogant. It was almost like karma biting him in the ass. Making fun and jeering at weaker digimon wasn’t something he should be proud of doing, but he still enjoyed making himself feel superior. He once joked that was a god and this proved that he was like everyone else in the world.

              To be perfectly honest, he was scared of dying and not proving himself as a powerful digimon. He regretted not being able to tell his partner that he now considered him a true friend and brother. It was something he never felt before and he wanted to show he meant so much more than anyone else. The shortage of breath tormented his mind and gave him pure frustration that pained him to no end. Panic. He attempted to regain oxygen into his lungs, but it felt like there were metal bands constricting them. Every second felt like an eternity and the agony arose.

              His eyes were slowly closing, but he couldn’t allow himself to disappear yet since he needed to make sure his partner was the one safe and sound. Humans were such fragile creatures. It was like a battle of wills to keep himself from becoming unconscious. He gritted his teeth to redirect the pain to another location, especially that his nerves were more sensitive that it made him more alert and increased his senses.

              Among his blurry vision, he could vaguely hear approaching footsteps and that wet sound of it digging into the snow. It seemed chaotically spaced from the last, no rhythm at all. Whoever this was nearing, was most likely worried and scared but he could be wrong. Maybe it lacked confidence? The thought that slightly soothed him was that he knew the person was no threat to him and his partner. With a groan and slumped shoulders, he dearly hoped they had the enduring strength to defeat the BladeKuwagamon.

              As he squinted his narrowed eyes, he could slightly make out a Dinohumon who seemed too bright and eager for a situation he felt was hopeless. Then again, maybe it was his dislike of those too optimistic ones that would usually grate on his nerves. Not everything was sunshine and rainbows right? Dante should have been the one to show off his power and defeat the BladeKuwagamon, not a scaly tribal looking digimon he knew nothing about. If only he paid more attention to his surroundings, this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.

              Dante breathed a sigh of relief when he caught the eye of the human and that the boy nodded at him. It felt like a mutual understanding that they agreed upon though he could understand if the boy was hesitant to be left with a nerve-racking choice between him and his partner. He felt that Darius was just too important to be left there in the freezing cold. They only had one life after all. As he drifted into unconsciousness, he thought that maybe there was a possibility they might meet again once again but that thought seemed so far away.

              Suddenly, Darius woke up with a jolt and noticed his body felt less heavy than before he fainted onto the snowy ground. He looked downwards at the deep crimson wound on his thigh that was supposed to be there. The only thing left was his jacket that was ripped apart and turned from the vicious slashes. How did the wounds disappear? With his skin exposed, the snow was harsh and biting and blinded by the swirling white snow. Darius turned his eyes upward and it met with a sapphire eyed person who seemed to be the one who healed him from his injuries. He was so damn lucky that someone came to rescue them both.

              “Thank you—“ he began with a grateful nod, but then he realized someone was missing by his side. His body stiffened and his eyes darted in all directions in a panicked state.

              “—Wait, where’s Dante?” he gasped in a hoarse voice with his heart beating at a quickened pace and continued, “Did you get him too?” as he rocked his body back and forth in a spasm. His fingers were shaking and his mind began to run restlessly through his messy hair. His partner was severely wounded from protecting him. He needed to be rescued too! Where was he? Darius bit his lips and clenched his fist until they were white. He couldn't burst into tears in front of a total stranger.

              “Please save him!” he pleaded to the other guy as he dropped to his knees. He pointed toward the opposite direction when he spotted his digimon lying on the snowy ground. Dante was very pale and unconscious. He looked so helpless and weak. Darius couldn’t stand seeing his friend in that state.

              He wobbled to move back up but his strength did not return to him yet. Darius began to move forward slowly and attempted to maintain his steadiness, but his mind was in despair, shivering from the cold, and heart racing too fast that his breath was struggling to keep up with that. He kept on tripping as he attempted to move forward. It was an emotional pain that it felt like the world was resting on his shoulders and he couldn't escape. All that weight forced his tears to burst out and roll down his face. He just couldn’t contain his grief anymore.

              "Please..." he murrmered quietly as he trembled struggling to move toward his digimon. He didn't care about himself anymore. Dante needed to be saved much more than him.
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                Michael couldn't do anything to help the boy's partner, and wasn't sure how to explain it. Watching the tears fall from the boy, he just stood there with an expressionless face. Kenta was still clashing with the Blade Kuwagamon, but he wasn't sure how much longer he would last. He didn't look over there, but he could hear the clashing of metal become more and more infrequent. Kenta would never slow a fight down on purpose, which meant that either the combatants were either tired or the Blade Kuwagamon were up to something. Either way, the situation was far too unsettling for Michael. They looked like they were nearly the same age, and for a moment Michael could imagine himself in the boy's shoes. The Astamon seemed done for, which meant that the boy would soon be alone in the Digital World. He knew that Digimon regenerated somehow, but he wasn't entirely sure how that changed the relationship. For all Michael knew, the boy's wouldn't ever meet that same partner Digimon again. Thinking about that left a hollow pain in Michael's chest.

                He reached down and lifted the boy up, throwing his arm around his shoulder. Michael wasn't very broad or tall person, but all of the time he spent training with Kenta gave him an exceptionally sturdy body. But he wasn't going to help this boy in whatever way he could, however useless it ultimately may have been. "I'll take you to him," His voice was soft, yet bereft of emotion. "I can't do anything else. Forgive me..." He did his best to ignore the boy's sobs as they slowly made their way to the fallen Astamon.

                Meanwhile, Kenta was positive that these Blade Kuwagamon were exhausted. Astamon was a Perfect-stage Digimon, after all, and it was obvious that he made his attackers pay for every grievous wound he received. And as much as he hated to admit it, Kenta wasn't able to say the same. He had, for the most part, avoided several strikes meant to be fatal, but some only narrowly. As for the other strikes, he had no choice but to simply allow them to slash him in non-vital areas. All the while, all the Dinohumon had been able to do was parry a few strikes and throw them back a few yards or so. Their bodies were just too sturdy, and because of their ability to float it meant that Kenta couldn't get the leverage necessary to land a killing blow. He knew that he could probably crush them one at a time, but if he focused on striking down one of the metal insect Digimon, he'd get impaled by the rest.

                By now, the Blade Kuwagamon had stopped attacking randomly and had started attacking in formations. Two would strike out in separate directions, and Kenta spread himself out thin to deflect them, a third would dive in for a devastating blow. Then a entirely different pair would dive in and draw Kenta out while a sixth would strike out after. The fact that the Blade Kuwagamon were alternating turns meant that Kenta's stamina was depleting far faster than his opponents. He glanced over for a second to see Michael helping the other human over towards his fallen partner. Kenta's partner didn't even so much as glance over to him. Michael, in his own soft-spoken manner, was telling Kenta that he had his full trust in him. It meant that Kenta needed to honor that trust and show his partner that it wasn't misplaced. Gripping Akinakes, the large blade on his back, he swung out in an arc, letting a rush of air and snow blow at his insect opponents. They were getting hits on him anyway. He was tired of fighting defensively, and his opponents were getting hits on him, anyways. It was time to fight on his terms.
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                  “Get off of me,” Darius growled with eyes narrowed into crinkled slits. He swayed back and forth to escape from the grasp of the other guy who he assumed wanted to prevent him from reaching out to his partner. Instead, he loosened his body and adjusted into a better position to be held when he realized that the other guy was actually offering to help him to get back to his digimon. “Sorry man,” he apologized with a slight shrug as he lumbered across the snowy floor. He did not expect this type of kindness and help from a total stranger, especially that they were still in a dangerous situation.

                  The other guy asked softly for forgiveness from him most likely for not being able to heal his digimon. He didn’t have to apologize. It wasn’t his fault. “It’s not your fault,” Darius emphasized with a heavy breath and paused slowly, “Thank you,” as he continued on. It was his fault for going into the Freezeland just for hopefully obtaining some information on getting back to the real world. They were planning on taking a short cut, but instead, they got lost in the blistering snow. They did hear rumors of BladeKuwagamon wandering about in the Freezeland but he and Dante thought nothing of it. They became arrogant ever since he was able to easily maintain a perfect form and they paid the heaviest price.

                  Throughout the walk toward his digimon, he could barely hear the clangs of swords crashing against each other. He was tempted to look toward the sword fight, but his eyes were intent and fixated on the vague figure almost hidden between the heavy snowflakes falling down. He wasn’t sure if the digimon was struggling or not against the BladeKuwagamon but he did notice something that caught his eye. It was a slim chance that it would work, but every chance counted for something. “There might be a weak spot,” he started hesitantly, “I’m not too sure, but that jewel seemed fragile compared to the rest of the body,” hoping he helped even if just a little bit.

                  Darius finally reached to this digimon partner and in that single moment, they knew that moment they were soon going to say goodbye. Darius wished that he was wrong, but he had to accept that fact. He just didn’t want to. “You’re gonna survive, no matter what,” he said deluding himself, forcing himself to a half-smile.

                  “Shut up kid,” Dante cut him off. He grumbled with a hoarse cough and spitting out the excess dark blood from his mouth. It hurt to talk, but he needed to get his partner to accept the situation.

                  “What?” Darius replied with widened eyes.

                  “I don’t like it, but I’m gonna die,” Dante breathed out. He locked his eyes onto his human partner and his face twisted into a grin and continued, “I did good, huh?” as he gave a thumbs-up.

                  “You were great,” Darius replied with a forced grin. “You were like a god,” he continued slowly as if he was trying to feed his already high ego.

                  “God, huh?” he chuckled and turned, “Take care of this kid. He’s weak without me,” to the other guy with intensity.

                  “Shut up,” Darius replied with a weak pout.

                  “I need him safe and sound you hear?” Dante emphasized intensely even though he couldn't be sure if the other guy would do so. As he was slowly drifting into unconsciousness, he was inwardly glad that he stopped his partner from bawling out tears because of him. He hated seeing others crying, especially when his partner had a pained look and didn't want his partner tormented by him dying.
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                    "I won't let him die," Michael responded almost immediately. He generally hated making promises so quickly, but it was the only thing he could think of. "I'll make sure the two of you meet again..." He had never gotten his name, but he bowed his head in respect. "Even if you're not you, anymore." He turned to finally face his partner and his predicament. He gestured his partner to come near them. The Dinohumon had swung his large blade right towards the nearest Blade Kuwagamon.

                    It hit with a heavy impact, smashing the mechanical insect Digimon into the ice and causing a large crack. The metal Digimon struggled to move for a bit, then eventually went still. Kenta finally noticed his partner's gesture, and drove a crowd away with Akinakes, creating a flurry of wind and snow to keep them at bay. He used the opportunity to take two great leaps and appear in front of his partner.

                    "What is it, Michael Walker? Do you not see I am in the middle of combat?" He was panting aggressively, and Michael could tell he was only feigning confidence.

                    "Even so, the longer you take to defeat them, the more risk of injury you'll take because of your carelessness," He answered.

                    "Be mindful with your words, Micha-" The Dinohumon began to spit out, yet the quiet boy continued talking through his protest.

                    "As much as you enjoy fighting alone, I'll assist you in taking care of the five remaining enemies. Please focus on protecting me and only attack when I say so. If possible, aim for the red jewel on the front," He turned back to the boy and his dying Astamon. "Please don't try and draw attention. If you're attacked, simply..."

                    "They come!" Kenta announced, followed by the zipping sound of the approaching Blade Kuwagamon. Michaeal was quick to pull out two more cards. He was disappointed that all of his cards he owned were defensive in nature. If he had a way to attack them things could go by much easier. Unfortunately, this event would put Michael's strength and reflexes to the test. Like how they attacked before, two swung in from different directions.

                    "Brave Shield!" A golden hexagonal shield appeared in Michael's arms as he slashed the card through. Almost immediately he felt the pure weight of it. He could barely hole the shield up as it was, but he knew he had to find the strength to carry out his plan. "Deflect!" In an instant Kenta swung his mighty blade and bat aside an attacking Blade Kuwagamon. The other one flew straight towards Kenta's exposed back. Michael jumped in as fast as he could, putting the shield up between them. The sword Digimon crashed right into it, and for a second it looked like it was going to safely glance off.

                    But the metal Digimon redoubled its efforts and drove forward, slowly sinking its blade into and through the shield. The tip of the Blade Kuwagamon nearly reached his face, and if he tried to hold it any longer he'd likely lose and eye. But Michael wanted to turn his predicament into an opportunity. With a guttural shout, he spun in place, carrying the metal insect Digimon with him. "Now!" The blade Digimon still stuck to the shield, it couldn't avoid the attack when Kenta swung Akinakes down and crushed the Blade Kuwagamon. He didn't have time to marvel at their accomplishment, because Michael spotted two more Blade Kuwagamon diving in at the distracted Kenta. Dropping the heavy shield, he let it crash to the ground with a heavy thud. Small cracks of ice crackled on the ground as the shield returned to loose data. Gripping his Digivice and another card, Michael prepared to swipe another card despite the fact that holding up that blasted shield from before made his arms feel like jelly.

                    Michael went to slash the card, but all of a sudden his back felt like it was on fire, followed up by the chilling pain of the cold. The fifth BladeKuwagamon had sliced him cleanly across his back. But Kenta would get struck down if he didn't keep it up. "Sticky Web!" He swiped the card with all the strength he could muster, as a large web shot out and entangled the two Blade Kuwagamon and stuck them together. The web wasn't designed for more than one Digimon, however, it would only be a matter of time until the two adult Digimon broke out of it. But it was more than enough time for Kenta to make another heavy swing down on the impaired pair. His blade smashed right through another one, while the red jewel on the other one cracked through, severely damaging it in the process. The raw strength of the strike caused even more cracks to spread across the icy floor. Kenta turned to Michael only to see his partner lying face-down in the snow with a crimson line running across his back. He turned to swing at Michael's assailant, but the Blade Kuwagamon had flown out of reach.

                    I went down that easily... Michael though to himself. I guess I always try and show off too much when I meet new people...
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                    Darla the DORUmon

                      At that very moment, Darius saw a glimmer of hope through the blistering snow and he admired the guy’s response. Most other humans would be intimidated by his Astamon especially with his crude behavior. Maybe it could be because Dante was of no threat and injured that it was easier to communicate with him. That guy definitely gained Darius’s respect and that was something hard to achieve.

                      “Thank you,” he said as he drew in a long breath and his eyes shifted to the side. His eyes were sorely glazed and had a glassy layer of tears. He was quite embarrassed from bawling out tears in front of a stranger no matter how helpful they were. At least they were drying now. He bit his lip in his attempt to hide any other sound that wanted to escape except for coherent speech.

                      Darius began to survey the battlegrounds to get a better picture of what was truly happening in the fight. Michael and his digimon almost seemed like heroes from an action movie. The guy, Michael stood seemingly bravely next to him as if attempting to protect. The boy’s digimon fought with such zeal and eagerness that it almost seemed unreal to him. Still, it appeared that it possibly was struggling based on the sharpness of breath and prolonged fight.

                      It was astonishing on the different types of humans and their chosen powers they would somehow obtain. His eyes darted back and forth at how the other guy’s cards increased the power and created shields and became into a strategy to trap the BladeKuwagamon. That type of power could put an adult digimon on par with an ultimate level digimon. His heart raced and he held his breath with fists clenched tight. A tiny smile of satisfaction slipped out from his lips. He could feel the sword vibrate and ‘clang’ and turned that trapped enemy into pure loose data.

                      Darius was a bit envious that the teamwork Michael and his digimon showed from their attacks and their defense tactics they presented. Dante and he were unfortunately too slowly getting used to each other’s company and their teamwork was quite messy and with slight bickering most of the time. Still, they truly cared for each other but too prideful to admit it out loud. The scaly digimon was putting in some good work at his sword fighting abilities and they looked like it was close to a victory.

                      Suddenly, a rogue BladeKuwagamon came zooming of nowhere. Darius widened his eyes in shock and felt almost like his heart stopped at that very moment. In a flash, it had cleanly slashed the other guy leaving a dark mark across his back and dark blood oozed out from the inside. The void of emptiness and broken spirit was overflowed with an emotion—raw anger. It was bullshit. Michael and his digimon offered him and Dante his kindness but was paid back in kind by getting hurt.

                      “Fuck it!” Darius snarled loudly with a vicious gleam. He felt guilty but was so enraged at the shitty situation. An illuminating crimson light bursted out from his digivice and surrounded his whole body. This time, the blade was more massive than his time using it earlier. There was utterly no trace of tears on his face anymore. His eyes narrowed and turned rigid and cold. It was a burning acid hard stare could cut deep inside. His body began shaking until he mentally exploded.

                      He was grateful the other guy had something to heal his wounds but the situation reversed and he had nothing to help Michael and it was all the BladeKuwagamon’s fault. His eyes darted and focused intently on the BladeKuwagamon who seemed to be recuperating somewhere and he couldn’t stand the wait. He bolted with supernatural speed in search of his enemy and part of the cause of all the hurting done in a single day. His partner was dead and gone. Nothing he could do to get him back. All he could do was destroy until there was nothing left.

                      There was only one thing on his mind. It was to destroy the source of all his rage and grief—nothing else anymore. He spotted the lone BladeKuwagamon prowling in the hard snow winds. He gritted his teeth and exuded such animosity like potent venom to the heart. Finally, their eyes met and he let out a rage filled scream as he sped toward his opponent’s location. The sword like digimon took no longer than a second to match his pace and charged forward to strike him first.

                      Suddenly, their strikes met at a breakneck speed until both of them were struggling against each other’s weight. The sharp clangs of their swords were a grating noise, but Darius was too into the fight to notice. Using the massive blade was becoming a nuisance for him even that it was light weight and easy to handle, Darius decided to skid to the side in a risky attempt to adjust himself in a better position and vanished his blade. He wasn’t left unscathed, though.

                      The BladeKuwagamon rapidly sliced slightly into his right shoulder in a clean line but his adrenaline rushed with blood pumping fast and hard. He hardly felt the pain, just the blood rolling down his side. His boxing skills kicked in—something he was comfortable with and it was by pure instinct. It was no surprise especially that he was the boxing captain and champion. It felt just right. It was no holes barred when Darius went in for the attack.

                      He displayed a gleam of confidence that may have taken aback his opponent for a moment. It floated backwards some inches away. His knuckles become white from clenching too hard until his fist slammed hard onto the BladeKuwagamon’s face. When his fists collided with the sword digimon, he winced from the vibrating sting it caused but he couldn’t stop now. Inwardly, he grinned from satisfaction when he caused the bright jewel to shatter into pieces. He sent the digimon stumbling back and hitting against something with a loud thud. He caught his breath for a brief second and continued the fight.

                      This time, the BladeKuwagamon swiftly dodged his powered up fists and swung around to slash him fast. Darius anticipated the movement and ducked and rotated around to avoid further injuries from the vicious sword-like digimon. His eyes narrowed in determination and growled at his enemy. It was a game of push and pull between him and his opponent. Sounds of thrashing and banging reverberated around the field of ice and snow. His adrenaline was dying down, he was beginning to show signs of fatigue. He began panting faster and with more effort. Bruises and scrapes looked more visible as his speed decreased. Now, they were both struggling and clashing against each other in a fight of what strike was faster—the sword or the fist. Or exhaustion would claim before the other.

                      Finally an opening appeared from the BladeKuwagamon's left side and he took a gambit. He sent a crushing punch a mere inch away from the chrome digimon and it let it out a cry in agony but he wasn't done yet. He continually sent slamming punches onto the digimon even when his fists started to bleed out from the trauma. Darius wanted it to feel the pain and grief it caused. He didn't let the digimon rest or turn into digital particles--it wasn't even granted that wish.

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                      Kenta the Kotemon

                        Other than the one Darius had fought off, there was still one more to take care of. But in a one-on-one fight, even the exhausted Kenta was able to take care of him with a single leaping slash. It was anti-climactic compared to Darius's emotion-filled duel with the other Blade Kuwagamon, but Kenta had other concerns. He faced the fallen Michael only to see the human turned around and lying on his back.

                        "You are well, Michael Walker?" The Dinohumon inquired, kneeling down beside his partner on the cold ice.

                        "It wasn't deep, but being slashed hurt more than I thought it would," He replied as he watched Darius continue to pummel his fallen foe. "Besides, my back's gone numb because of the cold, so it doesn't hurt anymore," He observed the emotions the boy expressed throughout the fight and nodded. "But things seemed to have worked out for the best, I suppose."

                        "And what would you mean by that?" Kenta asked, tilting his head in confusion.

                        "I have been thinking about what it means to be partners for a while," He explained, his face red from the cold - and embarrassment. "From what I've learned thus far is... a Digimon partner is supposed to protect their human and in exchange a human partner is supposed to support their Digimon and make them stronger, right?" Kenta nodded, unsure of where Michael was going with this. "But even a Digimon needs to be protected at times, so if the human's not strong, then the Digimon could die, and the human would be left defenseless to die as well. So a human needs to be strong enough to protect their partner. That's just what I've been thinking..." He felt a sharp pain as Kenta moved over to flick Michael in the forehead with a finger.

                        "You think too much, Michael Walker. And I do not understand what you are saying. Should it not be everyone's goal to become as strong as they could possibly be? And what does this have to do with the human boy with the fallen partner?" Michael shrugged in response.

                        "I promised his partner that I would protect him, but when I thought about it, I have a hard enough time trying to be your partner. But if that boy managed to become strong enough to protect himself, when his partner regenerated, they could become strong enough to look after each other this time. At least, I think so," Michael's voice was beginning to crack from talking too much. But thankfully Kenta interrupted him with a hearty laugh.

                        "You are a cruel teacher, Michael Walker!" The Dinohumon stood up and walked away, still laughing. "I shall scan the area to see if there are more enemies nearby!" He walked off without looking back at his partner or Darius.

                        "It's not like I had planned for things to work out this way..." He answered, finding the strength to sit up and let Darius get his rage out of his system.
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                          Darius’s high began dying down gradually. He could felt every jolt of pain rushing through his body, making him wince a few times. Whatever gave him enough power was probably going to disappear soon. His legs weakened, muscles loosened, and his stomach stung. Despite wanting to prolong the BladeKuwagamon’s agony, he had to end the fight soon or he might lose the advantage and lose. The BladeKuwagamon was spasming and shrieking. It made his ears rattle from the grating noises. Luckily, the digimon was too much in pain to make a dent to countering the savagery of his primal strikes. At the last spasm, he gathered his remaining energy and slammed his fists downward and hard. Finally, the digimon disappeared into particles of data.

                          After that final blow, he took a step backward and drew in a long exhausted deep breath. He gritted his teeth and felt the metallic taste of blood from his tongue flowing down. Darius spit the extra blood out of his mouth with a disgusted look. He was bruised and winded. His head felt like a nail continually pounded hard by a sledgehammer. There was way too much stimulation from the seemingly long fight against the BladeKuawagamon so he paid the price for overexerting himself. He was shocked that he had gained power and increased his human capabilities from an influx of emotions that exploded, but he was in the middle of a swift battle to even think about it too much.

                          After a few seconds, a realization hit him like a sledgehammer. Guilt. Regret. When he was able to gain the advantage over the digimon, he played with the digimon like a ragged doll. He felt like he was a sadistic bastard. He toyed with the BladeKuwagamon, making it suffer again and again instead of a swift death. He acted without honor or code. That was something he and his digimon didn’t care about that but in front of strangers, he was slightly disappointed in himself. He could already imagine the judging looks from them that would make his day even worse and led to lower spirits but he hoped he was wrong.

                          His mouth twisted into a frown that he was thinking too much about himself. He should have thought more about the guy who was injured and out of his good will, tried to save him even though he was a total stranger. He needed to make sure the other guy and his digimon were safe and sound now. Darius focused his eyes in the harsh snow wind and caught the sight of Michael and his digimon. “Thank god,” he whispered with a sigh of relief in seeing them secure and out of harm’s way. They seemed to be conversing and seemingly in high spirits. For that, he was envious. His digimon was dead and Michael’s digimon was alive and well. But still, he was grateful they came to his rescue.

                          With his legs weakened, he lumbered across the deep snow treks toward the pair with his right leg limping in tow. He guessed he emphasized and overexerted his leg during the fight. It was a shame that his body was recently healed and now, full of injuries and scars. With his skin exposed from the BladeKuwagamon’s swift slash, he could feel the harsh bite and chilly wind more so than before. He could feel the hairs rise from his exposed skin into goosebumps. His face turned slightly pale and lips blue from the cold. The wetness of the snow seeped into his boots that once brought him warmth, now was a decoration on his body.

                          His gaze trailed onto the digimon who walked some distance away from Michael and he wondered why it left. Maybe it was going to scout the territory for anymore enemies? He came to that conclusion, especially it was something Dante would do in this type of situation. Darius let out a choked out a laugh, knowing that Dante would’ve been complaining the whole time but he would be doing it anyway.

                          “Thanks so much for the help. My name’s Darius,” he managed with a slightly pained look. His jaw hurt from hitting the ground a few times that he couldn’t help but wince from the jolts of the sting. A few seconds passed and he worked up the courage to apologize. “I’m really sorry you and your digimon trying to save us got you hurt,” he continued, looking away for a moment with a shamed look.

                          “I have one question though if that’s okay,” he added slowly and hesitating. If there was a way to meet his digimon again, he would gladly take the chance to meet him again. He missed his digimon so much. All that he managed to retrieve from Dante’s last breath was the pack of cigarettes he smoked a mere minutes before his death. “What did you mean by us meeting again and even if he’s not himself anymore?” he choked out with a glint of hopefulness.
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                          Kenta the Kotemon

                            Once Darius recovered from his rage and turned his attention to Michael, all the young man could do was nod back to him in his own form of expressionless approval. He wasn't sure if he was capable of the same level of fury, honestly, but he understood the frustration. The Blade Kuwagamon had taken someone very dear to Darius, so it was only natural that they pay. And even though statistically Michael may have helped, he still felt that he wasn't strong enough to have accomplished anything. If anything, he felt a little jealous of Darius, now. Though he needed help to do so, at the end of the day he had avenged his partner with his own strength. Strength that Michael knew he could never attain.

                            Darius had introduced himself, and for a good half-minute Michael remained silent. "I'm Michael... though I assume you have heard my partner say it several times. And my partner's name is Kenta. I apologize in advance for anything inconsiderate he will probably say to you." He bowed his head in apology, feeling the pain in his back. He ignored it and moved on. "And forgive me for saying this, but it was fortunate for us that we were here to save you as well. We were here by coincidence, actually," Which wasn't entirely true. By now, Michael suspected that Kenta heard of a tribe of sword Digimon in the area, which was why he recommended they train all the way out here. "If things were different, we could have been the ones attacked, and we would have been brutally murdered out here." Then came Darius's question.

                            "I'm not entirely sure of the details, but Kenta once told me that Digimon reincarnate into an unhatched egg after they die, but I'm not too clear on the rest..."

                            "Primary Village." Kenta spoke out, approaching Michael and Darius in his Kotemon form. "I seem to have run out of energy, Michael Walker. I thought it prudent to return." He turned to face Darius. "And there is a possibility that you may meet your partner Digimon again, Darius-Whose-Soul-Is-A-Sword. Go to Primary Village, the land where fallen Digimon are born anew, and there is a possibility that you may meet your comrade again. Be warned, however; there is a possibility that he may no longer retain his memories of you and your travels together." He pointed his shinai at Darius, not as a threat or a challenge, but it was simply how he pointed to things.

                            "You have displayed a considerable display of bravery and strength in your battle, and thus I have shared this secret to you." Michael shook his head.

                            "He would have told you about this information regardless," Michael explained "But he wanted to find a way to compliment you,"

                            "I can assure you that this is not the case!" Kenta replied with a flustered tone.
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                              “Nice to meet you,” Darius responded after Michael’s introduction. He had actually wanted to talk less than he thought he would. Maybe it was the overexertion caused by the fight, but it slightly hurt when he opened his jaw. Still, there were thoughts that he wanted to express and questions he needed to be cleared up.

                              “No worries,” he added with his mouth curved upwards and paused for a moment, “I’ve had worse,” and continued to listen to the other guy.

                              Then, Michael said they would’ve been killed if the situation were reversed. “We…” he began, but his lips curved downwards on the painful memory of his fallen partner. “We wouldn’t let that happen to you guys. No one deserves that,” he finished emphasizing the last part of the statement. He felt slightly queasy imagining his saviors brutally slaughtered by the digimon who mauled and eventually killed his Astamon. It sent shivers and goosebumps to his cold skin. He wouldn’t want that kind of situation to happen to anyone else.

                              When Michael started talking about the digimon reincarnation theory, he was full of anticipation and curiosity. Still, there was something nagging in his mind at the same time, so he took the information with a grain of salt. The other guy seemed a little hesitant and unsure of the information he was telling him. Michael did admit that he didn’t know all the detail so it was understandable. Darius wished that there was some way to gain all the information though. If there were some way to get back his digimon partner, he would gladly take that slim chance and grab it tightly.

                              Fortunately, his wish was granted. The digimon named Kenta came back though now in a smaller form, provided him with the information he was waiting for. He was a bit glad since he didn’t enjoy seeing scaly creatures ever since some assholes back in the real world decided to play a nasty prank on him. They put a bunch of geckos and other lizards on his bed while he was sleeping. Darius shrieked from the unwanted shock of because of the sight. It was fortunate that he had some connections that were able to take down that video from the internet. It would have been a nightmare.

                              It was amusing that the digimon had such a formal way of speaking. It reminded him of those medieval and feudal Japanese characters from some video games he played a while. But that thought didn’t distract him at all from the information he was receiving from the digimon. He felt like his body was vibrating from the anticipation. There was a rush of adrenaline coursing through his veins. His pulse quickened. He cocked his head in intense interest and went bugged eye. He felt his heart jump and his hope came back.

                              Primary Village? It felt like a vague memory from the last time he ventured into File CIty. When he chanced upon his digimon, it was such a feral creature and didn’t open him up to him for a long time. It was a gradual and slow process. The digimon’s past was quite sad, especially that it had been abandoned and left to fend for itself. Dante meant so much to him and it pained him inside to not have him with him anymore. His face was a mixture of emotions at every information presented to him. He inwardly shuddered at the word ‘word’ that came out of the digimon’s mouth. It scared him that the digimon he might again would not be able to keep the memories they shared together. All those adventures and memories would be lost. His spirits lowered hearing that he might not meet him again, but there was a glint of hope lingering inside. Maybe the bond between them would hopefully remain in spirit.

                              For a moment, Darius widened his eyes was taken by surprise by the Kotemon pointing his little weapon directly at his body. He didn’t falter or flinch, though. Maybe it was because gained courage in standing up for himself or that he faced adversity against an even scarier digimon. His pulse did quicken and his hand glowed for a moment as if he was ready to immediately defend himself from an enemy. They were still in the Freezeland so he was still guarded and alert.

                              His eyes widened in surprise at the compliment the Kotemon gave him. It was unexpected. He really thought that the digimon was definitely going to criticize him for his savagery and brutal attacks ridden onto the BladeKuwagamon. After all, the Kotemon seemed like he had a noble and honor-bound mentality. He guessed he shouldn’t have assumed in the first place.

                              A smile cracked out his face and drew a hearty laugh that made a few tears flow down his face. It felt cathartic. The release seemed to brighten up his spirits through his sour filled day. Seeing the Kotemon and Michael’s relationship and antics were amusing and funny, but at the same time, it brought out the memory of his fallen partner. He wasn’t sure if he was laughing or crying, but it felt like that the heavy weight in his heart was lifted.

                              “Oh man, sorry,” he gushed out, struggling to regain his composure.

                              “Anyway, thanks for the compliment,” he continued and paused for a moment, “You guys were amazing. That was the first time I’ve seen someone use cards to help out his digimon. It was pretty awesome. I had nothing like that before,” with a large grin.

                              “And you, were amazing. Almost like a true swordsmaster,” he grinned at the digimon.
                              “Maybe you could teach me some of your moves. I definitely need some practice using the blade or whatever that was. And that was the first time I’ve used that and have no clue how I summoned that blade. You said something about my soul being a sword?” Darius asked the digimon with vigor.
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                              Kenta the Kotemon

                                "Almost... a true swordmaster...?" Kenta replied, his voice beginning to tremble. He saw that Darius wasn't a stranger to altercation, but swordsmanship and life or death situations... If Darius could plainly see that his skills were still lacking, he still had much more to work on. He would have to double, no, triple his training regiment! Or perhaps skip sleeping in order to continue his training! After all, if he first trained his body to never sleep, then his training would never be interrupted!

                                "Kenta," Michael broke his partner out of his thoughts. "Darius asked you a question." Kenta looked back to Darius and nodded.

                                You have summoned a blade from your very soul, much like a blade-wielding Digimon obtains its blade when it obtains its new form!
                                " Kenta explained, an odd-enthusiasm in his voice. Michael knew his partner could be surprisingly long-winded. "In other words, while your human form remains the same, you, formerly Darius-Who-Disgracefully-Cried-As-His-Partner-Died-Protecting-Him, have now evolved into Darius-Whose-Soul-Is-A-Sword!" Michael had to facepalm as Kenta finished his sentence.

                                "I'm sure he meant that as a compliment," Michael added. "As inconsiderate as it seemed."

                                "Of course it was a compliment, Michael Walker. How could saying someone has improved be considered anything else?" Kenta looked over towards his partner. "When Darius-Whose-Soul-Is-A-Sword reunites with his Digimon partner, then they will be able to fight together. And his partner will be less likely to die from now on, just like you had told me earlier!" He stepped beside his partner, extending his sleeved arm out to him. Michael grabbed it and pulled himself to his feet, trying to ignore the anguish his back felt as he did so.

                                "Shall we remain here a while longer and continue our training?" Kenta asked. "After that little squabble, it would seem that we both are in need of improving our skills!"

                                "I'd rather we find someplace to rest," Michael answered, shaking his head. "My body's not made out of data like yours. Training while injured will only cause greater damage and lengthen my recovery time."

                                As the pair discussed their future plans, the ice around them began to crack and shatter.
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                                  Darius slightly raised his eyebrows and a smile dangled on the corners of his lips. It resembled a mischievous fox. The exuberance the digimon displayed was amusing and infectious. Just one compliment he gave to the digimon seemed to send Kenta into an excited state that he seemed to be lost in its own world. It reminded him of his youngest brother’s personality who was hyperactive almost throughout the whole day. It was a workout taking care of the little rascal. Still, hanging out with the innocent kid was much better than dealing with the obnoxious dramas and the pressures of school life.

                                  He was relieved when Michael got him back on track into the conversation. He was very curious on the blade that was summoned out of nowhere. Maybe it was similar to the other guy’s card powers. The digimon explained that the blade was summoned from his soul. Before today, the only power he noticed his digivice displayed was helping Dante evolve and it pained him that it took his digimon dying to gain powers to actually help out in some way. It probably takes strong emotion from deep within his soul to call upon the blade. The two emotions he knew he felt was grief and rage, it must have accumulated and exploded.

                                  The digimon, Kenta continued with his explanation, but decided to mention something Darius would rather leave unsaid. He had never burst out into tears and sobbed so hard in front of two total strangers. He felt awkward and ashamed. He was utterly mortified. The muscles in his face tightened, his eyes widened, and cheeks flushed a rosy pink at the embarrassment. For a moment, he thought his face was on fire. He didn’t remember the last time he truly cried since he had to remain the strong one in the family and in public. He was a leader who had others who admired him so he couldn’t afford to show weakness. For that reason, it made him feel even worse.

                                  “Yeah. I see that now,” he replied with a shrug. Darius gave a mirthless laughter and regained his composure. Micheal told him that his digimon was giving him a compliment even if somewhat insincere. It was probably a good thing that the other guy talked right after, it distracted Darius from his unwanted thoughts. Maybe he was thinking too much that the compliment flew over his head or probably not.

                                  “And thanks for the compliment,” he added, turning to the dramatic digimon. It was a habit to say thank you for compliments with a smile. But this time, his smile wasn’t able to reach his eyes. What if he wasn’t able to reunite with his digimon? He shivered inwardly at that thought if all those bonds and memories were all for nothing. But if he was able to meet his digimon again, Darius would make damn sure that he would be a more skillful fighter so they could fight together and less likely of his digimon dying on him again.

                                  Darius widened his eyes at the overly enthusiastic digimon who wanted to still continue training in the harsh winds and snow. Darius would do almost anything for a hot spiced pumpkin latte to warm himself inside. He preferred Michael’s idea of getting out of the Freezeland. They were both just humans who were both injured and for him—exhausted mentally and physically. “I second that,” he chimed out in agreement with the other guy and continued after a pause, “Is it alright if I come along with you guys,” hoping that they both would allow him to journey together.

                                  Suddenly, he heard a loud crack and wobbled off balance. The ice floor was breaking apart and began to shatter in different directions. It was probably caused by the fighting and action earlier, maybe too much stimulation. “Be safe!” he called out, now separated from Michael and his digimon partner because of the shattered ice. He prayed inside that they’ll survive this ordeal and meet again someday. He owed them so much already.

                                  The ice beneath him shook hard and split apart. He pivoted to the side and sprinted toward the opposite direction as fast as he could, the caution of breaking more ice out of the question now. His body was heavy from exhaustion but he couldn’t slow down and was forced to push himself forward. His blood pumped hard and pulse increased from the adrenaline. Because he was running against the wind, snowflakes were clinging to his eyelashes and they whirled all around him, almost to the point of not being able to see anything. He was forced to keep his eyes shut halfway to prevent further blinding from the white vortex. Darius’s throat ached and teeth began chattering as the last remaining warmth was being sucked cold. The last thing he remembered before passing out was that he found safety in a large imposing cave and being carried inside by a large humanoid digimon.
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                                  Kenta the Kotemon

                                    "Michael Walker," Kenta said, getting Michael's attention as the ice around them separated Darius from the pair. "I believe you have done well. You still need much more training, and perhaps eyes in the back of your head, but I believe that we shall make you into an honorable warrior, yet." Michael turned his head to his partner Digimon, shrugging his shoulders.

                                    "I'm not interested in becoming an honorable warrior, Kenta," He replied. He thought about the pain on his back, and Darius moving away in the distance, lost to the snowstorm. "Just strong enough to keep the people around me safe."

                                    "Your voice is soft and the winds are loud. Speak louder, Michael Walker."

                                    "Not yet..." He said to no one in particular. But he believed that meeting Darius, despite there being very little the pair could do, possibly made them stronger somehow. All Michael knew was that he wanted to meet more people like Darius. And more people that were completely different. He wanted to meet as many people in this world as he could. He wanted to know everyone that he was fighting for.

                                    "But seriously, I was not able to hear what you said earlier."

                                    "It was nothing, Kenta."

                                    "Perhaps you did not hear me speaking about the loud winds. Because the winds are loud. Are you speaking this soft on purpose, Michael Walker?"

                                    The duo went on like this for hours as they trekked through the snowstorm to their next adventure.

                                    ((Michael and Kenta out, yo. Thanks for the fun-fun!))