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    Darla the DORUmon

      He looked with widened eyes at the town and it was just too bright and vivid that he had to rub his eyes at the gaudy sight. It almost didn’t look real. It was like a children’s toy heaven. The buildings almost seemed to gleam in the sunlight. One of the stores was of a brilliant cherry scarlet color, bold yellows, and another was emerald green. Everything was vibrant and cheery. Nothing dark or neutral colored at all. It was like a group of painters that were intoxicated with happiness painted everything in the town. It made Darius cringe at that thought. Unlike him, his digimon appeared excited and bubbly at the colorful town.

      “Wow! Pretty colors!” Darla gushed as she bounced along the pavement. She turned toward Darius stretched both her arms skyward as if reaching out to him. “Piggyback ride,” she said, giving her most adorable begging face.

      “Alright, alright,” Darius replied with a sigh. He hoisted her up onto his shoulders and adjusted himself. He was relieved that Darla didn’t retain her original weight as a DORUmon or else, that would’ve been bad for his shoulders.

      “Yahoo!” she cheered merrily with her one arm stretched up high and hand closed into a fist. Darla rubbed her face against his and hugged him tightly.

      For a moment there, that action caused him to stiffen at her unexpected mushy and cuddly behavior. It was something that he had to become used to, which he had some slight difficulty. Once she admitted that she was very possessive of him as a digimon but didn’t know how to express it without being weird about it, it didn’t seem as surprising as he thought it would be it. It was no wonder she had some issues with being sociable and there was her rude behavior. She was just frustrated. With the human illusion, she was eager to act like a human child with all selfishness and neediness in tow. Although it was annoying, it was also pretty cute at the same time. He wouldn’t admit it out loud.

      But the thing that took him quite aback, was that his digimon was actually female. He figured since the previous reincarnation of his digimon had a masculine voice, the next one would be the same. He assumed that the higher voice was because Darla was newly born but he was totally wrong. Darius remembered those time that she always threw a tantrum when he insisted she was Dante but he brushed it off as her being fussy.

      “Let’s wait for the other guy before we do anything else Darla,” he said as he put her back onto the pavement. They strolled toward a large circular fountain. He plopped down and sat on the edge of the fountain, while Darla hopped onto the sides as she walked alongside it with arms outstretched for balance.

      “Do we really have to disrupt the parade thingy?” Darla said with her face in a pout. “It looks soooo fun!” she wailed out loud.

      “I need some cash though. I’m not too excited to do it either but yea. Gotta get money to live and eat,” Darius explained, while ruffling her hair. If it were any other situation without the quest, he would’ve wanted to enjoy the festivities but he had to resist the temptation.

      Even from a distance, he could clearly hear the music that filled the air and rhythm that almost made him want to sway to the beat. A myriad of colors and large balloons that were very similar to the buildings in the town clearly stood out amongst the rest. He spotted a group of stilt-walkers walking toward the festival and noticed that they had hearty smiles on their faces. He was sure they were totally excited for their time to shine. A wave of aroma filled his nose when he saw a line of food sellers heading toward the direction as well. It smelled delicious and his stomach suddenly made a grumbling sound, which made Darla giggle at the noise.

      “Imma be back!” she chirped out and sprinted toward one of the food sellers with vigor. She came back with a dozen honey buns. She gave a wide grin as she handed a honey bun to her human and sat down. Darius thanked her as he inspected the bread and then enthusiastically began eating the dessert.
      “Yum yum,” she mumbled, while stuffing her face and chewing the sweet dessert.
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        "How in the world have I missed this place until now...?" Ezra looked at the buildings surrounding him, questioning it aloud. He'd never been to Toy Town before, and while the name alone gave him the feeling it would be a colorful place, he couldn't have imagined that it would be this... gaudy. He wondered just what kind of digimon would care to build a place like this. They must have been a large and carefree bunch to put this much time into a colorful aesthetic in this dangerous world.

        He looked down at the contract he had to take care of the parade, but looking at the surroundings, it was hard to believe that anything particularly malicious would come from this town. He shrugged and decided to see what things were actually like here before he made a judgement like that. After all, looks could be deceiving.

        Wandering the main streets for a few moments, marveling at both the permanent architecture and the booths set up for the celebration. He felt like he was starting to enjoy himself just being in the presence of all this joyous atmosphere. That's when he spotted the other... two humans sitting at a centralized fountain. He thought that he was only looking for one other human, whom he assumed would have a partner. He looked briefly down at the contract and shrugged, figuring it was better to ask than just walk by the person he was supposed to be working with.

        "Hello." he called to the older boy, waving a hand. Ezra was dressed in a well-worn leather outfit straight out of a medieval movie, including a long sheathed blade at his side "I don't suppose either of you are the one I'm supposed to be working with here? Or are you just here for the parade?" he wondered aloud.
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        Darla the DORUmon

          As he finished chewing on the honey bun dessert, his mouth curved into a warm smile watching his digimon twirling around and her limbs in constant motion to the festival rhythmic beat. Her head swaying and ruffled dress fluttering in the breeze. Darius was honestly relieved that she enjoyed the new form as much as he did. Darla was like the younger sister he never had. He shamelessly spoiled her, though he knew he had to tone it down sooner or later or else she might rely on him too much. She was quite endearing and adorable, so that made it difficult to refuse her whims and demands.

          “What’s up?” Darius asked his digimon partner, while wiping the excess sugar from his lips. Darla pulled on his shirt and pointed at the male human, or at least what he figured the guy seemed to be. For all he knew, it could be a digimon disguised as a human like Darla was posing as for the day.

          “Probably a performer,” he added as he stood up to wake up his legs. The guy was wearing some kind of medieval outfit with a sword sheathed resting on his side. Although it seemed weird that a human would take part in the parade that included satirizing humans and digimon partners, the guy could’ve been paid well to participate. The same reason why Darius agreed to disrupt the festival. He couldn’t remember the group’s name but it seemed that they were pretty rich to offer a lump sum of cash for doing their dirty work.

          When the teenager approached, Darius saw Darla hide herself behind his leg and clutch onto his jeans tightly. Darius exhaled a breath at his digimon’s antics and shyness toward strangers. It was as if her bubbly personality disappeared within seconds when it came to social situations. That was something he needed to work on with her soon. She was at least trying to interact with others, but sometimes it came off as borderline rude, hopefully not intentionally.

          The guy asked if they were working with him or just here for the parade. Darius didn’t expect the other guy to ask that question or address both him and his digimon. But then again, his digimon looked exactly like a small cute girl, in his opinion of course. He had a gut feeling that this guy was the person they were contracted to work with but the medieval costume threw him off so he didn’t want to assume and expose what he was hired to do. It would’ve been much easier if the guy was wearing ‘normal’ clothes instead. After all, the guy could just be looking for the human he was performing with.

          “Yeah, just for the parade,” Darius replied casually. His mouth twisted into a grin and nudged his digimon partner playfully. “My sister’s really excited that she practically begged to take her,” he chuckled and prayed that she’d play along.

          Suddenly, he felt her poke his side and started to complain about his little lies. He thought it would be fun to confuse the guy for a while, but that was a bust now. Normally, she would but he guessed she decided to be honest instead—how nice of her.

          “I thought we were supposed to be ruining it right?” she questioned Darius in an innocent tone of voice. Her eyes gleamed and a small smirk appeared, then disappeared after a moment.

          “Sure,” he replied with a lackluster smile. His digimon puffed her face into a pout, most likely expecting some other type of reaction from him. “Well, can't do anything about it now. You contracted for the same thing? If not, sorry my bad.” he asked the other guy, while ruffling his own hair. He would rather own up than dig himself into a deeper hole since Darla already spoiled it for him.
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            Ezra seemed confused as the other boy talked about his little sister and enjoying the parade. He was about to apologize for disrupting their fun when the little girl spoke up about ruining the parade, and he took what the boy said as a joke and smiled at the older boy

            "Oh! So it's both of you then?" this was just more confusing to him. He thought he was only meeting one human contact here.

            "My name's Ezra. I was hired by the DM... DM... something... whatever, to disrupt the event. But... I'm thinking I'm going to scout this thing out before I do anything. I just can't imagine there's anything that sinister going on in a place like this, you know?" he gestured to the brightly colored decorations and happy atmosphere of the town

            "I guess I wasn't expecting the name of this place to be so... literal. I kind of expected to be fighting bad guys," He never mentioned that he'd be fighting as Firamon if it came to that, but it didn't seem important for the time being "But everyone here just seems like they're having fun, not having some kind of anti-human rally like they told me it would be. I don't think our employers would want us to cause trouble if they were mistaken." it seemed as if the DMAON hadn't been entirely honest with the boy when they gave him his contract, but he was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

            He glanced around the couple for a moment as he spoke, expecting a pair of digimon partners to swoop in and introduce themselves at any moment, and when they didn't, he wondered something. "Oh, do you two not have partners either?" he asked curiously, wondering if he might have found another couple of people who use D-Scanners like him "I guess travelling with someone else would make things a bit less lonely..."
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            Darla the DORUmon

              “Huh?” Darius replied, a little confused on why the guys seemed to place an emphasis on ‘both of them’ all of a sudden. He recomposed himself and continued, “Oh yeah, that’s right both of us,” with a grin. After his response, he could hear his digimon partner sigh but he didn’t understand why she would do that. He felt like he was missing some hidden joke or something like that.

              “So silly,” Darla said in a singsong tone of voice and giggled at the boy. She whipped her silver hair to the side and danced around in place in a carefree fashion. As she twirled, her hair flowed in the air with the light breeze and momentum.

              “Anyway, I’m Darius and that’s—“ he started but then narrowed his eyes when was cut off instead. Honestly, she was being quite obnoxious and it was not something he enjoyed.

              “Darla,” she stated and narrowed her eyebrows at her partner, “I can introduce myself you know?” with a pout on her face. Before returning to her human partner, she displayed a small pouting of her lips, narrowed her eyes, and tilted her head directed at the boy. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” she curtsied and ended it with a playful wink as if the guy was the source of her amusement for that moment.

              The leather clad boy began telling him that he planned on scouting the festival before actually taking any action on the job they both were hired for earlier. That wasn’t a bad plan at all. He originally assumed that the boy was more of a rushing into things before even thinking it through, but he guessed his assumption was wrong.

              “That sounds like a good idea. Sinister? Nah. Might be a political thing, you know? Or maybe they’re just sensitive, not liking those evil guys talking shit ‘bout humans even though it’s funny. Could be anything really,” he mused and chuckled lightly.

              “And self-righteous assholes?” Darla chirped up.

              “That’s true,” Darius nodded, messily ruffling his digimon’s silver hair. “They were trying to play nice but clearly wasn’t doing it well. Boasting how important they were and all the money they had. Some of them were borderline obsessed with pro-human and digimon relations, it’s almost nauseating,” he explained with a sigh.

              When Ezra mentioned something about expecting to fight bad guys, his muscles tensed and pulse increased. “Maybe it’s a good thing. Better to not cause a scene in the long run,” he added gently.

              He preferred not having his digimon fighting in any such battles in the near future. After she died protecting him, he dearly did not want to lose her again. Before finding her regenerated form, Darius had already gone through much emotional turmoil, losing her and accepting that memories they shared might not be retained. He felt guilty that he gained the surging power to fight and kill those bastards only after his partner had become heavily wounded and in agony. And with that, went through a rocky start getting to know her once again and stopping the habit of comparing her to her prior form. They weren’t as close as before but slowly but surely, getting there.

              “I’m sure they meant what they said about disrupting the parade,” he replied with his voice full of quiet conviction, “Guaranteed it,” and his eyebrows unintentionally narrowed remembering the encounter with the group. After feeling something was off about the job, he confronted the leader and admitted their intention of promoting good relations between humans and digimon. The catch was that they used dirty means of getting rid of any opposition, all for their just cause. It made Darius feel slightly uneasy but the group had heavy pockets and using dirty means was the reality--even in the real world.

              “Didn’t I introduce my partner?” he asked himself, a little confused.

              Clearing the confusion that was on her partner’s dumbfounded face, she took over the conversation. She knew that from the moment Ezra mentioned about ‘both of them’ but played dumb since it amused her. The contracted had stated that there would be two humans on the job they were hired for. Darla was waiting until Darius realized that, but he wasn’t catching on.

              She gave her partner an exasperated look and turned to the blue-haired teenager. “I’m his digimon partner, DORUmon,” she introduced herself for a second time and transformed into a furry dinosaur looking creature. “I just like the human form better,” she added and transformed back into a little silver-haired girl. “He said it’s because I look cute, that’s why,” she mumbled, blushing and stole a glance from her partner.

              “It’s more convenient,” he said, deflecting what she said. “I’ve always wanted a little sister. She was recently born so it’s not a surprised she’s so small. Worked out for me in the end,” he continued with a warm smile.

              “But, what do you mean by not having a partner though?” he asked, eyes full of curiosity. Everyone he met so far in the digital world had a digimon partner. He found it strange that the younger teen came to the digital world and wasn’t bonded to a digimon.

              “I never heard that either,” Darla added. Her mouth curved downwards into a frown. Maybe if she was kept at the Primary Village longer to hear more about the lore or something like that but Darius found her as a new hatchling so that wasn’t possible anymore. She didn’t like not knowing things and that made her annoyed.

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                "Nice to meet you both." Ezra gave a small bow after the two had introduced themselves. It was in the boy's nature to stay in-character in almost any circumstance, and it seemed like the most appropriate thing to be as formally polite as he could be when meeting new people.

                "Political, huh? Maybe. I didn't think that digimon cared about stuff like that though. I guess I kinda thought they were a little more... pure than that." he admitted. He didn't want to believe that there was an ulterior motive behind this mission, but when the idea was presented to him, it made sense. He seemed quite surprised when Darla used the term 'self-righteous assholes' so readily, not expecting that from the little one "Oh... Well, even if they really want us to cause problems here, I still want to take a look around. I'm not afraid to break a contract if they just want me to do it to be mean. Especially if they're just having fun being creative, I can't stand against something like that" he crossed his arms and sat down on the edge of the fountain next to the other boy "Guess we'll see before too long."

                When Darla suddenly transformed into DORUmon, he nearly fell back into the fountain in surprise, having to wave his arms to pull himself back forward and grip the edge of the seat. "W-Whoa! Digimon can look like humans?!" he sounded shocked as Darla changed back into her human form. He quickly tried to regain his composure after the new revelation "I-I mean... well, you do look cute." he blushed, embarrassed that he'd been caught off-guard so easily. He had never heard of anything like a digimon that could look human. He wondered just how many humans he'd seen at this point that were actually digimon or if this was a rare occurrence.

                He broke from his distracted stream of thought as they brought up the fact that he doesn't have a partner "Oh, well..." he reaches down to his belt and unclipped his D-Scanner to show it to the pair "I came to the digital world with this thing. I didn't have a partner anywhere to be seen, but I don't think I need one, for protection anyway. This thing actually..." he trailed off as he realized with a smirk that he could probably be a little mischievous and surprise them back by doing the reverse of what Darla was doing "Why don't I show you!" he swiped the D-Scanner dramatically over his wrist, briefly disappearing into a flash of light as his data quickly rearranged itself, and just a moment later, the lion-like Firamon stood in front of the two.

                "Well, it does this!" he spoke with a deeper voice and smiled proudly.
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                Darla the DORUmon

                  When the blue haired boy called Darla ‘cute,’ she noticed that the human’s cheek flushed red while giving her the compliment. For a moment, her heart skipped a beat. She had furrowed her eyebrows in thought and realized that facial appearance was honestly quite adorable. Then she came to a realization, she had never seen her human flustered like that before. It was such a small thing to be concerned about. She wasn’t sure exactly why, but she really wanted to see him embarrassed and flustered. He seemed to be always calm and composed around her but it seemed off. It was like he was holding back emotions from her and lately, it left her frustrated and annoyed.

                  Darius and Darla’s minds were along the similar train of thought. At the moment of the boy’s transformation into a digimon, They both speculated that with the boy’s happy-go-lucky face, the result would be some friendly looking digimon. They were both wrong. Instead, a huge winged lion with flames surrounding itself. He caught himself breathless and couldn’t help but widened his eyes at the unexpected figure. It was a big difference from the perfectly normal looking human into an intimidating lion creature. And that voice, it was deep and gruff compared to the former’s tone of voice. He rubbed his eyes and had to do a double take to make sure what he was looking at was actually real.

                  “What?” Darla stuttered out in disbelief. She gave a blank look and bit her lip as if trying too hard to solve a riddle. She opened her mouth but nothing came out so she turned to Darius conveying a look of affirmation. He was relieved with the unexpected distraction. It had given him enough time to recover and recompose himself from the unexpected transformation.

                  Darius catching onto the questioning look on his digimon partner, he showed her a bemused smile and fished out for his i-C device from his pocket. “Darla, that’s a digimon alright,” he confirmed. An image of the Firamon and short description was displayed on the screen of his digivice. The digimon was appropriately called the ‘Sky Flying Lion’ and he couldn’t disagree with that at all.

                  “You sure?” Darla asked, edging closer to the transformed digimon. She looked at the digimon in rapt attention. It seemed as if she was about to move forward to poke the big lion digimon just to satisfy her curiosity.

                  “Ask before doing that,” Darius chided her, noticing her movements. If it was him, he wouldn’t want a random person or digimon to be touching him without any warning. His digimon partner glared at him and pouted at him for not letting her do what she wanted. Still, it was necessary. He, at least, wanted his partner to learn some social etiquette and manners. Not just using it on a whim. After all, she was raised in the countryside in the Digital World.

                  “Can I please?” Darla asked in a singsong tone of voice. She shamelessly displayed that puppy-dog look and eyes glowed with eagerness, almost in a supernatural way.

                  Darius slowly shook his head and frowned at his digimon’s excessive enthusiasm. Sure, it was polite and slightly cute but maybe that was a little too much for asking for permission. He shrugged and turned his attention to the Firamon. “So anyway, any idea how it works?” he asked, appearing casual. But inwardly, he had many more questions that really wanted to ask the guy but held back until the right moments.
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                    "See, you're not the only one who can transform." He smirked at Darla. In a flash, the Firamon disappeared again back into the strangely dressed human standing right where the enormous lion had been moments before. He hadn't exactly put a lot of energy into the transformation since he was just doing it to make a point about his ability. "I've got no idea how it works." Ezra speaks casually as he clips his D-Scanner back onto his belt "I don't even know how I learned to activate it. It's just like... I showed up in this world and sort of knew how to do it when I was in danger. Like an instinct or something. The gist of it is, I actually turn into a digimon when I do that. So in a way... I guess I'm my own partner?" he shrugged.

                    He turned to look down the street and turn the focus away from himself and back toward their mission "So... where are we going to find the ones in charge of this thing anyway? There's got to be some kind of leadership here we can talk to about the situation. Probably some cute little toy digimon or something." he remarked as he looked at the surroundings, figuring the ones in charge would be thematically linked to the town.