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    Anne the Dobermon

      "For the last time, human. Stop following me." Anne said brusquely as she continued walking away from the young human, who stubbornly continued to pursue her. Just her luck she would wind up with one of the weird creatures showing up right in front of her. Now the brat wouldn't go away, insisting on clinging to her like some annoying flea. "I already told you, I cannot help you, nor do I want to. So just go wander off somewhere and find another digimon to babysit you." She said again, not even looking behind her as she continued to walk away. She could probably outrun the stupid thing if she tried, but realistically that would be more effort than one human was worth.

      "Come on, can't you at least tell me where I am?" Cael responded, a few feet behind Anne. In retrospect walking headfirst into a Labyrinth Event probably hadn't been the smartest move, but he hadn't been able to help himself! After all, with all the rumors about strange monsters, and the world turning digital, how could he resist getting a better look? How was he supposed to know he'd wind up being one of the people who vanished. Well... assuming this was where all those people went. The dog-thing - a digimon, apparently - in front of him had called it the digital world when he first spoke to her. "Or maybe tell me what this necklace is. Or this little machine, or these cards? I mean come on, give me something to work with here instead of just running off!"

      Anne scoffed, sniffing the air. Maybe she'd get lucky, find someone else to pawn the brat off on. "I don't know. All I know is humans started showing up not long ago and things have been a mess every since, and I don't want any part of it." She said bluntly. She had heard of some humans and digimon seeming to partner up, but she didn't want that either. She was better off on her own, and ultimately the human would be better off with some other digimon, or maybe even another human.
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      Darla the DORUmon

        “Where’d you last put it?” Darius asked with an exasperated sigh. He was beginning to feel annoyed especially that he only just save enough money to buy a new pair of shoes. Darius could feel his shoes seep into the muddy ground becoming damp in the wet soil and he did not like it all. After using his old shoes when he traveled from the freeze land, they were left tattered and torn apart. Luckily, a guy lent him some slippers but they just weren’t the right size and his feet hung over an inch making it slightly uncomfortable. He knew he could just clean them up afterwards but he was lazy when it came to cleaning.

        “Uhhh it was in my hand earlier,” his dorumon said hesitantly, while darting back and forth in the clearing in the forest.

        The object his digimon was looking for was apparently a golden marble that his digimon bought from a local merchant a few hours earlier. For some reason, Dante recently took up a hobby of collecting shiny sparkly things. The upside was that Dante’s rude behavior lessened but the fixation on collecting those objects was becoming borderline obsession. Unfortunately, all the trinkets his digimon collected, were beginning to pile up in Darius’s backpack with throughout the past few days. He could feel the gravity of the items pulling him down accumulating each day.

        “I can just buy another one from that merchant guy instead of searching for hours you know?” Darius stated. “They all look the same anyway,” he commented on the side.

        “No! Its special!” his dorumon wailed loudly, waving it’s arms erratically in the air. Unknown to his human partner, his digimon bought it as a birthday present for Darius. Darius’s birthday had already passed a few months back but his human partner admitted that while he did receive gifts for birthday, he felt that most of them were of the superficial kind. Dante thought that if he received his name engraved on it, he might treasure it. That wasn’t the only reason though. He was also happy and grateful that his human partner stuck with him throughout the best and worse times. It was just hard for the digimon to express those feelings out loud through words.

        “Alright, alright,” Darius replied, giving into his digimon’s demands and antics. It seemed to be hard to say no to Dante in it’s dorumon child form. It looked like his dog’s puppy dog face when it was begging for food. He couldn’t help but think that the dinosaur resembling form was quite cute especially when it made an adorable pouting face in front of him.

        “There!” his digimon blurted out loud. He spotted a puddle where a shiny sparkle shined brightly within the dark and damp mud.

        “Wait, slow down first! It’s slippery there!” Darius yelled, noticing the direction his digimon was looking at was toward the edge of the steep hill. It was likely his digimon would slip and fall but it was too late to stop him.

        Of course, his digimon ignored his warning. Dante immediately sprinted toward it’s location to grab his golden marble but instead, he slipped on the puddle and landed on it’s butt. “Watch out!” his dorumon yelled out. The mud was smooth enough to push the dorumon’s weight forward and pull him zooming downward on the steep part of the hill toward a digimon below.
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        Anne the Dobermon

          "Finally." Anne said, catching scent of someone else nearby. Hopefully she could pawn this kid off on them and then go on her merry way and forget this ever happened. She looked behind her. "Someone else is here. I'll find them with you, and then hopefully they can answer all your little questions." She said, with more than a hint of condescension, before turning her gaze into the direction the smell had come from... only to have a dorumon barrel into her, knocking her to the ground with a grunt. Well, she found them, a bit quicker than she thought. She jumped to her feet as soon as she could, growling at the Dorumon, not knowing what made her angrier, the fact that she had been knocked over, or the sound of Cael trying to stifle laughter.

          "Well that sure was graceful." He quipped, then looked at the Dorumon. Alright, so he had gone from a vaguely dog looking thing to a furry dinosaur. Why was he surprised. "Are you alright?" He asked, the question directed at the both of them. whether it was willing or not, Anne had at least been leading him through the forest. And the other one didn't seem to be aggressive, just... clumsy. He started walking toward the Dorumon, but Anne shot up and growled at him.

          She turned her gaze to the Dorumon, with a great deal of suspicion in the Dobermon's blood red eyes. She glanced at Cael. "Don't get closer. Not all digimon are as 'friendly' as I am." Cael looked like he wanted to say something smart, but he kept it to himself, just nodding and taking a step back as Anne loomed over Dante. "Just what do you think you're doing? I hope that wasn't your attempt at attacking me." She growled, getting low just in case.
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            Darius strolled toward the mud puddle and picked up the shiny object. His eyes went wide when he inspected the marble in his palm. It was a golden marble with flecks of metallic silver spread around the circumference that illuminated in the sunlight. But the thing that caught his eye was his full name deeply engraved into the marble. He had to admit, it was quite heartwarming. He wasn’t into marbles but it looked stunning. Was this a gift for him?

            His digimon was always bantering with him before that he didn’t expect that Dante would buy him something in return. It was no wonder that his digimon partner was so insistent on finding the marble earlier. He felt slightly bad that he became annoyed with his digimon earlier about, what he thought a superficial whim to find it.

            All of a sudden, he heard a loud thud coming from below and he quickly moved toward the origin of the noise. He stifled a laugh when he saw his dorumon and a canine digimon that looked like they were about to get into a scuffle at any moment. He glanced to the side and saw a black haired boy who appeared to be in his young teens that looked slightly timid and possibly confused. Darius wondered if the boy had only recently came to the digital world. If that was the case, he might as well help them out a bit. Maybe it’ll be good for his karma considering he wasn’t that much of a good guy lately.


            The landing surprisingly did not fill so hard as Dante thought it would. But when he opened his eyes, he realized why his fall barreling downwards had ended up feeling like he was sitting on a cushion. He came back to reality and remembered that he had told a digimon to watch out for him but he was falling down too fast that he didn’t get a proper glance on the digimon he was yelling at. Hopefully, the dobermon wasn’t hurt from the collision or too bothered from the surprise. It was one of his relaxing days and that was how he wanted to spend the day no matter what.

            “Yup I’m alright. Thanks.” the Dorumon replied to the voice. The voice came from a young human boy who voiced out his concern for the digimon, either him or the other digimon. The young human was actually more adorable than his own partner. The black haired boy had a baby face that he wished he could actually pinch his cheeks just out of curiosity. Dante plopped back onto his feet and shook to get rid of the excess dirt off of his body.

            Dante covered his mouth to prevent himself from giggling out loud but instead, a snort sneaked out. It wasn’t enough to hide his amusement over the dobermon’s definition of being friendly. The ‘scary’ looking canine digimon seemingly tried to attempt to intimidate him with his dark red eyes and low guttural growling. Those attempts only caused Dante to burst out in laughter. It seemed that those attempts didn’t faze the dorumon at all. Maybe it was him being cocky for going up against more powerful digimon or how the situation seemed hilarious to him but he was enjoying it nonetheless.

            “I was just looking for a marble I lost then I slipped! Felt like a roller coaster ride! Sorry if you got hurt by that. Musta hurt some,” Dante explained by changing facial expressions and waving his arms as if mapping out the experience.

            “Nah, I wouldn’t dream of attacking you. I think your human will be sad if I did dat,” Dante continued after regaining his composure.

            “—And there’s mine,” Dante stated with his eyes beaming in excitement. He waved his arms in the air to signal his location. He saw a sparkle shining on his human partner’s hand and grinned relieved that his golden marble was finally found. He just hoped his human didn’t figure out it was gift for him.

            “Yo, I’m Darius. What’s going on here?” Darius greeted the company. He gave a toothy grin and observed the scene closely. He glanced at his digimon who seemed to be displaying a over exaggerated pouting face. He hoped inwardly that this wasn’t going to be troublesome situation that he had to prevent again. His digimon partner had a tendency of inciting without meaning to do so. It was a pain to be the middleman and play the peacemaker over and over again.