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    Zen the Veemon

      It had been some freaking day, Toshiro thought, and how possibly could it get any worse? He and Zen had been walking for most of the day with little rest. They found some trouble in the city of machines, Factorial City. These digimon were chasing someone and Zen jumped in to help out by taking down one of the Mechanorimon. Then they moved to the town of toys, only to see this girl in all green show off by absorbing some sort of flower and making her already gigantic bug monster of a digimon transform to an even bigger bug monster.

      Monzaemon tried to scoot them to a safe house, when Toshiro and Zen had done plenty of offering up their strength to help save the town. The bear had turned them down, doubting their power as a team. Dragons were flinging fireballs around and messing things up! But the leader of the town denied Zen of stepping in. Frustrating, to say the least.

      Locked in the building with other children digimon, Toshiro and Zen were growing anxious. Not to mention claustrophobic. It was dark inside the toy home. The walls were possibly blue, it was so hard to make out color in here. A few windows let the children digimon bombard and look for clues as to what was happening, all while Monzaemon was heading back into the fray of things. Toshiro looked out the window furthest from the commotion. He looked at Zen, who looked back at him, and he nodded his head toward it. Zen got the hint and flung himself head-first through it.

      The whole crowd of digimon inside looked to Toshiro and Zen, “Stay here. I’m leaving. Tell Monzaemon I said thanks.” The young man climbed out of the window and waved to the children. Zen was already making a break for the trees, and now Toshiro followed him.

      As soon as they hit the trees, they were met with dense fog.

      “Look what you made me do,” Zen said, trying to patch up the small cut on his head with his hand. He gave his human partner a dirty look.

      A rustling noise from the trees above sent Toshiro stiff with fear. Zen began looking around but couldn’t see much with this thick fog. It covered the tree trunks and the canopy. They were lucky to see a tree of two around them. A digimon tackled Toshiro to the ground, but only when it was on top of the him could Toshiro see that it was some kind of dark green monster looking digimon.

      “You’re neat,” it said, sticking its face closer to Toshiro’s.

      “Whoa,” Zen said, launching himself. Another digimon appeared and smacked Zen away like a baseball with it’s club. “Ouch, you jerk!”

      “We Shamamon need a sacrifice. You come with us, jerk,” it mocked Zen, “Now. Walk.” They pulled Toshiro up to his feet with force, and went to grab Veemon who gave them a fight. The Shamamon boinked him on the head with a loud thud, knocking him out.

      They walked for quite some time before Toshiro saw a new, orange digimon come out from the fog. He looked like an old caveman mixed with a monster of sorts. Fugamon, one of the Shamamon said as it took a knee.
    • "What the hell is with this fog!?" A voice called out through the mist. "I try to go over to the next town over for once, only to see a goddamned giant gross-ass bug fighting a bunch of dragons!" A powerful gust of wind blew through the immediate vicinity. "What is the deal with this shit? Fog shouldn't be this hard to deal with!" Adelaide had been wandering through the forest, or rather, getting lost. Having flown from Neon City, she had retreated underneath the canopy to take care of some business, but when she tried flying back up when she was done, she only kept hitting the trees. So she figured she'd find her way out of the woods by foot, then find her bearings and fly back to Neon.

      Unfortunately, the fog had been proving to be a challenge. She had tried all the tricks she had learned, but none of them really mattered when the fog was so thick you couldn't see markers or find your own path. So naturally, she had started yelling out loud for no other reason than to give her something to do.

      Eventually, she found some silhouettes in the distance, and Adelaide gave a sigh of relief. Didn't matter if they were friend or foe at this point. If they happened to be friendly, then good for her. If they weren't friendly, well... She could vent out some of her frustrations if they decided to be really unfriendly. Still in her Fairymon form, she figured she could knock a few heads around.

      Hey! All you people and mons!" She called out, her humanoid figure with butterfly wings coming into full view. "You know the right way to get out of this god-forsaken..." She stopped talking once she got some details once she saw an unconscious Veemon and some club-wielding Digimon holding a human captive. She let out a long sigh. Of course she stumbled in the middle of something. But she had to make sure, first. She looked over to the Fugamon and pointed towards the young man. "This guy owe you money, or something?"
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      Midnight the Logamon

        The plan, as Sarah had originally planned it, was to visit Toy Town and see all of the various toy Digimon that inhabited it. She had been looking forward to seeing if there were any giant teddy bear Digimon. Unfortunately things hadn't gone the way Sarah had meant for them to go. They had gotten relatively close to Toy Town when Midnight began to tug at the leg of her yoga pants. A low growl escaping from his lips was all the warning she needed to know that danger lay ahead. So it was with a puff of frustration that Sarah allowed her partner to lead her away from the town. They had gotten several meters away from the town and down the path that lead directly into the nearby forest. When a dense mist began to cloud the young girls vision.

        "All this mist is gonna be killer on my hair Midnight." she muttered underneath a sighed breath. The only response she got from her partner was a twitch of his ears, which is something she barely managed to notice. Her hair aside it wasn't like she was too worried about being lost. While she might not have been able to see very well Midnight was perfectly equip to handle something like mist. He was a wolf after all, or rather a Logamon. Not that she even really knew what a Logamon actually was. This whole Digimon thing was still a bit hard for her to wrap her head around.

        "Trouble." Midnight's tone was filled with urgency and a desire to act as his noise sniffed at the air around him. He was picking up several scents nearby. One of which he recognized as the scent of a human. The other four were clearly that of Digimon, but the last he was smelling it confused. It seemed to be a weird cross of human and Digimon. Regardless a gathering of that many Digimon and only a single human surely wasn't a good thing. Humans were weak, vulnerable, and easily taken out by the dangers of the Digital World.

        "Seriously? Didn't we just, like, not go to Toy Town because of 'trouble'." she made quotation marks with her hands as she spoke. She was making light of the situation but whatever was going on must have been serious. Midnight didn't talk very often, so the fact that he had was a good indicator of that fact. "You wanna go see what's going on don't you?" Sarah folded her arms against her chest as she gave the idea some though. "Alright, but let's try to be somewhat careful okay?"

        Midnight quickly nodded his head and began to pick up his pace as he lead Sarah towards the source of the scents. It had taken him longer than he liked but he managed to get the two of them there. They exited from the trees directly behind Sanada and Zen. The small clearing filled with but a single human and several Digimon. Although the Shamamon and Fugamon looked to be holding the V-mon and its tamer hostage. A fierce growl began to escape from Logamon as he lowered himself to the ground his fangs at the ready.

        Sarah took up a position directly behind her partner, "What have we got here? A hostage situation?" today certainly seemed like it was going to be eventful.
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        Zen the Veemon

          Oh, finally, Toshiro thought as digimon started to appear. First was the woman with butterfly wings. Attractive, Toshiro thought, despite the wings. Just as he was about to answer the question with a ‘no’, another female and her digimon popped up. Her digimon was a wolf in clothes. How cool.

          Toshiro bent his head to the side, facing the fairy-ish digimon. “No, not at all,” he said. Then he bent his head back, looking at the human girl and her digimon upside-down. “You could call it that.”

          Zen shook awake, struggling against one of the Shamamon’s hold. “Whoa, whoa!” he shouted, flailing about to get free. “What is going on?”

          Toshiro looked his friend, “These goons caught us. Not sure what they want.” He tried to struggle against the small ropes that loosely tied his hands together behind his back.

          The Fugamon leaped back at the sight of two other parties coming into view. He shot both of them angry looks, before signalling for backup. Out of the trees came more Shamamon, clubs ready. Fugamon let out a laugh, “I have more opportunities now,” he said. “You can all come with me willingly,” he offered, waving his hands into himself.
        • Soon enough, another girl appeared, an edgy-looking wolf creature at her side. Then, the Fugamon summoned more child-level enemies, and Adelaide internally groaned. She wanted a good, long scrap, but she was also tired from flying in her Digimon form for so long. Truth be told, she wasn't even sure she could take them on long enough for Headband and his blue partner to escape. Thankfully, the girl and her partner appeared, and Headband's partner woke up. At least Adelaide wouldn't be the only target anymore. Well, that would normally be the case.

          "Hey, Yoga Pants," She tried to call out to the girl and her partner. "I'll try and get their attention long enough for you and Edge Wolf to rescue Headband and Blue Boy over there." Adelaide was hoping that the pair were willing to help; it would suck if she were working with the Fugamon or outright passing by. Nonetheless, she'd fly over that bridge once she came to it.

          "Sorry, but I've gotten past my club-wielding caveman phase," She replied loudly, shrugging her shoulders and giving a mocking laugh. She needed to get them riled up enough to focus their attention on her. "Something tells me that a bunch of puny-looking Digimon wouldn't be worth my time! I mean, seriously, who would be dumb enough to carry clubs around, anyway? At least get a knife, or a hammer, or something, sheesh!" She paced away from Yoga Pants and Edge Wolf twirling around once and letting out a fierce gust of air to everyone in the area. Not enough to blow anyone back, but enough to give the goblins a bad mo-hawk day.

          "Can't touch me now, can ya?" She mocked. She jumped high into the air while giving a big grin and flipping off every single Shamamon, ending with the Fugamon getting a double-birdie.
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          Midnight the Logamon

            Things had started going from mildly suspicious to seriously bad in a matter of seconds. Sarah felt a shiver go down the back of her spine the moment Fugamon's glare made it her way. She didn't let the fear building up inside of her show though. Instead choosing to play the situation off by flipping her blonde locks over her shoulder. "Me? Come with you? I think that's one orgy I'd rather not be a part of." after speaking Sarah made sure to take a couple of steps backwards. She wanted to put as much distance between herself and the fighting as possible.

            Exactly how well that was going to go was another matter entirely. Almost immediately after things started to escalate did she find herself being given instructions. "Does it look like I came here dressed for combat?" but if she didn't do something that man and his partner were going to be in serious dangerous. Besides, if she didn't act and something bad happen the guilt was going to eat away at her. "Alright, fine! Let's go Midnight and save these damsels in distress ."

            The only thing that Midnight had really been waiting for was his master okay to go on the offensive. He made his advance towards the male and his V-mon quickly. His process was slowed however by the Shamamon that the Fairymon hadn't managed to distract. "Sarah! I'll keep them distract go and untie them now!" his tone made it clear that it wasn't a request. He watched out of the corner of his eye as Sarah darted along past him and the Shamamon. The two rookie Digimon raising there clubs to swing and release fireballs towards her direction.

            Logamon was quick with his counter attack, his mouth opening wide as purple energy began to boil up within in. "Loga Blast!" the name of his attack echoed through the forest as two spheres of purple energy quickly launched from his maw. They made contact with the rookie Digimon and sent them reeling backwards before they even got a chance to launch out an attack.

            Meanwhile, Sarah had just made it the cute looking boy with his hands tied tightly around his back. She let out an upward puff of hair causing her hair bangs to move from in front of her face. "Hello cutie, was it you who ordered the rescue?" she joked lightly as she went to struggle with the rope around his wrists. It took her several seconds but she finally managed to loosen it enough for him to slip his hands through. "There! Now hurry up and get your partner so we can get the fuck out of her."
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            Zen the Veemon

              There was a small breeze that brushed past Toshiro, his hair flipping back over his headband. It was cool, and calming. He sat there enjoying it until the other girl came up behind him and freed him. He grabbed his wrists and caressed them, the rope having been tight enough to leave some marks. But it wasn’t long before he was laughing at the remarks the one digimon girl made. As he turned, he was slightly blushing.

              No one ever calls me cute,” he said before Zen headbutt him in the back of the leg sending Toshiro to the ground quickly. The blue digimon eagerly pushed his hands into Toshiro’s face, jumping around and shouting to be untied. It took a second and Toshiro pulled the knot apart. At least Zen’s Shamamon didn’t know how to tie a know, either. “You didn’t have to do all that,” he told Zen, “Now go. Get them back.

              Zen smiled, digivolving in place. His figure got larger and much more muscular. Wings even grew off of his back. Before the small crowd was ExVeemon, Zen’s more preferred combative form. The dragon digimon turned on his heel and launched himself right for one of the Shamamon, the same one who had gotten hit by the wolf digimon. As the wooden club came around for the swing, ExVeemon leaped into the air and sent a fireball down into the goblin’s face.

              Shamamon grabbed for his eyes, the burning irritating them and the skin around them stinging. He couldn’t see the fierce punch that came down and smacked him to the ground. Zen brought his leg up, held it over the goblin for a second.

              Don’t you ever try to tie me, or anyone up, again! You suck at knots.” His heavy stomp got painful screams from the goblin. Zen picked him up and tossed him further before firing an X-shaped laser into his torso. The energy burned a light X-shaped mark into the Shamamon’s chest. But he wasn’t deleted.

              Toshiro was hanging back with the wolf digimon’s partner. He was looking her over before the lasers were shot, which took his attention away from her. After seeing his partner deliver an ass-whooping, Toshiro turned to the girl once more. “My name is Toshiro. Zen and I enjoy fighting, so if you don’t want to we can take it from here.” There was still a red coloring to his cheeks.

              ((OOC: I'm trying the whole color thing, too!))
            • When Adelaide took to the air and mocked all of the goblinoid Digimon, she wasn't aware that they could throw fireballs. She probably would have done the same thing regardless, but the sudden lobbing of the flaming spheres would have been nice to know about before hand. A good deal of the Shamamon launched their fiery spheres up in the air at he fairy Digimon. She twisted her body around midair, throwing wind about her in random directions to propel her around in the air erratically. She was moving so fast that her senses were barely able to register her surroundings. But she managed to most of the flames. Most of them. Unfortunately she couldn't completely compensate for her wingspan, as she needed it to stay airborne. She ended up paying for this as a result.

              A shama bomb collided with the tip of her wing and then a large burst sent her spiraling towards the ground, causing a miniature explosion on impact. She let out a scream of pain followed by a string of expletives as she tried to recover as much as she could. She child Digimon's attack didn't hurt her too badly, but she couldn't move her wings properly to fly. Stupid, fragile butterfly wings. If she couldn't fly, and she was being thrown to the ground, she had to make the most of the situation. She sent streams of air flowing from her fingertips, enough for her to control her descent enough to flip her body around midair. She dove down and delivered a diving dropkick to the nearest Shamamon.

              "It takes a while for these wings to recover, jackass!" She shouted out in a rage. She wasn't sure which one got her, but in her mind, it was the one she kicked. Before the Shamamon could get sent flying by the kick, she grabbed it by the feet and began spinning it around, using it to slam into another Shamamon. "Not I gotta walk all the way home! Or, I have to camp out for the night to recover!" She launched her captive Shamamon and threw it at a more distant enemy. "Either way, I won't be getting home until tomorrow, bastard!" She dove into a crowd of the enemy child-stages, landing on her hands as she twirled around in circles and slammed into several more with powerful kicks. "And some of have better things to do than hang around in foggy forests and kidnap kids with goofy headbands, damn it!" She pushed off the ground and landed back on her feet, noticing that while raging about her major inconvenience, she inadvertently got herself surrounded by enemies.

              But at this point, she didn't care so much about conserving the little energy she had left. Her enemies were a bunch of child-stage Digimon and a single adult, while Headband and Yoga Pants controlled an adult-stage themselves. "Screw it..." Was all she muttered, raising her fists. She might as well go wild.
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              Zen the Veemon

                There was a long pause in the battle, where things were a standstill. ExVeemon stared down one of the Shamamon, the one he hurt previously. The Fugamon had seemed to slink into the fog somewhere. Toshiro and ExVeemon were uncertain where the adult stage digimon was, where he would appear next if he decided to attack.

                All while the winged lone digimon was surrounded. Toshiro grabbed a branch that had fallen off of a nearby tree, abandoning the woman he was by to run over and smack on of the other Shamamon on the back. It turned and swung at him, missing but knocking him down to the ground. It was drooling, it was looking him down angrily. Whatever the purpose in confronting them, the Shamamon was really diving deep.

                “This is a little crazy,” Toshiro said, “Zen, hurry up!”

                Zen cracked his knuckles and began to throw punches at the one hurt Shamamon in front of him. His fists connected, bopping the goblin’s head left and right. It looked as if it might fall, but Zen wasn’t about to let it. As if grabbing his stomach, a light emitting from under Zen’s arms. As he swung them open, an X-shaped laser beam shot forth, point blank, and instantly deleted the Shamamon. Next was the one distracted with Toshiro, which Zen didn’t know why he tried attacking it. The fairy digimon may have been surrounding but surely she could handle herself.

                As Shamamon held up his club, about to bring it down on top of Toshiro, Zen rushed in and sucker punched the digimon. It went tumbling along the ground.

                “There are far too many,” Zen stated, “Toshiro, we need to retreat.”

                “But you love fighting!”

                “Fair fights. That makes a difference.”

                “We stay and we don’t let them take this digimon alive!” Toshiro jumped to his feet and smacked another Shamamon. It twirled, but Toshiro ducked. “Fight, Zen, fight.”

                The ExVeemon grumbled, angrily. He threw a punch at the Shamamon that he had sucker punched and blasted it over and over with about a half a dozen laser attacks. Data burst from it until it was gone.

                “Got a plan, digimon?” Toshiro was trying not to get hit while trying to bring some Shamamon away from the fairy digimon.
              • Adelaide saw Headband and his buff blue buddy attempting to approach Adelaide in an attempt to rescue her. She really wanted to go nuts and kick down as many of these stupid goblins, but the very morons she had been attempting to rescue were sticking around just to support her. "Screw it..." She said, jumping high above the shorter Digimon, blasting wind out of her hands to avoid the inevitable fireballs and land towards Headband. Looking into his eyes to see a fire in them that could only be explained by hot-headed idiots. She turned around to face the idiot, reverting to her human form. She still had a little power left, but she wasn't going to waste it protecting this idiot.

                "Moron!" She pointed towards Headband, grabbing at his arm at and attempted to run away. "If you have the strength to fight, then run away! I'm busting my ass trying to rescue you, and you don't even have the decency to make sure you've been rescued?" She looked back as several Shamamon continued pursuing her.
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                Zen the Veemon

                  What a day to meet the ladies, Toshiro thought, being pulled by a girl. Wait, a girl!? Wasn’t she just a digimon that had wings, a whole other outfit, and blasting wind from her hands? The Digital World was freaking cool, he thought. He kept running with her, leaving his arm in her hands.

                  Behind them was all what was left of the Shamamon launching their Shama Bomb attacks. Explosions left and right. The sound drowning out any further conversation they’d have right now. Zen was still in his adult form, doing his best to avoid the bombs. He shot off a variety of X-Laser attacks, but missing them just like the bombs missed him. Once in a while he got lucky with hitting a digimon.

                  “Come back here,” one of the Shamamon shouted. Another shouted, “Wait until our boss gets you!”

                  Which there was a funny feeling in the air for Toshiro. He stopped suddenly and pulled the girl in toward him. Dropping where they would have been a second or two more was a ball of electrical energy that disappeared into the ground. Out from the fog above them, leaping down, was Fugamon. The orange caveman-like digimon was facing away laughing before turning around.

                  “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked.

                  Zen stopped to fire another laser and knocked one of the Shamamon out. He could visibly see three more figures in the fog.
                • Adelaide was suddenly pulled towards the boy she had been pulling along. With a twitch of anger, she yelled, "Not the time and place, buddy!" She felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up as the lightning sphere flew past them. Fugamon appeared before them, as she pulled out her D-Tector on instinct, but growled. She wasn't sure she'd have the strength left to fight the Fugamon.

                  "Well, looks like the pansy-ass graces us with his presence!" Adelaide mocked, putting her arm out just in case the reckless fool beside her decided to charge the adult Digimon. It just wasn't a smart move. "Seriously, going after the humans while the big ol' adult is laying waste to your thugs? Big man, you are!" She forced a laugh in an attempt to hide her discomfort. Even if she transformed, she wasn't sure she had the strength to take him down without being able to fly. She cursed her stupid fairy form once more. Why couldn't she get a form with a little more lasting power? She put her D-Tector away, and turned her head towards Headband while still keeping her eyes on the Fugamon.

                  "Headband. Tell your blue boy to hurry up with the small fry and get over here to take this guy on. I'll hold him off in the meantime. I'm stronger than I look, but not strong enough to take him down, so hurry." Then she ran forward and charged the adult Digimon.
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                  Zen the Veemon

                    One more laser. Two more lasers. The Shamamon seemed relentless in trying to get to them. It didn’t even dawn on Zen that Toshiro had stopped moving, he just wanted to take a stand at that moment. The Shama Bomb one of the last Shamamon threw got real close to them, and Zen took the brute of the force. His feet skid along the ground and bumped Toshiro, who was held back from the girl they ran off with.

                    “Whoa, this is no time for him,” Zen said, referring to Fugamon. The blue adult digimon rushed the Shamamon that was in visibility. With a hefty punch, the goblin went to the floor. “Got ‘em,” he shouted. A laser to the face deleted the poor guy. As his data disappeared, Zen was hit in the back by another’s club. There was no time for games. The girl with Toshiro ran for the Fugamon. What was she thinking. One charged up laser attack finished the last Shamamon off, its data slowly disintegrating.

                    Zen flew for the Fugamon and past the girl, stealing the spotlight with a surprise punch to the caveman’s face. While he was fixed on the human girl, the fog helped hide Zen as he came in first to that race. The dragon digimon stood in front of the girl with an odd understanding of the situation.

                    “Take Toshiro, save your energy. I’ve heard what people like you can do.” It wasn’t to be mean, it was Zen’s plan all along to help the girl as well. For all he knew, she’d be the one saving him if things went sour with the Fugamon.

                    “You better stay safe, buddy!”

                    “Oh, you know I will,” Zen playfully said. Fugamon’s leg swept him off his feet. But the ExVeemon reacted even quicker then Fugamon. As the caveman-like digimon tried to leap over him, a laser interrupted the jump and blasted the other adult digimon up and away from the humans. “Go!”
                  • Adelaide nodded, happy that someone seemed to know what they were doing. And that she didn't have to take a beating from the adult Fugamon. She nodded, grabbing Toshiro by the hand, and making a run for the trees. "Don't get killed, blue guy. As soon as we're a safe distance away, get out of here yourself. If they follow us, then at least we won't be at the disadvantage on fighting on their turf!" She turned back to shout towards the XV-Mon, turning away to just barely avoid running into a tree. She spun out the the way at the last second. "Fuckin' fog... fuckin' forest..." She started to cursed, not even seeing a Shamamon seemingly come out of nowhere and slam his club right into her face. Her hair was thrown back by the force of the blow, but the Shamamon suddenly felt a sudden resistance.

                    "And finally... fucking goblins..." She groaned, leaning forward, pushing the Shamamon's club back with her own face. She grit her teeth and ignored the blood spilling from her forehead. She slowly leaned down, to the point where the Shamamon's own club nearly pressed against its own head. "I'm trying to enjoy a nice day out of town, maybe see what kind of company the other towns have, but you guys just had to sidetrack me, didn't you!?" In one quick motion she jerked her head back and, and slammed the club right onto Shamamon's face with her palm. The Shamamon managed to drop for the time being. Panting in frustration and exhaustion, she didn't even notice a second one sneak out of the fog and slam his club right into her exposed side.

                    It took the breath out of her for a second as she heard her ribs creak from the impact. But instead of pulling away, she wrapped her arm around the club and began spinning around, jerking the Shamamon with it. These little green bastards just wouldn't let go of their clubs. She continued spinning around, watching the smaller child Digimon swing along with it until she finally slammed the Digimon on the ground by throwing her body forward all of a sudden. It flew over her back and crashed, and Adelaide followed it up by running forward and smashing her heel into the Shamamon's face. She may have been stronger than the average human, but she was still only about as strong as the average child-stage Digimon, and taking down two Digimon of roughly the same strength so quickly was frustratingly exhausting. She turned to face Headband.

                    "I guess we should move a little more slower and be careful from now on," She warned. "Never know when another one will-"

                    A third jumped out from a tree, slamming its club in the back of her head. Her vision went to black as she fell to the ground.
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                    Zen the Veemon

                      There was something about a woman who was strong. Toshiro could feel it in her grasp on his hand, and when she ran into the club, or it hit her. Whatever she might want to say afterwards. Her display of power of intriguing. He had left the fighting to Zen, but she made these goblins look easy. Even though he wanted to give it a shot sometime, now wasn’t it. Not until the third goblin came out of nowhere and knocked the back of the girl’s head.

                      Toshiro jumped in surprise. Even though she was feisty, Adelaide went down. There were no branches around, nothing for him to pick up. An idea hit his mind. There was a struggling Shamamon that she had thrown over her like a ragdoll. His club laid just feet away from him, something to pick up and start swinging. As Toshiro got to it, though, he quickly realizes why this was a bad idea. The club was way too heavy for him!

                      The Shamamon swung and he was just lucky enough to bring his head back to miss it. Picking up the club was a bad idea that came and gone, but now what? He held up fists and tried to leap forward, superman punching the goblin. While it moved the creature’s head to the side, the punch looked like it did nothing.

                      “Why didn’t that work? You make it look so easy!”

                      On the other side of the confrontation was Zen, still holding his own against the orange hued orge. As Fugamon jumped forward, bringing down his club, Zen jumped backwards and fired a nice fireball that collided with the digimon’s face.

                      “Ow,” Fugamon rubbed his face. Under his hand was a small scorch mark. “Now you’re going to get it!”

                      Fugamon held up his hand, palm up, and summoned his electrical ball of energy. His wide gaping mouth seemed to stretch, to what Zen could only guess to be a smile. He threw it for Zen. It was a perfect pitch. The energy burst into a small shockwave that sent Zen back into a tree, one he didn’t know was there because of the fog. All Zen could do was grab his stomach and shot a laser beam at him. It stung, but Fugamon held his ground.

                      “This is going to be a back and forth fight, isn’t it?” Zen winced with a wave of strange feelings going through him. He cursed under his breath. Toshiro was getting further away and the connection seemed to weaken. Zen wondered if he was feeling weak for being this distance away. “I’m going to have to speed this up.”

                      Zen took to the fog, flying through it where Fugamon couldn’t see. He flanked the Fugamon and hugged him tight, carrying him forward until he got stronger. It meant Toshiro was around. He dropped the Fugamon; the caveman digimon falling hard onto his back. With the last bit of his energy, Zen sent out a barrage of X-Laser attacks. The explosions on the ground and on Fugamon’s body was loud, and alerted the humans. Toshiro was very close, almost visible through the fog. The Fugamon’s screams of pain faded as his data slowly disintegrated.

                      “Toshiro, I’ve won.”

                      “Awesome,” Toshiro said, feeling his digivice shake violently. He held it out with fear it might explode. Some of Fugamon’s data seemed to float over and get absorbed into the Xros Loader. It was a strange sight, but whatever it really was calmed the digivice down. “Weird,” Toshiro mumbled.

                      As Zen landed and punched the one Shamamon in the face, his form reverted to his normal form, a Veemon.

                      “I’m about out of energy myself. This isn’t good.”
                    • It took a second for Adelaide's vision to recover from the blow to the back of the head. She heard Headband scream out and presumably attack, the idiot, but judging from the sounds it wasn't going so well. Adelaide tried to stand, but got dizzy and collapsed again. She might have gotten a concussion or something. Then she heard the XV-Mon declare his victory, then heard his voice get... younger?

                      "Shit..." She muttered, slowly standing up, her vision still blurry. Wait, no... it's because it was foggy. Because the fogginess. Fucking fog was a dick... "Maybe we should get out of here, then." She held up her D-Tector. "I'll evolve if we get attacked again." She couldn't quite focus on Headband and his blue buddy. She started hurriedly walking towards a random direction, hoping it wasn't the way they came. After all, if they went far enough in one direction, they should be able to get out of this forest.

                      "Adelaide, by the way," She stated, turning to the two and giving Headband and blue boy a short wave. "I look Chinese, but I'm French. Long story. Buy me drink sometime and I might tell you," She turned back around. "Though, I guess I should say I'm from Neon City, now." She looked around through the fog, unsure of whether the still figures were trees or more enemies.
                    • Sanada Toshiro Courage Tracker
                      Zen the Veemon

                        “Toshiro,” the human young man said, finally getting the name of the other woman. He picked up the pace and started to follow Adelaide. He turned around to see what looked to be the last Shamamon following them. “Zen, can you do anything to get him off our tail?”

                        “I’d think he’d stop when Fugamon got deleted. Go back and find any comrades that haven’t been completely destroyed.” Zen’s voice was shaky, tired from running around and shooting out lasers left and right in his adult form. He turned on his heel, though, and launched for the goblin. His head was a pretty solid object, and because of the fog, Shamamon didn’t see him coming. The V-Headbutt smacked the digimon in the forehead and sent him to the ground, knocked out, while Zen had been forced into the air. He landed safely and began to run after Toshiro. “There. That should do something for now.”

                        The fog was slowly disappearing. Toshiro and Zen could see more in front of them then before in the thick of the forested area. Zen took the lead in the marching order, while Toshiro stayed with Adelaide. She looked pretty hurt.

                        “I think the fog is going away, and --” a huge splash of water stopped Zen’s sentence. He had fallen into something that Toshiro had looked up just in time to avoid himself. The blue digimon poked his head up and gagged. “The water smells really bad.”

                        “I think this is a swamp of sorts. Damn, I wish we had a better map,” said Toshiro. “We can probably rest here if you want, Adelaide.”
                      • It was fortunate that Zen took the lead. Concussed people should never try and guide other people out of a forest. And even more fortunate that Zen fell into the boggy waters instead. Adelaide was almost positive that judging by the day she'd been having, it would've happened to her. Oh, but she guessed this Toshiro guy and his partner Zen were having just as bad of a day, being kidnapped and all. She sat down, leaning against a tree and closing her eyes. In the fog, she wasn't sure how much good leaving her eyes open were, anyway. Besides, Toshiro and Zen seemed to have good senses about them. "Maps on these things suck," She confirmed, pulling out her own D-Tector. "It's why I prefer flying everywhere, despite all the energy it takes up..." She took a deep breath.

                        "And I won't be very long. I recover quicker in this world faster than most people, too. Don't really get it, but my body's stronger in this world. Maybe it's because I don't have a buddy like you..." She opened an eye to look at the young man. He still looked like a young man; if he were any older than twenty she'd still be surprised. Judging by his looks, though, it didn't seem like they had too much in common. Even so, she tried to strike up a conversation with the guy.

                        "So... Toshiro. I take it you're Japanese, then?" She honestly wasn't too familiar with Japanese, other than stereotypes, so she shrugged. "So how'd you get here, Toshiro? You play the game, or you get caught up in one of those... labyrinth events that supposedly bring people here..." She hadn't had many opportunities to speak with many other humans, so she wasn't sure what happened in the months she'd been stuck in the Digital World.
                      • Sanada Toshiro Courage Tracker
                        Zen the Veemon

                          Zen climbed out of the water and shook himself like a dog out of water would, spraying it everywhere. He looked pissed that it was him, and now that he stunk a little. If it was fresh water, it would have been better. “I’ve heard of digidestined without digimon. Vague stuff, really. They can turn into digimon like you, right?”

                          Toshiro was confused no matter who was speaking, but he did nod to Adelaide when she asked about being japanese. “Me and a group of friends were playing some game, when suddenly things went black. Next thing we knew was we woke up in another place. We thought it was a special event in the game. I meant Zen shortly after separating with my friends. We’re going to explore and play a game regardless of whatever happened.”

                          Through the swamp was the usual noises you’d hear, Toshiro guessed. But there was something else in the background of the murky water sounds, the breeze through the weeds. It was almost like singing. It was a nice melody, something Toshiro could definitely go for while resting right now.

                          “What about you, Adelaide?” He kept the noise a secret, wanting to see if she brought it up. Zen was looking behind him deeper into the swamp.
                        • "Never met too many folk like me, honestly. All I know is that I can turn into a Digimon while most people just have, well... you," She admitted, looking to Zen. "Spend most of my time in Neon City, fighting for money. There's a few humans there but I tend to keep to myself, aside from people I've kept company in a bar once or twice. Don't really ever get their names, though..." She looked over to Toshiro.

                          "And I ended up playing the game. Found it as a good way to unwind from a long day at work," She let out a sigh before admitting, "I think there was supposed to be an update or something that night, but I ended up drinking too much and fell asleep while logged in," Her eyes were full of disgust. She didn't particularly care for discussing her life in the real world. "Next thing I know, I woke up in the Digital World, been able to turn into a fairy not long after." She let out an annoyed groan. She hated talking about herself, but she figured she'd humor them seeing as they were helping each other survive.

                          "And what's with that damn... singing?" She looked around. "Are the goblins trying to lure us out with a musical number, or something?" She had the urge to stand up, but as far as she knew, it was just one more bizarre feature the Digital World offered her. Going out in the wild always bothered her because of all the strange happenings. One more reason she preferred flying.