Thread Roulette • March

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    Thread Roulette • March
    Once a month, characters entered into the roulette will be randomly paired together for a thread! To enter the roulette, reply with the character you wish to use and indicate whether or not you would like a prompt for your thread! We'll do our best to try to pair people who don't already have a thread together, but if you want to make sure, include a list of players you're currently threading with.


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  2. Prompt me, dealer of plots.
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  3. Ezra Greenfield Purity

      Prompt Pls
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    • Liliummon Light

        Prompt me please!
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      • Edward Beaufort Friendship Tracker
        Yertle the Offmon

          Yertle is forcing me into this for the first time. I don't know what his deal is. Prompt me please and have mercy on my soul!
        • Gila Courage