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      Thread Roulette • January
      Once a month, characters entered into the roulette will be randomly paired together for a thread! To enter the roulette, reply with the character you wish to use. This month, we're doing something different, and each pairing will get a prompt to base their thread upon!


      • Felicia Levesque
      • Thomas Sanders
      • Scribble
      • Lorelei Leith
      • Varius
      • Luciana De Luca
      • Corbenic Ainsworth
      • Elijah Madison
      • Mirko Minaeva
      • Chinami Fujii
      • Seo-Yun Jeong
      • Adrian McGinnis
      • Eddy Tremblay-Kwan
      • Darius Sung
      • Sanada Toshiro
      • Paige Greyson

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    • Felicia Levesque Light
      Athena the Plotmon

      • Thomas Sanders Friendship Plotter Tracker
        Sun the Coronamon

          Why hello there
        • Scribble Purity Tracker

          Hello world.
        • Lorelei Leith Light Plotter Tracker
          Lugh the Hackmon

            All the new friends!
          • Varius Love Plotter

            Tossing the rabbit back in 'cause why not
          • Luciana De Luca Purity Plotter Tracker
            Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

            • Corbenic Ainsworth Knowledge
              Alpha the Trailmon C-89

              • Elijah Madison Null
                Apex the Strabimon

                  who shall be the first conquer of the Digimon Emperor?
                • Mirko Minaeva Friendship
                  Boi the Strabimon

                    It's your boy, reporting for duty.
                  • Chinami Fujii Love

                      Someone ask for a Heroine of Justice?
                    • Seo-Yun Jeong Null
                      Thalia the Elecmon

                        This isn't going to end well.
                      • Adrian Mcginnis Hope Tracker

                          SOMEONE NEED A LIGHT?!
                        • Edison "Eddy" Tremblay-Kwan Courage
                          Angus the Burgemon (Free)

                            "i'll fuck you up"
                          • Darius Sung Friendship Tracker
                            Darla the DORUmon

                              I’m down.

                              Btw, will fix the profile stuff later. It looks sooougly ):
                            • Sanada Toshiro Courage Tracker
                              Zen the Veemon

                                I guess I'm down. Need all the practice writing for this character.
                              • Paige Greyson Light Tracker
                                Archie the Pidmon

                                  Paige needs money friends and plots.
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                                    SIgn-ups are now closed! The OP will soon be updated with matchups.
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