Thread Roulette • February

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    Thread Roulette • February
    Once a month, characters entered into the roulette will be randomly paired together for a thread! To enter the roulette, reply with the character you wish to use and indicate whether or not you would like a prompt for your thread!


    • @Adrian Fawkes & @Kaiden Price The prideful, bestial Digimon that roam the Gear Savannah have grown weary of the traders and merchants who so frequently utilized the vast seas of plains for their transit interests. In response to an increase in unprompted attacks on traveling merchants, one of the larger File City Caravansaries has enlisted a pair of humans to escort them on their way to Factorial City.

    • @Takeshi Takano & @Melody Byrd Legends tell of an ancient dinosaur Digimon that awakens only once every thousand years. During its weeklong spree, it hunts and devours the data of any Digimon unfortunate enough to fall within its gaze. A Digital historian from Ice Sanctuary believes the hour of the creature’s awakening to be nigh, and is willing to pay a hefty sum for proof of the mythical creature’s existence.

    • @Nicholas Hyde & @Adrian Mcginnis The Civic Committee of Neon City has a problem: a veritable horde of Wormmon and Stingmon have taken up residence in the underground power plant used to energize the city’s famous lights. After a unanimous vote from the committee board, a pair of humans have been enlisted to delve into the power plant and attempt to negotiate a truce with the adversely-possessing insectoids.

    • @Ezra Greenfield & @Darius Sung The denizens of Toy Town have never been the most conventional lot – much to the chagrin of some of the more straight-laced Digimon from File City. Now, the residents were planning a parade of rather inappropriate proportions, with the floats aiming to satirize (amongst other things) human Digimon relations. An anti-obscenity organization known as Digital Monsters Against Offensive Nonsense (DMAON) has asked a pair of humans to disrupt the festivities – but the parade planners seem just as willing to let the would-be content police in on the fun.

    • @Nikolai Dresden & @Seo-Yun Jeong A group of enterprising Golemon are attempting to harvest the trees of the tropical jungle! However, an activist Gomamon has tied herself to one of the logs, much to their chagrin. Can the humans help broker an amicable solution?

    • @Tai & @Benny Guzman The caretakers of Primary Village are despondant: a trio of baby Digimon wandered away from their supervisor during a field trip and found themselves lost in the Drill Tunnel. Help track down the missing ‘mons before they are discovered by something far larger and hungrier than they are!
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  2. Benny Guzman Faithfulness Tracker
    Eva the Cutemon & Draco the Shoutmon

      I want in and would like a prompt, please.
    • Darius Sung Friendship Tracker
      Darla the DORUmon

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      • Nikolai Dresden Knowledge Plotter
        Hjørdis the Tinkermon

          I'd like to enter with The Dresden Brothers and would like a prompt, please!
        • Kaiden Price Courage Tracker
          Ignis the Iguneetmon

            Prompt Please
          • Kiyoshi Nakahara Friendship
            Solare the Vobomon

            • Khatir Faithfulness

                I'll put my hand in, as well!
              • Melody Byrd Love Plotter Tracker
                Moka the Lopmon

                  Gimme dat prompt! Please.
                • Cael Murdoch Faithfulness
                  Anne the Dobermon

                    Looks like a good way to get started with Cael, so count me in!
                  • Nicholas Hyde Courage
                    Wesson the Kokuwamon

                      Hyde jumping in. Prompt me.
                    • Tai Purity
                      Demi Devimon the Demi Devimon

                        Seems interesting, Count Tai in.

                        PROMPT PLZ
                      • Ezra Greenfield Purity

                          Alright, I'll give it a shot.

                          Prompt plz
                        • Adrian Fawkes Love
                          Vivian the Renamon

                            Adrian with a prompt please!
                          • Seo-Yun Jeong Null
                            Thalia the Elecmon

                              A prompt would be nice!
                            • Adrian Mcginnis Hope Tracker

                                Adrian Mcginnis w/ Prompt please! :3 (I hope I'm not late!)
                              • Takeshi Takano Friendship
                                Mordred the Pawnchessmon(Black)

                                  Takashi Takano with Prompts pretty please.
                                • Clemens Nevan Friendship
                                  Gazimon the Gazimon

                                    May I have a prompt and a partner please