Thread Roulette • December

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  1. Shin Staff Member Administrator Moderator OOC

    Thread Roulette • December
    Once a month, characters entered into the roulette will be randomly paired together for a thread! To enter the roulette, reply with the character you wish to use.


    • Quo Song
    • Scribble
    • Varius
    • Zephyr
    • Finn Gardner
    • Tomoe Yamashiro
    • Veronika Lopes
    • Kazimir Wynter
    • Jorniel Nuesi
    • Reid
    • Ava Thomas
    • Chloe Webber

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  2. Guo Song Hope
    Aisha the Palmon

      hey what's up hello
    • Scribble Purity Tracker

      I volunteer as tribute.
    • Varius Love Plotter

      Gonna toss the rabbit in, 'cause why not
    • Zephyr Courage
      Ike the Ikkakumon

        Round 2: The Electric Boogaloo.

        Silent smol incoming.
      • Guo Lingxin Kindness
        Acacia the Palmon

        Signing Finn up for this, too!
      • Tomoe Yamashiro Kindness
        モカ (Mocha) the Lopmon & 白 (Shiro) the Terriermon

          Sign me up please!
        • Veronika Lopes Friendship Tracker
          Tanya the Terriermon

            Yello! I'm ready if you are!
          • Kazimir Wynter Courage

              Sign me the heck up!!
            • Jorniel Nuesi Purity
              Faith the Roleplaymon

                Ok sure.
              • Reid Courage

                  Bugman will join in on the fun
                • Ava Thomas Faithfulness Plotter Tracker
                  Gomie the Gomamon

                    Force people to put up with my insanity? Yes, please!
                  • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
                    Ten the Tentomon

                    I'll certainly try my best!
                  • Treble Staff Member Moderator OOC

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