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      Hyde cricked his neck as he stepped backed, bringing his arms up and getting ready for a fight. So she was one of those kinds of people huh? The kind that get quiet when they're really pissed off, rather than holler, scream, and swing wildly. Those were the kind of people to look out for. The kind of people who could think straight while they kick your ass. Meanwhile, around them the digimon started cheering, eager to see a fight between the two of them. Was someone even taking bets?

      He felt the air shifting and changing. Was she going to throw one of those wind attacks? Seems not as she shot forward, swinging an upwards roundhouse kick for his face. Hyde brought his hands up, trying to block the kick, only to find the leg simply pass through him. A mirage?


      He jerked back as her fist shot up in an uppercut.He didn't take the blow head on, but the attack did clip his chin, jerking his head back and causing him to stumble backwards a bit. He jumped back, putting some distance between the two of them again, keeping his arms up in a boxing stance. "Not bad. Not bad. Hadn't fought against anyone using illusions before," he paused for a moment, "Unless fighting while experiencing double vision counts."
    • Adelaide cursed to herself as the man managed to avoid her strike. She had intended to settle the fight in one blow, knock the man on his ass and show him powerful the Digimon in the world could be. But he had surprisingly quick reflexes for a drunkard. She stood up in something resembling a fighting stance, wondering what to do next. Despite avoiding the blow, the man didn't try to counterattack despite the fact that her little trick left her open. Was it because he was still trying to be a gentleman, or was it because he wasn't as hot-headed a fool as she thought? The man commented on her trick making him see double, and she supposed that's exactly what it was. But hey, if he wanted to talk, it gave her plenty of time to think about what to do next.

      "That's about all I can do with that trick," She admitted with a tone of annoyance. "Warping the air like that takes too much focus, and my head is a little too banged up to do anything more than reflect my image into the air next to me,"

      Adelaide wanted to just float up out of the man's reach and fling wave after wave of wind until the man was sliced up into ribbons, but she didn't think that would solve anything. It was the boring way to fight, and she had taken a few too many beatings today than to finish a fight in an unsatisfactory manner. Besides, if the guy got overpowered by "little miss fairy" then maybe he wouldn't be so reckless as to punch an adult-stage Digimon... and knock it on its ass or avoid a blow from a fast-flying fairy when taken by surprise.

      Shit. It dawning on Adelaide that this guy might not be all talk. Clearly this guy could defend himself, and had a Digimon partner to watch his back as well. Adelaide hated to admit she was wrong, but she should probably just try and end this little fight, thank him for helping her, and move on with her life.

      So she pointed at the main, moved her finger in a "come hither" motion, and said, "So, I showed you my trick. How about we see what you can dish out, cyclops?"

      Of course, trying to clear things up would be a good life choice, and the young woman couldn't damn well have one of those.