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    Rocky the Gotsumon

      The apartment was cold, books and various half eaten food items were scattered all around the floor. It wasn't the most cleanly place to stay in, but it was the only place that he had at the moment.

      It had taken a while for Iwa to fully grasp the situation at hand, how could it not? One moment he was reading a Manga in the park, the next the world went all pixelated. The next thing he knew was that he woke up in an alley by a busy street with some weird electronics on his chest. Before he had even gotten up, he had already pieced together what had happened. One of those weird rift things must've opened up on top of him and taken him into that video game that people were saying was on the other side. He already had a rough idea of what awaited him outside this alley, even so what he saw was quite jarring. the street was lined with creatures, of all shapes and sizes, just going about their every day lives. Needless to say, he immediately felt out of place.

      Iwa just wandered around the streets, fiddling around with the devices he had found and getting the occasional odd glance by a creature. "Look on the bright side, at least they're not trying to eat you." He said this to himself. Almost immediately afterward, he bumped into what seemed to be a fire hydrant, though when he looked down, he saw it was a little rock man. "Oh hello there." Welp what did he have to lose, he was stuck in some city in a parallel world with no place to go, what trouble can come of making friends with a living boulder that could make this any worse. "Uh, Hi there, do you have any idea where this is?" the question made the creature do a double take "Well, obviously this is File City, but the real question is what kind of digimon are you?"

      The whole, "Oh i'm a human" and "Oh, no way" spiel ensued until they both were caught up on who the other was. The two chatted for a while. The creature, known as Rocky, explained to him where he was. It definitely felt like a video game location alright. The two actually shared many common interests such as reading comics.

      Eventually they had gotten to the topic of Iwa not having a place to sleep tonight. To his surprise, Gotsumon invited him to stay at his place. He literally had just met him an hour ago and he invited him over to live at his house. This "Digimon" is either the nicest person he's ever met or has some ulterior motive. At this point, Iwa had officially stopped caring about logic. He was in a world of monsters without a human in sight, the thought of consequences were out the window. Rocky lead him to a dingy back alley, in which a hidden apartment complex stood.

      That basically catches us up to the present, ten days later. The two of them were living like how Iwa assumed college dorm mates lived. Taking turns to fullfill certain duties around the place. Iwa had hardly left the house up until today, but he was given the job to go grocery shopping, so he must comply with his roomies request.

      The two of them set out together, hoping to hit every discount in town. Not the loudest start to a grand adventure, just two people going grocery shopping.
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    • Paige Greyson Light Tracker
      Archie the Pidmon

        Paige had been in the Digital World for only a week, journeying from Primary Village with her partner to File City. She was focused on two things: keeping her stress level low, and going to the city to purchase a weapon for herself. She needed to be armed, prepared for the worst. If she was going to be stuck here, she needed to adapt. That was a priority.

        Her companion, an eccentric, youthful Pidmon named Archimedes, had been investigating a mind-boggling mystery and, somehow, Paige had been dragged into the middle of it. Once the mystery had been solved thanks to her cleverness (she insists the clues were obvious), he offered to help her in return and they began their travels to the city for supplies. Archimedes insisted that he also required to speak to someone, though it was difficult for Paige to get a straight answer from him. He kept his secrets, the important ones, to himself.

        File City was large, but Paige had come from a world where cities were twice the size of this one. She tilted her head back to see the skyscrapers, blocking out the sun by placing a hand on her forehead. Her thoughts were scattering around in her brain. It was one of those kinds of days. She needed something to focus on.

        "All right, keep your hair on!"

        Archimedes dodged a rubber duck that had been hurled at him from inside the shop he was visiting. The rubber duck knocked against his human companion's shoulder with a squeak, causing her to turn around with a perked eyebrow on her face. She doubled over to pick up the rubber duck and examine it. The Pidmon, dressed in his crimson trenchcoat and black armor, ran a hand through his white hair as he drew up beside her.

        "He's, uh, not in a good mood today," he said in his casual tone. Archimedes had many British phrases and actions to prove he was from a background similar, but he had no accent at all. "I'm afraid my errand is over with, for now. I believe if we were to venture to the tavern just 'round the corner, we could get information on a certain Digimon that seeks--"

        "Archie, I'm not in the mood for another mystery. We're not ready for an adventurous quest. I need a weapon, medical supplies, food. We're not leaving this city until I have everything we need."

        "My dear sweet Paige, you do not need to be prepared to have an adventure! There is food everywhere here in the Digital World, medicines can be made from the plants we find in the environment. As for a weapon, you have me."

        "You're not a weapon, Archie. You're a Digimon, and I still doubt that since you look so...human. I'm not leaving without a weapon, at least."

        She didn't give him the chance to argue. Paige made her way along the street and approached the first human she saw: a boy accompanied by a walking pile of rocks. Smiling had always been hard for her, but she did her best to be somewhat polite.

        "Excuse me. I apologize for being so forward, but do you happen to know where I can find a shop to purchase a weapon?"

        The coated Pidmon scoffed from behind her, shook his head, and stepped forward to take control of the conversation. "While you're at it, sir, can you also point us in the direction of the nearest abandoned building here in the city?"

        Paige, suddenly confused, scrunched her brows over her eyes and turned to face her taller companion. "Why do you want to go to an abandoned building?"

        "Never you mind that for now, Paige. Let's just get your weapon first, and then I'll show you."
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        Gomie the Gomamon

          Having grown up on a relatively isolated island, Ava couldn't help but be wowed by the tall buildings and the hustle and bustle of the city. So many of the Digimon were in all different sorts of shapes and sizes and only added to her amazement. They had gotten away from the beach, and after traveling through the forest, they came across File City. Seeing as neither Ava nor Gomie had even been to such a large city before, they decided to check it out. After all, Gomie wanted to see everything there was on the land, and since a lot of the smart people that Ava knew came from the city, she figured that maybe someone there knew about a way to get back to the Real World.

          At least, those were their intentions. Once they actually entered the city, priorities and goals were erased by pure fascination.

          "I've only seen the big cities on t.v. and in pictures, but this looks just like them!" Ava remarked excitedly. Beside her, a Gomamon was walking alongside, keeping up with her erratic pace as she zig-zagged from one place to another. One was a restaurant, the other seemed to sell exclusively clocks. Clocks, of all things! If you tried to tried to sell those back home, you'd go out of business so fast!

          "Yeah, there certainly seems to be a lot of... tall buildings..." Gomie commented, looking up at the tips of the buildings with dread. "Bet you'd hurt yourself real bad if you fell from up there..." He shook off his fear to glance over at Ava, practically prancing about excitedly at every building and store that was around. He wasn't entirely able to keep up with the energetic girl without breaking into a full run, so he just watched her bounce back and forth giggling all the while.

          "Hey Gomie, we should buy a bunch of stuff while we're here!" She blurted out as soon as it came to mind. "Like... um... Oh! We should get you an adventure hat! I bet you'd look so adorable and cool at the same time!" This was probably the happiest the Gomamon had ever seen her. But safety was safety. The last thing Gomie wanted was for her to rush around and run into another Digimon. Gomie hadn't met very many land-dwelling Digimon, but if they were anything like the ocean-dwellers they'd tear the poor girl apart if he didn't intervene.

          "Be careful when running around in a crowd..." He started to say, but cut himself off when he saw Ava run right into another Digimon in a crowd of humans.

          Ava started to scream in pain but covered her mouth in an attempt to muffle the sound. Tears welled in her eyes and she noticed that she didn't just run into a rock, but in fact a Digimon made out of rocks. "N-nice to meet you... My name is Ava... Sorry for accidentally kicking you..." She looked around to see a group of three humans; a boy that looked a little bit older than her and an absolutely elegant-looking pair of a young man and woman. But she turned back towards the rock Digimon, reaching into her bag and pulling out a jelly bean as if it were some kind of peace offering. It was white and yellow. "Would you like a bean? It's either popcorn-flavored or banana-coconut..." Gomie walked over to Ava's side with an apologetic face followed by a warm smile. He didn't say anything, but he wanted to be by Ava's side just in case a scene broke out.

          Or at least more of a scene that what had already happened.
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          Rocky the Gotsumon

            Rocky seemed like a foot magnet these past few days. Maybe he should wear a sign that says "I'm down here don't kick me." Iwa looked to his side to see a sight that he had yet to see in the digital world, actual human beings. There seemed to be three of them, a dark haired girl wearing a hat, a man with white hair, and another girl wearing a baseball cap. For some reason, the girl in the baseball cap was offering Rocky jelly beans, before Rocky could open his mouth to respond, Iwa blurted in "Hey, you're a human right? Not some human looking digimon?" Iwa then turned to face the other two "You guy's too right?"

            Iwa was pretty eager to question these people on all sorts of things. How they got here, what these weird electronics were used for, and maybe even a way to leave. At the very least. it was nice to have some human company for once.
          • Paige Greyson Light Tracker
            Archie the Pidmon

              Either the boy didn't have any information, or he was too shocked at the sight of her to answer her questions. Another girl, younger than both of them, tripped over the rock Digimon. Her Digivice beeped. Why was it bothering her again? With a roll of her eyes, she pulled it from an inside pocket on her coat. It first showed the rocky Digimon as Gotsumon, and the fuzzy four-legged amphibian with the girl was a Gomamon.

              "I am certainly human. My name is Paige Greyson. This is my Digimon partner, Archimedes."

              "Nope, nooo~, wrong. Everyone calls me Archie, Archimedes is a formal name and it has a bitter taste to it. While it is quite a pleasure to meet you all, we really must be going. If you can just tell us where the abandoned building--"

              "I already told you: no more mysteries until we get a weapon."

              "Am I not weapon enough for you, Paige? Must I dazzle you with swordplay in order to convince you that I am perfectly capable of protecting you?"

              She sighed in response.
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              Gomie the Gomamon

                Before the rock Digimon had a chance to take the jelly bean, the human next to him started questioning them.

                "Yep! I got lost at sea and washed up here!" She replied with enthusiasm. She didn't know why she spoke up with such pride, but it was more likely that she was just excited to meet even more humans and their Digimon. Then she heard the elegant-looking girl speak up and introduce herself and her... Digimon. Her symmetrical, humanoid-in-appearance Digimon. The jelly bean slipped out of Ava's hand in surprise.

                Gomie was also surprised, as the jelly bean fell into his slacked jaw.

                "That's a Digimon!?" Using her now-free hand to point at Archie in shock.
                "That's a Dig-gyugh!?" Gomie began to make a choking noise as he grasped his throat and made a bunch of gagging noises.

                "I know, it's really surprising, isn't it, Gomie!" Ava replied, unaware of Gomie's predicament and stepped right in front of the most bizarre-looking Digimon she had encountered yet, eyes sparkling. "That means because you look like a human but you're actually a Digimon, you're pretty much like a superhero, then! That's so cool! Can you fly or shoot laser beams... or... or... like... super strong, or something?" Through all of this, Gomie let out a series of coughs until he could shoot out the jelly bean that was choking him.

                "Tropical-flavored, but wouldn't recommend..." He commented once he got his air breath. He looked over at the boy and his Gotsumon, then to Paige and Archie. "Sorry, she's pretty energetic and gets a little carried away sometimes!" Gomie's apology/criticism snapped Ava back to her senses as she stepped back and returned to Gomie's side, rubbing the back of her neck in embarrassment.

                "Ehehe... sorry!" She gave a nervous chuckle as she nodded in apology.
              • Iwa Ishi Knowledge
                Rocky the Gotsumon

                  What the heck that dude's a digimon!? Iwa had seen some human-like digimon in his time here but this guy definitely took the cake."It's rude to cut people off you know!" Rocky said, annoyed. "Sorry buddy, my bad" Iwa rubbed the back of his head, then quickly snapped back to his senses.

                  "My name is Iwa, and this is Rocky, nice to meet you."
                  Iwa took on a more serious face as he approached the dark-haired girl.

                  "I've been here for over a week now and I still barely know whats going on, you two seem like you have things figured out so do you mind answering a few questions?
                  Iwa took the two devices out of his pocket and held them in front of him. "First off, do you know what these are?"

                  While Iwa was talking to the two of them, Rocky figured he could strike up a conversation with the Gomamon. It isn't often that sea digimon come to file city. "So, what's your name?"
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                • Paige Greyson Light Tracker
                  Archie the Pidmon

                    Everyone got excited when she announced that Archie was a Digimon. She glanced at him through half-lidded eyes, not in the least bit surprised that he was liking all of the attention. He crossed his arms over his chest trying to act all cool just before throwing out his impressive pair of wings. Archie smirked down at the little girl and Rocky the Gotsumon.

                    "I am, in fact, a Pidmon. I know, I know. It's a little hard for you to see me as a Digimon, but I assure that I am one. No, Miss, I cannot shoot laser beams, but I can fly. I'm no superhero. You notice I'm wearing armor, not tights. Saving people is not easy, though. I'll bet even your pet fuzzball here could do it..."

                    Archie continued to ramble on about something called 'regeneration' and 'the universe of data', things Paige could never hope to understand. She took note of the girl named Ava and her Gomamon, giving a faint smile to herself. Ava had a lot of energy and got excited. Her enthusiasm was good. It would get her through life a lot easier. Paige only hoped life didn't beat it out of the poor girl...

                    The boy, Iwa, was of little use. He had been there a week and didn't know where anything was? Did he stay cooped up in a hole? Iwa showed her the Digivices and she held out hers to compare it. They were similar, but with minor differences in color and button features. She examined both of the electronic devices carefully before looking up at him.

                    "I'm afraid I have no idea what these are, or what they're used for. Archime--Archie said it was a Digivice, but everything else he said was complete babble. I couldn't make sense of anything he was talking about. Are you sure you have no idea where the weapon shop is?"
                  • Ava Thomas Faithfulness Plotter Tracker
                    Gomie the Gomamon

                      If Ava's eyes were lit up before, they became a fireworks festival when Archie let loose his wingspan. She was utterly speechless as her jaw hung open and only nodded when Archie started explaining things. It all started to go over her head, though, ruining her dazzled state, but she tried her best to follow out of politeness.

                      "So Digimon turn back into eggs when they die? That's so cool!" She thought for a minute, thinking what it would be like if instead of mourning her grandparents, they instead started raising them as babies. Oh, but if people had to raise their parents, then she and her brothers wouldn't have been born, because there would just be too many babies! She shook off that thought before she could get too sad just in time for Archie begin talking about the "universe of data". "According to school, our world's made out of 'moley-cools' stuff instead of 'data' stuff... I never really got any of it, so I guess they're the same kind of thing?"

                      She noticed Iwa and Paige comparing their Digivices, noting that they looked quite different from hers. Their Digivices had a sleeker design to them, while Ava pulled out her Digivice. It was more egg-shaped and wasn't entirely comfortable in her grip. Truth be told, while traveling it slipped out of her hands so many times Gomie had to tell her not to bring it out unless they had to do that Armor thing again.

                      Oh! Maybe they didn't know that Eggvolution thing! She turned towards Archie with a grin. He showed them something really cool, so now he wanted to show them cool in return!

                      "Anyways, the name's Gomie! I'm a Gomamon, of course!" The seal Digimon gave a wave and a friendly smile to Rocky. "Heard there was a lotta cool stuff happenin' on the land, so I came to see what's up! Maybe see the sights a bit and just explore File Island!"

                      "Hey, Gomie!" Ava pulled out her D-Terminal and held it up to her Digivice. Both devices began to glow. Alert, Gomie looked around for a threat, wondering why Ava was trying to get him to Digivolve. Had she seen something that Gomie didn't? Not likely, seeing as Gomie was always the one paying attention to his surroundings. "Digimental... Up! Armor Evolution!" A remotely egg-shaped object of light shot out of her D-Terminal and suddenly passed through her Digivice. It seemed to convert the light of he egg into some kind of energy as streams of data spewed from her Digivice and into Gomie.

                      "Armor Evolution!" Gomie vanished in a cocoon of light, until expanding in size and taking the form of a bizarre-looking submarine with eyes, fins, a glass-looking dome on the top, and a large drill on the front. "SUBMARIMON!" Gomie shouted for no particular reason other than he felt he had to. Still a little taken aback by the sudden transformation, the large submarine Digimon crashed onto the ground. "Come on, Ava! What was that for!?"

                      Instead of answering, Ava gave the group a grin and held out a peace sign. "My Digivice can turn Gomie into a submarine! And apparently, there are Digivices that can turn you a human into a Digimon, too!" She excitingly ran over to her transformed partner an pointed to the dome on top. "Look! He even has a cockpit!"

                      "Ava! Even my Armor still consumes a little bit of energy!" Gomie explained, only a small trace of irritation in his voice. Yet he had dropped a great deal of his casual tone. "Don't just waste! I know you want to show off in front of your new friends, but causing a light show in the middle of the street isn't very nice for everyone else! Judging from the looks of some Digimon passing by, some land Digimon only seem to tolerate humans. You can't just go around doing whatever you please!" Ava nodded, her head down in shame. She hadn't even considered what it might have been like for all the other Digimon in the city.

                      "I'm really sorry..." Was all she could muster, her earlier glee and excitement replaced by utter disappointment in herself. She had once again just did whatever she pleased without thinking how it would affect others, and she hated herself for it. Reverting back to his child form, Gomie could see the anguish in Ava's face. He didn't quite expect his lecture to affect her that deeply. He had thought her to be of a more... basic mindset.

                      "I-it's alright!" Gomie replied, almost in panic. Whatever he did, he didn't want to make her cry. "I mean, it's just a lil' energy! And I'm sure that everyone thought it was a cool trick, even the people passing by! And... and... I have an idea! How about we... go get something to eat! I mean, I'm sure a nice meal will get me my energy back in no time flat! And we can invite our new friends! I'm sure they could grab a bite to eat, too!" He looked over towards the two human/Digimon pairs with a desperate, pleading stare. "Right...? Right?"
                    • Iwa Ishi Knowledge
                      Rocky the Gotsumon

                        "Well, that's too bad I was hoping to find out a little mo-"

                        As he spoke a glimmer of light shot out from next to him. The huge crash to the ground startled Iwa to the point he physically jumped backwards. It took a second for him to piece together what had just happened.

                        "Did...did your seal just turn into a submarine?"

                        Okay, that was the weirdest thing he has seen all week, and he once saw a sludge monster throw poop at a teddy bear selling hotdogs. So THAT'S what this thing is used for, Iwa turned to Rocky and held the "digivice" up to him.

                        "Can you do that?'

                        "I don't think so"

                        "Let's try it anyway, Rocky Armor Evolve digi...whatever!"

                        Nothing happened needless to say, he was just standing there pointing his digivice akwardly.
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                      • Paige Greyson Light Tracker
                        Archie the Pidmon

                          As a responsible older sister, Paige noticed a sudden silence from Ava. She turned to look at the girl just in time to see her point a handheld device, a completely different model, at the Gomamon. The burst of light blinded Paige; she had to shield her eyes with her arms. Archie imitated her. Once the light show was over, a submarine-fish creature dropped to the ground and caused more than a little scene. People and Digimon were staring. Paige could not help but stare, too. The creature was massive!

                          Ava seemed very excited about it. She was bouncing all around, rattling on about Digivices. Her partner, Gomie, was not happy about the situation at all. He scolded her, as though he was an older brother or a parent. Paige smiled to herself, recalling times when she did that to her younger sister. Iwa distracted Paige momentarily with his own awed reaction and his attempt to pull off the same feat. She shook her head, attention returning to Gomie and Ava. Her apology was most sincere and from experience, Paige knew the shame could draw tears. Immediately, Gomie tried to take it back and make her feel better. His suggestion for lunch reminded Paige how hungry she was. Her stomach whined for food.

                          "Lunch sounds great!"

                          There were a lot of other people and Digimon staring and starting to whisper to one another. Paige nudged Archie hard with her elbow, nodded in the direction of the paused throng of spectators, and whispered for him to take care of it. The angelic Digimon turned towards everyone and started spouting off philosophical nonsense of Digivolution and the theories of the digital universe, which deterred them almost immediately. Meanwhile, she stepped towards Ava to gently place a hand on top of her cap and smiled brightly down at her. This was new: Paige rarely let her guard down around anyone.

                          "We all make mistakes, Miss...Ava, was it? It's easy to get excited about the things we find fascinating, and we want to share that fascination with others. There's no need to feel too guilty about it. I think he looks really cool, but can he turn back? He won't be able to walk with us to lunch like that."

                          She removed her hand from Ava as the crowd dispersed. Archie turned back to them, hands on his hips and a smug expression.

                          "Right! We start with a meal and work our way around the city to uncover the mysteries of dodgy alleyways and haunted buildings?"

                          "A haunted tour of the city? I think we would much prefer shopping to begin with. We have nowhere to be, Archimedes. We can stay the night here and go find a mystery tomorrow."

                          "Clever thinking, Paige. We don't want to bring children along on this adventure. They might scare the digital ghosts! Where are we going to eat?"

                          Paige looked to Ava and Iwa. They would need somewhere cheap that would feed six. Did they have Taco Bell here? She doubted it. Tacos didn't sound very good anyway... Pasta. Or seafood, though once glance at Gomamon told her they would need to avoid eating fish. She took a look around the city from the block they were on. There were no maps. They would just have to improvise finding a restaurant, preferably one that served pasta.

                          "Let's go this way," she pointed down the street to the left. "Maybe there's a place to eat. I'm in the mood for pasta. Iwa, Ava. What do you two want to eat?"

                          She started walking in the direction she indicated, Archie following close behind and keeping his eyes out for danger.
                        • Ava Thomas Faithfulness Plotter Tracker
                          Gomie the Gomamon

                            As Paige patted her on the head and consoled her, Ava's near-tearful face turned into a near-tearful face of joy. Despite being the baby of the family, no one had ever really... consoled her before. She had always been taught that time spent crying was time not spend doing, as all it did was make everyone else around you sad. That last part didn't seem true, though, seeing as whenever she did cry, her brothers would generally just mock her. But between Gomie and Paige, she just wanted to melt and hug them both. But... she resisted the urge. Gomie was right, after all. Just following her every whim may make her feel better, but it could cause trouble for other people in the long run. Like crying into her new friend's arms, possibly getting tears on her shirt. And if she was like Ava, then she didn't have a change of clothes. She nodded to herself as she felt a sense of pride course through her. Gomie was right. All she had to do was think about things before she did them. Paige said something about getting lunch, specifically pasta. Without thinking, her hand shot up.

                            "Oh! I could definitely go for some pasta! I've want to try eating all of those noodles with the weird colors! Oh, and I could go for something spicy, but with a hint of that lemon zest! Oh, or maybe..." She noticed Iwa attempting to perform an armor evolution, but no avail. She dropped the subject of food and went towards the boy. "I don't think it works just by yelling out the words," She tried to explain. She tried to recount the story of how she first came to the Digital World.

                            "So... I was floating in the ocean, and there was this big white squid monster thingy that attacked..."

                            "Gesomon," Gomie added in. "A very territorial ocean-dwelling Digimon."

                            "And Gomie tried to fend it off, but gotten beaten up instead and started drowning!"

                            "I was distracting it so she could get away, so instead she dives in the middle of the ocean, after me!"

                            "And then I found a stone pillar thingy underwater, and I when I used the light from my Digivice on it, it crumbled and sent out this egg-statue thingy! It transformed Gomie into a submarine, and we managed to swim away from the Gesomon and to safety!"

                            "And nothing else happened!" Gomie finished, with a strained smile and horrifyingly distant eyes. Ava nodded nervously, turning back to Iwa.

                            "So if you want to do that, you have to find your own statue somewhere!" She noted, looking at Rocky. "But you probably won't find it in the ocean, though. So maybe go look around next time you're in the mountains, maybe?" She tried to give as much information as she could, but a more pressing issue was at hand as she clasped Iwa's hand with bright, starry eyes. "But more importantly, where's a good place to have pasta?"
                          • Iwa Ishi Knowledge
                            Rocky the Gotsumon

                              Actual food sounded great at the moment, Iwa and Rocky hadn't been eating anything but instant noodles and the occasional back of potato chips for the past few days, that was kind of why they needed to go grocery shopping in the first place. Even then, they were only going to prepare some sub sandwiches using ingredients found in the discount aisle. They had already paid rent to old lady Babamon, who was not too pleased at Rocky for getting a new roommate without her knowledge, so they had plenty of time to make some cash to pay it off.

                              While Iwa was busy thinking about food. Rocky was more focused on the Instant digivolution and talk of digital ghosts. Until now, he had only ever heard stories of digimon being able to digivolve at will, and today he got to see it with his own eyes. The past week had already been eventful enough for his taste, but with all these knew revelations about the world all crashing in on him at once he thought that a meal would help him stir his thoughts.

                              "Pasta actually sounds really good right now, you know any good places Rocky?"

                              "I don't go to many restaurants so I wouldn't know."

                            • Paige Greyson Light Tracker
                              Archie the Pidmon

                                Paige's fond gaze lingered on Ava and Gomie as they told their story. It sounded fantastical, but no longer impossible. After all, they were in a digital world with creatures like Gomie, Rocky, and... She looked up at the angel that accompanied her. Archimedes had to be one of these creatures, but he was so human-like with his personality. It was hard for her to imagine that he was also a Digimon. He noticed her staring at her, turned his face to hers, and gave a wide grin. Before he could make some annoying remark, Paige whipped her head back to look at the two younger humans. They were back on the topic of pasta.

                                She raised a brow at the boy. How could he have been here a week and not taken note of any resources near him? And Rocky... Even if he was a resident of this world, his diet probably leaned more towards water or moss--if he ate at all. It was expected that he wouldn't know where to find pasta.

                                "It doesn't hurt to explore," she encouraged the others. "We might find a weapons shop on our way."

                                She started to walk down the street at a pace slow enough that Ava and, hopefully Gomie, could keep up. Archimedes didn't pay the others any attention. He walked on at his usual pace, head darting left and right to get a look at everything around him. Paige heaved a sigh. If he was scouting, they'd end up at a murder mystery dinner theater. Though, she couldn't rule that out. It sounded like a lot of fun. She glanced down at Ava and wondered how much fun she would have at some sort of dinner theater. Would she be scared, or excited?

                                "Ava, you said you arrived here in the middle of the ocean. It must be a long way from here. What else have you experienced since then? Have you met a lot of friendly Digimon, or only mean ones?"
                              • Ava Thomas Faithfulness Plotter Tracker
                                Gomie the Gomamon

                                  "Ehehe... I've only been here for a few days, really..." Ava admitted. "Gomie took me to someplace called Coela Point, and then we trekked through what was called the Native Forest. Then we had just arrived in town where we bumped into you guys!"

                                  "We haven't encountered many Digimon. I grew up in the ocean, so I always respected other Digimon's territory. Messes up the balance if you go taking out Digimon just trying to defend what's theirs," Gomie tried to explain. "All of their neighbors fightin', fearin' that someone else will get too powerful. Or worse... you end up powerful, so you're always getting attacked by the weaker clans just so they can 'keep you in check', and you're always expected to retaliate just to prove you're the strongest..." He let out a sigh, as if to expel some memories he'd rather leave behind. Ava stopped to look over at her partner, concern evident on her face. Gomie never really talked about his past too much. He was too busy talking about what he wanted to do with his future, or trying to understand Ava when she talked about her world.

                                  Granted, why would he talk about himself with some alien girl that just happened to wash up from another world? Either way, she wanted to do something that would shake him out of his stupor. "A-anyways, we ran away from most Digimon before finding out whether they were mean or not! Sorry we couldn't be more helpful!" Gomie seemed to notice Ava's concern, as he gave the group a forced smile and pushed forward some laughter.

                                  "Yeah! Anyways, I don't know how useful it'll be, but try'n stay out of the ocean dweller's way... and the human-haters! Especially with your partner lookin' like that... no offense!" He gave Archie and Paige an apologetic wave as he did so. He had no idea why he had just started talking about what had brought on his earlier comments. Perhaps just the fact that he was surrounded by so many humans reminded him that he was something of an outsider on File Island himself. But unlike Ava, who wanted to return home, going back wasn't an option if he wanted to be happy. His thoughts were interrupted when Ava bent down to his eye level and just stared at him.

                                  "Gomie!" She cried out, worry evident in her voice. Gomie blinked a couple of times. Had she noticed something was up again? "I just remembered that we don't have any money!"

                                  "Huh?" Gomie gave her a confused look. "Don't worry about that. I have enough to pay for a meal, so..." She shook her head.

                                  "The food's not important! But I can't get you that explorer's hat!" Gomie blinked in utter surprise at Ava's stern expression. Then his face cracked up and he burst out laughing. "Wh-what's so funny! I'm trying to be serious here!"

                                  "Ava! You don't got to worry about that! I knew that when you were talking about it the first place! So let's just get something to eat!" He continued laughing as he wrapped his fins around the back of her neck. "My slow pace is slowin' everyone down, so carry me around for a bit and we'll call it even! 'Sides, I know you'll get me a hat someday! Anyone who swam into the middle of the ocean to save me is good for an 'I.O.U.' for one 'hat that makes me look adorable, yet cool'!"

                                  Ava gave a beaming smile and resisted the urge to jump in joy as her partner gave her his approval. Gomie climbed up on Ava, obscuring the glowing light coming from Ava's pendant that she hidden under her shirt. Ava lifted him up as Gomie took a good minute trying to make himself as comfortable as possible. He leaned his head back.

                                  "Oh, hey! This spot's way more comfortable than everywhere else!"

                                  "Th-that's not a pillow!" She replied in a near squeal and a red face. After Gomie readjusted his head placement, she turned to the rest of the group. "Ehehe... Sorry for the wait! Now where did we say we were eating again?" At this point neither of them cared where they went. The pair was brimming with too much positivity that they'd be happy with anything.
                                • Iwa Ishi Knowledge
                                  Rocky the Gotsumon

                                    "I still have no idea" Rocky exclaimed "I guess we have to look around since it seems all of us have no idea where to go." Rocky looked up and down the street to see if he could spot a decent restaurant or maybe even a flyer for one on some lamp post. Iwa just went ahead and started walking in a random direction. "Iwa, where are you off too?"

                                    Iwa turned his head sideways as he walked away from the group

                                    "Well, we aren't gonna get anywhere just standing around, you guys coming or what?"

                                    Iwa turned his head back forward and continued on.

                                    "Hey, wait up!" Rocky jogged to catch up to him, nearly tripping on a crack in the curb ""Ugh, sometimes I wonder why I invited you to stay with me." Rocky sighed. Iwa then stopped for a second, which made Rocky run into Iwa's legs. Iwa turned around, gave Rocky a thumbs up, and said

                                    Because i'm just that great."

                                    Iwa smirked a bit while saying this before continuing back on. Iwa didn't stop or turn around to say this but it hit Rocky ten times harder.

                                    "Also, probably because you're that great."

                                    Rocky was kinda touched by this statement, sure they'd only known each other for a little over a week but all things considered, it it felt like they were longtime friends. This mix of emotion actually made Rocky tear up a little bit, which ,in turn, made Iwa freak out a little bit.

                                    "H-Hey, stop blubbering, you're making a scene!"

                                    Iwa had always acted super aloof ever since he was a kid, it was only rarely that he actually talked about what he felt, usually by accident. That was just his way of doing things.
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                                  • Paige Greyson Light Tracker
                                    Archie the Pidmon

                                      There were a lot of things Paige missed about home suddenly. Her family was the biggest. Her mind fogged with nostalgia as she watched the younger girl talk so animatedly. Ava and her youngest sister were the same age. Paige suffered a moment of weakness, her guard dropped by this sweet fourteen-year-old girl, and a small tear welled at the edge of her eye. She swiftly looked up to the sun to blind herself, and wiped at her eyes. She was always quick on her feet to cover up her emotions. When she could see again, her stomach lurched. Archimedes had a smug look on his face, his eyes full of knowing. He'd seen it.


                                      Paige held her breath. Was he immediately going to share her moment of weakness with everyone in the party? Archimedes turned to look at the child, who had the Gomamon as a new accessory. It fit her.

                                      "Are you able to digivolve aside from your Armor form?"

                                      It was a topic of conversation that Paige did not yet understand. Archimedes had a bad habit of going off on tangents and ramblings beyond her comprehension, like astrophysics. She heaved a quiet sigh of relief. At least he wasn't going to tell everyone her secret. Not yet anyway. Did he plan to? What was his game? Paige turned to Iwa and Rocky. Maybe for now it was best to make light conversation.

                                      "Iwa is a Japanese name, isn't it? What is the weather like in Japan?"

                                      They had almost passed the pasta restaurant, all caught up in walking and chatting. Paige suddenly nabbed the back of Archie's long red coat to stop him and immediately pointed up at the sign. It had a tiny chalkboard outside as the sign and the restaurant itself was squished between two businesses that had large signs and bright colors. This particular joint looked dreary and forlorn with neutral colors of gray and brown. It was intriguing in its own way.

                                      "The sign says they have a special on pasta today. Do we want to go in?"

                                      Archie raised a brow, his arms folded across his chest while he inspected it. Suddenly, he gave a bright smile.

                                      "It looks rather fitting, given our small party."

                                      He went inside without hesitation. Paige looked between the two teenagers and their partners and mulled over his definition of 'small'. It must have been different from hers. This time, she let out an audible sigh of exasperation. He was a handful. Shouldering the responsibility for the younger ones in the party, as any older sibling did spurred on by natural instincts, she squared herself and waited for their decision.
                                    • Ava Thomas Faithfulness Plotter Tracker
                                      Gomie the Gomamon

                                        "Digivolve without... armor?" Ava repeated, leaning her head down staring at Gomie. The seal Digimon was staring right back at her. "Hey, Gomie, can you transform without the Digimett... Digimental?"

                                        "L-let's not worry about who or who cannot evolve without the use of a Digimental, Ava!" Gomie replied with nervous laughter. "You know, I feel like my Submarimon form's stronger than my... any adult form that I don't have, you know? So I don't really think it's a big deal!" Ava looked confused as she tilted her head.

                                        "So... no?"

                                        "Let's just say Digivolving into anything but Submarimon can't happen!" Gomie answered. Ava's stare continued.

                                        "So... no?" Ava repeated in the same tone. Gomie sighed. Why did she have to demand a straight answer?

                                        "N-no!" Gomie finally lied.

                                        "There you have it, Mr. Archie! Gomie can't do it!" She smiled, staring at the place that Paige pointed to. She looked around in bewilderment. "Oh! This place looks like a wreck compared to the other ones! But... I guess if your business looks really bad, then it must really be nice inside! Kind of like when my sister-in-law said about my brother Ashley when she got drunk one night!"
                                      • Iwa Ishi Knowledge
                                        Rocky the Gotsumon

                                          Iwa hadn't really taken into account that the two of them weren't japanese, he hadn't even noticed it frankly. It was probably due to the fact that they were the first humans he had seen in over a week combined with the reality of him being surrounded by monsters for this long.

                                          "The weather is just...the weather i guess. I'd never been outside of japan so I wouldn't know what to compare it to."

                                          Iwa had to double take when he had realized that that statement wasn't actually true anymore. After all, Iwa doubted that japan had robots and dinosaurs roaming around doing their groceries, not to mention that meat grows the ground here apparently.

                                          'Well, besides the digital world that is so...I guess it's a tad warmer in japan."

                                          Upon arriving at this small building, Iwa didn't even register that the little structure was even there let alone that it was a restaurant. "Well, seeing as this is the only place we know of that's serving pasta, i'd say we eat here." Alternatively, this restaurant didn't seem that expensive, which was good since he and Rocky didn't have that much to spend outside of rent and the occasional comic book.