The Story So Far.....

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  1. Tai Purity
    Demi Devimon the Demi Devimon

      Well, today certainly was different. I awoke to find myself in such a strange place, how did I get there? Why was I in my school uniform. Last thing I remember is being in bed. This strange world was filled with strange creatures, and well...I ran. I ran until I found a mansion that kinda just appeared. I was gonna walk away but something smelled so good. So I went in and met Lillithmon. Turns out she's a royal bitch who kills digivice holders in search of special ones. I met Demi-devimon and my memories of the digital world came back. I'd been there before. Well not long after that, we were captured by some large hands and well...Im not entirely sure what happened next..​
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