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      Returning to Coela Point was Edward's first step of finding his long lost Digivice. During his last encounter he discovered a small bit of information regarding to this strange world. For starters he learned about this strange technology he is holding is a D-Terminal but supposedly he was supposed to receive a Digivice as well but the question is where did it go? How come he never received this device in the first place? Something wasn't right and he knows it!

      It took him some time to get to Coela Beach thanks to Yertle and his damn Ukulele. With his Ukulele working like a charm, Yertle hasn't stopped singing since they've left and it's making Edward go crazy! All he wanted to do was look into his D-Terminal and figure out exactly how this machine works but no he can't because of Yertle's distracted singing! Yertle isn't a bad singer it's just he has the wrong instrument to sing the proper songs. It can be rather annoying at times. Once they reached to Coela Point, Edward turned his head to give Yertle a warning glare.

      "Are you done?"

      "Nope I'm just getting to the course part!"

      "Will you please SHUT UP AND LET ME THINK!"
      He snapped then lowered his shoulders as he sighed underneath his breath. "Why are you following me?"

      "You helped me with my ukulele and now it's my turn!"

      Edward slapped his forehead at this. "And how are you doing that? It seems as if I'm the one doing all the dirty work here!"

      "I'm helping out by singing!"


      "It's an easier way for me to explain things! I'm telling you where to go in a song!"

      "I'm going to die!" Edward called out due to frustration!

      "Do you want me to sing?"

      "NO DON'T YOU DARE!" It was too late since Yertle was already playing another tune and when he did, Edward ran down the beach with Yertle chasing after him. "LEAVE ME ALONE!"


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      Moka the Lopmon

        "You can do it, Melody! Just four more minutes!" Moka's cheered as she jumped up and down, holding up two small piles of brush with her ears, as if they were pom-poms. Melody's hands were planted firmly into the sand while the rest of her body stood straight up into the air.

        "M-minutes!?" Melody gasped, her arms already shaking while her shoulders began to feel like jelly. "I...I'm not going to last... that long!"

        "You said that you wanted to become stronger for my sake, correct? Well, this is the way for you to be stronger! After all, if your body is stronger, then maybe our combined form will be stronger as well!"

        "I...I'm almost positive... that's not... how it works!" Each second felt like excruciating pain, but she didn't want to disappoint her partner. And it wasn't like there wasn't any proof that they'd get stronger if she kept this up. She was strong enough to lift her body up for short spurts, but maintaining her body weight using only her arms... the young acrobat wasn't quite ready for that just yet. "Is... it... time... yet...?"

        "No! Only three and a half more minutes!" The pair began to hear screaming from somewhere... and...

        "Was that a ukulele?" Melody asked, bridging her body backwards into a stand, clapping her hands together to brush the sand off them.

        "Melody! Don't give up in the middle!" The Lopmon protested.

        "If someone's in trouble, then doesn't that mean we should try and help out?" She asked, rushing over to see a... human boy being chased by a child Digimon holding a ukulele. "Oh! It is a ukulele! Moka, maybe they'll play a song!"

        "It seems like... the musician Digimon is chasing that human right there," Moka pointed out. "Should we help out, or should we not get too involved...?" Melody didn't even listen to the last part of her partner's sentence.

        "Hey over there!" Melody called out to the human. "It looks like you're being chased by that Digimon! Are you in trouble?"
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        Yertle the Offmon

          A unfamiliar call made Edward stop in his tracks. His partner on the other hand wasn't prepared for Edward to stop right then and there so he ended up bumping right into him before falling flat on his back! With Yertle down, Edward rushed over to the female but instead of greeting her, he hid right behind her instead using her as a shield. What a great way to introduce yourself to someone you've just met! "Yes please make him stop singing!" The innocent child begged as he watched Yertle slowly get up onto his two paws. "He's a dangerous little critter who won't stop singing! I heck I don't know why it's even following me in the first place!"

          All you could see was a huge smile appearing on Yertles face while lifting up his Ukulele. When this happened, all you could see was Edward shivering and squealing behind the female like a little girl! "I told you why I'm following you! I'm helping you find that digi.. whatever thing it is because you helped me fix my Ukulele!"

          "I did jack shit! All I did was follow you there since I was forced to follow you or else you and your whale friend were going to blackmail me!"
          Edward would say while pointing over at the Digimon. "See what he's doing? I've been forced to follow this guy since I got here which was a few minutes ago and ever since then he wouldn't stop singing! Make him stop!"

          "Want me to sing?"

          Edward cried. "Protect me from the singing! Save me from living hell!"

          "What's hell?"

          "This is HELL! I want to go back to France already wait.. If I go back to France I'll end up getting married..."
          Edward thought out loud causing Yertle to tilt his head once more.

          "What's marriage?"

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          Moka the Lopmon

            "Digi...whatever?" Moka asked, looking up to Melody. Honestly, Digi-whatever could apply to about 70 different things in the Digital World. But she figured she'd take a guess. "Perhaps he is referring to a Digivice?" Melody pulled out her D-Tector, a small device with two shades of pink, matching her hair.

            "Well, mine came with my D-Terminal..." She put it away and showed the boy her D-Tector. "Actually, it appeared where I first landed, so... have you tried looking around the first place you showed up?" She gestured to the beach, pointing towards a ways off to the north. "Actually, I wound up in the Digital World right over there not too long ago!" Melody and Moka then heard the pair explain their general situation and how they ended up traveling.

            "I'm kind of in the entertainment business myself," She said to the Digimon with a smile. "I'm not too great a singer, but isn't it so fun just singing out what's on your mind?" Then the boy mentioned his betrothal, making Melody take a step back. He looked to be about the same age as she was! And he was from France!? He sure had a flawless accent then! Wait, that was because the Digital World seemed to translate language automatically. She wasn't sure how it worked, but it sure was convenient there wasn't any language barrier!

            "Married?" Moka inquired, looking towards Melody and the boy. "Melody. What is 'married'?" Melody gave a shy smile.

            "It's when two people... you know... kind of choose to be together for a long time?" She wasn't really good at explaining this.

            "Like being friends?" The Lopmon wasn't quite sure what the boy's reaction was for. Wasn't having friends a good thing?

            "Not quite... it's like... choosing to be a really close family... and then you know..." Melody's face began to redden.

            "You know what...?" Moka tilter her head in confusion.

            "Doing things... to make a special bond!" Melody put her hands out and spread them wide as if gesturing "that's all!" in the hopes that Moka wouldn't continue her line of questions. Moka nodded thoughtfully.

            "I see. Then two people decide to be together and then form a special bond together. Melody, since we Digivolve together... Does that make us married?"

            "We're our own kind of family!" She replied, her face so red it was practically glowing. "You know, it's a little different! It has nothing to do with Digivolving!" She turned towards the boy, still red in the face, and ready to talk about literally anything else. "I'm Melody, and this is Moka!" She greeted, sticking her hand out. "And congratulations on your betrothal!"
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            Yertle the Offmon

              Just as he thought so his calculation was correct! They receive both a D-Terminal and a Digivice once they land into the digital world and normally it's right by their side but in his case it was in his pocket. With that mind being said, Edward couldn't help but turn his attention to the ocean blue water. "If that's the case then it might be in the middle of the sea. I arrived to the beach on Whalemon's back and that's when I noticed I have a D-Terminal placed in my pocket. Hey Yertle call out your Whale friend for me!"

              "That means I have to sing!"

              "I take that back."
              Edward sighed underneath his breath. "Thanks for the info by the way miss I appreciate it. I'm not a huge singing fan you see?" The male said while puffing his cheeks. "I find it rather annoying or it's probably because I have no time listening to music back home. It's embarrassing." Although secretly he likes listening to Rock and Country music, he just finds it rather embarrassing at the fact Yertle was able to combine both into one and knows his favorite genre! How the hell does he know that?

              Switching over to a new topic, Edward's cheeks turned red when she explained marriage to her Digimon and this caught Yertle's interest instantly. "Oh so that's what marriage is? Hey Edward how do you make babies?"

              Edward face turned almost as red as a apple after hearing this! He gave a sharp turn with his mouth wide open from embarrassment! "Why the hell are you asking me this?"

              "Because your getting married and you two digivolve together? That's so cool hey Edward let's get married!"

              "Oh hell no I'm not listening to your singing every single day!" Ouch rejected within a instant. "Anyways thanks I guess for the congrats but I know nothing about this shit. This is more like an engage marriage and I never met them before so I'm kind of nervous. I only did it to help my family and nothing more but I'm really nervous about it." Edward shivered. "I don't know anything about her all I know is I have to marry her in order to save the family business or something like that. I just went with it because they saved me when I was little so now it's my turn. This is so weird though I'm 16 years old getting married! I don't know how to feel or to react about this stuff." This is something he kept hidden from his parents. With his father being the head of the mafia, it's quite difficult not to obey his fathers orders although heck was this even a order anyways? "My name is Edward it's nice to meet you. The annoying Digimon over there is Yertle. Please ignore him it's for your own good. So you landed on Coela beach huh? I landed in the middle of the ocean and trust me I wasn't expecting to bring my trunks."

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              Moka the Lopmon

                Melody listened to Edwards talk about his betrothal, nodded as if she knew the feeling. It wasn't anything like marriage, but she knew a little bit about family obligations, and doing things you don't want to out of love for them. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to bring up a sore subject! But I get the feeling of doing things for your family! My family's all in the circus, so I was pretty much destined to be an acrobat from the start..." She gave a nervous laugh as she rubbed the back of her neck. "But it turns out that I love flying around on a trapeze and singing and stuff, so it's not all bad! The strict diets and exercises are a pain, but I think that in the end it's all worth it!" She looked to Edward, this boy she had just met, wanting to cheer him up in any way she could. "So maybe things will work out for you! Besides, maybe you'll really love her, too! Maybe she'll be the coolest, sexiest, most awesome person in the whole world!" She patted the young man on the back as she let out a laugh.

                "That may well be true, but there still lies the issue of him being trapped in the Digital World like yourself, Melody," Moka answered. "If Edward is missing his Digivice, then even though he has a partner Digimon, it still places him at a severe disadvantage if he wishes to survive." Melody nodded, an idea forming.

                "Then we should help him look for it!" Melody suggested, looking at Moka with glimmering eyes. "It's dangerous if we leave him here all alone, right?" Moka nodded her agreement.

                "I had already assumed you were going to help him look for it the moment he said that it was currently missing," She replied with a warm smile, she turned to Edward and Yertle. "Just because Melody's Digivice appeared with her when she fell to the Digital World does not necessarily mean your Digivice is in the ocean, Mr. Edward. Melody and I only have her own experience to go on, after all. But we would like to assist you in searching for it in any way we can!"

                "I know what you mean! I kind of wish I had been able to pack a bag before I was whisked away to the Digital World," Melody pondered while staring out into the sea. "I'm a strong swimmer and would love to go out there, but... I don't exactly have a bathing suit. Plus, I'd rather not sit around waiting for my only clothes to dry in such an exposed area..." She nervously rubbed her neck again, looking around. "So... I guess we just search the beach then, huh?"
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                Yertle the Offmon

                  Edward shook his head at her response. "No need to apologize you didn't know." He couldn't help but place a small smile on his face and that is an unusual thing to see! Edward is the type of guy who rarely has a smile on his face and on top of it, he normally acts harsh or moody around others like Yertle for example. Seeing him like this is a bit unusual but perhaps it's because he's around a nice female? "Your family runs a circus? I've never seen one before! My family owns a wine business as their side job." He kept his mouth shut about being part of the mafia. Although his family treats him well, he never had the chance to actually explore these things like go to the theme parks or go to a festival or something around that nature. He was always cooked up in the house with butlers and doing mafia work. There's nothing wrong with it of course but it would be nice to take a break here and there.

                  "Wow that's so cool! Hey maybe Yertle was meant to be your partner or something. As far as I know of he's just following me around for no reason."

                  "Yeah I'm not his partner I'm just helping him out."
                  Yertle added. "This poor guy has no Digimon or digivice! What a pitty!" Edward couldn't help but feel annoyed at the fact his Digimon called him a pitty. All you could hear was a soft growl escaping from his mouth as Yertle continued. "How weak I can't believe I have to help this guy out although he did help me save my ukulele so I owe him that. Ah man once I leave he's going to die! Maybe I should play a song about this."

                  "Can you give me a minute?" Edward asked them with a smile on his face before turning around to grab the ukulele and throwing it down the beach! All you could hear was Yertle gasp as he rushed down the beach after his Ukulele!

                  "My Ukulele!"

                  A smirk appeared on Edwards face as he dusted off his hands. "Better now what were we talking about? Ah yeah thanks a lot for helping me out I appreciate it! I don't know what I'm going to do once I part with Yertle. I should be able to handle myself. I know different types of martial arts so fighting wise I should be fine. I also have my D-Terminal to show me where I need to go. I'm a good swimmer as well maybe we can go out for a swim some time. Anyways that's good to know that my Digivice might not be in the middle of the ocean. I would ask Whalemon but let's just say he tried to blackmail me earlier and I wasn't too fond of that. Alright the plan is set, search for the missing digivice so I can run away from Yertle! Sounds like a plan or maybe I can tag along with someone either way works." He said feeling a lot better after throwing Yertle's Ukulele.

                  "You guys are really nice by the way. I'm so used to being around harsh females. My trainer would get on my ass 24/7 and if I mess with any of them they'll beat me up!" The females in the mafia are a pain in the neck! It's difficult for him to communicate or to even talk to them unless it's related to the job of course.
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                  Moka the Lopmon

                    "I-I'm pretty sure Moka's my partner, so..." Melody replied, taken aback by Edwards's statement. He would say and do such mean things to the Digimon trying to help him? Well, Yertle definitely seemed... rather unconcerned about Edward's safety after repaying his debt. Things seemed a little more complicated for the girl, but she tried to think of a solution that would work for everyone, nothing immediately came to mind, granted, but she did hear Edward continue speaking. She was confused when he mentioned his trainer. He said his parents owned a... wine business? She had no idea that it was so strict over there. Then again, she really didn't know what anything other than being an acrobat was like in the first place.

                    Meanwhile, Moka chased after the ukulele with Yertle. "You really should not say such cruel things to him," She tried to explain to the poor Digimon. "Is it not natural to be scared once you appear in a brand new world? Continuously talking about how doomed he is is not going to help things, either. Even if you do not think you are partners, you should still try to be friends with one another, correct? Even if they have their parts about them that annoy you!" She tried to give the Offmon an encouraging smile, then turned to face Melody and Edward.

                    "I'd love to go swimming sometime!" Melody said with a smile, but it turned into a quick frown. "But you know, you really shouldn't throw Yertle's ukulele! The Digital World is dangerous, so if he's willing to follow you around and help you just because you got it back for him, that must mean it's really precious to him! I understand that he's bothering you, but if someone just threw something that was precious of yours, wouldn't that make you sad, or mad?" She leaned in closer, looking up at Edward with a determined expression. "If you're mad at him, you have to talk to him and tell him why you feel mad! If you can't communicate with people, you'll never be able to make any friends!"

                    "For example, Melody has this habit of sticking her nose into other people's business..."
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                    Yertle the Offmon

                      "I got it!"

                      Yertle said while lifting up his beautiful object into the air like in the movie the Lion King. From the looks of it you can tell he cares deeply for his ukulele and if anything happens to it he’ll probably go insane! The little Digimon played a tune checking to see if the instrument was working correctly and it turns out everything is perfectly fine! "All I did was speak the truth did I not not unless he can turn into a Digimon or something then he'll survive. Also when I first met him he seemed rather calm about the whole situation especially when I played a song for him. Maybe I should play it again to get my revenge?" A playful smirk appeared on Yertle's face and you knew instantly this won't end too well.

                      Meanwhile on the other side of the beach, Edward was enjoying his time talking to Melody especially when it came to swimming. "Great sounds game! I look forward to it! I don't go out as often so this would be great!" His innocent personality changed instantly when Melody was getting on his ass about throwing Yertle's ukulele. Edward pointed to Yertle. "He started it! You try listening to his songs 24/7 even though I just got here! It's so annoying I want to cry my eyes out and fall off a cliff because of it!" He murmured while pouting his cheeks. "I don't have anything precious of mine other than my... yeah let's not talk about that and if someone threw it I'll just take out the other one. Also I suck with communicating with people and besides." He crossed his arms before continuing.

                      "Your the first person I've managed to speak to clearly and I don't know too much about friends anyways. What's the point of it? Father tells me I need to connect with every member in the group and yet that's very difficult. I don't know how it works especially when there's who knows how many like how am I supposed to connect with so many people?" Does his father really expect him to get to know almost everyone in the mafia? That's basically trying to get close to everyone in his damn class no thanks! "And besides, I told him to stop singing but guess what he does? He keeps singing like non-stop and here I thought my butler was annoying. It's like having a little brother who refuses to listen to you. This is why I don't have any siblings."
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                      Moka the Lopmon

                        Melody struggled to think up a proper response to Edward's explanation. She stood still for nearly a good minute before anything came to mind. It was then that Melody realized she didn't know anything about the boy in front of her. In fact, other than her family back in the real world, she really wasn't friends with anyone other than Moka and Varius, a Digimon she encountered when she first arrived. Did she really have the right to lecture someone about how to treat other? She wasn't sure, but she saw there was some sort of contention between Edward and Yertle. She couldn't just ignore it, after all. "It's not like... it's impossible or anything, thought, right? Making friends is just about getting to know people, right? You can't expect to know someone off the bat, right? Just like I don't know you very well, right? You keep saying a bunch of things that confuse me, but have you tried... getting to know him? Like, what is his favorite song? And... why did he take up music in the first place? Where did he get his ukulele? Can he play any other instruments?" At this point she was just blurting out whatever came to her mind. "I... know I'm being annoying, but... It's not good to just throw other people's things, especially when they're trying to help you!"

                        Meanwhile, Moka shook her head to Yertle. "You were definitely speaking the truth, but you could also be scaring him just as well. To be frank, I am not a very strong Digimon, and being out in the wild scares me to death, but I try to be a little braver for Melody's sake. Humans are weaker than even a child Digimon, after all. It would be like running around in the Digital world in our baby forms. Does that not sound absolutely terrifying!?" She began walking over to the humans, looking back at Yertle with a smile. "But you are of course able to make your own decisions, Mr. Yertle. Far be it from me to tell you how to live your life. But perhaps you could be more forgiving towards that human boy? After all, vengeance hardly resolves conflicts when both parties believe they are in the right."

                        After a while, Melody felt like she was only going to talk in circles. "I guess... I'm annoying you, aren't I?" She finally asked, looking down at her feet. "You've got your own problems to worry about, so I guess I should stop talking and look for your Digivice..." She remembered how she felt when she first realized that she was separated from her family, and there wasn't a way to return back to the human world. She always tried to be cheerful and smile, but even she struggled, needing to rely on Moka and Varius. And here Edward didn't even have a Digivice or even a Digimon partner. Then she had one more idea.

                        She looked back up to meet Edward with a renewed passion in her eyes. She threw her arms out wide as if making some kind of grand gesture. "Okay, then! If you have trouble making friends, then that means that Moka, Yertle, and I are your first friends here in this world, right? And we'll all help you find your Digivice and your Digimon partner! And then we'll have you meet a whole bunch of other people and you'll make a hundred, no, a thousand new friends! You'll have so many friends in this world, you'll have trouble meeting someone you don't know!"
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                        Yertle the Offmon

                          It wouldn't be too much of a issue if Yertle didn't drag him all over the place like a slave. Let's just say if none of this ever happened Edward would be acting the same way he normally is. He has a difficulty time communicating with people and he knows it. When someone snaps at him or something he wants to beat the shit out of them! It's not his fault really since he was raised this way but at the same time he knows he needs to work on his snappy personality. Edward couldn't help but to look away with his cheeks puffed mostly because he knows what she is saying is right but he doesn't want to admit it. "Fine then I'll confiscate his ukulele if he doesn't listen to listen to me and I'll place it on a tree branch and make him have to go after it himself. At least I'm not throwing it." He said while snapping his fingers. "That should do the trick!" Although he hates to admit it but he always wondered where the little rodent got his ukulele in the first place. Does he dare to ask?

                          Edward turned his head to the little Digimon who was making his way back over to the party with the bunny like Digimon lecturing him like no tomorrow. Huh it looks like the two of them are getting lectured at the same time well at least that managed to put a smile on his face which is rather rare so make sure to take a picture or something. "Fine I'll think about being slightly nicer to him however it won't be easy. I know how I am after all, harsh and stubborn." Edward said with his head lifted up high and proud. "Yertle are you two done with your family chit chat?"

                          Yertle responded. "And I listened to everything they said to me but the question is did you?"

                          All you could see was Edward puffing his cheeks before letting out a long dreadful sigh. "Whatever I hope you listened to that bunny friend because I get the feeling she'll kick your ass if you didn't."

                          "I promise ma'am I'll be a good boy to Edward! After all Edward is nothing but a baby Digimon who needs protection! I shall save the baby Digimon!"

                          What the fuck were they talking about and did he just call him a baby Digimon? Edward growled underneath his breath. "Ugh whatever." Deciding to ignore the clueless Digimon for now, Edward turned his attention to Melody. "Are you sure you want to be friends with me? Once you learn about my occupation you might beg the differ. Wait did I say that right? Anyways I appreciate the offer but just be careful around me alright? It's not like I won't do anything dangerous to you it's just... I..." Gosh this is embarrassing and with that said, all you could see was him puff his cheeks and turn his head with his cheeks blushing. "Whatever I'm done with this weird talk I'm searching for my digivice!"

                          "And I shall sing us a song while we're at it!"

                          "Or maybe you can help us on the search?"

                          "Awww fine."

                          Thank goodness he managed to shut him up before he sung another one of his damn songs! Maybe now he can focus on knowing more about his new friend? "So you landed here not too long ago right? How much do you know about this place? I know a few things about this world like the digivice and and the D-Terminal but that's it."
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                          Moka the Lopmon

                            "How very rude!" Moka protested. "I would never stoop to a level as low as violence in order to prove a point! Mr. Edward, you should be very mindful of what you say about other people!" The Lopmon approached Edward, prepared to continue her lecture, until Melody stepped over her, bent down, then flicked one of her horns.

                            "Moka! He didn't mean it like that! So let's just go and look for a Digivice, or something!" Melody gave a grin to her partner before turning back to Edward. Something had been bothering her about what the boy said. Didn't Edward say something about helping his family, and that their family was in the wine-making business? What was so off-putting about making... The realization came to her. Maybe if he liked making wine then he might enjoy drinking it as well! And... maybe all the females around him were harsh because they didn't want to be around him while he was drunk! She shook her head as she realized she was jumping to conclusions. He looked to be close in age to Melody, and while he definitely had a habit of lashing out towards his friend Yertle, he didn't seem like that bad person.

                            "Why wouldn't I want to be your friend, silly?" She replied, still grinning. "And I don't know too much about this place, honestly! I've explored the beach, and some of the forest to the north. Some Digimon are really nice, like Yertle and Moka, and some are really territorial, so you shouldn't bother them! But I think that Yertle and Moka would probably be better people to ask, honestly!" She spun around, getting a look at her surroundings. But how should they search the beach? It really depended on the Digivice was here. If it was on the beach at all, it could be buried underneath the sand, or stuck up in one of the trees. It was only a small device, and could easily be passed over if they went to look for it. "Moka, do you have an idea where we should start? I'm down for digging through the sand, but can you think of good way to search?"

                            The Lopmon crossed her arms while thinking. "I honestly do not know enough about Digivices to think of an easy way to spot them," She admitted. "So the only way I can think of is the old-fashioned way. Perhaps if we could get a vantage point we could at least scour the area?"

                            Melody smiled as she said, "Alright! I'll leave that to you, then! It's a good thing you're really light!" She said, scooping up her partner and spinning around.

                            "M-M-Melody!?" Moka stammered as she spun around. "Are you truly going to do what I think you are going to do!?"

                            "Upsy-Daisy!" She replied, ending her spin by tossing the Digimon as high up as she possible could with a grunt. "Try and see if you can find it, okay?" The Lopmon let out a terrified scream as she flew up, then she spread out her ears once she reached the apex of her soar.

                            "T-try asking me first next time, Melody!" Moka chastised as she looked around her surroundings.

                            ((OOC: I'll leave what she sees up to you.))
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                            Yertle the Offmon

                              This is quite remarkable especially since a little bunny is getting on his ass for no apparent reason. He better be careful though since you should never pick on someone so small. In all honesty, he understands that very well since after all he hates to admit it but he's short as well. Despite being a 16 year old he looks like a 10 year old and it's rather embarrassing. When he was in the mafia, they used to pick on him all the time due to his height so in the end he would beat them up for it. Edward nodded his head at this adorable little scene. "Were you that angry about that? Huh it was more like a compliment but whatever."

                              You could hear Yertle giggling in the background while playing a tune on his Ukulele. "Oh don't mind him. He might have a sharp tongue but in reality he's a really nice guy. His words just come out differently that's all. Edward is like a little puppy and it's so adorable."

                              Edward gripped his fist while growling underneath his breath. The mafia used to call him a pup with no bite until he kicked them in the balls! "How embarrassing." He mumbled underneath his breath trying his darn hardest not to use Tai Chi or some sort of martial arts on this guy. Edward could feel every bone in his body wanting to drop kick him in the face but instead something else happened. The sound of giggling came from Edwards face as the male slowly lifted up his head with his eyes closed and with a smile on his face. "Yertle." His voice sounded creepy and yet calm and you could sense dark aura forming around him. "I might look like a pup but I would be careful if I were you. A little pup can turn into an giant wolf ready to claw it's enemies down." You could see him narrowing his eyes as he smirked underneath his breath. "So I would be careful if I were you. Do you understand?"

                              It looks like his intimidation plan worked since Yertle was shivering like no tomorrow. "I understand sir." The creature stuttered in between his sentences. With that being taken care of, Edward dusted off his hands as he turned his attention back over to Melody once more.

                              "Also a lot of reasons." Edward responded. "If that's the case we'll have to sign a contract." It was difficult to tell if he was joking or not by the look on his face. "The contract is simple really. The contract stats if your in need of help I'll do whatever I can to protect you from danger. I know you can handle things on your own but if you need an extra hand I'll be there. This contract applies to you as well." You could see a smile on his face before he continued. "It's called loyalty I guess. I know more about networking and forming allies compared to friendship so I don't know too much about it. All I know is when it comes to forming allies we have to form a contract. Well whatever the case maybe I hope this works out well."

                              "How come we never formed a contract?"

                              "Because your just a temporary comrade." He replied while rolling his eyes. "With that being said we need to look for my digivice but I have no clue where it would be. Do we have any ideas?" Just when returned his gaze back to the tamer, he couldn't help but narrow his eyes as he watched this amazing sight. Edward lifted up his head to the Lopmon, hoping she found something. "Have you found anything?"

                              "Hmmm this sounds like an adventure!"

                              "What does?"

                              "Tsk tsk silly Edward. Don't you understand? I have a feeling your digivice is elsewhere! I mean just think about it! Do you honestly believe it's going to be this easy?"

                              With his hand placed on his chin, Edward couldn't help but think about Yertle's statement. "True but at the same time it might be around here somewhere."

                              "Nah it's too early for that." Yertle hinted while playing a few tunes.
                              ♪ "If you want to find the item that you seek

                              you must go on an adventure!" ♪

                              "Yertle do you know where it is?"


                              Edward gritted his teeth. "Where is it?"

                              "I don't know. I just heard something from File City! A digimon said there was a shiny device laying somewhere on File island! We should hunt for it!"

                              Edward slapped his forehead wishing Yertle would've said this ahead of time. He turned his head to the female and her Lopmon for some help on this one. "Guys do you see what I deal with?"
                            • Melody Byrd Love Plotter Tracker
                              Moka the Lopmon

                                "Y-you're really kind of scary..." Melody commented, reminded of how one of her older brothers, Brio. sometimes acted. He would never hurt a fly, yet he was one of the scariest people imaginable when he got angry. She never expected the same kind of feeling from her new friend. Yet it faded when he turned back towards Melody and began speaking to her about... some sort of contract.

                                "I... don't have a pen on me, so it's not like I can sign anything, and that seems a little..." She wasn't quite sure what to say. "But I don't want to be allies. Or a network, or whatever that is. I want to be friends!" She gave a smile as she tried to explain it. She didn't know too much about contracts, as her parents still handled the business aspects. She was just a performer. "Like, if I sign a contract, I'm forced to help you while you're forced to help me, right? Doesn't that seem a little... forceful?" She sighed, wishing she had a better vocabulary at the moment. "But I already said that I would help you," She gave Edward a confused expression. "Shouldn't that be enough?"

                                Moka tapped Melody's leg, gesturing to the boy. "Do not worry now, Melody. He is just trying to make friends in the only way he knows how. After all, if you are going to help him anyhow, what harm could possibly come from signing a contract? Is friendship not an agreement between two people in the first place?"

                                "But doesn't it sound so weird? Friends should help each other because they want to, not just because they made an agreement to! That's like, some kind of old man kind of agreement!"

                                "But it is not like you still cannot be friends while still agreeing to the contract, correct? And besides, you already promised that you would help search for Mr. Edward's Digivice, did you not? What is the problem, then?"

                                "That's..." Honestly, she couldn't explain why she was uncomfortable with it, other than the fact that it just felt weird. She crossed her arms, wracking her brain in an attempt to think her way through, before finally coming up with an idea. "I've got it!" She said with a sunny smile, running right in front of Edward and holding out her hand, more specifically her pinky finger. "I won't sign a contract, but I will do this! Umm... 'I promise to... help you if I can... and that we'll have a lot of fun along the way!' And you can promise the same... or something different, I guess..."
                              • Edward Beaufort Friendship Tracker
                                Yertle the Offmon

                                  Is that not how friendship works? This is more confusing than ever! Someone needs to explain to him how this friendship bonding works because it's making his head spin! All you could hear was a sigh at this strange situation which soon him tap his chin as he tried to figure out exactly what he can do regarding to this situation. "Is that not how friendship works?" The words slipped right out of his mouth without him even realizing it. "And we don't need a pen for this so we can just shake hands and call it a day." It looks like his buddy here needs some help and it's Yertle's turn to save the day! A smirk appeared on the Digimon's face once the little creature lifted up his Ukulele, Edward pointed at him within a instant. "Don't you dare!"

                                  "But you'll understand friendship more!"

                                  You could see Edward twitching his eye before letting out a long drastic sigh. "Fine just this one time!"

                                  "PERMISSION GRANTED!" Without hesitation, Yertle lifted up his Ukulele to play the friendship song.

                                  ♪ "I love you You love me
                                  We're a happy family
                                  With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
                                  Won't you say you love me too" ♪

                                  Just when things got quiet, Edward lifted up his hands to cover his ears as Yertle slammed on his Ukulele and started screaming heavy metal.

                                  ♪ "I love you You love me
                                  We're a happy family
                                  With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you.
                                  Won't you say you love me too" ♪

                                  The creature let out a little string sound at the end of the song before placing a smile on its face. "Do you understand now Edward?"

                                  "Why did I even bother?" He mumbled underneath his breath while shaking his head. Maybe he should ignore this Digimon for now and return his gaze to Melody again? That sounds like a good idea he should do that. "Anyways it's not like a force it's more like a promise or something. I thought that's how friendship worked but if not then please explain to me how this contract works." He begged however it seemed as if Melody had an idea up her sleeve! Edward stepped back, a little startled from her sudden run before listening carefully to what she had to say. "Isn't that the same thing?" Edward asked while lifting up his pinky to accept her proposal. "I guess that works."

                                  "Awww how romantic!" Oh dear Edward doesn't like how this is going and he couldn't make it in time to stop them! "You two are so cute together! Hey maybe you two were meant to be together!"

                                  "PERMISSION TO STRANGLE HIM TO DEATH?"
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                                • Melody Byrd Love Plotter Tracker
                                  Moka the Lopmon

                                    Moka started swaying back and forth when Yertle started singing. His voice was actually rather pleasant. She wasn't quite sure why Edward had such a problem with his singing. "What is this dreadful racket!?" Then she began screaming in horror as the Offmon began his second verse as she bundled her large ears up and held onto them tightly, as if begging for the suffering to end. The song ended while the Lopmon was left shivering in agony. Her large bunny ears were not equipped to handle a song of such absurd decibels. Then, Melody and Edward crossed pinkies, and the promise was exchanged. She had been observing the singing Digimon with a focused glare while he was performing, and when Yertle made his comment of them looking like a cute couple, and Melody turned to face him with a smile.

                                    "It's nice that you called us cute, but we only just met, after all! There's no way anyone could call us a couple!" She turned her head to face Edward with a smile. "You couldn't possibly call us anything more than friends!" She gave a giggle while patting Edward on the shoulder. "But we should hold off on strangling him, though! After all, there's some things I have to tell him!" She walked over in front of him with her hands on her hips with a dead-serious expression.

                                    "Perhaps she didn't take too well to his comment, after all...?" Moka wondered, looking up to Edward inquisitively. She had been rubbing her ears to comfort them, and was able to properly hear things again.

                                    "I'm sorry to say this, Yertle, but I expected a much better performance than that!" She commented. "The genre transition was spot-on and flawless, but your choice of instrument for the piece in its entirety was just plain awful! The ukulele just doesn't have the power to support the forceful lyrics you brought forth. I have issues with the lyrics as well, but I guess you can just chalk that up to an ironic choice." She took a breath and pointed at the Offmon. "My final point! You shouldn't just start screaming like that without making sure you're properly hydrated, first! Whether it's just a bottle of lukewarm water or honeyed tea, you should always keep something on-hand to take care of your throat! Especially if you like to break into song as often as you want to!"

                                    "I suppose... that she could just be critical of her technique instead..." Moka answered herself, looking up to Edward and shrugging. "I suppose that... he'll be a far more efficient singer after this. Melody can be an effective teacher. She taught me how to dance in a matter of days," She gave him a sympathetic frown. "Though I suppose that may only spell trouble for you, wouldn't it?"
                                  • Edward Beaufort Friendship Tracker
                                    Yertle the Offmon

                                      All you could see was Edward nodding his head to Melody’s response regarding to Yertle’s ridiculous comment. Edward couldn’t believe this little Digimon said something so ridiculous like that out loud! If you could see Edward’s face right now, you might wonder if he’s catching a fever or something. His face is red like a strawberry and it keeps getting redder by the minute! “I agree 100% don’t say obnoxious things like that out of the blue! Your lucky I’m not pounding you in the face right now.” He gripped his fist while growling underneath his breath. “Whatever you have to tell him go right ahead but can I strangle him after you’re done?” Edward asked however, it seems as if Moka had caught Edward’s attention right off the bat! He looked down at the little bunny like Digimon before speaking. “I don’t blame her like you don’t say that out loud like that! Oh dear I hope he doesn’t do this whenever I’m next to a girl! That would be embarrassing! I might not be able to hold back if he does! At least she has the guts to tell him his singing sucks in a nice way. No matter how many times I try to warn him about this he refuses to listen to me. Let’s see how this goes.”

                                      On the other hand, Yertle puffed its tiny cheeks at their responses. Why can’t they just admit they look adorable together? Do they not know who he is? Yertle was about to say something until Melody showed up. It wasn’t that bad until she criticized on his performance, causing Yertle to gasp underneath his breathes! He couldn’t believe what he was hearing! Were his vocals off that badly and his ukulele doesn’t fit the genre of his song? But he loves his ukulele he would never betray it for another instrument however what she is saying is true! If he wants to do screamo he needs a proper instrument that goes along with his voice. Is that what Edward meant by he can’t go from country to scream like that?

                                      Hmmm was the only thing you could hear coming out of Yertle’s mouth as he tried to come up with a solution to this problem. If he had more people they could do both country and scream at the same time! That’s it! Yertle clapped his hands together, which looked more like his sleeves banging against each other. “So that’s what I’ve been missing this whole entire time! You gave me a spark of life!” Yertle turned his head while showing off his puppy like eyes! “Thank you so much Melody! I’ve now discovered what I have to do!” He pointed to the sky. “I'll form a rock band!”

                                      Edward stared at him for a second before gasping. “OH GOD PLEASE DOESN’T DO THAT! MELODY QUICK STOPS HIM!”

                                      “This band will be called, THE COUNTRY OF ROCK!”

                                      “SOMEONE DO SOMETHING!”

                                      “IT SHALL BE AMAZING AND WE WILL BECOME FAMOUS! All I need is another guitar and a few members and I’ll be all set! I can sing with my ukulele and everyone else can do the scream part! Melody you’re amazing!”

                                      This is bad he needs to come up with something quickly! “So Melody and Moka since we were unable to locate my digivice, why don’t we enjoy ourselves for a bit? I mean we’re at the beach after all!”
                                    • Melody Byrd Love Plotter Tracker
                                      Moka the Lopmon

                                        Despite Edward's protest, there wasn't any way that Melody could attempt to bring down Yertle's newfound inspiration. She clapped her hands together in approval at his new idea, nodding her head with a smile. After all, she was a singing trapeze artist, and she got relatively popular. How could she possibly deny Yertle's genre-blending idea? Plus, even if she didn't necessarily like it, any new music brought into the world couldn't possibly be bad.

                                        Moka herself couldn't even begin to fathom what was going on in the heads of the two entertainers at the moment. Weren't they supposed to be helping Edward find the tool that the young-looking boy needed to survive? What were they doing talking about making a band all of a sudden?

                                        "Yes!" She cheered the Offmon on. "You'll become totally famous and redefine two genres of music all at once! No, wait! You'll just be your own genre! That way, hundreds of bands will try to copy your band! Oh, you should start practicing writing autographs, too! Oh, and you should work out a stage name, too!" She spun around in excitement and grabbed onto Edward's hand and Moka's ear. "We should totally look for band members for Yertle while looking for your Digivice, Edward! Who knows, maybe we might even find both at once!" She gave such a beaming smile, Moka didn't think she could outright refuse the girl.

                                        "Perhaps we could look for a little bit, but Mr. Edward's Digivice should most certainly be a higher priority! If we are traveling, then it is only a matter of time before we run into some overly territorial Digimon!" The Lopmon's face gave the girl a concerned expression. "Do not forget that even though you have your Digivice, we are not exactly capable of defending ourselves!" Even Moka's warning wasn't able to deter Melody's glee.

                                        "I'm sure we'll be fine!" Melody replied. "And it's not like we can't run away! We'll all use you as a parachute and float away!"

                                        "You know I cannot support that amount of... Oh, why do I even bother!?" She jerked her ear away and gave an annoyed grunt.

                                        "It's not like it's in our hands or not if we get attacked, Moka!" Melody replied, suddenly slinging her arm around Edward's neck so their faces were inches apart. "And of course we're going to look for your Digivice! But Yertle's not Edward's partner, right? So we need to find both Edward's Digivice and for his partner as well! So if we're looking for people, then we can look for a band for Yertle, too!"

                                        "Why do I even bother...?" Moka repeated, throwing up her ears in exasperation. Melody nodded to Edward, sliding around to his front with her arm still grabbing onto Edward's neck.

                                        "We should totally dance!" She said with excitement in her eyes. "All this talk about music has made me want to move around for a bit!" She turned back to Yertle and asked, "Hey Yertle, can you play a sexy beat that we can dance to?" She turned back to Edward. "I've always wanted to try dancing like they do at clubs!" Her face reddened a bit in embarrassment . "None of my siblings are into it, and it's not like I can ask to dance that way with my parents..."

                                        "You really do just want you want..." Moka muttered under her breath, still a little to sulky to dance.
                                      • Edward Beaufort Friendship Tracker
                                        Yertle the Offmon

                                          A loud and annoying sigh escaped from Edward’s mouth. He couldn’t believe his new friend was uninterested in finding his digivice. With her encouraging Yertle with his band, Edward couldn’t help but wonder if he was meant to be her partner or not. Even with Moka’s help it seems as if nothing is going to change their mind and at that moment in time, Edward knew what he had to do. Lifting up his hand, he grabbed Melody’s arm away from his neck before walking away from the group.

                                          “Edward where are you going?”

                                          The young teen wasn’t certain if he should bother answering Yertle’s question. Instead he lifted up his hand waving goodbye without even turning to face them. It looks like he’ll have to find the digivice on his own without them but the question is where to start and how is he going to survive out here? All he has is his mafia tactics and a d-terminal so he should be all right for the time being.

                                          On the other hand Yertle shrugged his tiny little shoulders. “Eh don’t worry about him if he doesn’t want to be in the groove then it’s best to leave him be. Anyways of course I can play a beat! Let’s dance and leave grumpy out of it!” Yertle played his ukulele. “Time to party! I can’t wait to form my band! We have to come up with a name for it! What shall we call it? Does Country of Rock sound good or should it be something else? How about The Journey Through Hell? I need more ideas help me out!”
                                        • Melody Byrd Love Plotter Tracker
                                          Moka the Lopmon

                                            Melody reacted with surprise when Edward pulled her arm away from him and walked off. She put her hand out to Yertle as he asked her some more questions, but instead she chased after the boy. "You two stay here! I'll try and talk to him!" She said to Moka and Yertle as she ran after Edward. She followed along in silence for a good long while before speaking up.

                                            "Hey! Are you okay?" She finally asked, her voice more concerned than angry. She was thinking what could she have possibly done wrong. She promised that she would help, didn't she? Then Yertle started singing a song, then she was being supportive of his idea. Then, Edward recommended they relax at the beach, and when Melody asked to dance with him, and when she did, Edward stormed off. "We made a promise, didn't we? We're friends, right? What's wrong with celebrating that a little bit? Besides, you were the one that told us to enjoy ourselves a little bit! What was wrong with a little dancing at the beach? If you didn't want to dance, then just say so! We can't be better friends if you don't talk to me!" She ran right in front of him so he couldn't keep moving away from her. "I'm just going to keep following you, otherwise!"

                                            Moka was having a little difficulty in her situation as well. She wanted to run after Melody, but leaving Yertle all alone might not have been a good idea. Clearly the little Digimon had a few... ukulele strings loose out of tune, but put it mildly. And while Melody definitely had her share of issues, Moka thought it best if the girl run after and talk to her fellow human. The fact that Edward thought he could strike it out on his own infuriated her as well, but she had a feeling this human boy was just as stubborn as Melody was in his own way; perhaps even more so. She turned to Yertle to talk to the Offmon, but she honestly couldn't think of a good topic to discuss.

                                            "Perhaps we should go check on them. I am a little worried a Digimon might attack them if they are so far away from us."