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      The ominous fortress loomed ominously in the ominous landscape of the ominous wasteland. At least, that was what this Agumon thought to himself as he awaited his companions. Maybe he could write a poem later, or something. Humans gathered to combat the features of this fortress and overtake it, as well as defeat a longtime enemy of his. He no longer wore his usual garments, instead settling for crimson wristbands to cover part of his beautifully body. He was an Agumon Hakase, after all. It's not like he could just walk around naked.
      He thought about going to sleep, but instead crawled on all four claws in the flat, empty wasteland. He had to practice his stealth, after all. He had realized he hadn't had anything to eat a while, but he pushed past his worries. He had allies this time around. Ones that were far more proficient in combat than himself.

      He was a genius, after all, so he knew that he would have his revenge.
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        The sun began sinking lower in the sky and the miasma of colors gradually became a more subdued color. The gradually darkening sky was lead into an evening landscape in the canyon region. The rugged canyon filled with barren rocks and high red cliffs combined with the howling winds multiplying seemed haunting at the same time. He was glad he wasn’t on the high cliffs on top because one wrong step and he was dead. Unlike digimon, he wouldn’t be able to regenerate and that scared him. That arctic battle taught him a cold hard lesson and he was lucky that someone was in the same area.

        “Come on!” Dante cackled loudly. He began flapping his wings merrily and laughed at Darius’s apparent huffing state.

        “You’re too slow!” he added and his mouth twisted into mocking smirk.

        Ever since Dante met his partner, he was baffled to hear that he digivolved into an Astamon and died so suddenly. It just felt wrong and too early that he couldn’t comprehend it. The only memories he retained was as a young Dorumon and Sangloupmon. Everything else was just vague and blurry images he couldn’t recall. Still, the most important information that was left was a male human who became his friend despite how crude and nasty his attitude was back then. Maybe that was why he felt comfortable insulting and teasing him any chance he got. It just felt normal between them for some odd reason.

        “Asshole,” Darius retorted.

        His eyebrows bumped together into a scowl and eyes rolled skywards at his digimon partner’s obvious jeering toward him. He felt sweat rolling down his forehead by the humidity that his body felt slightly fatigue, but not too much that they had to stop to rest. He regretted telling his digimon partner that he wanted to train his body to become stronger. He would’ve liked to ask Dante if he could ride on him for a while so he could take a break but he just couldn’t. Dante would just call him weak. Darius had too much pride to admit that to his digimon so maybe it was a little his fault too.

        Darius wasn’t too sure why he decided to take up the quest to help the strange cosplaying Agumon. He seemed quite suspicious, but Darius was very curious about the life of digimon who didn’t have human partners. Also, the digimon seemed at least somewhat intelligent, but maybe it was a front instead. Still, Darius felt he needed something like this and maybe deep down—he enjoyed fighting more than he thought he did. That day he summoned that digi-soul blade, he felt powerful and maybe he wanted to hold it close once more. This time, he would be hopefully be more in control than attacking like a wild beast out for revenge.

        “Seems eerie,” Darius muttered to himself as he took a full glance at the dark fortress in the distance away. He swore he heard voices carrying in the wind and it made him slightly anxious.

        “Nah, it’s just you,” Dante replied, mouth full and cheerily munching on the cookies

        “It’s cuz you look similar. All evilish and stuff.”

        “Can’t argue with that,” Dante agreed, nodding his head.

        “I think we’re in the right location,” Darius wondered, while taking the time to stretch out his arms skywards. Once he settled, the feeling of a cool breeze and the light of day draining away gave Darius some well-deserved relief.

        “Yeah, yeah,” Dante replied casually as he landed on the rugged ground. His nose caught a whiff of some presence in the area, but it didn’t seem that important at the moment.

        “I don’t see anyone else yet,” Darius observed. He knew that there would be a few others coming along in the quest, but he thought it smarter to wait than moving onwards.

        “That means chocolate chip cookies, right? You promised...” Dante purred. His mouth twisted into a toothy grin plastered on his face that made Darius chuckle in amusement. Dante was too excited to notice his human laughing at him. It was funny and slightly adorable to see an evil-looking creature perk brightly like a young child just for his homemade snacks. Darius took a few cookies out of his backpack and threw them at his digimon who eagerly caught it in his mouth. It was times like this when he missed when Dante was a Sangloupmon especially it was more adorable when he saw him catching it like a pet dog would.
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          Thomas couldn't help but smile as he felt the gentle air hit his face. This was his first time being able to ride Firamon after all, so he wanted to enjoy it to it's fullest. "I still don't understand why we have to help this hack of a scientist..." He heard his partner mumble.

          "Because he needs help." He repeated for what must have been the fifth time in the last 5 minutes. Finally they entered the abundance of mountains and the spooky environment that accompanied it. Thomas whistled as he brought out his Xros loader, ready to begin looking for Dr. Theodor. "Ready?" Sun grinned in response, ready to try out the supposed technique that he and Thomas had learned about.

          Thomas brought up the digivice up to his face and swiped far to his left resulting in both his arms being extended and spanning two bubbles on yellow data in front of him. "Firamon...." An image of the lion appeared in the right bubble and roared. "Balistamon..." The robot that they dealt with appeared in the second bubble and made a pose similar to it punching the air. "DigiXros!" The two bubbles crashed into each other but kept their shape, Firamon's image staying the same but Balistamon's broke apart into a circle of pixels which then closed in on Firamon's.

          Sun's legs suddenly became covered in metal and he gained a large blue horn sticking out of his forehead. "Xros up, Firamon!" The lion said. Sun couldn't believe this power, this feeling of energy flowing through him. It reminded him of what it felt like to evolve but the feeling was different in a way that he just couldn't describe. "Let her rip!" Sun heard the boy say.

          "Heavy... Speaker!" Sun let out a loud roar revealing a speaker located in his mouth. This might not have been at the ear bleeding level that Blistamon could produce, but it served as a different purpose. A soundwave reverberated throughout the valley as the lion closed his eyes and focused on his new horn.

          "There are 2 people close by... One is a human... One is a devidramon." Thomas nodded as he instructed his partner to make a nosedive to their direction. Nodding, Sun followed the direction and made his way over to the two landing with a thud besides Dante.

          An orb of light encased the Firamon the second Thomas dismounted. The boy waved shyly to the new people as the orb melted away to reveal Coronamon who collapsed onto his behind and let out a sigh. "I'm riding your back when we head home!" Thomas let out a sigh and pat his partner's head, careful to avoid the open flame.
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            Darius casually sat with his legs outstretched on the desolate, rock-filled wasteland. Although the floor wasn’t the most comfortable sitting location, he would rather rest and unwind before this quest started. His mouth curved upwards reminiscing that his friends would always joke around that he could fall asleep anywhere. He remembered that road trip when he was wearing aviators and was extremely bored that his friends kept on talking to him throughout their conversation. They had no clue he was asleep the whole time. Once he found out what happened, he burst into laughter until tears came out. His friends were pissed at his reaction and said they regretted not doing some prank on him, which made him laugh even more.

            Rummaging out his packet of cigarettes from his pant pocket, he lighted it up with his newly bought pink lighter. The pack of cigarettes was a memento from his fallen digimon partner, Astamon. He wanted some way to remember him and smoked it out of curiosity. At first he disliked the bitter taste, now he began accustomed to the taste and smoked them daily. He originally didn’t want to buy the feminine colored one, but finding just one and affordable was quite difficult. He clamped the cigarette into his mouth and took a hit. The bitter aroma began to fill the air around him. He let the buzz envelop him giving him a feeling of being tipsy as he sucked the smoke into his throat and deep into his lungs.

            “Nasty,” his digimon partner grumbled. His nose wrinkled in distaste and coughed at the repugnant stench.

            “What? You can smell it?” Darius asked, putting his cigarette in between his fingers.

            “I don’t like it. I’m larger, but enhanced senses asshole,” Dante stated, rolling his eyes skywards disliking the tobacco scent. Ever since he began traveling with his partner, his human partner seemed to relax after smoking. It was weird, though. He never recalled Darius smoking in his former life. Still, some of his memories weren’t recovered so maybe his past reincarnation didn’t think much of it.

            “Actually, you were the one who smoked not me before,” he chuckled. He put his cigarette back and closed his eyes for a few moments—he felt like he was floating.

            “I don’t believe you,” his digimon replied and stared at him in disbelief. He smelled and caught a whiff of something. After a moment, his nose wrinkled smelling a presence coming close to their direction. He wasn’t sure if they were friendly or not. For the sake of his human, his ears stood straight up and was alert to any aggressive intents.

            “What’s up?” Darius asked. He noticed his digimon partner of his frustration crinkled his crimson eyes.

            “A human and Firamon,” Dante stated and heard a loud roaring that were grating his ears tightly.

            “I would like to meet them buddy,” he said with his mouth curved upwards. He stood up and stretched out, yawning at the same time. But suddenly, the wind howled and he was forced to cover his eyes from the dust particles. When his vision returned, he glanced at the human and his digimon that had landed onto the barren wasteland.

            He noticed Dante’s body stiffened and that he gritted his teeth when the digimon landed next to him. Darius knew that he knew that never enjoyed others invading his space and was not very sociable. He felt slightly bad, but not enough to help him out especially that Dante was being an asshole on the way to the barren wasteland. Immediately after the digimon’s comment to his human partner, he snorted and laughed in amusement.

            “Yo,” Darius greeted the boy as he regained his composure and gave him a toothy grin. He had a resemblance to his youngest brother so maybe that’s why he felt at ease and not cautious at the moment. The scrawny boy looked like he was in middle school or possibly a freshman in high school. He had untamed green hair with black highlights that Darius wondered if the boy’s hair was natural or not. The feature that caught his eye was the boy’s freckles something he had never seen before, not that it mattered or anything.

            “I’m Darius,” he continued and paused after a moment, “Come on, introduce yourself buddy,” glancing at his partner with a smile dangling in the corner of his lips.

            “Dante,” his digimon partner introduced himself with a lackluster smile toward the male human and the Coronamon. Being nice to the other companions was the condition to agree to taking the quest that involves fighting—Dante’s favorite hobby.

            “You here for the quest thing?” Darius asked the boy, not knowing what else to start the conversation and then took another puff of the cigarette.
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              With the exhaustion of being evolved beginning to wear off, Sun noticed that his landing seemed to make the Devidramon uncomfortable. "Hey Dante!" The cub said, getting off his butt and sauntering over too the large dragon. "I'm sun, How do ya do?" At that point he was basically right below the digimon and he extended his hand with a toothy grin.

              Observing this Thomas couldn't help but smile a bit. "Umm, Hi Darius..." He said nervously. The boy's friendliness might have made it easier for Thomas than usual but that didn't mean he could have the same easygoing nature as his partner. As he walked closer to the human he stumbled his way through a greeting "I'm Sander... Sorry Thomas. Thomas Sanders. Yeah that's my name."

              Thomas began fidgeting with the wireless earbuds in his mouth guard. If they were still working he could have out one side in and... Wait. He had no mp3 player either... In the seconds that it took him to think this he expression had changed from nervous to crestfallen. One of his few comforts gone.

              Sun glanced over to his partner and noticed the look he had on his face. It was the same look that would cross his face whenever he talked about how uncomfortable silence was for him, or the types of things his classmates would say to him. He was about to say something when their new companion asked if they were here for the quest.

              "Umm yeah I guess..." Thinking back he remembered that the professor said he would recognize him when they found him. Along with him saying that he would accept the first 3 people to volunteer... "Where's Dr. Theodor? And wasn't there supposed to be another person here..." The boy looked around, unable to see any evidence of the last person or the Agumon they were supposed to meet.

              "I couldn't pick up the hack earlier... But I don't think my range is very big..." Sun rubbed his chin as he pondered where they could be. Thomas glanced over to Dante, and realized then that he had rather large ears. Did the rather loud nature of their attempt to get a feel of their surrounding disturb him in any way? Or maybe put him on edge? He didn't exactly seem to be comfortable when they landed.
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                “Peachy,” the devidramon responded. He blew a breath toward the coronamon and turned his back away from the child digimon. It didn’t surprise his human partner though. Darius learned that his partner’s first instinct in uncomfortable was to react with rude behavior—some he tended to fall back on. They were trying to improve on that but it’s been a gradual process.

                Dante always had some difficulty with meeting strangers and interacting with them in a polite manner. It took much patience and persistence to become the unruly digimon partner. At first, it had been because of a need to survive in the unfamiliar digital world but they began to rely on each other and became close friends. Well, who argued more than others but it was tough love either way.

                “Nice to meet ‘chu,” Darius greeted the green-haired boy. He was inwardly beaming in his mind since he enjoyed just being around other people more than he realized he would. The corners of his mouth lifted up into warm smile and he stretched his arm outwards with his hand clenched into a fist towards the other guy.

                “Awesome,” he replied and continued after a moment, “Just had to make sure. Saw another group around here a while back but seems they were going another direction instead,” but was cut off before he could say anything else.

                “More like checking them out. You were like oh those girls are hot!” Dante laughed, while chewing some cookies.

                “Yeah, I’m a guy so what?” Darius retorted. His body twitched for a moment at some that began to annoy him. He heard smacking noises and frowned seeing the chunks of foods in his mouth that were beginning to resemble nasty puke. “Close your mouth, it’s gross man,” he chided his partner.

                Darius found that quite strange that Dr. Theodore and the other member of the group weren’t at the designated location. He would rather the digimon who requested the mission be there waiting instead of a guessing game. He hoped that it wasn’t some prankster that sent them off to a wasteland in the middle of nowhere just for kicks. If that was the case, he would be seriously pissed off at whoever did that. Still, he didn’t think there was any point in doing so that was a bust.

                Thomas was exuding nervous vibes with his fidgeting and expressions he displays, which added to Darius’s worries and growing nervousness. Although he was slightly worried about the time passing by and if this was a real mission or not, he decided to reassure the other guy to an extent. It was also reassuring himself at the same time.

                “I’m sure they’re just late or maybe hiding somewhere to scare us…probably,” Darius replied. He frowned for a moment realizing his reply didn’t sound as convincing as he imagined. “Maybe stay alert or something just in case,” he joked afterwards.

                The coronamon began something about it’s range, which caused Dante’s ears perked in interest. Dante was sure he sensed something other than the duo earlier but he rather not assume anything unless it became an issue where they were in danger. Since they weren’t, he decided to wave off the subject.

                “Who cares? Sit your ass down and relax,” Dante said, which caused his human partner’s eyes to widen in surprise. As crude and impolite as his statement sounded, that was the first time Dante didn’t insult someone but Darius was letdown afterwards.

                “No point in worrying over nothing. When they get here, they get here. I’ll give you guys a heads up if I sense something…probably,” he chuckled, imitating his human partner’s last word in a mocking tone of voice.

                Darius regained his composure and fished out more chocolate chip cookies from his backpack. “Do you want some while we wait?” he asked, offering his snacks to Thomas and the coronamon.

                “They’re delicious. He'll make a great wife cuz he bakes good,” his digimon added with a snicker, while looking at the cookie expectantly.

                “Thanks,” Darius replied with a lackluster smile. He wished he hadn't said that offhand comment about wanting a wife whose a good baker and his digimon twisted it something insulting or was it? His regenerated digimon was only born recently and didn't have all it's memories back so it was a possibility it was meant in a good way. Maybe Dante didn't clearly know what a wife was yet? He took a glance at his digimon and cringed seeing drool forming from his mouth.