The Ogre Bandits

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    Ten the Tentomon

    There was time before the Operation Majiramon Takedown began. Chloe and Ten were trying to listen to their new mentor’s advice. He had told them to take a break from focusing on Majiramon before their hatred and anger took over and caused terrible consequences. Ten had an idea as to what he meant, though he didn’t let Chloe in on the details. BanchoLeomon was afraid that Chloe’s devotion was strong, almost too strong. Her emotions, if spiraled out of control toward the Dragon Lord, would cause Ten to have a devastating Dark Digivolution phase, where Ten could be hurt even more. BanchoLeomon knew she’d blame herself far too deep to come back.

    The lion man recommended going to see the sights. Chloe thought about it, she had been wanting to see more of the canyon region, where they had found the lion man. After the events in Toy Town, why not, she thought. They had made it in a combination of walking and flying, all done by Kabuterimon.

    Chloe stood from on top of the canyon side, where they had once done looking into the deep crevasse of the region. Where they had spotted the lion man. Below them was a caravan, a small carriage guided by a ShimaUnimon. Ten told her the name of the digimon, as he had seen only one once before. Running up to it from behind, and then their flank was a group of goblin looking digimon. They shouted and ransacked the carriage. Chloe tried to shout, had Ten digivolve into Kabuterimon, by it spooked them off.

    “Are you okay?” she asked the driver, another weirdly looking digimon.

    “I’m alright, child,” he said, gripping his head where one of the attacking digimon bonked him on the head with a bone club. “They took off with a good chunk of my goods.”

    “Do you know who they are?” Ten asked, looking wildly about in case they decided they weren’t much of a thread and wanted to try again.

    The driver digimon shook his head. “I’m afraid not,” he said, “But I have heard of bandits around. They took me by surprise, though.”

    Chloe gave Ten a look. Her partner digimon knew that look very well. He kneeled down and let her climb up to his back, and his wings began to flap and bring them up into the air. She looked over the side at the digimon, “Don’t worry,” she shouted down, “I’ll find them. I’ll bring back your stuff.”

    “Thank you, miss,” the digimon shouted back. “Be careful. I’m going to tend to ShimaUnimon for now. I’ll be more on my guard if they come back next time.”

    The team took off. Racing through the canyon in the air was easy to maneuver. There was little traffic above the ground, and nothing the giant bug form of Ten’s couldn’t handle. Chloe kept pointing forward, looking around for any clues. A few digimon they stopped to ask mentioned seeing some weirdly green digimon run down the canyon. One even spat a rumor of a makeshift camp site further down. That is exactly where Chloe had Ten bring them. In front of them, after ten more minutes of flying, was a huge building made of scrap metal plating, wooden crates, and just whatever other junk could have been lying around at the time. On top of the door, in red, was a bold sign that spelled out Ogre.
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    Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

      "Your Majesty, I feel it would be more prudent if we took in the scenes from above," Came a voice from the distance. It was gruff, but had an air of imperiousness to it. A wicked-looking draconic Digimon, blue in color, came into view, emerging from one of the nearby caves. He looked rather distressed as he turned behind him. "There are just so many different caves here, and we're so vulnerable to attacks from above. It would be best if we simply investigated the area from the sky, instead!"

      "Don't listen to whiny Dia, Queenie," Another voice, similar in sound to the first, but had a much more relaxed tone. "He just hates being in caves and having all these walls around him!" A similar-looking dragon, this one green, emerged while a child with long, golden hair tied into pigtails walked alongside him. Her black cap helped shade her amber eyes as she glanced over to the two dragons with an annoyed look. She had a feeling what was coming next. "He's looking out for his own sanity, rather than your safety." The green dragon gave his blue brother a wicked grin.

      "Malacaius! I will not permit you to insult my loyalty to Her Majesty!" He shouted in outrage, followed up by a roar. Diamantus began to charge at his brother, but Lucy had stepped in between the two with her hands out. The blue dragon came skidding to a halt before he could tackle his queen.

      "If you don't like hanging around here, you're more than willing to rest," She stated with a soft, obviously exasperated voice. She held up her Digivice for emphasis. "But if I hang around on your back while you fly everywhere, I'll never get a chance to stretch my legs. Besides, there's a bunch of caves and stuff, so maybe we'll find a treasure or something."

      "Very well, Your Majesty. I shall swallow my protests and proceed without complaint," Diamantus replied. His head suddenly tilted up as a growl formed in his throat. His wings twitched as he looked around in the air. "Your Majesty, there's a disturbance in the air. There seems to be a large creature approaching from the air..." He stayed silent for a few moments. "Though it seems it didn't notice us. It doesn't seem like it's going in this direction..." He pointed towards last direction he felt it moving to.

      "I want to see it!" Malacaius shouted out, suddenly scooping Lucy up and running in that direction.

      "Curse you, Malacaius! Think of Her Majesty before you go charging off!" Diamantus began flying off after his brother, who had gone into a full sprint.

      "I have, Diamantus! It is why I picked her up! Besides, Queenie, this seems like it's the most interesting thing that's happened today, right?" Lucy gave it some thought, then nodded.

      "No attacking anyone unless they attack first, got it?" She ordered. Malacaius gave an affirmative grunt and ran off at full speed, Diamantus flying behind at a low altitude. Eventually, they came to the entrance of some makeshift city. Lucy looked up to see a large blue insect Digimon in the air above the city. "That's a cool-looking bug..." She commented with a small smile on her face. Malacaius came to a halt as Diamantus landed beside the pair.
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      Ten the Tentomon

      The building labeled Ogre was quiet. Had the bandits not made it back yet? She scanned the area with narrow eyes. Off to the side was a wooden board that looked like it had a pair of eyes peeking over top of it, and a red mohawk. The girl pointed, “There,” she said. Ten was about to charge up an electrical energy ball when he felt something unsettling. Chloe noticed Ten’s hesitation and turned. Down below them was what looked like a little girl with two dragon digimon.

      “Dragons,” Ten whispered. He turned and looked like he was ready to dive onto them. Chloe smacked his armored head. Ten tilted his head to try and get a look at her over his shoulder. “What?” he asked.

      Chloe shook her head disapprovingly, “Those dragons are with the girl. There is no way Majiramon would hire them. You’ve grown too paranoid. Stick to the bandits. You can blow them away with your attacks.”

      Ten nodded. He turned to face the makeshift building on the side of the crevasse. Where the red mohawk once was is only an empty spot. Chloe looked around again for another target, but couldn’t come up with any. If the bandits were still there, they must have been afraid of the large bug in the sky. Since there wasn’t any bandits out in the opening, or poking up around one of the boards, Chloe had Ten head for the ground.

      They landed and Chloe climbed down in front of the small, blonde girl. “Hello,” she said, “My name is Chloe. Have the bandits taken something from you too?’
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      Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

        The large blue insect began to descend, soon landing in front of them. As it did so, she heard Malacaius growling in approval.

        "Yes... yes..." He kept repeating under his breath, wide-eyed with a maniacal grin. "Come and get us, big bug! Just a little closer and I'll..."

        "Mal, no!" Lucy replied, tapping his arm, and signaling the dragon to put her down. As soon as she was on her feet, she stepped forward in front of her two partners and put her hand out behind her as a signal for them to stay back. Soon the Kabuterimon touched the ground, the breeze put out by the creature enough to blow her hair and overly large jacket about while she made sure to secure her cap. Then, a human dismounted from the insect Digimon. A bookish-looking adult woman. Probably some kind of schoolteacher or librarian or something. Lucy gave a groan of disappointment. She wanted to talk to the giant bug creature, but it had a human partner. And for some reason, humans always took the lead in conversations with other humans. And she didn't really want to talk to this nerdy-looking adult.

        The woman introduced herself and asked her something about being robbed by bandits or something. "Lucy," She replied with an annoyed stare, unable to hide her disappointment. Bandits were like, bank robbers and stuff, right? "And I don't know anything about any bandits. Just exploring the area."

        "Bandits, you say?" Diamantus stepped up right behind Lucy and glared at Chloe, before moving to Lucy's side. "Your Majesty, if there are bandits and brigands about, then we would best steer clear of this area." Lucy looked up at Diamantus with a confused look.

        "I figured you of all people would try and pick a fight them, Dia," She replied. "This terrain really bothers you that much, huh?" Diamantus didn't answer, as to admit weakness to his queen would be the ultimate shame. But looking at what was most likely the entrance to their hideout, Malacaius thought differently.

        "Yes! After all, there are dangerous bandits about!" He shouted a little too loudly. "And with us noble dragon Digimon, is none other than Luciana De Luca, the Golden Dragon Queen! But our numbers are so small! If a large group of bandits attacked us now, they would most likely get away with all of Her Majesty's most valuable treasures!" By the end he was shouting up into the air as loud as he could.

        "Malacaius Verde de Dragos..." Diamantus began to chastise, but Lucy put her hand up before he could finish.

        "Your intentions couldn't be any more obvious..." She growled at the green dragon. Her body flickered with a golden aura as her temple flared, but faded just as quickly.

        "Come on, Queenie. Dia could use some stress relief, and I'm itching for a scrap!" He bared his sharp teeth at his partner before glancing over to Chloe's Digimon partner. "Or if they're all weak, I could at least use them as a warm-up!"
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        Ten the Tentomon

        Chloe stared at the girl and her two dragon digimon. They seemed to go back and forth between themselves. At one point, Chloe could have sworn they called the girl, who said her name was Lucy, was the Golden Dragon Queen. Not to ignore the annoyed look from her, either, Chloe put a hand up for Ten, who didn’t look happy. She even pulled him aside, the giant bug’s footsteps rumbling on the sandy ground.

        “I don’t like them,” Ten stated, giving a slight nod to the two dragons. The girl gave off her own weird vibes, but Ten was more focused on the dragons. “Not to mention ‘Golden Dragon Queen’. What is up with that, Chloe?”

        “I’m not sure. I don’t think she has anything to do with Majiramon.” Chloe gave the smaller girl a slight look over her shoulder, a subtle glance that hopefully she couldn’t see. “Anyone can claim a title. But you’re right, I don’t really trust her either.”

        Then there was a loud explosion near the building with the large, red label. Out in the top of the building was an green goblin digimon, a slightly taller and more muscular one with no red mohawk. He was laughing.

        Chloe recognized him from the caravan heist. He was helping lead the thing, and maybe their leader in general. Ten sharply turned as well, seeing the digimon.

        Chloe turned to Lucy, “It might get dangerous. We don’t know how many digimon are in there. I’m just here to get the stuff they stole, though.”
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        Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

          Lucy jumped when the explosion struck, her face wrought with fear for only an instant until it was replaced by an intense glare that could only be classified as raw hatred. A golden light of her Digisoul surrounded her body, but but flickered away in an instant.

          "Yes! Time for some fun!" Malacaius shouted out in terrifying glee, using his powerful legs leaped up to the of the building. Using his sharp claws he began to climb up the side towards where the tall, supposed goblin leader was located.

          "Your Majesty, I beg my leave for jus-" Diamantus began to ask, but Lucy put up her hand to interrupt him.

          "Not everyone in there could be a bad guy..." Lucy warned, pinching the bridge of her nose. "So don't go and attack anyone that doesn't attack you first, okay?" Diamantus nodded and took flight towards the green enemy. She turned to Malacaius, still climbing up the side of the building. "AND THAT GOES FOR YOU, TOO! GOT THAT, MAL?" She shouted. Malacaius didn't reply, but she was sure he had heard her. She would have to hope that he didn't go on a murder spree.

          "Dia! No fair! I saw him first!" Malacaius protested as he flew above his brother.

          "And I'm only taking advantages of your shortcomings, Malacaius!" Diamantus countered, getting up to the goblin leader's height. "BLUE FLARE BREATH!!!" He shot out a stream of blue flames from his mouth towards the green goblin. Lucy shook her head at the scene, then faced the woman and her Kabuterimon.

          "Hey bug lady... Chloe, I mean," She pointed towards her partners going wild. "I dunno how this is going to go down, but they get pretty rowdy when they have a chance to stretch their legs, so if you're looking for something, you should probably go get it while Dia and Mal are causing a ruckus. Oh, and if Mal tries to attack you, just tell me about it and I'll punish him later."
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          Ten the Tentomon

          There was a hesitation in Chloe and Ten. The large bug digimon turned between the little girl and her digimon, who went right for the building. Then shot Chloe a look, who only nodded in understanding. An annoyed understanding.

          Chloe approached Lucy, “How about you call back the digimon? We don’t need to fight them if they just give back the stuff. Chances are the explosion was just to get our attention.”

          Ten took to the air, his wings created up a strong gust that even slightly pushed Chloe as she stood in front of the girl. Chloe tried to shield Lucy as much as possible from the gust, but dust still whipped around them. Kabuterimon circled the building from a bird’s eye view, seeing the dragons go hastily for the green digimon, an Ogremon, as he knew him.

          The Ogremon ducked out of the way of the incoming blue flames, quickly rolling out of the current position. He shouted something and a few Shamamon and Goblimon appeared, they started to come out of hiding with their clubs high. They stood perfectly still, aside from breathing, and certainly not attacking.

          “The explosion was nowhere near you,” Ogremon shouted to the humans, “What do you even want?”

          Chloe tried to give Lucy a thumbs up, a silent ‘told you so’. She turned. “You took something from the caravan back a ways. I told the digimon driving that I’d get his stolen loot.”

          The Ogremon looked between the dragons and the lady in green. He was worried the dragons would start up attacks before he got the chance to speak. With his muscular legs, Ogremon leaped over the side of the building and landed gracefully on the first floor.

          “I’m guessing if we say no, those dragons will go crazy?” He eyed the little girl.

          Chloe looked to Lucy. Her digimon were on the building, and it was her move. Ten was in the air, circling, unsure of what party was really his enemy.
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          Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

            "DIA! GET BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!!!" Lucy shouted, stamping her foot in outrage. Diamantus flew back down in front of his queen, kneeling down, yet still towering over the small child. She stood on the tips of her toes to stare the blue dragon Digimon down. "What did I just tell you about attacking people that haven't attacked us first?"

            "But Your Majesty, I had assumed that was towards Malacaius so he wouldn't go slaughtering child Digimon again!" He replied meekly. Lucy furrowed her brow in concentration, and a small amount of golden Digisoul surrounded her fingertips. She used it to flick the Digimon right on this tip of his nose. Diamantus reeled back more in shock than pain, as he kneeled down in apology. "F-forgive me, Your Majesty!" He cried out, grabbing the little girl by the sides and lifting her up into the air.

            "I-if you've learned your lesson, then of course I forgive you!" Lucy replied. "So put me down already!" Diamantus set Lucy down, once again profusely apologizing, but Lucy overall ignored it while she looked towards Chloe. "You should be good now, if you want to talk to the robbers," She stated. She pointed towards Malacaius, who had watched the Ogremon jump down from the place he had spending his time trying to climb up.

            "Son of a..." He jumped off the side of the building, landing not far from the Ogremon. He walked right up to him, giving a crazed- yet somehow focused glare. "Don't worry about me. I'm not the crazy one. Just eager to have some fun. Besides, you heard Queenie. I can't attack you unless to attack me first. So go ahead and have your little talk, unless you want to lay one on me right now and we can move past the boring part!" The green Coredramon tapped the side of his face mockingly as he began chuckling, but otherwise made no aggressive movements towards the Ogremon.
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            Ten the Tentomon

            Ten lowered himself to the ground, reverting to his normal form of Tentomon. He took to the air to hover to Chloe, standing guard over her. His eyes blankly stared and blinked at how bold the dragon digimon was, walking up to Ogremon. Though, he assumed the Ogremon already knew that they must pack a punch. Maybe they digivolved into something pretty scary.

            Chloe walked forward. She didn’t end up in front of Ogremon like the dragon was, but close enough. She looked over the building once more, finding the frozen stiff goblin digimon standing about. Everyone was on edge here, and it became very tense for her as well.

            “You stole something from the caravan back a ways,” she said, “what was it?”

            “I stole nothing. I took back what was mine.” He held up the bone club like he was presenting it to the group. It looked like a normal bone club to Chloe, with small spikes coming from it. “You’ve got it all wrong,” Ogremon put the club behind him, “They stole it from me!”

            “Ten, I’m a little confused.” Chloe looked toward her partner. How could she tell who was lying? Ogremon seemed to want peace; he didn’t attack and asked for the dragons not to attack. He had a few opportunities to strike the one Dracomon, even Chloe at this distance probably.

            There was a clicking sound coming toward the group. Chloe turned on her heel to see the caravan riding up. ShimaUnimon seemed to be in good health now, and the driver, a Dinohumon, was smiling innocently. It came to a stop not too far from Lucy. Dinohumon cautiously stepped off and surveyed the scene. One of his eyebrows raised higher than the other.

            “You’ve found them, girl. Good job. Did you get my cargo?”

            Chloe stepped backwards. “Ogremon says he took his club back from you.”

            “Oh, don’t go believing this thief. Please, girl.” Dinohumon saw the other, shorter girl. “Hey there, my dear. You seem more than capable of getting my cargo from Ogremon and his mates. Please get it back?”

            Chloe narrowed her eyes at Dinohumon, a digimon so quick to give her up and pass along to the child who probably would start a giant battle. ShimaUnimon poked his nose toward Lucy and sniffed the air. Everything came down to what Lucy decided next.
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            Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

              "Pfft... You're not gonna attack me, then? So boring!" Malacaius let out a groan as he stretched his arms and looked around for the Kabuterimon, but it apparently had turned back into a smaller bug of a different color. Dang. So much for fighting the big bug. He'd have to settled with picking a fight with Diamantus when Lucy wasn't paying any attention. Again.

              Lucy looked at the approaching Dinohumon, then back to the Ogremon who still hadn't made a move. Sure, Malacaius didn't exactly have the most... persuasive of taunts, but if the Ogremon were the type to rob passerby he probably wasn't the type to show restraint when he had his opponents outnumbered. What's more, the big club seemed almost more fitting for the Ogremon than the Dinohumon with all of its swords, especially if you noted what she assumed were its lesser forms gathered around. The Dinohumon's request also seemed to raise a few questions as well. In what universe did a little girl seem like more reliable than a grown-up? The obvious answer wasn't quite in Lucy's grasp yet, but even the naive child knew that something was odd. She was about to reply, but a certain blue dragon woke up from his stupor and let out a roar to the dragon man Digimon.

              "Do not reply to Her Majesty as 'my dear', you cur! She is the Golden Queen of Dragons! If you have a request, get down on your hands and knees and beg, then beg that she doesn't order us to eliminate you simply for wasting her time dealing with your pathetic, wretched voice!" Diamantus looked down to Lucy with hopeful eyes, and the little girl gave a sigh. She patted his leg, actually thankful that he talked her up for once. She was going to see what kind of person this strange Digimon was.

              "Y-you heard my servant, foolish Digimon!" She announced loudly, feeling like some kind of cheesy ren-faire nerd. "If this item that was taken was truly of any worth to you, you would..." Crap. What was the word? Prostate? Wait... "You would prostrate yourself before me and beg for my aid!" As her face was beet-red from her embarrassing speech, all she could hear was Malacaius laughing his ass off from behind her. Regardless, she hoped she was going to find out just how much of an innocent victim this Dinohumon was.
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              Ten the Tentomon

              The Dinohumon let out a chuckle at the petit dragon. Making requests for him to take a knee and beg. Ha, he thought, what a spoiled child. He turned to his ShimaUnimon and began to pet it firmly.

              “What did the Ogremon tell you I stole from him?” Dinohumon’s innocent smile faded and Chloe noted to herself it looked more like a playful smirk. “If it was the bone club he has, that was one thing I had. He must have dropped it. But that wasn’t the real cargo I had. Check the building and I’m sure you’ll find my treasure chest. Inside was my money, a life savings.”

              Chloe turned to look down at Ten. This situation was beginning to get more and more confusing. Dinohumon apparently had a chest, but she tried to recall what she saw earlier in the day. They were high up looking down into the canyon. Dinohumon’s caravan was surrounded and Ogremon was the digimon that hit Dinohumon with a hard knock of a club. Was it his bone club? Did he already have one? They ran off soon after, and Ten digivolved. Was there a chest? Could they have made it back in time carrying a giant chest throughout the canyon?

              Ogremon looked deeply concerned. “No, I swear, it was only the club. It is the club of the bandits, a heirloom almost.” He was sweating, shaking ever so slightly but enough for Chloe to notice.

              “Chloe!” Ten shouted.

              Chloe turned, sharply. Above Lucy was Dinohumon’s large sword. He held it above her like an guillotine. His smirk was wider, malicious. ShimaUnimon was detached from the cart, somehow, as they had never seen the digimon reach for it. The horse was guarding it’s master from the dragon behind the small girl.

              “Get the chest, now.” Dinohumon focused on Chloe.

              Ten let out a sigh. “Okay, dragon, go for it.” It wasn’t to the dragon man. Ten was telling the Dracomon he wouldn’t stop him.
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              Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

                ((FYI: Both Dia and Mal are in their adult Coredramon forms. The Dracomon image is only because I'm too lazy to find an image of them together. Sorry.))

                Lucy just stared at the Dinohumon and his blade as he revealed his true colors. Her eyes widened with terror before she subconsciously gave off a hateful glare. Glares aside, there wasn't anything the little girl could do. Her legs were too short to run away from the Dinohumon's long reach, and she wasn't nearly fast enough to dodge a single swing of his blade. All she could do is give off an angry glare as she trembled in fear. Just like old times.

                Malacaius turned over to face the Ogremon with a nod. "Not saying that we shouldn't fight later, but I gotta go take care of this 'being a partner Digimon' thing first! But I promise I'll come back and we can kick each other's asses then, okay?" He didn't even wait to finish his sentence before taking a bounding leap and landing right on top of the Shima Unimon, mounting him like a green, scaly cowboy. "I hear that when you hear hooves you're supposed to think horses!" He shouted out in glee, attempting to grab at the creature's horn from his back. "But I don't think anyone could have guessed your ugly face!"

                Meanwhile, Diamantus barely even registered the Shima Unimon's existence as the Dinohumon raised his blade to Lucy. "Your Majesty!" Was all he shouted before flying at full speed at the Dinohumon in attempt to tackle the adult-stage Digimon down. Diamantus's shout was enough to shake Lucy out of her stupor as she looked around wildly at her surroundings, then looking over to Chloe with a terrified expression.
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                Ten the Tentomon

                Everything seemed to go by so fast. One thing got to Chloe the most, though. It was Lucy’s expression. The look of terror coming from her. The girl shot a look to Ten and nodded, a silent command of hers. Ten launched himself into action and turned into a bug man, JewelBeemon, armor digivolving. The spear wielding bug got under the blade and fought back with his spear, long enough for the dragon to perform his full-speed tackle onto Dinohumon. The digimon, once standing in front of Ten, had been thrown into a rock wall. Dust burst out from the impact.

                On the other side, ShimaUnimon was desperately trying to fend off the other dragon, who had his horn in his claws. It began to spark, giving off an electrical current. It was Wild Thunder, a move that wasn’t at full power but used defensively to shake the dragon.

                “Lucy, come over here.” Chloe beckoned for the girl to follow her as she took shelter behind one of the front barricades to the Ogre hideout. The goblin digimon cowered from the fight, leaving just Chloe and Ogremon out in the battlefield. “Ten, do what you can. Help them.”

                Helping dragons? Not something Ten wanted to hear, ever. He launched up and tried to blind the horse and dragon man, but was hit by an energy blast that stopped him short. It was ShimaUnimon. Dinohumon shot from his small dent in the rock wall and began swinging. His target? Who knows. The swings were so reckless, both Ten and one of the dragons had a pretty easy time dodging. Ten got in with his spear, stopping the reckless assault. In doing so, however, Dinohumon smile return. The horse began to glow, and now the dragon man had a strange aura about him.

                “Dinohumon. ShimaUnimon. Jogress Evolution…”

                In the middle of where the two were just at rose this giant mammoth digimon. It let out a thunderous roar as it raises its front legs and came down, creating a small earthquake in the immediate area.

                Chloe turned to Lucy, “Can your digimon digivolve any further?” Her own digivice was clenched tightly in her hand. It was something of an option, but the massive size and attacks of MegaKabuterimon could do some real damage.

                The thunderous roar was over, but Mammon brought its trunk back, then threw it forward spraying an icy cold breathe over the entire field. Ten flew out of the way, not looking back right away for the dragon digimon. They had wings, they could fly out, he thought.

                ((OOC: I did not know that, but feel like I should have. Especially since I just did a solo with them as enemies. Should have been able to tell by the attack. lol))
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                Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

                  Lucy saw Chloe signal her to get to safety and followed the woman behind the barricade, still too scared to think straight. She began to reach for Chloe's sleeve for comfort, but something stopped her at the last second. Instead, she crouched into a ball, tightly grasping onto her Digivice. Lucy had seen Diamantus and Malacaius fight before, but most of them were more along the lines of wild Digimon, than any creature with any conniving nature like the Dinohumon. What's more, none of the Digimon they had fought before ever threatened Lucy before; her partners made sure of that.

                  Lucy watched helplessly as Diamantus flew into the sky to avoid Dinohumon's wild swings, and Malacaius get zapped by Shina Unimon. She wanted to say something - anything - to help them, but thought that her voice would only distract her partners.

                  Malacaius let out a yelp as the electrical current ran through his body. His body convulsed for a few seconds as he unceremoniously fell off the side of the Shima Unimon. "Th-that's good shot..." He muttered as he got back onto his feet. He was about to counterattack, but his opponent began to radiate with a bizarre light. The Shima Unimon and the Dinohumon merged together to create the massive Mammon, a perfect-stage Digimon. Malacaius could only grin at the spectacle. "That's what I'm talking about! The stronger you are, the more exciting this is gonna get!" His voice was completely drowned out by the Mammon's roar.

                  Lucy wasn't nearly as enthusiastic, however. In fact, the roar shook every bone in her body as she went rigid with fear. It took her a moment to even register that Chloe was trying to speak to her. "D-digivolve...? You mean... when a Digimon gets all bigger and stuff?" She tried to remember if Diamantus and Malacaius had ever said anything about being able to do such a thing. Nothing came to mind. "I think they're able to. If Dia and Mal could do that, they would have done so, already, right?"

                  "Blue Flare Breath!" Lucy heard Diamantus cry out. He let out his blue flames at the Mammon, but compared to the power differences between the combatants, it most likely had little to no effect. Then, the Mammon unleashed a breath attack of its own; a widespread torrent of icy winds. Diamantus flew up as fast as he could, but his brother did no such thing.

                  Green Coredramon's wings weren't functional like a blue Coredramon's, but they had much stronger leg strength to make up for it. But even Malacaius's mightiest jump couldn't avoid this attack entirely. Not that Malacaius was the type to dodge such a fearsome foe in the first place. Breathing in, he let out a roar of his own, gathering as much power his adult body allowed him. "GREEN FLARE BREATH!!!" He shot forward a stream of green flames, connecting with the ice breath head-on. At first it looked like Malacaius was able to protect himself from the perfect Digimon's attack, but the sudden heating and cooling of the air in front of him caused the pressured air to explode around him, distracting the green Coredramon from continuing his breath attack. Cold air enveloped around his body, and he let out an awful scream of pain as the force of the air pressure sent him flying off and crashing into a nearby rock structure.

                  "Mal!" Lucy screamed out, stepping out of the barricade to run after her injured partner. One step out, and she began to realize just how massive, and how terrifying this monster in front of her was. Despite the concern for Malacaius, she wasn't able to take another step forward.
                • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
                  Ten the Tentomon

                  Chloe saw the terror and pain in Lucy’s eyes. It tore her heart into pieces. There wasn’t much that she could do either, but maybe Ten could. Chloe stood up with an expression on her face that stayed calm and confident for the both of them. Her digivice pulsed with power and shifted colors. What was once silver turned green. The necklace around her neck and slightly tangled in her sweater began to glow.

                  She smiled at Lucy. “I’m going to show you something I just found out too. Something I’m sure you’ll get sometime soon.” The girl turned her eyes from her little companion to her digimon companion. Ten began to glow, even as JewelBeemon. His form shifted back to Tentomon, but while still in the light, began to transform into Kabuterimon. Or so it would seem. “Ten, digivolve!” The form grew as large as Mammon. Instead of a blue giant, he was a red giant with large rounder wings and a broader horn.

                  “MegaKabuterimon,” he announced as his form finished its growth.

                  “Tell your digimon to help the other one get out of the ice. Ten will keep the mammoth distracted.” Chloe moved from the barricade and held up her digivice, “Do it, Ten! Show them who's boss.”

                  MegaKabuterimon let out something that Chloe thought was a laugh. Inside, she giggled because it might not have sounded the same for Lucy or Ogremon. He was charging his horn but turned on his rear thrusters, the half-mechanical part of its body. The heat might have helped with Coredramon, but MegaKabuterimon launched himself forward with an electrical charged horn. The collision made a weird sound as the bug hit the metal plating of the Mammon’s face.

                  Ogremon finally decided to move. He was dumbfounded by everything going on. “Well,” he started, turning around to the girls, “I honestly didn’t see that coming.” And as quickly as his allies disappeared into the building, so did he. Running like a madman inside and way out of sight.
                • Luciana De Luca Purity Plotter Tracker
                  Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

                    Lucy saw Chloe stay calm in the face of such an oppressive force. Her necklace, similar to one Lucy kept hidden, glowed with light that she found oddly comforting. And Chloe said that Lucy would be capable of the same thing, eventually. Then Chloe's Digimon turned into an awesome-looking bug creature and charged the Mammon. And the two seemed to... giggle? Lucy was still scared out of her wits, but if a nerdy-looking woman like Chloe could act like that in the face of danger... couldn't Lucy be capable of the same thing? She wanted to know. She yelled over to Diamantus. "Dia! Go help Mal! Let Chloe and her Digimon take care of the big mammoth thing!" Diamantus looked down to her, looked back over towards the engaging duo of perfect Digimon, then gave a begrudging nod, taking off after his brother and passing over Lucy along the way. Lucy began to run in that direction as well. She took off running, only to get a couple of feet before she slipped on a patch of ice created by Mammon's previous attack. She fell forward, smashing her face into the icy ground. She lifted her head up and held her face, already feeling blood running down her nose. She punched the ground as hard as she could, only for a sudden wave of pain shooting through her hand.

                    It was at this point she began crying. Crying at the pain she just experienced. Crying at the scary monster that attacked them. Crying at her own uselessness in the entire situation. She didn't want this at all!

                    "I don't want to be a queen! I don't want to pick a fight with every single person I meet! I don't care about some bandits, or stolen clubs, or goblins, or caravans, or any of this complicated stuff!" She threw her Digivice as hard as she could against the ground, not even bothering to watch it clatter and slide across the icy ground. "All I want... All I want to do is have fun with my friends! To be with people and not be scared of them!" She began wailing uncontrollably at this point, slamming her fist into the ice beneath her without even registering the pain. A bright golden aura covered her fist as she did so, eventually causing the ice to shatter and cut her hand. But it didn't stop her. She was so blind to her surroundings, she didn't even notice the glowing green light emanating from her pendant.

                    Diamantus hated this. Because he was still too weak, he had to see Her Majesty frozen in fear. Because he was too weak, his own brother and rival fell easily to this foe! He was Diamantus Azuro de Dragos, who once called himself the King of Dragons before he met Her Majesty! Yet there was nothing he could do. He had wanted to do both, but something inside of him wanted to continue attacking Mammon. Was it because he terrified Her Majesty so? Most likely. Was it because he hurt his brother? Probably not so much. Was it because he felt that if he turned his back now, he didn't think his pride would ever recover? Diamantus didn't want to think about that answer. So he nodded, and flew over to his brother. He lay in a pile of shattered rock, half-frozen over, but still conscious.

                    "Dia... Did you get the tag on that ice age that just hit me...?" He asked weakly with a toothy grin. Diamantus wasn't sure what exactly that phrase meant.

                    "This would have been avoided if you weren't so tied down to the ground and learned to fly, Malacaius, but it seems your stubbornness also applies to your endurance as well," Diamantus chided, both giving each other a single nod. Diamantus was glad to see his brother alive, and Malacaius was glad to know his brother cared.

                    Then Diamantus preceded to breathe fire on his severely injured brother.
                  • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
                    Ten the Tentomon

                    The Mammon had brought up his front legs once more, slamming them down to send a tremor through the ground. Ten had taken to the sky and gotten behind the Mammon before charging a huge ball of energy around his horn, shooting it for the mammoth’s back. The massive digimon yelled in pain, but turned and fired off missiles from his tusks. One tusk collided with the rock wall behind the dragon twins, while the other hit the Ogre building.

                    Chloe turned to look at the building and make sure any debris weren’t going to hit her or Lucy. It seemed like most of the explosion blew things away. What a bullet to dodge, Chloe thought, but this place isn’t safe either. She looked at Lucy, who kind of looked like she was having a rough time inside her own mind. When she was yelling, Chloe’s confident and stern expression softened. She walked over and picked up Lucy’s digivice and brought it back to her.

                    “Here,” she handed the device over. “You’re pretty young to be getting into a fight like this, huh? I promise, though, the Digital World is a good place. You have two good friends traveling with you.” Although her own arrival wasn’t greeted with the best of circumstances, Ten and her had their moments of fun. Through adventuring or even in the light of victory.

                    Mammon shot a small volley of snowballs in Ten’s direction. They were decently big, coming from the massive mammoth’s tusk. Three of the six hit Ten, knocking him higher into the air but also making him lose altitude when they were done pushing him back. The Mammon fired off another two missiles that both locked on and exploded on Ten. The large bug digimon fell to the ground.

                    Chloe looked back, ruining the immediate moment between the girl and her. Ten got back to his feet, yelled out as if he had a war cry of his own and thrusted forward with great force. Of course, his horn was sparking and turning more of a blue color from the electricity. He rammed Mammon’s metal plating once more, the whole thing giving off a horrible noise as they collided. The mammoth was pushed backwards, almost to the dragons, but Ten was able to toss the Mammon to the side and have him return to his original position.

                    It was Mammon facing Ten, now guarding the two dragons and towering over them quite a bit. The bug took a quick glance over his shoulder. “You guys almost done there? How is he?” There was a bit of a weird thought in the back of Ten’s mind. He just asked how a dragon digimon was doing, and meant it. What a day, he thought.
                  • Luciana De Luca Purity Plotter Tracker
                    Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

                      With Chloe's encouragement, she took back her Digivice, careful to not grab it with her bloodied hand. She hated crying in front of other people, but she felt like their was some sort of weight that was lifted off her chest at the same time. She did have two friends. Friends that might need her. MegaKabuterimon and Mammon's battle carried over to them, but Lucy didn't pay them any mind. She stood back up and ran towards her partners, minding the ice this time. Diamantus was walking towards her, carrying... some smaller, more adorable dragon Digimon that she had never seen before.

                      "We're just fine now..." Diamantus replied with a grunt. He wasn't aware of Chloe and Ten's conflict with Majiramon and his dragon Digimon, but he was nonetheless just as bothered as Ten was. Then he added as an afterthought, "Thank you for..." He didn't finish his sentence when he saw Lucy approach.

                      "Hey, Queenie! Sorry you have to see me like this!" The small dragon waved to Lucy with a toothy grin. Diamantus promptly dropped the small dragon when Lucy approached. "Dia! Be more gentle! I'm all beat up over here!" His voice was much younger-sounding and far less gruff, but that tone was unmistakably Malacaius's. Diamantus didn't even acknowledge his brother's complaint.

                      "Your Majesty! Are you wounded!? That strange red stuff is flowing out of your nose! And it's all over your hand as well! Is it because you were picking your nose too hard again?" The blue Coredramon grabbed her by the shoulders, nearly shaking her as he spoke. The normally fearsome-looking dragon had a such a worried expression it reminded her of some kind of goofy-looking cartoon character. She couldn't help by smile to herself when she made the comparison.

                      "Don't worry, Dia! Looks like Queenie was in a fight of her own!" Malacaius answered in his Dracomon form. He gave an oddly-knowing nod to Lucy. "Seems like she won, by the looks of it." Lucy gave the child Digimon a confused look, and he just returned it with an innocent grin. The trio turned to Chloe and Ten.

                      "Miss Chloe! And..." She didn't recall ever getting her partner's name. "Super-cool bug guy! Take that Mammoth down!"

                      "That's an order from Her Majesty, so you better complete it posthaste!"

                      "Yeah! It's my turn to fight you next, so hurry up and win already, would ya?"
                    • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
                      Ten the Tentomon

                      Chloe smiled and tried to wipe Lucy’s face with a little paper towel she had in her pocket that she totally forgot about. It must have been in there when she got to the Digital World, walking through that weird portal over the statue. She had brought it to wipe her camera lens from time to time. It was a bit pressed from being in her pocket all this time, but nonetheless it helped to wipe some of the blood off of Lucy before it dried up.

                      “I’m going to go over and help Ten, you wipe yourself off.” Chloe noticed the smaller dragon digimon. It must have been the Coredramon’s child form. Remembering the ones they had just fought, she never thought about it, how they had other forms. “Your digimon is tired, but don’t tell Ten I said this, your little guy is pretty cute.”

                      Chloe went over closer to the battle at hand, a crazy idea but nonetheless driving Ten to fight harder. She knew that Lucy was going to be well-kept now that her digimon were with her. Even the other Coredramon, the one that hadn’t reverted, didn’t seem to try and help out the fight. Probably for the better, Chloe thought, as two digimon this size could get dangerous.

                      Ten was firing off his electrical balls of energy, sizzling through the air and on the back of Mammon. More tusk missiles were fired, and some hit, but none targeted the Ogre building anymore.

                      “Electro Shocker!” Ten announced, firing off a supersized ball of energy. The good thing about fighting giant digimon was that there was more to hit and most of them were slower to move. Instead of a battle of skill, it became a battle of pure power. Who could out damage the other, quicker.

                      This time, the ball struck Mammon’s spine. The mammoth digimon had just sent out an attack, and instead of the two clashing, the ball was able to connect. Ten nimbly dodged just in time as one of the tusk missiles grazed by.

                      Mammon began to glow a dim light and its form became two again. Laying on his back was the Dinohumon. He was breathing heavy but kept his eyes closed, clearly out of energy. ShimaUnimon wasn’t too far from him, seemingly unconscious.

                      Ten lowered himself to the ground. They had been throwing attacks back and forth for a while now, and his energy was nearly depleted. “Should I stay like this until I can’t hold it any longer?” he asked Chloe, who beckoned for Ogremon.

                      “Yes,” she said. The green digimon gingerly poked himself from around the corner, then came forward. “Dinohumon claimed that he had a chest, and you don’t seem to have it.”

                      “Right,” Ogremon said, confused at where this was going.

                      “Your bone club. Both of you said it was stolen. How come?”

                      “The bone club I have? It is passed down throughout the group, for leadership.”

                      Ten reverted into Minomon and fell into Chloe’s arms. His energy too far depleted to stay as MegaKabuterimon any longer. It was the whole heirloom part that got to Ten. Why take something that is passed down but has no other meaning to it otherwise?

                      “I got it,” Ten was in the spotlight, “It would be a trophy for Dinohumon’s own group to have a rival’s heirloom and treasure. There is another group of bandits.”

                      “If we’re not careful, they could be on their way here to assist Dinohumon and ShimaUnimon.” Chloe started to share the same terror filled expression Lucy had before. Things could get really bad, really fast.
                    • Luciana De Luca Purity Plotter Tracker
                      Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

                        "Hah! Cute? Lady, I'm freaking adorable!" Malacaius replied with a laugh. He had apparently overheard Chloe as she spoke to Lucy. The girl herself used it to wipe the blood off her nose, despite Diamantus's insistence that he be the one to clean her up. Soon the battle resolved and the trio walked up to Chloe and the baby Ten. She overheard Ten puzzle over the circumstances, and come to the conclusion that there were more bandits coming, and that Chloe was scared of them. She didn't completely understand, but she guessed it meant that there were more bandits coming?

                        "Hey, bone guy," Lucy called out to the Ogremon. "Can you do that super transformation thing, too, or is that something only these guys can do?" She looked over to Diamantus. "Because if these guys are those other guys' ace bandit... people, then I'd say you've done enough. After all, if everyone around is a bandit, doesn't that mean that they're all bad people?" Diamantus stepped closer to Lucy as she blatantly insulted the Ogremon, eyeing the green adult stage with fierce eyes.

                        "If that is what Your Majesty believes, then we should take our leave right now. At least until after... Blue Flare Breath!!!" He shot out two streams of blue flames, one for both the fallen Dinohumon and Shima Unimon. It was shame that the MegaKabuterimon didn't finish them off, after all. But they presented a threat to Her Majesty, and they made her cry and bleed. It was the only way the blue Coredramon could make himself feel better about being an absolute disgrace to himself and more importantly, Her Majesty.