Open The Ogre Bandits Pt.2

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  1. Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
    Ten the Tentomon

    The hideout was armored with whatever scrap metal pieces Ogremon and his band of goblins could find over the last few years. In fact, they rarely had jobs of helping steal things or attacking, and have become more of a support group then a mercenary group. They all showed great hospitality to Chloe and Ten. How could she not stay and defend them, she thought, taking a sip of their weirdly fruit flavor tea.

    “You’re sure about this?” Ogremon asked, standing around a table in the main strategy room. A few Goblimon and Shamamon were on his side of the table, as Chloe and Ten stood opposite. They had begun discussing possible rival groups and if one would come at all. “This could have been just a huge worry festering into nothing.”

    “No,” Chloe put her tea down, “I don’t know, and I’m not sure. But it would be better safe than sorry. Dinohumon got to us, he deceived us and now we need to be on guard. Any other digimon could act as innocent as he did and attack us.”

    A Goblimon came rushing down the stairs to the strategy room. “Bad news, boss! Two digimon are standing outside the doors and they don’t look friendly. They asked to see you, boss!”

    Ogremon shot a look at Chloe. The three of them, as Ten followed mid-air, went to the first floor and approached the door. Out of the window they saw a humanoid digimon with wooden swords and a monkey digimon standing and staring at the hideout with intense glares.

    “Come out, Ogremon. We’ll spare you coming in.” The one with the wooden swords, who also looked like it had a mask on, shouted. Chloe noted that the last duo could combine together to make a stronger digimon, a huge digimon. Could these do the same?
  2. Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
    Vee the Chibimon

      It was bizarre how the terrain had changed all of a sudden. Sami and Vee had finally managed to get out of the humid jungle only to get stung by the arid heat of the ravine.

      "Sam... It's so warm in here, can't you make it cooler, or something?"

      "Sami," She corrected first, "And I can't make it cooler for you without making it hotter for me." She said. Turns out living creatures made terrible hats. Sami wondered how badly she could hurt him by swinging her head hard enough to throw him off. She decided against it; with her luck, Vee would probably hand on by grabbing hold of her hair.

      "But you said you liked to run, right? Can't you, you know, run really fast so I feel like a breeze?"

      "I'm not a convertible, and you're certainly no dog." Sami's patience was beginning to wear thin.

      "I don't know anything about converting stuff, but you're right about me not being a dog. I'm a hero... err... a regular Chibimon! But I do wonder where that Heroic V-Mon guy went..."

      "Gee... I wonder..." Sami replied as dryly as possible. She let the little Chibimon have his delusion. "Maybe we should ask those two for directions," She pointed off in the distance, where a masked man and some monkey Digimon were standing in front of some raggedy-looking building. Taking another glance around, she noticed that some of the terrain looked torn up, and small puddles were still in the area, like it had a buildup of water recently. Does it rain in super specific places over in the Digital World? Sami wasn't too sure, and Vee didn't seem too interested in his surroundings.

      "He~ey!" Vee yelled out towards the pair, Sami wanting to yank him off her head for yelling right next to her ear. "You two wouldn't happen to know the way to Neon City, would you?" Sami narrowed her eyes as she approached them. The man, in the mask was definitely some sort of Digimon.
    • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
      Ten the Tentomon

      Yaksamon tilted his head to the side, catching sight of the girl with a small blue digimon on her head. He let out a chuckle before turning back to look at the doorway to the hideout. His arm came up and nudged Hanumon, showing off his wooden swords.

      “Is this your newest plan, guys? Sending a poor digidestined to handle us instead of yourselves?” Yaksamon turned back to the girl, “Scram, kid.” He held a sword straight for the hideout’s door. Hanumon even chuckled as he readied his own weapon, a large rod that resembled a bone.

      Chloe saw the girl and had Ten approach the door, ready to go if they made a move. She flipped her D-Terminal open, seeing a blue light flashing where the girl was. She is a digidestined for sure. What kind of plan did she have going up to those two? A death wish, perhaps, Chloe thought. The girl had to do something. Ogremon began to move the small barricade on the door. He knew what Chloe was going to do.

      She stepped out onto the small porch of the hideout, Ten following behind her as the door closed. “Hey, get away from her. Your fight is with us so keep it that way.”

      “You’re asking for it, Chloe,” Ogremon whispered through the window.

      Yaksamon had a devilish look in his eyes as he turned back toward the girl with the blue digimon. Maybe she would make the perfect hostage, he thought.
    • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
      Vee the Chibimon

        "Hanumon and Yaksamon..." Vee mentioned, his voice taking a weirdly serious tone. Then, some woman appeared with a red bug by her side. She told them to leave her and Vee alone. The two Digimon seemed to ready their weapons. "Hey, Sam! I have to run to the potty!" He jumped off Sami's head and ran behind a rock. After a flash of light and a surge of data, a V-Mon emerged from behind the rock, jumping high up into the air for no particular reason and standing in front of Sami in a fighting pose.

        "I am the mysterious Hero of Justice - V-Mon!" He announced, looking back at Sami. "Forgive me, Sam, but your partner Digimon Vee really had to go to the bathroom. It looks like he'll be there for quite some time, so allow me to protect you from these villains!"

        "Yeah, whatever. My hero," Sami replied unenthusiastically as she looked at the Yaksamon and Hanumon. "Listen, pals. We're just passing through here and asking for directions. I don't know what's going on, and I don't really care. I assume it's just some Digimon thing. So how about we all just calm down and all go our separate ways, okay?"

        "Unless you are all actual villains! If you are villains then you will be met with the swift justice of my headbutt of... Justice!" Sami sighed and gestured towards her partner.

        "And nobody wants to be a villain here, right? So let's just all bounce and leave this crazy bug lady and her crappy house alone."
      • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
        Ten the Tentomon

        Everyone’s eyes were wide. Ten may have been laughing, but Chloe couldn’t believe her ears. Did that small digimon just blatantly lie and go digivolve behind a rock. And what did the new girl mean by crazy bug lad and crappy house!? Chloe was pointing to herself, then to the building labeled Ogre. No connection there, really, she thought. Ten was nearly rolling backwards on his shell, nearly in tears.

        Even Yaksamon and Hanumon let out some laughter. Both lowered their weapons and turned to Sami and the Veemon. “These two are with us,” Yaksamon held up a sword, fist clenched around it like he had won a battle, “They’re funny.”

        Hanumon finally let out a sigh, anything for the matter. “Kid, we’re all villains in our own way. You can help us take them down or join them. We’ve never been to no Neon City.”

        Chloe looked to Ten, who snapped out of his laughter. “They have weapons, so you thinking what I am thinking?”

        “Yeah, I guess so,” Ten said, shrugging. He looked forward. “Tentomon armor digivolve too, JewelBeemon!” The bug man stood ready with his spear.
      • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
        Vee the Chibimon

          Sami sighed and shook her head. Stupid Digimon. Of course they were going to fight. That's all they ever seemed to do. Heck, that's all her Digimon wanted to do, though he would never admit it. Then the bug lady used her D-Terminal and Digivice to evolve her bug Digimon into a bigger bug Digimon with a spear.


          "Sami. And yes?"

          "I can tell these enemies are powerful! We have to do that one thing again!" He pleaded.

          "I'm not saying that corny phrase again," She replied. "And besides, you just don't want that bug guy to show you up."

          "C-Come on, Sam!"


          "I just can't get into it if you don't!"

          "Fine! Just... learn my damn already!" She pulled out her two devices as well and raised them up in the air. She took in a deep breath, her face red from embarrassment. "Digimental Up!" An orange light erupted from her D-Terminal and transferred into her Digivice. She pointed it at her partner, and shouted, "Armor Evolution!" The Digivice shot an orange beam into V-Mon as his form began to change. Flames covered his body as he grew taller and lankier. Soon, standing in front of Sami was...

          "The Masked Flamer: Fladramon!" He shouted, creating a blaze around his armored fists.

          "You're still keeping that title, I see..." Sami commented, stepping back from her partner and their combatants. Meanwhile, Vee pointed towards Chloe and Ten.

          "JewelBeemon, it seems like there's one for each of us! Since I see that you, too are an ally of justice, how about we split these two up? You can take on the ape while I fight the one with the swords!" The flames continued to flicker on his hands. "Against me, he might as well be holding matchsticks!"
        • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
          Ten the Tentomon

          Hanumon swung his club around in circles to his side, showing off at least some hint he had quite the skill with it. He looked to Yaksamon and nodded, the understanding between them unclear. The monkey leapt up into the and spun, swinging the bone club and coming down for Ten. The spear went up and clashed with the bone. There was so much power in the monkey digimon’s swing, Chloe felt a strong breeze come from the weapons coming together. In a swift movement, Hanumon flipped himself to where his feet were at the spear, kicked off of that and threw his bone club. It twirled in the air as he began to throw a barrage of flaming punches toward JewelBeemon.

          Ten had to react quicker if he was going to dodge these punches. He couldn’t dodge the first three, taking a step back for each. With his back against the building, he swung his spear in expert fashion, knocking the rod of the spear against Hanumon’s fists to knock them off their path.

          The bone club came back down and Hanumon caught it with grace, like it hadn’t even been a question that he’d catch it; it was like he didn’t even let it leave his hands. In a series of wide swings, he bashed the bone club against the spear. Ten held his own against the onslaught, but he wasn’t going to keep for long. His jewels began to glow and shine in the sun, growing in strength as the cloud over his head left. Hanumon backflipped to the side and let out a loud, menacing laugh.

          “Having trouble, bug?” Hanumon mocked Ten.

          Ten’s breathing was heavy. Chloe knew digivolving into MegaKabuterimon would just tire Ten out, leaving him in Minomon’s form for days. Moreso then during the last battle. It just wasn’t an option right now.

          The Yaksamon called out, not making a move just yet. “Keep it Hanumon, once we get them low we will show them what we can really do.”

          “Ready for round two?” Hanumon warned Ten, as he began to swing his bone club in circles to his side once more.

          ((OOC: Okay, so if you want to just do a battle scene with Yaksamon off to the side, go for it. But don't delete him or anything. Please. :p ))
        • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
          Vee the Chibimon

            (("kapow' sez sami she punch yaksamon rilly hard and delete him, then haz teh sex w/ his wife the end))

            Fladramon saw Hanumon throw out the flaming fists, not expecting that kind of attack. Damn it. Now he kind of wanted to fight the Hanumon as well. Even so, he turned toward Yaksamon.

            "If you won't come over here, then I'm gonna go over there!" Vee shouted, covering his body in flames and propelling himself at the Yaksamon. "Fire Rocket!" His opponent seemed to expect such a straightforward attack. The demon man Digimon simply jumped into the air and let Vee fly right past him. However, he crossed his two wooden blades together, and swung them out, creating a shockwave that blasted the Fladramon in the back. Vee shouted as he crashed to the ground, the momentum of his charge only adding to the damage. Vee shot out a burst of flames from his hands and feet, stood up and charged the Yaksamon on foot.

            "If charging head-on won't work, then I'll just have to... charge head-on again! Knuckle Fire!" He swung his fists out towards the Yaksamon. He knew that his weapon and gauntlets were all made of wood. If he could just get him to block his flaming strikes, then his offensive and defensive power would be greatly reduced. Even so, it seemed that the Yaksamon knew this as well, as it simply avoided Vee's obvious strikes. "Hold still, you!" He shouted, throwing a wide swing at the Yaksamon. His opponent replied by ducking under the blow and slamming his weapons into Vee's exposed stomach. Vee let out a groan as the his flames flickered out, and the Yaksamon sent out another shockwave at point-blank.

            "Just give up, you can't beat me!" Yaksamon mocked as Vee was sent tumbling across the ground again. "You can't even get off the ground let alone hit me!" Vee covered himself in flames, until he heard Sami's voice.

            "Chill out and take a deep breath!" She called out angrily. Vee nodded, closing his eyes and focusing for a second. Yaksamon wasn't going on the offensive out of fear for a counter attack, so it gave him some leeway. So there wasn't any point in attacking recklessly; Vee wasn't the one fighting a defensive battle. Opening his eyes, he tried to think up a way to take the Yaksamon down quickly. It seemed like Jewelbeemon wasn't doing so well himself, and despite the fact that Vee wanted to fight Hanumon as well, he wasn't going to walk over another Digimon's Digiegg to do it.

            But the Fladramon couldn't think of a way to quickly deal with Yaksamon. But it wasn't like he was out of options. He covered body in flames once more charging at Yaksamon, much like his first assault. As expected, the Yaksamon jumped into the air and crossed his blades again, but Fladramon cut the flames out at the last second. He was still flying forward from the momentum, but now he was able to spin his body around in midair. "Flame Shot!" He yelled out, shooting himself upwards at Yaksamon headfirst. The demon man Digimon wasn't able to complete his attack on time, instead firing it off to the side, using the force from the blow to propel his airborne body off to the side. Vee flew further upwards, canceling out his flames, and focusing them on his fist. "Flame Knuckle!" He shot his fist down, sending a fireball straight down.

            Down towards the Hanumon engaged with Jewelbeemon.
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          • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
            Ten the Tentomon

            Hanumon was continuing his assault on JewelBeemon, swinging the club toward his head, banging it off of the surrounding and hitting the spear with it. The whole scene was something Chloe had seen in anime, something she never thought would be a real fight scene she’d ever see. Ten began to spin the spear. As it picked up speed, the circular motion of it picked up the wind and shot forth. Hanumon held his bone rod in front of him as it clashed with it, pushing him back to the other side of the porch.

            “Not bad,” Hanumon mumbled. He jumped around before turning his back to JewelBeemon and then suddenly spinning his body for a really hard swing. The spear went flying out of Ten’s hands, the spike sticking into the rock wall and not falling to the ground. “Oh, that is unfortunate.”

            Ten readied his claws, taking the opportunity to launch himself forward. His aim was Hanumon’s abdomen. The bone club went to move into a blocking position but there was an eruption of fire that Ten could only see came from behind the monkey digimon. His attack was still in progress, the sharp claw finding a near-fatal puncture. Data leaked out when Ten recalled himself away from Hanumon and collected his spear. He flipped it in his hand like a javelin toward Hanumon, clipping his leg. There was yells of pain from the enemy digimon. Hanumon’s hands struggled to cover both his stomach’s wound and the gouged out piece missing from his leg.

            “You bastard,” Hanumon said to Ten. “You think you’re pretty good, huh?”

            Yaksamon jumped to Hanumon’s side, checking his wounds. He gave a nod to the monkey digimon and they began laughing. Chloe moved back, waiting for whatever they had planned. She remembered that these two were from the same group as Dinohumon and ShimaUnimon. Their specialty wasn’t just pissing them off or picking a fight with the Ogre Bandits, but they were friendly with one another. She recalled how gentle and careful Dinohumon was with the horse digimon after the Ogre group ambushed them. They rode in as two, same as these digimon. Light engulfed the two bandit digimon, their bodies rose off of the ground. Their data began to break apart only to be reconfigured into a new digimon, a single digimon, once again showing off jogress evolution.

            “Kyukimon,” the new digimon said, sticking its scythe-like hands into the ground and letting out a high pitched roar. “Now it is going to be even more fun, kids.” Kyukimon jumped into the air and twirled. Blades made up wind shot in all directions.

            As much as Chloe wanted to help protect the girl and her fire digimon, she couldn’t. Ten made it just in time to combat the wind with his own created by spinning the spear around with intense speed. It pushed him back still, bumping and nearly tripping Chloe. The Ogre building took an even harder hit. The sign was breaking apart and town in some spots.
          • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
            Vee the Chibimon

              "Is that their own way of doing that Digivolving thing...?" Sami wondered as the two merged. Dokunemon didn't go over that part. Well, maybe he did. Sami kind of stopped paying attention once she heard "Digi" over a hundred times. Then it loose a powerful gust of wind with strange, vacuum-like blades within the air itself.

              "Flame Shield!" Vee curled up into a ball and burst a great deal of flames to create a powerful sphere as the wind sickles struck against it. The flames might have well not existed, however. The barrier was torn to shreds and Vee was flown back away and tumbled back. Sami crouched down to brace herself against the wind, throwing her arms in front of her face; partially to protect it from the cutting wind, but also to keep an eye on the battle. The wind died down and Sami made a dash towards her partner. Her leg began to tremble, she must have been more scared than she realized. She fought through the pain and ran up beside the prone Fladramon.

              "You okay?" She asked, tugging at Vee's arm to help him up.

              "Yes, I'll be alright, but... what about you. Your leg it's... getting red!" He pointed towards her leg as Sami looked down so see a clean cut through her jeans and a crimson spot spreading on the side of her outer thigh.

              "Holy shit!" She exclaimed, not even noticing the pain. But that was certainly a lot of blood. She poked her injury only to feel a wave of pain scream through her body. She really shouldn't have done that. "Yeah, that one's gonna suck later!" She commented, sucking in her breath at the pain. "Fucking kamaitachi..."

              "Hmm... kammytachy?" Sami just stared at Vee for a second. Was he just not capable of pronouncing things right, or something?

              "Asshole weasels from various folklore," She replied calmly, then cupping her hands to shout at the Kyukimon. "And something this jackass is completely ripping off!" She probably shouldn't have shouted that, but this guy had sliced open both her leg and the only pair of pants in this world. And she hated drafty clothes.

              "Sam! Don't antagonize the perfect-stage Digimon!" Vee pleaded, not wanting her to get in the way of the fight. Sami gave a quick to the bug-lady the spear-guy and nodded.

              "Why not antagonize him? Have you seen what that joker looks like? His other forms were better; at least they had, I dunno, hands? What's this idiot gonna do? Cut grass for a living? And don't get me started on that stupid-looking cotton candy fur!" Despite her disadvantageous situation she gave the Kyukimon a mocking smirk. Were she too pissed and in pain to give a condescending laugh, she probably would have done so.
            • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
              Ten the Tentomon

              Even though she could barely hear what was coming from the other girl, Chloe could tell that things would only get worse. The wind had blown Ten back, into Chloe, pinning them up against the wall. So once released, hearing the girl shouting things to anger the digimon, Chloe could only sigh. What else could she do in this situation? But as Ten left her and stood next to her, there was a quick flash of the girl’s leg, cut from the wind blades.

              The fire digimon didn’t even send out an attack, which both Ten and Chloe exchanged looks at. They thought he’d no doubtedly do something with his nature and the fact the girl was hurt. No time to worry about just them, though. The building had large gouges in it, the sign almost in pieces. Ogremon and the goblin digimon probably retreated to a back room after that attack. And that was just a single attack!

              “Ten, we need to come up with a plan.”

              “I agree, but honestly I don’t know what else to do unless I digivolve into MegaKabuterimon.” Ten readied his spear, but didn’t know what to do right now. He knew going into his Perfect form to match strength with Kyukimon could work, but his worry lie within its size. Mammon was different. That digimon was huge and had tons more room to hit with his Electro Shocker. Kyukimon was smaller, easier to miss. If he charged up one good Electro Shocker and missed, Chloe could be at danger, or the whole canyon for that matter since the area they were in wasn’t the biggest part of the canyon, and just a branched off piece of the main thing.

              “Keep fighting in JewelBeemon form. We have to find a way to stop it from spinning. Hopefully it doesn’t have any other attacks,” Chloe pointed to the scythe-like hands of Kyukimon, “Its main weapon are it’s own hands.”

              Ten looked down at Chloe with intrigue. “That might be a good idea, but what if it spins right in my face.”

              “Let’s hope that doesn’t happen?” They were out of options. Ten shrugged off the response she gave, the one he didn’t really want to hear.

              Ten jumped forward toward the Kyukimon. His speed in this form was greater than in Kabuterimon’s larger mass. The spear twirled in his hand, creating his own offensive type of wind move. The Kyukimon seemed to laugh, almost amused at the bug man’s attempt. With one big stretch, the Kyukimon spun again. Ten violently slammed into the building behind him, the wind damaging his chest.

              “That didn’t work. Ouch.”
            • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
              Vee the Chibimon

                "This isn't working out..." Sami noted, watching the spear-bug's unsuccessful attack. She didn't think Vee would fare much better, either. "Hey, Vee..."

                "Who?" The Fladramon asked innocently. Sami groaned. Even in this situation?

                "Fladramon, then. Can you... I dunno... Get stronger again? Do that Digi-whatever again?"

                "I've never been able to go to perfect," He admitted, clenching his claw in shame. "If only I could, I could be one step closer to being the ultimate hero..."

                "Oh, well, see if you can distract Pinky. I'll go talk to bug-lady," She began running off, her bleeding leg trembling with each step. It slowed her pace, but she worked through the pain.

                "That's... fine! But don't blame me if I end up beating him instead of distracting him!" He enshrouded himself in flames and shot towards Kyukimon at full speed. "Fire Rocket!" He recklessly blasted towards the perfect-stage Digimon. Then an idea came to mind. His arms are blades! He should just... you know... grab his arms! When he got closer, the flames abruptly vanished, slowing his pace and giving the poor Fladramon just a little more time to think. He couldn't think of a way to get him, though, so he covered his hands in flames and threw a flaming punch. "Knuckle Fire!"

                Meanwhile, Sami managed to limp-run her way over to Chloe. "Excuse me, Ms. Bug..." She glanced at the damaged sign. "Uhh... Ms. Ogre, but can your... bug-dude get any bigger? Or you know... we have our Digimon just do that thing those two Digimon did?"
              • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
                Ten the Tentomon

                Ten saw that the Flamedramon began to move and attack the Kyukimon, so he knew to jump in. Gripping his spear, he leaped toward the weasel digimon and began to spin it, slashing away toward the digimon. Every move seemed to be well met with either a block by the scythe hands, or Kyukimon dodged and moved too quickly out of the spot. There was even a few times Ten had to be more careful of not even the pink weasel digimon but the stray fireballs flying through the air from when Kyukimon dodged.

                Chloe was worried with the battle but she was approached by the other girl. When she began to talk to her, Chloe began to laugh a little. “Chloe,” she said, even though she did like Ms. Bug. When the girl asked if Ten could get bigger, Chloe looked at her digivice. In the last fight with this gang, Ten did digivolve into MegaKabuterimon. The oversized red bug monster helped with the fight before the dragon digimon finished the two other component digimon off.

                “He can get bigger, but it would use a lot of energy. Ten wants to conserve some of that. But you know,” Chloe raised an eyebrow, thinking of the concept of the two digimon merging together into one. She never thought about it. What would Ten be like with another digimon.

                “Ten,” Chloe shouted. The JewelBeemon moved out of the way of Kyukimon, but not all the way back to Chloe. “This girl came up with a good idea. Why don’t you merge with the other digimon?”

                “Sounds fine to me, we could use this plan.” JewelBeemon seemed to leap into the air and flip over the Kyukimon, morphing into Kabuterimon when landing. The larger bug let out a little roar and an Electro Shocker that collided with Kyukimon, blowing him back. “Let’s do this. If you want too,” Ten looked to the Flamedramon.

                “Go for it,” Chloe said to the new girl.
              • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
                Vee the Chibimon

                  With Ten knocking back Kyukimon, he began to charge up flames to continue the assault. "An opening! Now it's time to use my ultimate finishing move that I totally didn't think up right now! Hyper Burning Inferno Nova Cinder Flaming Blaze Scorching Conflagration... Beam!!!" He condensed a great deal of flames and concentrated them into one point, but lost focus once he heard Sami call out. The flames dispersed and he stood there, horrified.

                  "Vee, go over towards the bug guy! We're gonna try something new!" She yelled out. Vee turned around with a defeated expression on his face.

                  "But... my ultra technique! My finishing move...!" Vee retorted weakly. "Also, who's Vee? I'm the Mysterious Masked Flame - Fla-"

                  "Oh please! If you had such an attack you would have used it by now!" Sami answered. "And stop wasting time, we don't have all day!" She turned towards Chloe and held up her Digivice to her. "So... do we... like... touch Digivices, or something? Or..." Both Chloe and Sami's Digivices shot a beam of light towards their respective partners, their crest tags glowing as they did. "Oh hey, my necklace thingy..." Sami commented.

                  "Kabuterimon!" Ten turned into glowing data and shot towards Vee.

                  "Fladramon!" Vee was also converted into glowing data and converged with Ten's.

                  "JOGRESS EVOLUTION!!!" The merged data began to take form as a single, different Digimon took their place. It looked similar to Flamedramon, except its Digimental Armor had been replaced with green and black exoskeleton-like armor. White wings were spread across his back and kept him afloat. A wicked-looking red face-mask covered a silver and black helmet, covering his face save for his crimson eyes. His thick black gauntlets had several silver stingers through them, and his hands ended with long, nail-like blades. Black armor covered his scaly thighs, with some kind of heavy-looking firearm planted on each of the outer thighs. He raised his arms up, then swung them diagonally to... pose.

                  "The data of both Dragons and Insects flows freely within me! I am the Guardian of Purity, and the Warrior of Courage!"

                  "Oh, God no..." Sami exclaimed, pushing her palm against her face.

                  "I am not Ten, and I most definitely don't know who this Vee person is! I am the Winged Desperado of Justice!"

                  "I am so sorry that your partner is... caught up in his antics..." Sami apologized.

                  "I am... Paildra-oof!!!" Apparently Kyukimon had waited long enough for Paildramon's speech to finish. The pink demon man Digimon launched himself up in to the air, diving down with his twin scythes. Two blades emerged from Paildramon's gauntlets as he managed to block the strike. Clashing in midair, Paildramon pressed his advantage of flight to push the Kyukimon down. to the ground, then dropping after him while yelling, "Really? I had one more syllable to go! You really couldn't have waited that long!?" The two clashed at the ground, the sound of clanging blades echoing throughout the canyon.

                  Sami began to notice dozens of heads begin to pop out ever so slightly, spectating the battle. An large ogre creature surrounded by a bunch of smaller ogres. Sami suddenly turned to face Chloe, then back to the large ogre, then to the smaller ogres, then back to Chloe in shock. No wonder she wanted to protect this crappy-looking place so badly. And she still looks so young, too.

                  Using his wrist blades, Paildramon managed to fend off every single attack from the Kyukimon, but his opponent was still able to counter all of his attacks as well. Paildramon had the longer reach, but wasn't quite as adept at a high-speed close-range combat like his opponent. They locked blades once again, this time neither or them gaining the upper hand in strength. Then Paildramon tilted his body to the side, one of his leg cannons aimed directly at his opponent. "Oh, screw it. Desperado Blaster!"

                  Without his arm to steady it, the cannon began to rapidly fire wildly out of place, but at point blank range it wasn't too much of an issue. The energy shots that came forth from Paildramon's cannon battered into the demon man Digimon and sent him skidding backwards. He attempted to get his guard back in time, but Paildramon pressed his attack. "And for a special move, Dragon-Bug Justice Stomp!" He slammed his foot into Kyukimon's face and sent him sprawling across the ground. "You still want to keep this up?" He asked, almost mockingly. "I'll let you turn tail and run if you and your bandits never come back here again!"

                  Kyukimon's response was an angry growl. He stood up in a flash and began spinning around, kicking up a whirlwind and sending out a surging storm of sharp winds. Paildramon began to brace himself, but a quick glance to the side caused him to take a great leap and get sliced up a bit by the bladed winds aiming towards Chloe and Sami. He was sent flying backwards, and would have crashed into his partners, but he dug his nails and pierced the ground with his wrist spears and managed to slide to a stop. Several gashes were strewn about his armor, and deep cuts exposed the data of his unarmored parts.

                  "Chloe, he isn't planning on giving up yet," He admitted. "I'm gonna have to hit him at full strength. And Sam, hold on just a bit longer. I'll finish this guy soon enough!"

                  "It's Sami..." She replied, faltering for a second, but remaining standing. Paildramon pretended not to hear the girl and threw himself forward. He came just within a few feet within Kyukimon until he began to spin around once more.

                  "That attack's gotten really old!" He shouted, not wanting to take another one of those hits. "Wire Punch!" He shouted, extending his fingers to reveal ten red, long cords that wrapped around the Kyukimon's shoulders and halted his rotation. "Try spinning around now, jerk!" He lifted the Kyukimon up into the air, then slammed him into the ground. Then he began to retract his wires - with the demon man Digimon still attached. "We offered you a peaceful way out of here, and then we offered you a chance to run away! And this is the price you're going to pay for your insistent villainy! ELEMENTAL BOLT!!!" Energy gathered at the tips of Paildramon's cannons, then sending a stream of electrical energy that blasted through the Kyukimon. The Digimon let out a scream as he returned to small pieces of data and two Digieggs fell to the ground.

                  Paildramon let out a sigh of relief before turning around and giving Chloe and Sami a peace sign. "Don't worry, ladies! Justice has been delivered!"
                • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
                  Ten the Tentomon

                  What a sight to see. Chloe couldn’t believe her eyes as the two digimon began to glow and merge together. The result, well, it was certainly something. It looked like a perfect match of the two species coming together. The blue body of the Flamedramon, while the armor looked green and gave off the whole bug charm. No matter the personality, which had Flamedramon written all over it, the rest of the fight was intense. Perhaps the newly formed digimon had just too much power over the Kyukimon, who also may have been a product of a merger. But they weren’t partners to digidestined, Chloe thought, smiling.

                  After seeing the eggs drop, and the new digimon send out a peace sign, the form disbanded, leaving a Minomon for the result on Ten’s side. The small digimon met Chloe mid-way, hoping the whole length.

                  He snuggled into his partner’s arms. “Did you see that?”

                  “I did,” she said, “you were great.”

                  “Being merged with that other digimon was a bit weird, but it helped. That girl’s plan worked perfectly.”

                  Chloe only nodded, then turned to Sami. She didn’t recall getting her name, but somehow she felt similar to Lucy in a way. Her plan did work, but what to do next was what worried Chloe. The battle was over and she doubt the group would keep sending people. Eventually they’d get the hint.

                  “That was a great plan, uh, Sami, right?” She heard the blue digimon say it a few times, and so she picked that up at least. “What do you plan on doing next?” Chloe didn’t expect her to stay and help the Ogre Bandits clean up the mess.
                • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
                  Vee the Chibimon

                    As Paildramon de-digivolved to Minomon and Chibimon, Vee could only stare at Sami in shock as he froze in fear. He hadn't expected to use up so much energy that his form reverted back to his baby form. The pair only stared at each other while Vee couldn't even form any words; much to Sami's surprise and pleasure. She slowly made her way towards her partner, limping slowly. Her leg was beginning to go numb, and she looked a little pale. She eventually made her way to her partner, as the blue baby Digimon continued to stare as if in some sort of shell shock. Sami had assumed that Vee was only pretending to hide his own secret identity as some sort of childish game. Now she began to realize that the Chibimon had genuinely thought he had his hero persona completely under wraps.

                    "Oh, come on... this is so stupid that it's pathetic..." She muttered under her breath before giving a deep sigh and began to look around. "Hey, Vee. Did you see where that V-Mon guy who fused with Chloe's Digimon went? I thought I saw him around here, but it looked like he flew off to save some other Digimon in need..." She looked up at the sky and pretended to scan the canyon for any sign of another Digimon. Looking up only made her light-headed, and she couldn't point out any specific object. Her questions seemed to snap the Chibimon out of his stupor as he blinked a couple of times before shaking his head.

                    "Oh, yeah, I definitely saw him fly of... uh... that way!" He pointed towards a general area in the sky. He began to climb up Sami's good leg, until she could reach for him and then lift him up on top of her head. She limped back over to Chloe, still chatting with Vee. "...anyways, I had to take a big potty, but I cleaned it up after, so if you go looking around for my potty you won't find it because I did such a good job! Oh, and I might have to go potty again soon, by the way." She mostly ignored this when Chloe began speaking to her.

                    "Yeah, I'm Sami," She answered. "And no, you've never heard this guy call me that," She replied, reaching up and flicking her partner's ear. Vee responded by letting out a yelp of pain and sticking his tongue out at her. "And it wasn't so much as a plan. It would have annoyed Vee to no end if your partner were the one to take him down, and I didn't want to come up and steal the glory if you're protecting your home, is all," She replied. She her leg started to give out as she faltered for a second, her vision getting blurry. She suddenly felt a sudden jerk on her neck as Vee had been thrown off by her staggering and was hanging on by her ponytail. She reached around behind her, grabbed her partner and all but dropped him to the ground. "And... uh... plans? Right now... my plan is to ask if you're a doc..." She collapsed to the ground as she looked down to see her a leg of her pants stained with blood, pouring from the Kyukimon's cutting wind. "Cause right now... I think I'm gonna need one. It's... bleeding a lot more than it hurt..." She collapsed shortly afterward.

                    "Hey, Sam! No fair!" Vee shouted. "You told me that I can't sleep wherever I want, but now you go and do this!?" He poked the girl in the face a couple of times. "Sam?"
                  • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
                    Ten the Tentomon

                    Chloe moved as quickly as she could, while holding Minomon, to catch Sami. Her body was getting heavy, and Chloe could only thing she was losing consciousness. Minomon fell from his partner’s hands and bounced wildly, hastily toward the Ogre building, which Sami confused to be Chloe’s home. After a few minutes of Chloe calling for Sami to wake up, Ogremon came rushing out and lifted the hurt girl up into his arms, carrying her inside the building. Chloe scooped up Minomon and DemiVeemon, running behind Ogremon.

                    “Ogremon, do you know any sort of aid?”

                    “I’m not really an aid kind of digimon, if you haven’t guessed. We might have bandages but we’re just combative digimon.” There were Goblimon and Shamamon running around trying to get their own grasp on things. There was a Goblimon who had a slightly more wild mohawk who had a box in his hands. “I think he got our first aid, if it still is just that.”

                    Chloe threw the box open, seeing only a few bandages and a little spray bottle. It could have been water, or cleaning product. There was a lot of dust in this place. While trying to survey the wound, Chloe could only think about Natalie, her girlfriend. Left back in the Real World, the multi-talented woman was always good in treated wounds. Especially a sad heart. But she wasn’t here and it was this moment that made Chloe withdraw from reality, taken back from the situations at hand. Like the wound, like Majiramon. In her mind, she saw their apartment in the city all neat and clean, unlike this place. Chloe had her desk in the corner of the living room, and Natalie coming out of the bedroom. She looked ready for another busy day in the city’s heavy foot traffic. Maybe it was an interview, audition for a broadway musical or something. Her smile just simply brightening up Chloe’s day, motivating her.

                    “Chloe!” There was a voice that wasn’t Natalie coming from another room, “Chloe!” It was Minomon calling for her, trying to snap his partner back into the reality he shared with her. The Digital World, where Sami needed her right now.

                    “I’m sorry,” Chloe mumbled, a horribly sad frown forming from her mouth. She shook her head and tried to get into what was in the now, the barely stable good. Her hands worked quickly, trying to pull the jeans back a little from the wound and opening the bottle in between. A strong whiff of the liquid contents was useless. For it was odorless, but she still wondered if it was water. Chloe ultimately decided she didn’t have much of a choice right now. Spraying the wound, the blood began to seep away. The bandages weren’t even holding together in spots, but she did her best. It was pulled tight, cut, and tied over the middle of the wound. All fixed up, Chloe knew the next part all too well.

                    “Vee,” she called to the worried filled digimon that traveled with Sami, “Her wound might be covered, but she needs to rest. You should rest. Sleep next to her, we’ll have Ogremon carry her to a room.”

                    That was the night. Ogremon carried Sami to a spare bedroom, the one next to Chloe’s. As the girl with green hair retreated to a bed, Minomon crawled up onto the sheets and snuggled. In the next room, Chloe would never know if Sami even slept or just winced in pain. She worried about Vee, as well.
                  • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
                    Vee the Chibimon

                      Vee was carried off towards the building they were protecting while Ogremon carried off an unconscious Sami. She wasn't walking very good, so maybe she was feeling really tired. Which was strange, since if anyone should be tired, it should have been Vee or Ten. But she seemed to have spilled her drink on her only pair of jeans, so maybe she was feeling really sad about that. Vee always got sad when his food and drinks got spilled, after all. Then Chloe started grabbing a bunch of bandages and stuff and started tending to Sami. He saw a big cut on her leg, but instead of data where was some sort of red gushy stuff flowing out. And her face looked a lot more pale than it usually did and her lips were turning blue. He just assumed that she was cold, though. That one Kyukimon guy made it breezy, after all.

                      "Careful!" Vee felt he had to warn Chloe when she exposed the wound. "Sam gets really upset when you see the spot with the purple polka-dots! I saw it once, and she threw me as far as she could!" He made sure to stay out of the way as Chloe dressed the wound, however. She seemed intently focused on this, so it must have been important to Sami. When she finished, she seemed like she was incredibly tired, even though she was sitting down for most of it. Humans sure were weird. Then she told Vee to let Sami get some rest and rest alongside her. "Well, where else am I gonna sleep?" He asked, hitching a ride with Ogremon to a bedroom. He stood beside Sami as she lay unconscious, though he could tell that she was in pain.

                      "When I get really weak I like to eat a lot of food and then I get a bunch more energy, but you can't eat if you're all sleepy, though, can you?" He asked with a goofy smile. Vee poked Sami's face a couple of times, garnering no reaction. It seemed she was out for the night. Vee jumped off the bed and checked to see if anyone else was nearby before giving a warm smile. "But you did a real good job today, Sami! I got to be a hero and help all of these su~uper nice people! Plus, even though it felt all funny, evolving with another Digimon felt really cool! I've never been a perfect stage Digimon before, but I sure do hope I can do it on my own..." His thoughts made him trail off for a second. "That was silly! I'm not alone anymore! I've got you now! And you make me feel so much stronger!" He jumped onto the bed, plopping down beside the girl.

                      "But you shouldn't always hang around while I fight the bad guys, Sami. Even though you help me get su~uper strong, you get hurt easily! So just leave all the getting hit by the bad guys stuff to me, okay? I'm a lot tougher than I look, after all! I think I'm still stronger as Fladramon, but I've even got this cool bigger dragon form that I can become all on my own! So look after yourself, okay, Sami?" He rested his head on her side, comforted by her warmth and the stead motion of her breathing. "You should hurry up and get better, okay? You can't be a hero like I am when you're hurt like this, after all. You can't transform like I can, so you gotta get better so you can go back to being Sam again. I'll stay awake for a while longer and make sure you sleep good!" Vee was only able to stay up half the night, though.
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                    • Chloe Webber Purity Tracker
                      Ten the Tentomon

                      The next day came what felt like early. Chloe struggled to sit up, stretched, and yawned. Her hair was a mess, wild and out of control. Minomon was barely awake lying next to her, the digimon stayed up a little extra late to make sure Chloe could sleep. There was nothing he could do, but watching his partner drift off to sleep was almost as sad as seeing Sami hurt. They both had something on their mind, the thing Lucy’s Coredramon said. He didn’t know what happened to the human partners, and neither did they. Sami was bleeding, but Chloe had mumbled something about staying in the Digital World for a long amount of time. She theorized that within time when humans stayed in the Digital World long enough, their makeup would become data. Like loaded on a server, which she thought of the Digital World as.

                      Ten told her he didn’t know, and that was because he truly didn’t. There was nothing heard coming from the other room, but the walls were made thick with metal due to Ogremon’s snoring. There was nothing more for them to do, and Ten had other friends that were always on his mind. His newest discovery, the new evolution was rare, felt powerful.

                      “Do you really want to leave without saying goodbye to Sami?” Ten asked, bumping his partner’s leg. He was confident he was almost able to digivolve back into Tentomon.

                      In fact, he nibbled some more of the food the Shamamon brought in this morning. Some kind of snack from a different caravan they robbed months ago, holding human snacks, and some chunks of meats that they told her grew up from the ground. At last, he turned into Tentomon.

                      “It isn’t that I want to but she needs her rest, and we have an oversized dragon that has stayed too long at your home.”

                      Ogremon walked into her room, looking down at the ground. “One of my men said they heard you were leaving. Are you sure?”

                      “Yes. Tell Sami that I wish her the best, that I wish for a speedy recovery.” She pocketed her digivice and tucked the crest necklace into her shirt. There was an uneasy silence in the room. Chloe turned to Ogremon and smiled, relieving that tense feeling that also creeped up. “You’ve been great to us, Ogremon. We couldn’t have kept save between the fights without you and your goblin’s hospitality.”

                      The green adult digimon reached one of his hands behind his head and scratched the back of it. His smile was hidden behind his wide gaping mouth. “You did all of the work, Chloe. You stepped in with Dinohumon, then again with the second group. If it wasn’t for you, they’d have jogressed and deleted us all.” The Ogremon extended a hand. “You’re a hero, Chloe. You and that small girl and the girl in the next room. Please don’t be a stranger and call upon the Ogre Bandits if you ever need something.”

                      Chloe stopped at the door to Sami’s room, laying a gentle and sorrowful hand over it. She was sure to see Sami again, in better health, because she was sure that her heroic little guy would make his way to take down a villain that was around soon enough. If not soon, eventually. Chloe recalled her hand. Tentomon trailed behind her and nodded, as if for Veemon and the hope to meet them again.

                      “Goodbye Sami,” Chloe said. She left the girl’s door alone from that point forward and was nearly in tears saying goodbye to the friendly Goblimon and Shamamon. Behind her as she walked away from the Ogre Bandit hideout was Ogremon waving with his crew.
                    • Sami Raines Courage Plotter Tracker
                      Vee the Chibimon

                        The next morning, Sami opened her eyes to an unfamiliar setting, with Vee resting peacefully on her side. She thought about what had happened the day before, the battle, the injury... she couldn't remember much else. But someone had tended to her wounds, from the looks of it. Right now, Sami only really knew one thing.

                        "I'm... hungry," She muttered, gingerly scooping up the sleeping Chibimon and limping out of the room. She eventually found a passing Shamamon, who insisted that she return to her bed and rest her leg. She simply ignored him and moved on. Eventually she found Ogremon, who had informed her of the events that transpired after she collapsed. Sami was disappointed that she couldn't thank Chloe, but from what she heard from Ogremon, she had her own mission to fulfill. Vee woke up soon after, and after making sure Sami was okay the pair feasted on groundmeat and a bag of potato chips that the various Digimon insisted fell off a Trailmon. Sami had an idea of what kind of life these Digimon lived, judging by all the mis-matched decorations, but Vee seemed completely fooled. Which was fortunate, because she wasn't quite sure how Vee would react if he knew he was dining with crooks.

                        Despite the methods they used to obtain what's theirs, the goblin Digimon all seemed genuinely grateful that Sami and Vee just happened to be passing by. Vee kept insisting that it was the mysterious hero V-Mon that did the work, and thankfully they were willing to play along. Ogremon told Sami that she and Vee could stay a little bit longer, but the girl wanted to get a move on. According to Ogremon, Neon City wasn't too far off, though Sami was concerned about her leg. Strangely enough, that was when Vee vanished to go water some flowers and the V-Mon arrived to aid her.

                        "No need to worry about transportation, Sam!" He replied, his fists clenched and arms at his side to focus his energy. "V-Mon... Evolution!" A burst of data erupted from within his body as a much larger, almost tyrannosaurus-looking creature stood in front of her. "V-Dramon!" He shouted, holding up a peace sign. "I don't exactly come with a saddle, but I can carry you the rest of the way! Just... let me rest every now and then, okay?"

                        And that was how the tale of Sami and Vee's journey in the canyon ended. They had stopped to ask for directions only to get involved in a dispute among bandit groups. Sami's partner Digimon bonded with a traveler's partner Digimon and became a gun-toting dragon-insect thing that made short work of the evil bandits. Sami collapsed to the injuries caused by a freaking mythical weasel, and then she left the canyon on the back of a dinosaur.

                        All-in-all, not a bad time.