The Meaning of Strength

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    Kenta the Kotemon

      File City certainly seemed much more... lively than he last remembered. Granted, he hadn't been to File City for several months, not since he first started out on his journey with the Kotemon that dragged him all around the island in search of training. But, it was about time that the pair returned to civilization. As a result of his strenuous training with his Digimon partner, something of Michael's had finally given out.

      His only shirt that he had worn for several months had already been forming holes, but being slashed across the back by a BladeKuwagamon (incidentally leaving a long scar across his back) didn't help. Michael had attempted to sew it up himself, but even that temporary fix had resulted in his favorite shirt being torn to shreds. He felt ridiculous and exposed as he walked into town without wearing a shirt, but recent changes to his body seemed to change his opinion as of late. He had always been something of a scrawny nerd, but his time in the Digital World and performing all sorts of physical feats had developed his body into something respectably muscular.

      He certainly had a long way to go before he became the buff man in his daydreams, but the formerly skin-and-bones young man now had signs of lean muscle to them. While being shirtless was still certainly embarrassing for him, Michael didn't mind the body he was developing after coming to this world.

      Granted, it seemed the current set of circumstances didn't care whether the human was shirtless or not. In fact, it looked like practical chaos in the street. Digimon were arguing, struggling, fighting, looting, and crying all over the streets.

      Michael had never been one for crowds, and he could feel his anxiety kick in immediately at all the noise, yet the threat of danger didn't seem to bother him as much. He looked down towards his partner, Kenta. The Kotemon simply stared off at the scene before them, his glowing yellow eyes giving no indication of his thoughts on the state of affairs.

      "Things seem dangerous, Michael Walker," He stated, his way of giving the human a warning, keeping his gaze on the scene in front of them. "Is this quest of yours worth risking your life for?" Michael paused for a long moment. He certainly wasn't a hero, and while he definitely considered that the duo was powerful, he doubted he could quell a city-wide riot in a world full of Digimon. Yet it wasn't like he could just ignore this, either. He gripped his crest tag and Digivice in thought. Kenta turned and nodded his approval, as if knowing Michael's decision before he even made it.

      Michael and Kenta, by most accounts, strong. But unlike Kenta, who only ever seemed to want to become stronger for the sake of being better, Michael had been pondering what to do with the strength the pair had obtained. He had never been a proactive person in his life, so he wasn't sure what to do. He looked at his cards he had gathered. All of them were defensive in nature. Was there a meaning in that? Did he obtain strength to defend himself, or to defend Kenta, or to defend... anyone?

      Ultimately there was only one way to find out.

      "Kenta," Michael finally spoke out. "We should just carry about our business," He pointed further down the street, where a belligerent-looking Musyamon had its sword drawn at a Goblimon cowering in fear. "Perhaps we should ask that Digimon for directions, though."

      Without another word, Kenta dashed forward, his data shifting into a taller, human-lizard hybrid with a large blade of his own. The Musyamon swing its sword down, and Kenta, now a Dinohumon, slid in at the last second with his own blade and parried the strike while the Goblimon took off running into an alley.

      "Excuse me, sir Musyamon of Attempted Child-Slaying, but would you perhaps know where the nearest tailor is located, would you?"
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      Tanya the Terriermon

        The chaos was just exploding in front of her. Veronika and Tanya had been browsing the shelves at File City, and even though they remained at odds with each other still, the duo was just minding their own business. That is, until this whole mess started. Ogremon were attacking innocent Digimon, or anyone who was even looking at them funny really, and the chaos was everywhere. To assure each other that the other was fine, Veronika and Tanya reunited quickly and assumed the task of finding a place to hide.

        Veronika found herself trying to hide her face with her hat, but it was to no avail. The teen found herself already being surrounded by angry Digimon, an Ogremon, as well as a couple angry Vegiemon were all surrounding the young teen in hopes outnumbering Veronika and the Terriermon. The young woman's golden amber eyes squinted as she let out a snarl. Tanya did the same, but the Digimon's back hairs were on ends, and a growl was emitting in the back of the once so very friendly Terriermon's throat.

        This was bad.

        Tanya had yet to prove she was capable of Digivolving past the Rookie stage, and the two of them were being surrounded by Champion level Digimon. "Tanya..." Veronika whispered instinctively, not entirely expecting a response from her enraged partner. The teen couldn't bring herself to say anything else, instead opting to keep herself quiet. She prayed that her partner would refrain from doing anything stupid, but seeing as these Digimon had every intention of causing harm, basically any decision they could have made at this point was a bad one. Before Veronika could even react, the Terriermon began spinning around, spinning her ears in the same direction. "Tanya wait-!"
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          The city was starting to fall apart. Ezra knew that things had been becoming tense the past few days, but he hadn't dreamed that things were going to get this far out of hand. He figured that things would get more peaceful with what was essentially a police force around, but it seemed like certain elements opposed this enough that they'd throw the whole city into disarray.

          He concentrated on the travesty happening around the corner. He knew that there was a small digimon in trouble over there, and he was listening in, seeing if he could find an opportune time for the larger one to drop its guard so he could try to slip the little one away to safety. It didn't seem like he was going to get the chance, but his confidence for taking on a larger aggressive monster was waning. He tried to convince himself that he could handle it, and there was someone in danger who needed help, but... he was freezing for some reason. The stress of the situation was throwing him off, and he just couldn't put together the courage he needed to just launch himself in.

          Ezra closed his eyes when he saw the blade coming down, gripping the edge of the building, trying to get himself to move, but then he saw the Dinohumon step in and block the blow for the Goblimon, who quickly took the opportunity to run out past him and flee down the alley. Ezra gave a sigh of relief at seeing the young digimon saved, and berated himself for not acting faster before returning his attention to the fight that had just started in the street.

          The new arrival was still blade to blade with the Musyamon and was bantering at it about... tailors? Ezra's eyes lit up at this, and he shouted out excitedly without thinking "I can help with that!" before thinking better and covering his mouth. He grabbed his D-Scanner "Uhm! Beast spirit evolution!" he shouted, swiping it over his hand and quickly shifting forms into Firamon. Now that he was revealed, he may as well assist the good samaritan, so he dove at the Musyamon from the side with his fiery claws.
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          Grigori the Guilmon

            "Sooo... What do you do for fun?"


            "You know! For fun!"

            "I... I game. Sometimes."


            "Yeah. Like, I play video games."

            "What's a video game?"

            "Considering your claws, I guess I shouldn't be surprised."

            "What's that supposed to mean?"

            "Hahaha-You'd break the controller!"

            "What controller?"

            "Uhh... The controller used to play the game."

            "So is it like a game, but digital game?"

            "Yeah. Something like that."

            It was still a bit strange being here, not at the college, and being followed around by a dinosaur. But at least he wasn't alone. The gist of what Jason got from the explanation is that if the two of them got stronger together... It may be possible for him to return home. That was all he'd been told, really. Talk about vague. Well, he'd been a college student before all this... Jason was no stranger to putting his nose to the grindstone regardless of stresses or circumstances, right? He could do this. Could the Guilmon that he'd called "Grigori" do it? He wasn't sure. They'd have to find out. The duo had spent some time learning to get along and fight as a team, and had decided to return to File City, which was close to where they had originally met, to get some proper rest and relaxation.

            As they neared the outskirts and could see the city below though, what they saw below horrified them both.

            “W-what the?!” Jason cried out as he would stare out at the scene below... “Grigori, we need to get down there!”

            The two would nod at one another and begin to take off at a run down the hill toward the city... Intent to stopping this madness if they could.
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            Kenta the Kotemon

              Michael heard someone shout from around the corner, though he couldn't quite catch what was said in the heat of the moment. However, a four-legged beast of all kinds of warm colors erupted from around the corner, dashing into the action with fiery claws. Kenta noticed the latter scene, glancing over to Michael for confirmation. Michael nodded, and then the Dinohumon pushed forward in his stalemate with the Musyamon.

              "I hope you find me a thoroughly distracting opponent, Musyamon of the Unsuspecting Ambush Victim!" Kenta cried out. The Musyamon blinked in confusion for a couple of seconds, twitching as if it was suddenly aware of the Firamon's approach. It pushed the Dinohumon away, spinning around to deal with the new threat. It wasn't fast enough, however, as it was struck by the Beast Spirit's flaming claws. It roared out in pain as it reeled back from the attack, but Kenta stood in the way of its path, gripping his large blade in hand.

              "I am unfamiliar with your appearance, um..." He took a moment to ponder over the sudden appearance of the newcomer. "Firamon of the... erm... Blazing... Talons... but your arrival is most welcome!" He stood opposite of the other Digimon, not making an attack on the injured Musyamon, but instead waiting for an opening to land a decisive blow.

              Michael used the opportunity to look around the street and see if there were any more dangers approaching. If one Digimon suddenly arrived to help, then that meant an enemy arrival could be just as likely. Off in the distance, he saw a human approaching with a red dinosaur in tow. He hoped another human's arrival wouldn't make things more complicated. After all, you'd have to be an idiot to approach this mess of a city. Michael sighed at his own hypocrisy, then taking notice of a child and what he assumed was her small Digimon companion being surrounded by an Ogremon and a couple of Veggiemon. He had known that there were younger humans in this world, but no child should be exposed to this kind of situation. But he looked over to Kenta and the Firamon. If he ordered Kenta to help, then it might expose one of them to Musyamon's attack. His best bet would be to ask the four-legged Firamon to go to their aide, but attempting to explain the situation might take too long or distract the Digimon. He gripped his Digivice, pulling out his cards, and took a deep breath as he turned around to go to their aide himself.

              "Sticky Web Activate!" He shouted for no particular reason, slashing his card through his Digivice as it shot out a large spiderweb at flew at one of the smaller and weaker-looking Veggiemon, hopefully able to ensnare him enough to give the child and her Digimon an opening to escape. He ran over to her, wondering what kind of impression the young man would make on the girl, torso fully exposed save for the crest tag hanging around his neck. He wanted to say something to comfort her but drew a blank. But it would be even stranger if he just stared at her in silence, though. He had to think of something, be it a quote from an old movie or something!

              "Come with me if you want to live!" He finally spoke out in a panicked and cracked voice, mentally slapping himself across the face for saying such a thing.