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      " head hurts sparkle..."

      The female lucemon variant mumbled while rubbing the back of her head. She notices something soft and purple beside her. Picking up the unknown object, she got a close look at it: a purple bunny doll.

      "Oh....! Titus sparkle!!!" Liliummon cried out before hugging the doll tightly. "I'm so glad you're all right!!!"

      At that moment, Liliummon remembered something...her dolls....her castle....socerermon! It's all coming clear to her now! She was attacked by Prince Mamemon and his goons and all because she refused to marry that mutant prince!

      Panicking, the small child flies up in hopes of seeing her castle in the horizon, only to hit her head onto one of the high branches before falling back down. Landing on her rear, the child cried out in pain before picking up her beloved Titus.

      "What am I going to do now........not...sparkle...?"
    • Victor Caine Hope Plotter Tracker
      Usara the Sistermon Blanc

        Victor and Usara had been camping once again. The young Sistermon didn't know why her human partner insisted on staying in the wild all of the time. He certainly seemed to enjoy being around people, so much so that he would act like a much different person when around them. He would smile a whole lot more, and laugh along with them, not to mention make jokes. It made her happy to seem him act that way, and she wished they could stick around other humans more often just for that reason. He was always a little more distant when the two of them were alone.

        It's not like he seemed unhappy or anything, though. But he always had a serious expression on his face, and it was like he was always observing his surroundings as if he was always making sure to protect her, despite the fact that she was the Digimon. And, like how Victor always insisted on being the one to always set up and clean up their little campsites, she wished that he would rely on her just a little bit more. She was the one native to the Digital World, after all! He had gotten finished gathering some food from the nearby trees, and had begun to cook them over a fire. She couldn't help but stare idly as he seemed to do everything. He seemed to take notice of this, and spoke up.

        "We should perhaps try to find a pot the next time we enter a city," Victor noted out loud. "We could make some a stew instead of roasting whatever we happen to find. Make sure to remind me the next time we're in File City, okay?" Usara nodded, her body sitting up straight. He finally wanted her to do something for him! Which was... remind him of something... that he would probably remember himself.

        "Victor... you shouldn't bestow such inane tasks just because you pity me!" Usara chided. "We both know you'll be able to remember yourself, so..." Something just barely caught her attention. Some sort of motion and rustling in the trees. She couldn't only just barely hear it, and since her senses were much sharper than Victors, she knew the human wouldn't be able to hear it. Yet he seemed to read something on her face.

        "Do you sense something?" He asked, his voice intensifying. He reached for the Digivice at his side. She nodded and waved her hand to gesture him to calm down.

        "Yes, but it's the sound of someone nearby..." She commented. "I don't hear anything else, so it's possible that they might be alone."

        "This forest isn't difficult to navigate," Victor noted. "It's unlikely that they're lost. It's possible that we might be encroaching on another Digimon's territory. We should pack up and move along, then."

        "If that's the case, then we should talk to them!" Usara stated, standing up and grabbing her trident. "Please wait here! I'll go talk to them and then we can relax for the day instead of traveling some more!" She took off running towards the direction of the sound, despite hearing her partner's protests behind her.

        She expected some mean and nasty-looking Digimon, but instead, what the Sistermon Blanc discovered was a single child-stage Digimon. Like the Sistermon, this Digimon also looked like a human, though this one looked far younger.

        "Umm... Excuse me... But are you okay? We heard some tumbling off in the distance." She kept her trident lowered to be as non-aggressive as possible, giving the Digimon a welcoming smile.
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          "Ouch, not Sparkle!"

          Liliummon groans in pain before getting up and rubbing her sore behind. In the process, she dusts herself and her stuffed bunny which was soiled with dirt. If there was anything she hated more than being lost was to be dirty and lost! This is not acceptable at all!

          "Oh, I hate this place, not sparkle!!" She cries out. "I want to leave this area not sparkle!!!"

          Crying out to the heavens, Liliummon stomps onto the ground in frustration while flailing her arms around like a child having a tantrum for not getting the toy they wanted.

          Trying to calm herself down, she takes a look at her surroundings before glancing down at her right arm. She raises it and points it to the far horizon, forming a crystallized lotus looking blade. Sadly, the weight of the crystal arm blade that also covered her hand was too heavy for her to bare.

          "Ouch Ouch not sparkle!!!" She cries as she drops the weight of her heavy arm onto the ground. The blade soon dissipates the moment the small princess heard rustling in the bushes. Standing up right, and startled she holds her doll up, ready for battle!

          "Ok...titus...please protect me..." She whimpered before seeing Usara walk in and asked if she was all right. Puzzled, the small lucemon variant lowers her doll before approaching Usara.

          "Oh, you're so cute sparkle!!" She blushes before running over to her. "I'm fine thank you for asking sparkle! You saved my life sparkle!" Lilliummon hugs Usara, nuzzling onto the Sistermon.
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          Usara the Sistermon Blanc

            The crying Digimon suddenly jumped out towards the Sistermon, charging towards Usara with her arms out. So it was an enemy after all? She readied to defend herself, but she froze up as she wasn't expecting any aggression from the childish-looking Digimon. She wasn't able to avoid the Lucemon's... hug. Usara laughed nervously as she patted her on the head.

            "There, there... It's going to be alright," The Sistermon Blanc comforted. At this point she heard a rustling in the bushes. Usara was worried about another threat for a second, but was relieved when Victor appeared, his breathing a little labored. It seemed like he ran straight after her. "Don't worry, Victor! I'm fine, and it looks like I made a new friend!"

            "Indeed it does..." He replied, keeping his distance while giving the creature a long stare. "Then this would be another..." His eyes moved over towards the rabbit doll. "Humanoid Digimon, correct?" Victor grasped his Digivice, hiding it behind his back. It seemed like he was being cautious of the new creature, though Usara thought perhaps it was only to protect her. He didn't seem to be making any more moves like giving her a power-up or anything. Instead, he nodded towards Usara as if gesturing her to continue.

            "My name is Usara, and this is my partner, Victor," Usara greeted, pulling back a little so she could make eye contact with the friendly Digimon. "And you said that I saved your life, right? Does that mean you're in danger?"
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            Grigori the Guilmon

              A fair bit before he would meet the Digimon again along with Ezra (According to thread dates), Jason had been spending time with Grigori, trying to do his best to get to know the Guilmon and learn how they could best work together. There was a reason they had been put together... It was up to him to figure out that reason, and figure out how to best get home. He wasn't sure how exactly he would pull this off, but all they could do is travel together and train until they found the answer.

              Liliummon's temper tantrum had caught his attention, and both Jason and Grigori would tense up when they heard it. Was it an attacker? They would both proceed cautiously as they would make their way toward the source of the noise, peering from behind a surface in time to see the source of it being confronted by another human and his Digimon. Something about saving one's life. Jason and Grigori would silently nod toward one another before walking out of hiding...

              "Is everything alright here?" Jason would inquire. His curiousity had gotten the better of him, despite originally thinking of just leaving. It was best to make sure, he supposed.
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              Arcadiamon (rookie)

                Taking a deep breath of fresh air, Arc let it out with a small sigh. He had heard much about the forest region surrounding File City and he had to admit, it was quite pleasant. Relatively quiet, good weather, far less crowded and cramped then the city. It was nice, though not as nice as the forest with the mighty trees where he had been "reborn", but good enough to where he could physically feel his body relax. Really, had he not become so accustomed to living within File City's urban environment he may have been tempted to remain out here. As he went to kneel by a river to drink from it, he heard a commotion off to his side. Looking in the direction of the noise and narrowing his eyes, he jumped up onto a tree and began to jump from tree to tree.

                So much for a nice and quiet...what was it the Butcher called it? "Vay-cay-tion"? He thought to himself as the noise got closer and closer. Once several figures come into sight he came to a stop, staying up at the top of the tree in case they were hostile.

                The first two that caught his attention were the two beings called, least if he remember correctly "humans". He had seen a few in the distance while working at the butcher's shop, but never this close. They were strange looking. Looking away from them the next one he quickly confirmed was a Guilmon. He knew one that frequented the butcher's shop, he liked him. the next one took a moment to come to mind but he remember soon enough, a Sistermon. He'd heard some pleasant and not so pleasant things about them, though that depended on what part of the city he was in at the time. The last digimon stumped him however, similar in appearance to some human children with a fancy dress and wings, this was a digimon he had not seen before in the city.

                As they all talked he remained silent and watched, one part out of curiosity in how they'd interact, the other part out of concern they may not be as friendly to him as they were to each other.