Event The Divide • Infiltrate the lost City of Arpa

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  1. Mount Infinity, a mountain that existed since the beginning of this world and and pierces the heaven with it's peak. Around it, as well as inside it, many civilizations had been born and had fell as soon as they were created, yet the mountain remained unchanging. So many changes had happened, until the present day. Digimons had abandoned the depths of Mt Infinity, moving to other regions, building cities and thriving on their own. The mountain had been relegated as a sightseeing spot of sort, or a natural habitat for some digital species that already lived there.

    Deep in the mountain, lying underneath it to be more precise, remained traces of a lost civilization. The City of Arpa, said to have been covered with many ores and crystals, brimming with Chrome Digizoid like none other region. It was said to have been the capital of this ancient society. But now? It laid in ruins. The houses were destroyed, the crystal that served as some sort of sun was shattered and no traces remained of these glorious ores and chrome digizoid that were abundant at the time. It was a ghost of the cultures of the past, where only few knew about its existence and even fewer stepped onto these lands.

    That is, until today. A Squadron of the Digital Dawn had recently discovered that, since the events of the portal on Mt Panorama, the organization known as "Tide" had made a base of operation in this once glorious city. What they were doing was a mystery to everyone, and thus a team was dispatched to find out what they were doing. Led by Commander Leomon, the team comprised mostly of PawnChessmons Black, two Tsukaimons, two Monitamons, four Monimons, one Hagurumon, an Erismon and a Dokunemon. An odd team, to say the least, but most of them specialized in these types of mission. Plus, they had recruited some external aid, to ensure they had fighting power if necessary.

    At the base of the mountain, near the entrance to the tunnel, the squadron awaited. Leomon, wearing a brown-colored cape over his shoulder with a hood that was currently pulled back, had his eyes closed as he was leaning against the natural wall that was the mountain. Before him, the team was finishing their preparations while one of the Tsukaimons was flying overhead, serving as a scout.

    Leomon: "Any signs of the additional troops, Tsukai?"

    Tsukai: "No sir! No enemy in sights either. I do hope they arrive soon."

    Leomon: "Well, if they're not here soon, we'll need to commence the operation without them. Come down here, finish your preparations. We're going in in 8 minutes."

    Tsukaimon nodded as he slowly dropped back to ground level and proceeded to helping the others finish everything. Leomon opened his eyes and watched the forest, hoping to see the allies appear soon.

    Sub-Event 2 • Infiltrate Arpa

    The preparations will soon be completed. Are you all ready to infiltrate the enemy?​
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  2. Varius Love Plotter

    It wasn't even all that long ago, or at least it didn't feel very long ago -- certainly, the memories were still vividly fresh -- that he'd been beneath one of the larger mountains of File Island. If he were to be honest, he did not, by any stretch, want such clear recollections... but perhaps, until all of this somehow ended, he'd not be rid of them.

    That much didn't matter, besides; he had things to do here, after all. With even more numbers this time, it seemed.

    So, without much more to it, the Lekismon landed lightly on the ground near the group from one of the large leaps that were his prime mode of distance travel. Allowing himself a small, calm breath, he idly glanced around those that were here before his eyes, ultimately, fell on the Leomon; the leader of this operation here, he presumed. "I guess... we're probably still waiting on some others?" Varius asked. "Everyone has an idea of about what to expect... right?" he asked in turn, wearing a rather neutral expression for the moment, though it hardly covered what was going on under the surface.
  3. Kiyoshi Nakahara Friendship
    Solare the Vobomon

      The small rock wyvern swooped down at Kiyoshi's feet, landing onto the ground with a THUD and began brushing off dirt from his chest. The young male looked down at the digimon, crooking an eyebrow in question. His sweater was tied around his waste due to the sweat the long treck had built up.

      "Annddd we're almost there! See? That wasn't so long!" The dragon chirped, hopping back and forth. Kiyoshi shook his head, before making a hush gesture. "Shush, someone might hear you." Caution filled his voice, an aburpt change to the yelling he made when he first saw his partner. He glanced around, before making a quick rush. He had enough rest from the trip now, and iv they weren't far from thr camp a burst of speed was all it took.

      "W-wait, don't just leave!" The dragon yipped, running on all fours after his partner in an attempt to catch up. Once he did, he almost ran into his leg as he skitted to a halt. The digimon were the first to catch an eye, followed by the sight of a rather large Pinup Rabbit that didn't seem to fit in with the group of Digimon present, leading to the assumption that they must've been called in along with the duo.

      "Did not everyone make it?" Kiyoshi spoke in a slight broken english, his tone exhausted and spent from the run he just made, but it was understandable at the least. His head tilted to his side, and a hand was placed on his hip. The Vobomon peered out from behind the male, tail wagging in excitement. "Wow! This is so cool! So you're the Digital Dawn?" He looked around as if he hadn't seen these types of digimon before, despite simply seeing them in a new light. Level mattered not; rank did. Quite frankly, Kiyoshi didn't fully understand why the dragon was so excited over this.

      Kiyoshi moved to grab the dragon, making sure he didn't inevitably run off. "I have full confidence in the team, but will this be enough if more do not show up?" His eyes squinted, before looking over to the Lekismon. He nodded, eyes becoming less cold and a more serious expression crossing it. "I certainly do, so does Solare, even if he's not very good at expressing it."
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    • Roy Alistair Faithfulness
      Kame the Kamemon

        Ping... Ping... Ping...

        Somewhere within the murky realm of the Dark Ocean, there was a small flicker of light as a pair of figures slowly made their way along one of the many broken pathways that decorated the realm. One much smaller than the other being a lone Kamemon, the taller of the two was a young man in all blue, holding a D-Terminal in one hand and a similar blue Xros Loader in the other hand...

        Ping... Ping... Ping...

        The D-Terminal had picked up on some sort of signal in this last week or so and he had been following it ever since. It was the only real thing that gave him hope, a chance to possibly escape this dark and dismal world. He remembered all too well diving into the world to try and save some young girl he heard calling out from the other side... and then somewhere along the way he got lost while trying to find her. He remembered a small party alongside him who went in as well to find her, but he found no trace of them. No messages, no shouts from them to find him... just gone. And because of that, Roy feared the worst. Either they were deleted by the denizens of the Dark Ocean... or they left him here.

        Ping! Ping! Ping!

        The radar intensified, catching Roy's attention as he glanced forward. The path had started to take a dip into the murky waters that made up a good portion of this realm and the signal seemed to point in the direction of these waves. He turned to look at his partner with a faint glimmer of hope in his dull blue eyes, smiling a bit before both started to move again and quietly dove into the waters. The little Kamemon made sure Roy could hold onto his shell before starting to move, helping to propel them through the murky waters to hopefully find a way out from this nightmare realm...
      • Darius Sung Friendship Tracker
        Darla the DORUmon

          As Darius trekked toward to the Mount Infinity, he felt lingering nostalgia reminiscing the time he stumbled here. He had been in a bad place. He shuddered inwardly recollecting that he almost killed a human like he was some wild animal. It was a relief that the girl’s digimon was there that stop him or else he wasn’t so sure he would recover from the aftermath. It did hurt alright, but it was only fair since it contributed to knocking some sense back to him.

          Suddenly, he winced when he felt a hard poke on his side and looked at her hard. “Darla, what was that for?” he grumbled. His partner pouted her eyes in defiance, but instead of bickering like he expected, her eyes softened and explained herself calmly. “You looked dazed. It seemed like you worrying over something unnecessary again. Was I right?” Darla asked, cocking her head to the side.

          Darius widened his eyes in mild surprise at how open his emotions seemed to be to her. Someone did say that children were perceptive to other’s feelings and emotions more than most adults were. But she was digimon that was apparently in a child-like form so maybe that wasn’t the case. He ruffled Darla’s silver locks, causing her to glare and fix her messy hair afterward. “You got me there. Yeah, you’re right. Thanks,” he said with a small smile. Although she didn’t know the reason, she was right. He was worrying over nothing. The past was the past. Darla wasn’t gone anymore. She was reincarnated and back to his side when she should be.

          From the distance, Darius caught a glimpse of a group waiting at the base of the mountain and power walked toward their awaited destination. He glanced at the imposing figure wearing a hooded cape and guessed that Leomon must be the leader of their infiltration mission. “Darius and Darla reporting for duty,” he greeted the digimon politely. Darla piped up by giving a high salute and flashed a wide grin. Darius gave a bemused smile in amusement at how adorable she looked and at her antics. He stood close to the others with Darla to his side, awaiting instructions.