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    Demi Devimon the Demi Devimon


      Many many years ago, the digital world was in danger. Known to many within the digital world as the Seven Demon Lords. These powerful Digimon rose up in an attempt to take over. Their cruelty and destruction knew no limits and they had their eyes set upon concurring the rest of the Digital World. Not willing to stand by and let that happen, a group of powerful digimon rose up to face the evil.

      The adventures of these eight digimon where great, they laughed, they joked, they cried and they experienced loss. Through it all they eventually triumphed defeating and sealing away almost all of the demon lords. After battling and sealing away Lucemon, the strongest of the demon lords. This action took all the power these digimon had, faltering and vanishing from the world. Though they had technically won, they had failed to defeat all seven. Lilithmon had escaped, weakened from the battle she had managed to flee before being sealed thanks to Lucemons intervention. Peace returned to the islands. Though Lillithmon would not be gone for good. Within the past three months her activity has spiked. Gathering power, finding humans to taint, to take for their unique power to awaken her demon brethren once more.

      Do you want to get in on the action? Do you want to help protect the digital world? Well you can!!

      The rules for this are simple. No digidestined can share the same Digivice and Crest. You may have a different digivice and the same crest or vice versa. Thats it. How you wish to join, how you wish to go about it is up to you. Solo Digimon welcome.

      1. Tai Macnab [Tamer/D-Power/Crest of Purity]
      2. Ominious Devidramon [Solo Digimon/Crested/Love]
      3. Ivan Black [Tamer/D-Power/Crest of Friendship]
      4. Name
      5. Name
      6. Name
      7. Name
      8. Name

      Digidestined Synopsis [Thier Story so far]



      Tai has recently arrived in the digital world, fate has been cruel. He has found himself at the mercy of Lillithmon. Being united with Demi-Devimon, his digivice gained power and appeared in his pocket while doing so sharing memories of Demi-Devimons memories and abilities.. This allowed him to see his digimons powers and digivoloution to Devidramon alas Demi-Devimon could not digivolve and both were captured by Devimon. Having been brainwashed by Vademon and Devimon they are now the puppets of Lilithmon
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    • Ominous Devidramon Love Plotter
      Ominous the Devidramon

        Crested Digimon: Devidramon
        Crest: Love

        I would like to join this RP plot of yours. Sounds like fun. However my character is currently in the real world. So getting back to the digital world may take time.
      • Tai Purity
        Demi Devimon the Demi Devimon

          Welcome ^.^ Well by all means take your time, anything that you feel is plot related just message me.link me your topics so i can put summaries for others to read as the plots evolve and intertwine. Welcome Ominious Devidramon :D
        • Ivan Black Friendship
          Diablo the Impmon

            Name: Ivan Black
            Crest:Friendship (has yet to be earned)
            Digivice: D-ark (tamers)
            Partner: Diablo the Impmon
            Top level: Champion
            Brief history: Being born as the male half of a set of twins in New York City Ivan has always been the athletic sort, loving free running,climbing,kick boxing and soccer. During his sister Sabrina's entire life she had been stricken with cancer and so as a way to comfort her and spend time with her he bought them the digital world VR game experience. Before the event that sucked Ivan into the game however she passed away from her sickness leaving him feeling as a failure and closed off from the world.

            Once inside the digital word and meeting Diablo the Impmon Ivan became the stoic and somewhat silent anti-hero willing to do anything to keep his digimon partner alive and happy even if that means destroying other digimon. He is not a bad person, just lost in grief and needs to be retaught what the power of friendship can do. He and Diablo are two fallen and disgraced angels looking to regain their wings.

            (http://forum.shinkarpg.com/members/ivan-black.545/ app link)
          • Tai Purity
            Demi Devimon the Demi Devimon

              Hellooo Ivan. And Welcome. ^.^ When you do something plot related post here and I'll add it in to the summary. I look forward to expanding this plot with you. If you have any suggestions, by all means, fire them at me. Lets make something great.
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            • Ivan Black Friendship
              Diablo the Impmon

                Ivan is currently taking place in the riot mini event in a thread called "doing good work" where he and a couple of his comrads are helping stop the file city riots
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              • Cosmogod Light OOC Purity

                  I want to join! I am officially signed up as Liliummon! May I join? :D I'm a single crested Digimon!
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