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  1. Hyde OOC

      The Analog Works

      What We Do

      On the surface, the Analog Works seem like your average fighting and gambling circuit. Competitors beating each other stupid while spectators gamble on who's going to win. And if gambling on fights isn't too your taste, then there's always cards, roulette, your typical casino fare.

      But beneath that, the Analog Works has a bit of a seedy side. The group partakes in smuggling illegal items around File Island, including drugs. It would be best to say the Analog Works is File Island's crime syndicate.


      File City - The Battle Factory

      A large casino stylized after an industrial complex. The factory doesn't seem to produce anything and is more of an aesthetic, going alongside the glitz and glamour of the casino. Food and bar is provided and while more often than not the fights act as entertainment, they're not opposed to a stage show now and again.

      The sub levels however are where the group's criminal activity take place, acting as storage and production for their illegal smuggling operation. These levels are connected to File City's sewers for a quick and quiet way to smuggle them out.



      Anyone can join the Analog Works if they so wish. However, to become a member you will need backing from an existing member. So if you want in, better get in good with the current membership. The backing member effectively takes responsibility for what you do, until we feel you're trustworthy enough. Don't break that trust.

      General Rules

      -Do not talk about Analog Works (or at least the illegal parts).

      -If you want to take mercenary jobs outside of the group, you're free to. As long as those jobs don't cause any harm to the Analog Works.

      -No rigging the fights to win some extra bits. We may be crooks, but we have integrity.

      -While you're expected to listen to the higher ups, if you have any better ideas, speak up. We like forward thinkers.

      -Never. Betray. The Group. This includes stealing from the group, causing harm to the group, and outright attacking the group. Doing so gets you expelled from the group and blacklisted, which makes you fair game for beatings from members.

      Fight Rules

      -Fights are to be kept even. 1x1, champion versus champion, etc. Even if you're capable of digivolving to higher levels, you must stick to the agreed level.

      -Outside interference will be punished.

      -Unless agreed to, no fight shall be to the death. If your opponent can no longer fight, stop.

      -If a human wishes to fight, they are free to. Just be warned you're susceptible to the same risks.



      -Nicholas Hyde (m) Wesson - Pit Boss

      -Leo Smith (f) Rei and Suto -Casino Manager

      -Evan Watanabe (m) Guilmon -Pit Fighter

      -Taiyo Shindo (m) Keramon - Pit Fighter

      -Takeshi Takano (m) Mordred - Pit Fighter


      -Volgin the Ogremon -Chief Enforcer

      -Ogremon Gang - Enforcers
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    • Hyde OOC

        Note that this is only a base idea. If you have any ideas and suggestions, feel free to throw them out.
      • Darius Sung Friendship Tracker
        Darla the DORUmon

          Do they need a drug dealer/smuggler in their group?
        • Hyde OOC

            We're always working for more hard 'workers' for the Works! ^_^
          • Ominous Devidramon Love Plotter
            Ominous the Devidramon

              Need another pit fighter? Just be warned that devidramon often goes berserk. So having a cage fight and someone or something to subdue his rage would go a long way. I prefer a player or players as that way a bond could build over time. While my devidramon can temporarily control his rage that is solely when a battle begins and just barely at that. However during that temporarily control he seems to be in a state of temporary happiness of his own creation similar to being in state of madness. It is after that false emotion is broken that my devidramon goes berserk in battle. Sorry if this is a bit long but I feel this information is needed to properly join as otherwise issues could arise with my acceptance. Joining this digi crime syndicate and fighting will in the future become how if done correctly my devidramon learns to properly control his rage and no longer go berserk.