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      Setting: Outside of the Ice Sanctuary.
      Notes: It's a party! Feel free to add to whatever there is at the party, though try to keep it within the theme! There's all sorts of fun; food, games, stories, entertainment! I'll pop in at request to NPC, though otherwise, just have fun!

      For one week out of every year, the Traders’ Caravan settles in a quiet area outside of the Ice Sanctuary, and sets up a festival dedicated to the holiday known in the digital world as the Temps de la Joie. Temps de la Joie is a time to celebrate love, laughter, and those that one cares for, not unlike many Winter holidays in the Real World. Tonight, under the stars, is the grand opening ceremony of the festival! Everyone has been invited to the festivities via their D-Terminal, where they will be met with a party filled with fun, games, food, gifts, and all sorts of entertainment!

      Upon arriving to the makeshift village members are greeted at the gate by Frigimon wearing Santa costumes, and the distinct scents of pine and cinnamon are wafting through the air. Many tents and caravans are placed in a circular manner around a large statue of an Ophanimon in front of the Ice Sanctuary, where even those that reside have agreed to host and come out to enjoy the festivities! Candles and glimmering lights are strung between each and every establishment, and a warm fire is situated in front of a makeshift stage.

      The weather surrounding the Caravan village is, as far as the Arctic Region goes, very nice. Freshly fallen snow blankets the ground and the tips of not just the tents and caravans, but also the cathedral itself. The stars in the sky illuminate the area below, brightening it because of the abundance of snow. A SantaAgumon sits in a chair underneath a large pine tree placed outside of the Cathedral, a large bag full of goodies placed methodically beside him. Baby, Baby II, and Child digimon are frolicking around the village, inviting anyone that they come across to their snowball fight.
    • Varius Love Plotter

      Again... again, he was finding himself at an event like this. Why? Well... who knew. Idle curiosity, perhaps... or just some want to be around others in a setting where it was, at least, easier to be social. Insofar as he didn't generally have to approach others for anything to happen.

      Though, well... he couldn't exactly resist a sweet smell either, could he? And besides, the surrounding cold wasn't any bother to him.

      But then, perhaps it was that and his relatively shorter stature, even as an adult-level digimon, that was why he tended to get... caught up in things sometimes. Like the snowball that hit his shoulder... and another that hit his other arm. He'd been kind of hoping to just get along quietly, but apparently some of the younger digimon scattered throughout the seeming festival ground were deciding otherwise for him.

      "W-wai..." the Lekismon tried to protest anyway... for as much good as he had a feeling it would even do, only to be cut short with another snowball just below his neck. Grumbling slightly to himself, his ears twitching to all of the sounds around -- including that of music, seemingly focused heavily on bells -- and his nose even occasionally twitching slightly to the sweet smells of snacks he very much desired... it seemed, in spite of it all, he wasn't getting out of this. So, instead, he'd move. One snowball dodged, then another nearly so... he'd been practicing movements like this, and it wasn't perhaps their intended purpose, but they were fluid enough, and he himself was agile and perceptive enough, to get him mostly away. Something of a challenge, he could say... at least, until he bumped into someone else.
    • Öksökö "Oz" Tengri Knowledge

        Oz had taken to exploring the Arctic Region in their Karatenmon form, taking advantage to the increased durability of the form along with the added warmth of a layer of feathers. However for this event they happily shed it in favour of their true human self, bundled up as best they could in a jacket, scarf, and gloves against a chill that was manageable in a lively place like this, full of places to warm up, food to eat and heated drinks. They gaze around the village, taking in the festivities and immediately homing in on a tent from which the tantalizing and distinct scent of hot cider was wafting. As they moved through the center of the makeshift village, occasionally ducking to avoid a badly aimed snowball, they soon found themself with their gloved hands wrapped tightly around a steaming mug.

        Turning back to watch the ongoing snowball fight and to observe the similarities of the decorations and other festivities taking place to those that took place in the human world. They looked on as one of the other visitors to the village was co-opted into the snowball fight, chuckling lightly as they then turned their attention elsewhere.

        "Of all the things to translate over between worlds, of course Yuletide celebrations are amongst them..." They murmur to themself, taking a sip of their drink only to be knocked into by the same visitor he'd been watching get involved in the snowball fight. A portion of the hot cider sloshed over the rim of the mug and onto their gloves, and they very quickly set their drink down and removed the glove before the liquid could soak through and burn their fingers any further. It would be safe to put it on again shortly, but for now they looked to the Digimon that had jostled them.

        "Are you okay? I didn't spill any on you did I? It's rather hot. Oh, look out." They stepped back as more snowballs flew at the Digimon that had bumped them, children taking advantage of the distraction apparently to try and land a few hits on this elusive player.

        Oz grinned and took another sip of their drink. "I suppose I shouldn't distract you hmm? They're tenacious, and their aim seems to be improving!"
      • Jorniel Nuesi Purity
        Faith the Roleplaymon

          Well, this was a nice change of pace.

          Truthfully, Jorniel had been less than excited when his partner had insisted on bringing him to the frozen norths of File Island. Faith had been uncharacteristically vague in her reasons, falling on the justification that every journey took one through a thematically cold area. It had been a surprisingly quick trip, one she called a quest on the side, so he wasn't too grumpy. In fact, as he accepted the cup of warm eggnog from the bartending Sorcerimon, dressed in a warm jacket with the chill of the Ice Sanctuary giving his cheeks a cozy chill, Jorniel was actually having a pretty decent time. It was almost like celebrating Christmas in July, and he resolved himself to try and have a good time. He nodded his thanks, blowing at the surface of his drink, and sipped, easing into a comfortable state of being.

          And suddenly there was a small, fuzzy white thing bouncing onto the counter top before him, staring at him with quivering eyes. There was a moment where Jorniel and the Yukibotamon looked at one another. There was an expectation in the little one's expression and Jorniel did what any sensible person would do.

          "Nah. No. No thank you." Flatly turning in his seat, he took a sip of his eggnog, pointedly ignoring the small digimon. The small snowball seemed to sink into itself in dejection, and Jorniel muttered into his drink. "Sidequest looking ass..."

          "Hello, little friend!" The airy voice cut into whatever obscenities Jorniel was readying, and Faith arrived in the scene. Gracefully, she had glided across the room to Jorniel's side, delicately tucking her hands under the baby digimon and bringing him up to face level. She gave a giggle, pressing her nose to the smaller digimon, who cooed and gurgled in response. "Happy Temps de Joie to you. How are you doing, Journiel? Isn't it wonderful?"

          Jorniel smiled, awkwardly trying to match his friend's enthusiasm. "Doing fine Faith. It's all lovely..."

          "Glorious!" Faith said, and Journiel could swear that the lights and reflection from the ice danced off her armor in such a way that she was surrounded by a romantic pink burst of sparkles. He could barely keep from rolling his eyes, silently gesturing to the bar tender to "Please, tell me you've got something stronger."

          "Do try to enjoy yourself, Journiel." Faith said brightly. "Temps de la Joie is a time to celebrate those we love and care for!" She was doing the thing again, and Journiel reached out, tipping the vodka bottle that sorcerimon had procured to spioke his eggnog, certain he would need more than the two shots being offered to get through this night.

          "I'm good." Journeil said, deciding on just snatching the bottle up, ignoring the bartender's silent protest and walking off. Festivities were nice, but the young author was very much the Scrooge even with the Real World's christmas. He was not going to get caught up in anything beside his drink, maybe a cake or two, and the nice quiet-

          cacaphony of activity that assaulted his senses as he walked into the open area. Snowballs were flying left and right, wind picking up ribbons of fresh snow and swirling through the air. It was a joyous, fitting response to the festive atmosphere. Journiel would have turned in place if he didn't sense Faith behind him, the Roleplaymon gently placing her hands on his shoulders. There was music playing, from some stage in the distance, and the gaggle of discussion and laughter.

          Faith leaned in, dangerously close to her partner's ear. "Do try to keep an open mind, Journiel! Who knows what you'll find? she said cheerfully, holding up a small bundle of mistletoe over his shoulder. Journiel feared the worst, but instead she reached over and pinked the decorative plant onto his shirt. He sighed, looking up at her expectant eyes. She did mean well, didn't she? He supposed it wouldn't hurt to try.

          Ok, let's mix and mingle and jingle and all that...
        • Veronika Lopes Friendship Tracker
          Tanya the Terriermon

            Veronika had started making a habit of just following Tanya wherever she went and try to make sure she didn't get into too much trouble, but now she was thoroughly regretting going there. Despite being a young whipper snapper who had no ill will toward the Christmas holidays, in fact she loved it, the bitterness of the cold that came with it was something she swore everyone agreed was horrible. She didn't know one person who liked snow unless they fit into one of two categories: either they were little kids who loved playing in it, or they had never seen snow before in their lives and were completely fascinated.

            Veronika fit in neither of those categories.

            Of course, ever since she got to this forsaken world, Veronika had found something to complain about, but now she was starting to get flat out grouchy. The young traveler was practically glaring daggers through her Digimon partner's skull, or at least would be if she could. Why didn't she ever have a choice of where they went? They always had to go with the Terriermon's decision, and it was really starting to piss her off. Tanya always led them into some sort of danger, and Veronika could only assume this would end up the same.

            "Wow!" But of course, what did caution even mean to Tanya? The heck with it! Veronika sometimes wondered if the Terriermon even had a brain to even comprehend that anything bad could ever happen to them. Oh, gosh, was that the explanation? Was Tanya just stupid? If that was the case, then who was dumber? Tanya, for leading them into all of these ridiculous situations, or Veronika for following her. "I've never seen anything like this before! Everyone looks like they're having so much fun, Nika!"

            Veronika arched an eyebrow at the comment before following the Terriermon's gaze and having her amber eyes land to a group of humans and Digimon all having, or trying to have, a great time at some sort of party or whatever. It almost reminded her of...

            ...That's it. This was some kind of trap. Christmas, in the Digital World? Really? It was July. No. No no no no nope! She refused to get herself caught up in another crisis. She'd been through too many of them for her Terriermon to still not have Digivolved yet, and Veronika had it up to here with it. There had to be something in those drinks, something in the cookies, heck, those presents must be bombs! It wasn't like it would be the first time something blew up in her face, but that was the point! No. Veronika had enough.

            It was time for her to put her foot down.

            "No, Tanya. We're not going to-" But of course, Tanya was already gone. Whilst the teen was thinking over her own frustration, the Terriermon had wandered to the party just as she had with anything else Veronika didn't want to be at. Veronika let out a massive sigh. "Tanya!" she called out, her voice most likely being drowned out by the crowd. "Ugh, Tanya! I told you, we're not staying here!"

            Suddenly, someone shoved a warm cup of cocoa into her hands, and as if they knew Veronika would have objected if they stayed, the person was behind the counter before the young girl could so much as utter the no in "no thank you". The young woman looked down at the reflection in the drink and glared. She didn't sip the drink as some may have, but she did carry it around for some reason. Then, to no surprise of her own, Veronika found Tanya got in on what seemed like a snowball fight. The little Terriermon was giggling as she threw several snowballs with her large ears, causing some of the other Rookie Digimon to giggle.

            Some other Digimon tried to catch her from behind until Tanya started spinning like a cyclone. "Tiny Twister!" Any snowballs that were being thrown at her at that moment was sent back at the young Digimon through a tiny tornado, causing the young Digimon to either hop out of the way or end up with their heads in the snow. Once they all recovered, the young Digimon began giggling, and young Tanya was practically on the snow letting out a belly laugh.

            Despite being rather annoyed by her earlier, Veronika couldn't help but smile at her partner's shenanigans. Maybe she was just being a bit grumpy, but whether she liked to admit it or not, the little Terriermon was starting to grow on her. Now, she wouldn't be caught dead saying that out loud at this moment, but the teen found herself leaning against the side of the stage as she watched the Terriermon play to her heart's content.

            Did that mean she would drink the cocoa? Heck no!
          • Dominique Rousseau Hope
            Morpheus the Wizardmon & Splatter the Drawmon

              There was a significant crunch under his boots as he trudged his way through the freshly fallen snow toward the quaint little village called Caravan.

              It was one thing to be caught off-guard when he heard that Digimon celebrated a holiday called Temps de la Joie which shared similarities with many human winter holidays, but it was another thing altogether for him to be successfully convinced to attend a party for it. In fact, he had many objections when his Digimon partners brought the upcoming event to his attention. Morpheus didn't really look the part to enjoy festive celebrations, but Splatter looked way too overjoyed for him to reasonably say no. Maybe he could just hide away in a corner and drink some hot chocolate.

              A snowball colliding with his pants leg quickly brought him out of the confines of his mind and back into reality. The first thing he noticed when he looked around were the many tents and Caravans. He really should have noticed that he had arrived when he passed by the Frigimon at the gate. Looking down, Dominique caught sight of the little Digimon that had tossed the snowball. A small pink Koromon was staring up at him expectantly right as some bunny looking Digimon got way too into the snowball fight by making a mini tornado.

              The artist soon had to turn his gaze away from the young Digimon. He had already been dragged into an uncomfortable situation through the power of a cute Digimon's gaze and he wasn't about to let it happen again. Adjusting the scarf around his neck, Dominique watched as the small green head of Splatter popped up out of his messenger bag. He watched as his partner's eyes widened as they caught sight of the snowball fight.

              "I'm going to go play now~" He didn't even have time to loosen the latches holding his bag shut before the Drawmon jumped out into the snow to prepare their own snowball.

              Looking up, he noticed that there was a Digimon tending a bar that looked like an icy version of Morpheus. Perhaps this was the perfect place to get some hot chocolate? He started to make his way, but stopped in his tracks when he noticed a kind of grumpy looking guy holding a bottle of vodka and some cheery looking girl. A look of panic briefly crossed his face as he realized something. How was he going to get to the bar unnoticed when they were so close to it? It didn't help that the guy was kinda cute, but that was a completely different problem.

              Sighing heavily when he realized that his human had gone stiff as a board, The Wizardmon named Morpheus stepped in front of his human and walked past the vodka grump human for the nearby bar.

              "My human requires some hot chocolate!" He announced somewhat groggily as he set his staff down in the snow to lean on and maybe catch some zzzs if he was lucky. Meanwhile, Dominique searched for any possible way to distract himself from his predicament. As the barkeeping Socerimon set about the task of procuring hot chocolate, the artist pulled his sketchpad out of his messenger bag. Perhaps some quick sketches were enough to keep him busy until Morpheus arrived with his beverage.

              The subject matter for this sketch? The horizon behind the vodka grump and the cheery woman was enough to suffice for now.
            • River Addams Love
              Raphaela the D'Arcmon

                There came a time in every musician’s career that they had to do some very specific thing. It felt almost like a rite of passage; the in to actually being accepted within the community as having ‘made it.’ It was so stupid and mundane, and not something that one might have expected at all. Certainly it was nothing to get nervous over; he’d been at this music thing since he was a teenager now. He was an internet sensation, which meant a shit ton these days. He had an album coming out… well, it probably should have been out by now.

                But actually doing this thing - making it real - somehow made him nervous. He wasn’t ready! Most artists did it when they careers were more well defined, not when they were just at their beginnings! He’d wanted to have at least one LP out of his own music before he ended up doing something like this. He paced inside the otherwise empty caravan, back and forth, the jells on his shoes jingling methodically. And then he plopped down in the chair behind him and let out a groan.

                ”Okay, River, listen. It’s just a Christmas concert. In the middle of July. Every musician goes through one of these… just not in July… don’t overthink it! You’ve never had this issue before… come on, man.”

                If anyone would have walked into the Caravan he probably would have looked like he was a fucking nutter, but thankfully, no one did. His guitar was propped up on the far wall of the room, ready and waiting for him to go outside now. He could hear people arriving and Digimon frolicking, so he knew that he was going to be up pretty soon. In that moment, he wondered what Rae was doing, and took a deep breath.

                For Rae’s part, she was having a blast. She absolutely hated being back around the ice sanctuary, but she was here and she didn’t have to go inside or deal with any of those that she had grown up with; the temporary-Sistermon was dressed up festively, in a red and green dress with matching elf-like boots and fake ears. Her blonde hair was covered by an elf hat in place of the normal rabbit-styled abbot, her trident replaced by an oversized candy cane.

                Oh, how she loved the Temps de la Joie.

                She bounded around the village of caravans, a small bag of her own grasped in her hands, handing out gifts here and there to those that arrived… especially the small digimon, since they deserved it the most. ”Happy Temps de la Joie!” She cried out, handing a present to the familiar Roleplaymon and her grumpy human that sat at the bar. They wouldn’t recognize her, unless they realized that it was her voice.

                But that wasn’t what really caught her eye. A Wizarmon stepped up to the bar demanding hot chocolate, and Rae grinned, walking up to the bar counter. ”I can talk the man his beverage. I was headed that way anyway.” She said, and the Sorcerimon complied, giving her the chocolaty drink when he was done making it and then she was on her way - right in Dominique’s direction.

                The makeshift elf was determined to make sure that everyone had a damn good time. It was her mission. She would succeed, and maybe for the rest of the week besides.

                ”Hello!” she exclaimed cheerily, ”I do not mean to interrupt, but I have your beverage for you, and something else besides!” She said, placing the drink on the banister near to Dominique and then ruffling through her bag, reaching in and grabbing one of the small packages and extending it towards him. ”Please. I insist.”

                In the meantime, River had most gotten over his jitters. Adorned in his Santa outfit, River clutched his acoustic guitar and stepped out of his caravan. Soon enough, he was on the stage in the middle of the festivities. He grinned. ”Hey, how’s everyone doing tonight? Hope you’re enjoying the party! It really is nice out tonight, yeah? The gifts, the people… the sounds. Happy Temps de la Joie!” He exclaimed, before stepping close to the microphone and beginning to strum on his guiter.

                ”Sleigh bells ring, are ya listenin’?” He crooned, and soon enough he broke out into a full rendition of Winter Wonderland.
              • Varius Love Plotter

                Ah... hot! Well... a little. There'd be... a bit of a brown stain on his fur for a bit, it seemed, barring just taking a bit of time to take care of it courtesy of the snow that consistently pervaded this region, but ultimately, the rabbit only flinched a little when a bit of the hot liquid splashed onto his shoulder from the cup of the person he'd bumped into. And just as well, it was only a reasonably minor distraction; agile as he was, it wasn't long before he was moving again, though... well, he couldn't quite help if some of the snowballs hit an unintended target, could he? After all, the point for him right now was to avoid them, not shield from them.

                Well, he could, at least, take some solace in the fact that he wasn't as tall as most of the humans around, so if they did hit, they'd not hit very high...

                "Erm... looks like someone else is taking care of it anyway," Varius curiously mused, watching as a bit of a whirlwind a little ways off started to suck in and redirect some of the snowballs in general. Well... all was fair, right? Not that he had any such abilities of use to him for such an event, besides pure and simple leg strength. "Mm... do you know where the snacks and stuff are at, maybe?" he asked, slight embarrassment showing on his face as he glanced back to Oksoko, the... woman? Well, he couldn't tell, and it didn't really matter; the human he'd bumped into, at any rate. In the meantime, though, his ears flicked up, his gaze drifting over to the stage that River had apparently decided to take for himself, with some rather... unfamiliar lyrics. Not that he was exactly an expert on songs even in the Digital World that was his home...

                "And is that... some sort of human thing?"
              • Öksökö "Oz" Tengri Knowledge

                  Oz tugged their glove back on and continued to slowly consume their cider, watching the snowball fight as it grew more and more energetic as time went on and occasionally weathering a mis-aimed snowball as the rabbit-like Digimon before them resumed dodging the majority of the projectiles aimed their way. Or they were until another, smaller digimon joined the fray and began redirecting snowballs back at their throwers with a whirlwind ability. Oz's fingers itched to pull out their D-terminal to make notes, but they resisted for now and instead focused on committing the scene to memory to record later in a warmer location. They then turned their head towards the Digimon before them, nodding as they, he? spoke.

                  "Well if you want something warm to drink, the tent behind me is serving quite a few different things, and I saw a tent just over there that seemed to have pastries of some kind. There's also a bar around here as well, I remember walking past it." Their head tilted to one side as they were struck by the thought of whether or not alcohol would even have the same effect on humans and Digimon, and if the alcohol in this world would work as intended on humans.

                  It would stand to reason that if we can consume the food here, alcohols would function the same way as back home... but how would it intoxicate Digimon? Do they have the necessary internal components to get drunk in the same fashion that we do? If they don't then how does it work?
                  Their free hand twitched slightly as they once again longed for a chance to examine the internal workings of a Digimon, their curiosity and drive to understand the beings around them a constantly growing itch in the back of their mind that continued to frustrate them. It's such a shame their bodies deteriorate so quickly, I'd love a cadaver to examine. I wonder if I could find a way...

                  They were snapped out of their musings by music, amplified to be heard all over the village, and they turned in surprise to see another human sitting behind a mic and playing. Whoever this person was, they were clearly quite good. The rabbit-like Digimon's other question was met with a small smile as Oz began tapping a foot in time with the beat.

                  "It is, yes. A song associated with festivities very similar to Temps de la Joie. Although," They took a moment to try and recall what month it was "We don't celebrate it in July. The decorations and overall feel are very similar to many winter solstice celebrations in the human world, specifically those associated with Yule in some way. It's become a traditional song in many places at this point. Ah," Oz turned fully to the Digimon, a slightly sheepish expression of their face. "I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself at all and here I am rambling on. I'm Öksökö, though you can just call me Oz. What should I call you?"
                • Scribble Purity Tracker

                  It's not too often that Scribble traveled outside of File City. But ever since a courier had ruined one of his pieces, as they were delivering it to an out-of-town client, the angel has been personally doing that task himself. He rather eat the time and bits it took to travel rather than suddenly be out of a paycheck. The month the incident occurred, he barely scrapped by paying rent and feeding himself. If he's not going to be afford rent, it was going to be his fault and not some random klutz.

                  His assignment was a still life of a beach. The pegasusmon, that hired him, wanted a reminder of his early home and would be far too busy to be able to take anytime off and visit. It took time and scouting to find a beach near he was told to look around. Scribble wanted to make sure the picture had more than sand and water. He settled on a small cliff, believing the elevation and the fact the viewer could see the beach down below would add some depth. There were a couple of palm trees in view too, so there was more to look at. Originally, he was going to do it during the day, but he wanted more color variety. It meant taking several more days than planned, but he painted during civil twilight. This meant that it was still light enough to see, which then meant he had less time to work per day, but the sun's position was low enough to cause to sky to look orange.

                  His efforts paid off. The pegasusmon was quite pleased with the result. Scribble thought that the early morning time was going to be his only interaction with the Ice Sanctuary that day. That was until his patron asked if the angel had planned to stay in town to enjoy Temps de la Joie. While he knew the holiday was coming up, it had escaped him how close it was to the holiday. He admitted he hadn't consider it, but could afford to be delayed for a day to experience it there. The first two hours at the festival was spent networking. The pegasusmon invited Scribble for brunch with his business partners. They did talk about several different subjects, including the painting that was just delievered. While it didn't bring immediate business, some of the other digimon said they'll consider him in the future. Once brunch had concluded, they all parted ways. Now Scribble was free to explore the festival at his leisure.

                  Because it's cold in the arctic region and bare flesh doesn't do well exposed to the cold, he was wearing a different attire. He wore stylish, back boots and brown, leather gloves, which never came off even when he was inside. His white robes were replaced by a full-body, silver ones. They were decorated with a black trim and design, on the front. The hood couldn't come over his head and the back had been modified to allow his wings to be out. The downsides were that snow could easily blow into his face and, if his wings were just in the right position, he'd feel the sting of the frigid temperatures around him. Shelters and buildings were what he stuck to, especially since they also promised food and liquor.

                  By now, he had made his way though various foods and drink. While not yet at his lowest point, the limits of his alcohol tolerance were getting close to met. Movement was slowed and required more planning and coordination, details were either easily lost or hyper-focused on, and a blush was glued to his face. He was still functional, but you wouldn't want him to be relying on reflexes or making serious judgment calls.

                  Enjoying himself at the bar, he was drinking brandy. The numbers weren't exactly clear, but he was certain that despite all the expenses of being at the festival he still made enough money for rent and then some. There were two more pieces to work on, once he's back at his apartment, but those don't have a pressing deadline. He also thought on that despite hating the cold this hasn't been the worse exposure to the chilly climate. The wind has been mild, so it hasn't been made to feel colder than it was or been blowing snow right into his eyes. Then his eyes and mind wondered. They stopped upon a brown-haired human on the other side of the bar. He was reminded of a painting he saw on that strange night, in the museum which had unidentifiable subjects. Though he had seen a couple of humans before, it finally occurred to him that some of those subjects in the art he viewed were human.

                  Scribble's mind race with whole new questions. If they can paint and sculpt, how else did their culture express themselves artistically? Do their trends differ or compare similarly to this world's? Were those other subjects he saw considered digimon or are they something else? What about-Oh shit, he's leaving, I'm never going to find out if they go!

                  He got up from his seat and elected to leave his drink behind, for the hope his questions would be answered. He gave chase after Jorniel, failing to spot the other human in the establishment. It was a little slow getting to them, half-afraid he was going to lose them. If only this server would get out of the way! He made it to the door, close to his intended target. Only problem was some roleplaymon bimbo was standing directly behind the human. Not knowing they were together he expected for them to part ways, so he can begin the conversation to find out more about his current obsession.
                • Guo Lingxin Kindness
                  Acacia the Palmon

                  Finn wandered in to the adorable village, her nose stuck in a large map. She paused at the sound of Christmas music and children's laughter to glance up at her surroundings. A quizzical expression adorned her young face and she glanced between the map and the village several times.

                  "Umm... Where are we? This looks like the North Pole. It's not on the map. Are we at Santa's workshop or something?"

                  She reached a crooked finger up to adjust her glasses before dropping her gaze to her companion. The wilted, pale Palmon stared, unimpressed, at the scene. A snowball flew past her, but she never flinched.

                  "This is Temps de la Joie, the Digital World winter festival. The Caravan does it every year."

                  "Weren't we going South?"

                  "We were. You were the one who decided to trust the map instead of your guide."

                  Finn's thick eyebrows furrowed in protest. "What's wrong with trusting the map?"

                  "Nothing is wrong with the map, unless you're reading it upside down."

                  "Now wait just a minute, Ash. I can read a map. I would know if I was--oh..." When Finn looked at the map in her hands, her body drooped in embarrassment. Asher had been right: she was, in fact, reading it upside down.

                  The unhealthy Palmon's smug look was quickly wiped away, however, when a snowball came hurdling out of nowhere to strike her directly in the face. She started calling out slurs known only to Digimon, gathered up a snowball, and chucked it at one of the babies. Several of the Baby I Digimon had gathered around the human's feet. Finn smiled and collected as many of them as she could in her arms, two crawling onto her shoulders and one hopping onto her head. She was covered in them by the time they approached the warmth of the bar. A Wizardmon mentioned hot chocolate, prompting Finn to do the same.

                  "Hot chocolate sounds wonderful! I'll have some, too, please."

                  She shivered. Though she had at least put on a coat and some pants, it didn't seem to be enough against the cold weather. Hot chocolate should help warm her from the inside. Eventually, Asher came to hop onto a bar stool next to Finn. The pink cowboy hat she wore was covered in snow and she had to dust off her shriveled, pink leaves. Her human companion smiled down at her as a cup of hot chocolate was placed in front of her.

                  "Are you enjoying yourself?"

                  The Palmon scoffed. "Don't be ridiculous. I was teaching them all a lesson. Not one of them could throw to save their life."

                  Finn chuckled in her usual boy-ish manner. Asher ordered a hard apple cider and took a long swig. Both of them watched the concert with Finn bouncing her head around to the beat and mouthing the words to Winter Wonderland.
                • King Bennett Friendship
                  Kaida the Fladramon

                    Upon her arrival, King wasted no time in bee-lining straight to the bar, where she claimed an entire bottle of rum from the judicious bartender. Kaida followed slowly behind, snow steaming under the Fladramon's armored feet, but accepted a second entire bottle of rum without complaint beyond a roll of their eyes.

                    "Hey kid," King cheerfully greeted the kid who sat at the bar with a talking plant before immediately moving away, toward the stage at the center of the festivities, where a familiar face performed. She whooped loudly and enthusiastically as River's voice tapered off at the end of his first song, but singing didn't hold King's attention for long, unless it was drunk karaoke. (Which, after River's concert, it would be, if King had any say.) She turned to survey the festival, looking for another familiar face or at least someone she could bully into taking shots with her.
                  • Varius Love Plotter

                    Mm... something warm to drink wasn't necessary for someone like him, thanks to his natural ice affinity... but well, having a drink at all was never bad. Well... almost. There had been... that incident, but it was something he preferred not to think back on too much. The bar, then, probably wasn't an option, though he did vaguely note King over there; another from that night.

                    Well, never mind it. At the mention of pastries, his ears perked up attentively, eyes fairly quickly wandering over to where the human seemed to be pointing out. The scent... well, still couldn't really tell given the cold, but would they really have a reason to lie anyway? Still... even still he was thinking a little like that, but he couldn't help it when that was the way he'd been raised.

                    "Oh! I-I'm... Varius," the Lekismon replied in introduction, a bit of embarrassment on his own features as he gave a little nod in greeting. Wondering to himself how one got 'Oz' out of that sort of strange name -- and mentally pinning it as another 'humans were strange' moment -- the rabbit's eyes soon enough wandered back to the tend with the promised pastries, starting himself in that direction before pausing and glancing back to Oz. "Oh... since I'm going over there anyway, did you... want anything, maybe?" he asked with a curious little tilt of his head. Either way, he was definitely going to get something sweet to eat for himself... maybe check out a bit more of the music, however that transpired.
                  • Treble Staff Member Moderator OOC

                      Bun was not a fan of the holidays. Not that he was all that old enough to have experienced Temps de la Joi before, but Bun was not a fan of very many things in the first place these days. Ever since that day on the beach when he had become… well… this, whatever he was right now, his opinion on most things had soured. He’d heard tell of the holiday season from other digimon his age, the ones that would still talk to him, and didn’t think that he was some kind of a freak. Which was rare, because even he was pretty sure that he was some kind of freak.

                      He wasn’t sure why he was even here today, or why he had been talked into staying here for the entire week. Wearing the strange horns and fur that he had been forced into, his wide eyes narrowing at the choice of costume. He almost looked like some kind of weird, demented Belphemon… If Belphemon had been any more similar to a lizard than a canine of some kind. Bun lurked behind the stage at the moment, listening to whatever was going on… and then it was time!

                      A Palmon, her verdigris less vibrant than most other Palmon that he had seen before, pelted a bunch of Baby I digimon with snowballs… not that they weren’t asking for it, but he snickered beneath his breath and then hid behind one of the buildings, lurking after Asher and her human partner as they made their way through the crowd. And then, he jumped out, an attempt at a surprise.

                      ”Raaah! You have incurred the wrath of the Krampusmon! Prepare to be punished!” He said, then using his tail to pelt Asher, Finn, and whoever was in their immediate vicinity with snow.
                    • Dominique Rousseau Hope
                      Morpheus the Wizardmon & Splatter the Drawmon

                        The Wizardmon eyed the Sistermon warily for a brief moment when she offered to deliver his charge's beverage for him. Morpheus never was one that was fond of those angelic types after all, but he hadn't really wanted to run errands for Dominique at any rate. It was a win-win as far as he was concerned. Watching briefly as the Sorcerimon handed her his human's beverage, Morpheus leaned further on his staff. His eyes briefly examined the bartender's wares, but it wasn't long before they shut entirely. Finally, a nap!

                        Dominique momentarily squinted as the figure that came back from the bar was decidedly not Morpheus. Instead of the Wizardmon that he had grown accustomed to, a winged woman dressed like an elf, who had to have been a Digimon, walked his way with his steaming cup of hot chocolate in hand. Blinking momentarily as she both placed his drink down on the banister beside him and addressed him, Dominique's focus on his sketch faltered as he decided that looking up at the Sorcerimon's collection of drinks was a better use of his time than making eye contact with the winged Digimon who was offering him a gift along with his drink.

                        "O-Oh. Umm... Thanks!" He managed to utter as he quickly put away his sketchbook. It would have been rude of him to just say no right? Taking the offered gift gratefully, the artist turned it over in his hand as he tried to figure out it's contents. Getting nowhere with that method, he decided to just open it. Once unwrapped, Dominique found a pretty ornate looking fountain pen. His eyes widened momentarily when he saw it. Wow, that random gift was actually pretty useful.

                        "Wow! Thank you~" The artist was rather floored as he numbly reach over to grab his hot chocolate from the banister.

                        Meanwhile Splatter was having fun outside in the snow. Some brightly dressed man was singing a festive song up on the stage while the Drawmon attempted to join in on the snowball fight fun. Scarf was wrapped firmly around their neck as they gathered up a snowball with one hand before they sprayed it with a blast of green and red paint from the hoses on their back. It was hard to pick a target, but eventually they caught sight of Palmon who had joined in on the fun.

                        "Hello!" They called out toward the Palmon before they chucked their painted snowball forward in an arc. Bouncing around excitedly in the snow, Splatter didn't even let the arrival of this funny looking Krampusmon ruin their excitement. Even if they ended up getting hit by some of the other mon's snowballs.
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                      • Veronika Lopes Friendship Tracker
                        Tanya the Terriermon

                          After several moments of laughter, Tanya, who had become quite good at this whole snowball fight thing, began digging up more snow with her long ears and launching them at her new young friends. Three of them practically buried an adorable little Tanemon, whose leaves stuck out of the snow for a few seconds before shaking the snow off. The little Baby II Digimon was having so much fun, he didn't even know how tired he was getting. Tanemon clumsily hopped around, trying to make a snowball with his leaves, but eventually gave up and went somewhere more quiet to take a break.

                          It just so happened that he took a seat by Veronika, smiling up at her before taking a bit of a nap. That was a lot of activity for such a little guy, but it made the young woman aware of the fact that it didn't seem like her partner could get tired. When was the last time Tanya had even taken a nap? She must have rested at some point, but Veronika would always fall asleep like a rock since the Terriermon's energy would simply exhaust her. Now Tanya was exhausting literally everyone else but her, which was something that annoyed her and that relieved her at the same time.

                          Veronika looked down at the cup of hot cocoa, most likely too cold to be any good, and poured it out one of the windows she was standing by. She then placed the mug onto one of the tables before she heard a bit of a change. The music began playing as Veronika caught sight of a familiar face playing his guitar. The young teen couldn't help but grin as the man played the joyful tune of Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

                          That was it. If Veronika was being cynical before, all that cynicism was gone. The young woman couldn't help but grab her puppy Digimon by the ears and began dancing around with Tanya, who didn't seem to take to kindly to it. "Niii-iiii-iiiika!" Tanya yelled out as her partner started spinning her around and around. "What are you doing?! Put me down! I wanna play still!"

                          Veronika was a Christmas fanatic, and was the type of person who would be more than happy to celebrate the holiday all year if she could. And that was rather ironic because of how serious and cynical she could be, especially in comparison to her Digimon partner. "She sings a love song~ As we go along~ Walking in a winter wonderland~!" She sang along.

                          Tanya caught sight of a strange looking Digimon trying to throw snow at a Palmon and laughed. She then spun herself around a bit and got free from her partner's grip, and ran over to where the snowball fighting fun was continuing. Veronika was so caught up in the music, and her rather unflattering dancing, that she could hardly notice her partner ditching her. (Honestly, her dancing was so atrocious that whoever had the "privilege" of seeing such a sight should have been pitied.)

                          Tanya shoveled up some more snowballs and gave a playful smirk as she called out to the Krampusmon. "Oh yeah? Get a load of this!" And once again, the Terriermon began throwing snowballs at the bigger Digimon like torpedoes. The Terriermon's arms may have been small and practically useless at times, but she really knew how to use those massive ears.
                        • Öksökö "Oz" Tengri Knowledge

                            Ozs' smile grew into a grin at Varius's question, which they answered with a nod. "Now that we've brought up food I'm starting to feel a bit peckish, yes. Shall we?" They began making their way towards the pastry tent, still looking all about them and paying a bare minimum to where they were actually walking other than to ensure that they were headed in the right direction, taking in the increasing number of individuals and activity around them. One hand napped along to the music as they walked with Varius. "So what exactly does Temps de la Joie celebrate? I know what similar festivals are for back in the human world, and I can't help but wonder if maybe the origins of those ones and Temps de la Joie are similar." They turned their attention back to focus mostly on Varius once again. "Do you know?"

                            It was perhaps because of this that they didn't notice the Digimon jumping out at another passing Human and Digimon duo, and thus found themself on the receiving end of the Krampusmon's barrage of snow. They sputtered and began wiping at their face and neck as snow managed to find its way not only into their face but down the collar of their jacket and shirt as well. "Fuck that's cold!" They began tugging at the front of their shirt to try and dislodge the snow that had fallen in, chuckling as the Krampusmon then found itself under attack from the same smaller Digimon they'd seen before in the snowball fight.
                          • Varius Love Plotter

                            Ah... 'Krampusmon', was it now? He'd... not heard of that one, he could readily admit. A note to take for later, perhaps. Either way, they were a little ways off, and no concern of his, so far as he could tell. All the more so for the promise of snacks, Varius giving an affirmative little nod to Oz at the offer to go together. At the question, though, he turned his eyes up in thought. What had his family said...? Probably not much of anything, he mused -- they were never ones for being around others, but they did occasionally tell him such things.

                            Though he could just as well admit, being smacked with another snowball in the side of his face did quite well to break him right out of his thoughts for better or worse.

                            "Hey... w-wai..." he weakly spoke, proceeding to quickly dodge, and similarly get hit by, a few more snowballs. Grumbling slightly and quickly scooping up a snowball to toss at random into the overall chaos that had become the snowball fight as a whole -- only to be aided by a naturally good throwing arm -- he exhaled a slight huff before scratching a little at the back of his head. "Mm... anyway... I... don't really know much about this Temps de la Joie, to be honest. My family never really spent time around anyone else, so I only know that it's just... a time to relax, be around folks you care about. And gifts, I... guess...?" he uncertainly spoke, casting a brief glance over to the SantaAgumon. It didn't fail to occur to the Lekismon, briefly though he let the thought linger, that he only had so much in the way of 'folks you care about'. Sure, he had some friends and such here and there, but closer than that... well. Letting his eyes idly wander momentarily, to the point of very nearly running into the tent, the distraction was served well as he wasted very little time in gathering a plate of treats for himself, nor indeed in taking a bite of one with a satisfied little grin.

                            "Back where you all came from, then... you said it was similar to this?" he asked, letting his feet start to carry him more toward the music; the other of his two vices, as it were, along with sweets.
                          • Öksökö "Oz" Tengri Knowledge

                              Still brushing snow from their hair and clothes, Oz happily accompanied Varius the rest of the way to the nearest pastry tent to claim a small plate of sweet and savory foods for themself after their lagomorph companion had taken his own. Meandering alongside the Digimon, they nodded in response to the inquiry. "Yes! The decorations and overall feel of this festival resembles many different ones back home, primarily ones with Germanic roots." They sampled a small, flaky pastry, humming with delighted surprise to find it filled with chocolate.

                              "Many festivities surround an event known as the Winter Solstice, which is the 'shortest' day of the year, it has the least amount of daylight. Celebrations like Yule, Saturnalia, and Shab-e Yalda exist as a way to keep people's spirits up, especially in places where winter lasts a long time, and celebrate our reaching the beginning of the end of the long, cold and dark winter months. In many traditions it was symbolic of the defeat or pushing back of evil forces by various deities, or the rebirth of a person or creature of spiritual significance. Humans mostly like an excuse to celebrate things, really." Oz turns their attention back to the pastries for a moment, selecting another to sample before continuing.

                              "However from the decorations and the presence of Santa and Krampus figures, Temps de la Joie seems to be most heavily based on the Christmas festival, which was created out of celebrations like Yule. It's curious really, how closely they resemble each other. There's a lot of them actually, similarities between the Digital World and the Human one." They stop once they get a fair bit closer to the stage, tapping their foot and swaying in time to the music. "I don't know who the person on stage is or how they managed to get a gig singing at a Digimon celebration, but they're very good don't you think?"
                            • River Addams Love
                              Raphaela the D'Arcmon

                                There was something that came naturally to River when he was up on stage. It was like he was at home there; it wasn’t like he was center of attention, but making people happy, letting them feel nice. That was the point of all of this. Music helped with getting people in higher spirits a lot of the time, and even if he might have felt silly anywhere else singing Christmas songs in the middle of July, it just sort of… happened, here. And it felt right. It was probably the setting of the festival itself - the Digital World was a weird place.

                                As he came to the end of Winter Wonderland he grinned and gazed out towards the crowd - and he spotted one person in particular that caught his interest. King Bennett wasn’t someone that River knew all that well, but he wouldn’t be remiss in saying that King was his musical partner in crime. They’d dueted once in a bar earlier in the year, and they were pretty damn good at it. ”And now, presenting my partner…” River said, his grin turning naturally mischievous. He motioned for the lights to shine right on King and the bar.

                                They did.

                                ”King Bennett! Get up here, kid.” He said, suppressing any giggling that he might have wanted to do. He cleared his throat, and the music started again.

                                ”… I really can’t stay…” He sang directly into the mic.

                                ”You are quite welcome! Happy Temps de la Joie!” Raphaela announced to the artist as he opened the gift that she had given him, and soon, the elf was off nearly right away. As the strangely dressed digimon pelted people with snow, she avoided him - but even still she found her way over to Varius and Oz. She grinned. ”Hello, Varius. Enjoying yourself? Who is your friend?” she requested, before pushing her hair behind the fake ear she was wearing.

                                ”The human is my partner. His name is River, and from what he has told me, he makes a living in the real world making music like this. He’s said to be a digitube star, if that means anything to you? It’s practically foreign to me. But he’s also said he’s releasing an album in a few months.”