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Event Sub-Event 2-2 • Into the Deep

Discussion in 'Sunken Labyrinth' started by Megan Addams, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. The black portal's rippling liquid appearance was not for show. Passing through it felt like being plunged headfirst through the frigid deep. A wet, smothering cold enveloped those that had thrown themselves so willingly through the dark passage, blotting out the light and threatening to strangle the breath and life out of the would-be heroes. But then, at the moment where it seemed like these chosen children would drown in the dark waters, there was air. The chosen heroes emerged from the black ichor like a leaping fish, tossing droplets of black water through the air as the waves parted.

    The world on the other side of the portal seemed washed out and drained of colour and life. The surroundings were cast in an oppressive and bleak greyscale, as though the Chosen had just walked into the scene in an old, gritty film noir. The humans found themselves standing in a shallow pool of black water, rippling faintly and crackling with the same sound and frequency as the portal. The area around the pool was a dillapidated hospital room, with broken machines and soiled gurneys strewn about the flooded room. An overturned heart monitor rested atop a pile of broken and rusting wheelchairs, letting out a constant, droning beep as it flatlined. The ceiling of the room had been shorn off, as though something big and angry had swiped the roof clean off in a fit of rage. Through the opening the sky was visible, pale grey and roiling as though it was alive. One of the walls of the room was split open, the cleaved walls glitching and bleeding bits of fractal code. On the other end of the wall, a seemingly endless beach of dark grey sand rested ahead.

    Those that had been through a Labyrinth Event could feel a sense of deja vu. This was similar to one in many ways, yet there was so much that felt sick and wrong. The sand ahead lit up and flickered like static as a droning, electronic noise filled the air. "I smell the scent of out-out-outlandersss... the bless-ed sun k-k-kiss-ed creatures who do not know the pain of sh-sh-shadow." A snarling, artificial-sounding voice rumbled through the air, reverberating through the room. "Yooooou are here fffffor the hate-f-f-ful one, the bless-ed with-out bless-ing... You risk life a-and limb for a creature of noth-ing. She w-w-will nooooot save you from the rising tide, we shall w-w-wash your filth away from our new world, disgussssssting light crea-tures."

    Another, feminine and more natural voice spoke up in the distance, the same voice that had called out through the portal. "Oooooh my ɟnɔʞınƃ god will you SHUT THE ɟnɔʞ UP ALREADY YOU GODDAMN ANNOYING PIECE OF SHIT-SHIT-SHIT-SHIT-SHIT!?" The girl's shouting was interrupted by flare-ups of electronic distortion and stuttering repetition, as though she was a malfunctioning toy or a corrupted video file. "If I need to lısʇǝn ʇo ʎonɹ ƃoddɐɯn yammering for one more ɟnɔʞıuƃ second I'm going to ¡ƎIp puɐ uo pǝʞoɥɔ noʎ sʞɔᴉp ǝɥʇ llɐ ʎllɐɹǝʇᴉl dn ɥƃnoɔ noʎ lᴉʇun ʞɔǝu ssǝlɥʇɹoʍ ɹnoʎ ɯoɹɟ ǝɟᴉl ƃuᴉʞɔnɟ uɯɐppoƃ ǝɥʇ ǝʞoɥɔ"

    Sub-Event 2 • Into The Deep

    A cry for help has sounded on the other side of the portal! Dive into the unknown and help save—well, someone!​
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  2. River Addams Love
    Raphaela the D'Arcmon

      When River had heard the voice, a voice that he hadn’t heard for numerous months; a voice that he hadn’t been expecting to hear for some time yet… that immediately solidified his decision, even if he had become frozen in place as a result of what it was that he was hearing, he knew what he would do. It didn’t matter that the creature, or person, or whatever it was had been fleeing now, any attacks that had been sent their way mattering little. River Addams had always been the kind of person that wore his hear right on his sleeve.

      Rae waited to be told what to do. She hadn’t seen her partner like this before, but she could tell that something was the matter; she tried to shake him from it, called his name numerous times, and it didn’t really help. She didn’t follow after the megalomaniac, whoever he was, because she wasn’t about to leave her partner. She couldn’t leave her partner. That just wasn’t in ether of their best interests, and River looked like he needed a friend right now. Rae would be that friend as she had been for the past few months.

      "I know we didn't speak much nor do you really know me, but I'm entrusting you with what happens on the other side of the portal. That is, if you're willing to make the jump. Make sure everyone comes back and save whoever's there."

      It was his responsibility now. Since when did he give off the air of looking like he was a responsible person? It was probably when he stood up and tried to argue against letting anyone go through that portal. When he had suggested going through it himself. ”R-right,” River said, looking from Balder to the angel that stood by his side. She nodded her head. She was ready for whatever awaited them now.

      They would be going throug the portal last of all, but immediately when River saw that the boy with the fedora (he thought fedoras had went extinct in like, 2017) went in guns blazing. ’Shit!” he cried out, grasping at the angels hand and rushing for the portal. ”Do something about that attack, we dunno what’s about to happen - and I know that voice!” He’d know that voice anywhere, just like he expected that the owner of it would know his voice.

      Rae and River went through the portal together, the angel having grabbed her smaller compatriot as they started for the portal. ”Prepare for anything,” she said, her calm betraying the worry that she felt in her cut. And then, as they passed through, the panic set in. They couldn’t breathe… River was more at risk than Raphaela, and she pushed as hard as she could towards… wherever they were headed. Rushing past others. Tanya and Nika, the hatted boy, more. They breached first.

      They were gasping when they realized where they were. Was this a Labyrinth? While Rae was calmed - somewhat - the droning beep of the flatlining heart monitor made River panic even more. ”Rae,” he whispered, looking up to her, and again she nodded. ”I know. Bliss of Saints!” She shouted, and a portal of rainbow energy appeared in front of the portal - hovering a few feet above her head. It was ready to catch the attack of the strange Shawujinmon.

      Two voices, River noted. One that he hadn’t heard before, and…

      ”Megan! Megan, can you hear me?!” River shouted, advancing forward. He would run forever if he had to, until he found her.
    • Veronika Lopes Friendship Tracker
      Tanya the Terriermon

        Upon entering the portal, the young girl had realized she'd probably made the biggest mistake of her life. Rather than it seeming like she jumped or fell into a pool of water, Veronika felt like she had suddenly appeared within the large body of water and was instantly consumed by the black liquid. Veronika barely had enough air supplied in her lungs for the amount of time she remained submerged under the liquid, and she swore she even blacked out for a few seconds, a final bubble or two, before suddenly having air filled her lungs at the very last second. Veronika coughed at the sudden air that filled her lungs before finally breathing normally again.

        None of this affected the Digimon in the same way as it affected the humans since they were able to survive harsher conditions for much longer. Though she hardly thought that even a Digimon akin to the sea could handle what just happened, she herself certainly did better than her partner at least. Still, this didn't stop the pissed Digimon to face her Tamer with cheeks flushed in fury.

        "What... the heck!" Tanya hissed at the human's sudden insistence at diving into the portal instead of helping Terrafirma. The young teen stood up onto her feet, and dusted herself off once her breath was finally caught. Still, she made no acknowledgement that she even heard the young Terriermon. "Wha... We were helping Firra! She was hurt! I thought you wanted to help her, and-and you just decided you were going to jump into that portal? Just decided?! Don't I get a say?!"

        The teen allowed her partner's rambling until she knew for certain she was finished. "I never said you had to jump into the portal with me," Veronika answered rather coldly, almost completely dismissing the Terriermon's outburst. "You could have stayed behind with Terrafirma all you liked. But this voice needs help, too."

        "So you abandon her?" Tanya accused, pointing behind them as if that was were the portal was now when it wasn't.

        "Tanya," Veronika sighed, rubbing her fingers against her forehead, letting out a frustrated sigh. "She had plenty of help! What help would you and I even be? I don't know how to heal wounds, or fight, and-and you're just a dog who can blow out little fire balls and tornadoes!"

        "And this situation's better?!"

        "Well, I'm sorry, but I didn't know that this was going to happen. I frankly didn't know what was going to happen! All I know was that I heard a voice calling for help, and Terrafirma was surrounded by those capable of helping her."

        "But that Hackmon's our friend!"

        "No she's not!" Veronika practically screamed out as if it was a ridiculous thought that the dragon could possibly even remotely be their friend despite being more than ready to help her moments before. "We don't know her! We don't know any of these people, none of them are our friends! We haven't known them long enough for them to be! She may not have been our enemy, but she certainly wasn't our friend."

        "Well, you haven't known me for a long time, Nika! Does that mean I'm not your friend?" Tanya questioned starting to get emotional at where this conversations was leading.

        "Yes," Veronika said as clearly and matter of factually that it couldn't have been mistaken for sarcasm. "Yes, that's exactly what it means."

        The two of them stared at each other, allowing silence to befall them until a voice yelled out a name that was new to Veronika. "Megan!" River called out the new name. "Megan! Can you hear me?" Megan? Who was Megan? Honestly, the two were so caught up in their argument they'd hardly noticed what it was that was even going on in front of them! Great job, Veronika! You jumped into that portal intent on helping someone and you can't even do that right!

        Well, regardless, it seemed as though this "Megan" person was the one who was in trouble, and the fourteen year old was going to waste no more time on helping her.
        "Look, whether you like it or not, I'm helping this person. You don't have to help me if you don't want to, Tanya, but I'm going to help this person! I wasn't the one who made you feel obligated to follow me in the first place, so whether or not you decide to come along, it's no skin off my nose."

        Despite the harsh realities that was piled upon the poor Terriermon at this moment, the Digimon simply couldn't bring herself to ditch her Tamer. No matter what Veronika said, she knew deep down that they were friends. But what really mattered at this moment right now was the human that was in danger. They'd already wasted enough time on this, panicking over whether or not it was even right to jump into the portal.

        One thing was for sure, they would certainly finish this talk later. But none the less, the Terriermon, for the first time, bitterly refused to make a reply to what her partner said aside from begrudgingly following her.
      • Roy Alistair Faithfulness
        Kame the Kamemon

          As Roy rushed forward, he grit his teeth and prepared for whatever he was about to run into, charging into the murky depths of the portal. Upon feeling the splash of murky water around him and a deep chill run through him, he reached up to grab his hat before it floated too far away and started to swim in the direction he was already charging. Growing up in New Orleans right by the water, Roy often felt rather comfortable underwater... but this, something about this murky liquid still made Roy uneasy. A booming splash from the portal behind him made him look back while he kept swimming.

          The semi-aquatic form of his augmented Shawjinmon partner had slammed into the waters after him, having stopped his rather reckless attack after the first blow stabbed against the shield of light the D'Arcmon they recognized from the party had put up. However, the momentum of his charge allowed him to keep going, quickly catching up to Roy to tuck a hand under him and help carry him through the murky waters to the gritty darkened world on the other side.

          Roy grunted as he hopped down, his partner flickering out of focus before transforming back into his Kamemon form with the two additional lights returning to the Xros Loader resting in Roy's hand. Glancing around, Roy took in the environment before hearing the voice coming from farther down one of the hallways.

          "... Megan, huh? Sounds like that's who we're here to find. Come on, buddy. We gotta make sure everyone's okay."
          "Got it, Boss! Don't worry, I'll do my best!" Kame gave Roy a small salute before hopping forward, landing on the trackball on his belly as he rolled down the hallway, the Hunter in hot pursuit for the male voice, knowing that the D'Arcmon's partner wouldn't be too far away if he hurried... As he passed by a young girl and a rather grumpy looking Terriermon, Roy slowed a bit to make sure they were doing okay, giving both of them a small yet warm smile before continuing on ahead.
        • Benny Guzman Faithfulness Tracker
          Eva the Cutemon & Draco the Shoutmon

            With his breath gone shallow from panic and running, Benny thought he wasn't going to make it through the transition to the other world. But as suddenly as the feel of choking and darkness came over him, he felt his body be pushed out from what felt like a sea and back on physical ground. It was a sobering moment. He had realize that he had to deal with actual fear. That and how it lead him to do something incredibly stupid. It felt weak to have an experience like that, even more so to have wanted to run away. Not like staying on a potential battleground was any better, but the atmosphere of this place was unsettling. It looked and felt like something out of a bad dream. He decided to venture fourth, for he didn't want to go back and face what was the other side. But before he could advance too far, "Benny, the fuck are you doing," an angry cutemon was pulling on his pants leg.

            The ordeal, of arriving, was also horrifying to Eva, but it was fuel to the fire of what to take out on the human boy, in addition of have to arrive in an unknown world. Of course, he wanted a direct answer from someone that couldn't give one. "You trying to die? It could've been a trap and something could'a been waiting to eat you once you're in." The rabbit digimon then proceeded to list other scenarios that were in his head, of how things could have ended badly.

            Draco was tired of feeling she had to intervene in a conversation, but she'll have to do it again. Being in a weird place, with weird things going on, and threats looming about, are not the times to lose your head. As much as she wanted an explanation, interrogating the boy isn't going to help them with anything relevant. She shoved Eva, "Save it."

            Before the digimon could question the other, people and their digimon partners came through the puddle on the ground. Then it wasn't too after the voices could be heard. Each of them did wonder how the voices are being projected, but Benny wondered if they belonged to human or digimon. It was clear that one was at least human, as an older guy shouted a girl's name and ran past them all. Everyone else who had arrived here seemed to be focused on finding the sources of those voices. The shoutmon started to go after them, motioning towards the cutemon and human. "It'd be better to stick with a group than ourselves.

            Benny felt anxious for being lead into another stressful situation. The regret was still fresh, as well as feeling raw from his emotions. He hoped that he could handle the situation ahead of them.
          • Salim Faithfulness

              There had been the sounds of deep water coming from the portal, but he hadn't expected suddenly being underwater when he went through it. Everything was dark and he kicked his legs frantically. He wasn't a good swimmer to start with, and suddenly trying to paddle with flat hooves in ways his digimon form wasn't suited to either. He didn't know if he was still passing through the portal or caught in some sort of underwater riptide. Panic was just beginning to deeply set in when he was finally spat out above the water.

              Fur and hair waterlogged, Salim immediately skittered out of the pool of water that was the portal. A few of the others were looking around and arguing as the two voices echoed around them. The human girl's voice was distorted still, but more understandable, he could hear every word even though some of them came up wrong. Salim didn't like the sound of the male voice, but saving the girl was their priority anyways. He tried to hone in on what direction her voice was coming from, but the echoey alien landscape made it difficult.

              Salim didn't have time to think however, as the boy in the fedora decided to plunge ahead without discussing their plan.

              "Wait don't- we have to stay together!" Salim called out as Roy ran ahead. He gave a few bounds forward to follow after and then stopped, heeding his own advice before he got split from the bigger group. He looked around the creepy grayscale hospital room. Flexing his powerful digitigrade legs he hopped onto one of the gurneys around the room and then one more powerful leap up to the top of the wall, where the roof had been swept away.

              "I-If there's no roof we can get a good look from above for those of you who can fly, at least to find our way and look ahead..." Salim said looking back at the others standing on the floor. He looked down the hallway where Roy was running down, trying to keep an eye on where he and the Kamemon were heading, as well as getting a look at their surroundings further.
            • River Addams Love
              Raphaela the D'Arcmon

                The fact that he hadn’t gotten an answer from his cousin - he knew it had to be her, he’d known that voice since he was small, she was his best friend, he would recognize it anywhere - was concerning to River. His pulse quickened and he could feel himself start to tremble. Now wasn’t’ the time to have an anxiety attack, but he could feel one coming one. He bit down hard on his bottom lip and tried to force himself to calm down. He reached for his partner’s hand, and she caught his. He relaxed.

                Roy ran ahead but everyone else at least seemed to keep somewhat level heads, from what he could tell - for now. What was he saddled with? Two kids and their three digimon, a dude that could turn into a goat like Phil from Hercules, and some dunderhead with a gigantic turtle… well. He was told to take care of them in here. And then there was a Megan, and he had to help her, had to save her. That was where his head was. River was always the one to love unconditionally, especially to those that he considered family.

                ”Listen, that voice, that girl… That’s my cousin in there.” He admitted to those of the group that had still stuck mostly in one place. ”I dunno what she’s goin’ through or what’s waitin’ for us up there, but I gotta get to her, I gotta help her. Y’all don’t need to help me but if you want to, that’d be great.” He took a deep breath, and then looked one by one at the group. Whatever they decided, his mind had already been made up. And that meant that Raphaela’s had as well.

                Salim had a good suggestion though, and since she was the only one with wings, she would take it. ”Be calm, Riv; I’m going to try and get a good view of what lies ahead of us.” She informed him, her wings flapping momentarily, and then she was gone, his hand letting go of hers as he sighed. The sound of the heart monitor was still disconcerting, and River looked to the rest of them, biting down on his lip.

                ”We should probably catch up to the dude bro before he gets himself hurt. C’mon.” He said, starting off after Roy and motioning for the others to follow him - if they wanted to.
              • Veronika Lopes Friendship Tracker
                Tanya the Terriermon

                  River addressed the rest of the group, and the tension between herself and her Digimon partner had kept her from gaining the ground that she had initially wanted to gain. Apparently this girl was named Megan, and she was River's cousin. To Veronika, this wasn't anything that she was too concerned about. She didn't care how the girl was related to him, she was going to help her anyway. But, it did brought a bit of curiosity in her. This was his cousin? If that was the truth, what was she even doing there? Why wasn't she in the Digital World like the rest of them? Why didn't she get a partner, or a spirit, like the rest of them did?

                  The girl and her partner remained silent. The Terriermon, who had previously been an uncontrollable bundle of joy, now had a bit of a scowl on her face. A lot of things she had previously thought were true ended up being complete bull face lies. She thought Veronika was with her in everything, the same way that she was with her human, but she was clearly wrong. The two of them were supposed to be partners, to be friends, but... the trust simply wasn't there. Perhaps... perhaps she made a mistake and Veronika wasn't her partner at all.

                  Whatever it was that either human or Terriermon felt, neither one of them said a thing. Veronika simply went on ahead to follow River, ignoring anyone else in the process, as she had initially wanted to do anyway. Though she was reluctant, Tanya slowly followed her supposed partner, and actively chose not to look at the other Digimon. It was clear that her feelings were hurt, as she seemed to be pouting like a grumpy child more than anything. If she couldn't help Terrafirma, she'd simply have to suck it up and try to help Megan.

                  Whatever the case, there was a bit of a rift between Veronika and Tanya... And it certainly wasn't going to make this job easy. But it didn't look like it would simply go away either. There seemed to be a dark road ahead of them...
                • Benny Guzman Faithfulness Tracker
                  Eva the Cutemon & Draco the Shoutmon

                    From what the three gathered, the situattion was the following: someone the blond knew was in trouble, whoever was screaming was obviously in trouble, an idiot charged in this weird place, and, speaking of the weird place itself, it was creepy beyond all fuck. The only thing that differed among the three was what details they were thinking on.

                    Currently off the subject that it's Benny's fault for being here, Eva was quite confused about the place they were in. It was odd and would never would believe anyone sane would make this their home. The question was begging to be asked. "Isn't this the human world."

                    Benny did shake his head, "Of course not. Nothing good could come such a place." No, it wasn't the boy suddenly talking, it was the shoutmon who was unsettled by her surroundings. She thought it was obvious that this wasn't the human world. The place just felt wrong, though the sights and smells just pound in the fact. There was also this gross feeling like being among decay and getting buried by it. She took a breath, regaining some composure. Her earlier scene, challenging and suspecting something was wrong with Terrafrima, felt long and was anxiety-inducing. She had to do an uncomfortable amount of talking. She felt she had to be the voice of reason and the voice of Benny, should he say something. It wasn't so much she didn't trust the others, it's more that Draco needed a plan laid out and make it understood they shouldn't separate. Unlike the man in the hat.

                    "Well... Boy," she was quite unsure how to address River since she didn't know his name, "I think we should do whatever it takes to stay grouped up and protect everyone. I say we do try and rescue the girl. Hopefully that other human is heading the same way, instead of getting lost. As soon as we save her, we should try to leave as soon as possible... If that's possible." Her breathing got more stressed and sweat started to form on her forehead. "I hope that it's not asking too much for you to lead us. You seem like the type of person that can and have partner who is perfect. I'm just a lowly child. I can't lead everyone nor have the strength to stay in a fight."

                    The cutemon interjected, feeling she was being a defeatist. "C'mon Draco, don't say that! You lead us just fine."

                    "Us, not a rescue mission..." She hoped Eva would back off from the subject. She would do everything she can to help everyone out, but she didn't feel mentally prepared to be able to take responsibility for the lives of the others if something were to happen. Let alone her boys. Draco needed River to lead or anyone else. No one else had the presence or drive that he seemed to have. It was hard to describe. It was hard to tell if everyone else was just unsure of what to do or didn't have the will or drive to organize. Eva doesn't have the right qualities and Benny can't directly command and proved he cracked under pressure, so she can't rely on them for this.

                    Meanwhile, Benny was busy mulling over about how he's supposed to not let fear overtake him again. It's not like running got him anywhere better. For all he knew, they were all trapped in this hellish dimension for all eternity. Things were tense, but they weren't surrounded by a bunch of monsters right after a shadowy figured killed a bunch of digimon. He could still feel that tight feeling, one that felt dangerously confined as if the walls were closing in on him. Though not presented with danger at the moment, they were going to be heading towards it and it was the only way to keep the safety of being in a group.

                    Thinking on other inadequacies, he realized that his digimon were one of the few to remain in their child form, back on the mountain. His focus began to drift towards River, perhaps in conjunction in his mind needing to escape from the dilemma it was finding itself in. They both have the same digivice, just he managed to call forth a strange power and manage to power up his partner. He knew family was important and wouldn't blame the older boy ignoring him at such a crucial time, but he needed to know how to harness that power. As if the answer to conquer his fear was to only have that advantage. As they were making their way further the decrepit hospital, Benny pulled out his d-terminal and directed a message to River.

                    bad time to ask but i gotta know how you got your digimon to digivolve? I haven't done it yet im the red head if u just want to tell me He waited for a reaction, to see if River even got the message. He manged to deliver messages to who he intended when there was one other human around, but not with this large of a group around. He prayed that the older boy would take the time to check it out and help him. If not now, maybe after they save his cousin.
                  • The sands on the coast of the Dark Ocean had no give, instead of shifting under the intruders' feet it held strong and rigid like concrete or stone. As the group advanced, a light mist settled in on them, obscuring their surroundings. Shadows danced in the mist, shifting and roiling in impossible shapes and motions.

                    Roy would be the first to see the largest shadow in the distance. As he and the others drew closer, they would be able to make out its shape. The hospital room that they had left laid before them, exactly as they had left it. Despite not turning back once, the group had managed to complete double back on themselves and march right back to where they started.

                    "You made a mistake coming here, Bright Ones."

                    The statement was soft and mournful, far unlike the distorted anger of the girl they were searching for, and even more unlike the chilling, inhuman voice that initially taunted the would be heroes. A small, black silhouette had formed at the group's flank, and it was growing larger as it approached.

                    "We are all lost here. Some less so than others." The shadow said, his voice not unkind. As he drew closer, it was impossible not to be reminded of Terrafirma's child form when looking at his black, inky shape. "Are you here for the girl and her charge?" He asked, almost sounding... hopeful. "She sent me when she heard someone calling for you. That was one of you, right?"

                    There was a low, groaning sound from the ocean, followed by a staccato of distant, noisy clacks, like high heels on linoleum. "We don't have much time." The shadow said, his head crooked. "Are you here for the girl? Quickly!"
                  • Veronika Lopes Friendship Tracker
                    Tanya the Terriermon

                      The place surrounding them became more eerie as time went on. The mist that formed around them reminded Veronika of a horror movie. More specifically, the precise moments in any horror movie that she would call quits on. Unfortunately, this was far from a horror movie, and she couldn't walk away from this. Still, her golden amber eyes steeled in determination. No way was she going to let her partner feel the satisfaction of being right! It wasn't like Veronika was wrong or anything. She did want to help this girl, and that's exactly what she intended to do. The young teen was tired of following her puppy around, doing whatever the Terriermon said. Veronika was the human, so they would do things her way from that moment on.

                      The teen would be sure of that.

                      But now wasn't the time to dwell on bitterness. This was a search and rescue mission, and she and Tanya had wasted enough time as it was. The quicker they found this Megan person, the faster they could get out of this... toxic place.

                      A chill ran up Veronika spine when the voice spoke. So much emptiness... So much grief... Veronika could feel it just by listening to this one's voice. What kind of place was this? Was this a prison? Had they been brought to a prison of some kind? The teen remained quiet. She didn't want to address this voice directly, not whilst River was much more interested in finding this young woman.

                      The voice was trying to figure out if they were trying to find the girl, and who it was that called out her name. It seemed like whoever they were were in a hurry, but still, Veronika said nothing. The Terriermon looked up at her partner, trying to urge her to say something, but the human simply looked down at her partner with cold eyes. Tanya gave the teen's amber eyes a look of disbelief. What exactly was this human trying to prove? Wasn't she trying to help Megan out? Because it looked like to her that she was trying to prove a point.

                      Well, point unproven.

                      "Yes," Tanya spoke up. "Yes, we're looking for someone named "Meegane"." Tanya glanced over at her partner, trying to read whether she was interested in speaking up, but the Terriermon said nothing else when Veronika simply glared at the Terriermon, and looked ahead. Tanya changed from being mad at her partner, to being sad. Tanya's shoulders slumped a bit sadly at her partner's reaction to her. Was her human partner really not her friend? What kind of Digimon was she if she could befriend all these Digimon and their partners, yet couldn't be friends with her own partner?
                    • River Addams Love
                      Raphaela the D'Arcmon

                        It didn’t take them that long to lose sight of Roy, or whatever the dude in the Fedora’s name actually was. River wasn’t too concerned about it, all things considered; even if they were in a new, strange world, he had more important things to worry about - like the two kids in his charge, apparently, and the fact that his cousin was here. He wasn’t going to make it a huge point to go after a grown ass man that decided to go ahead on his own in a place that they had never been before now.

                        That was just dumb.

                        River found himself distracted when Roy slipped from their sight, instead his sight drawn to his d-terminal - a message from one of the others. The redhead, it said. He didn’t really know how to explain what had happened… it kind of just did. He offered the young boy a smile and shrugged his shoulders. ”No offense kid, but we can talk more about that when we’re out of here, alright?” His mind was focused on two things: making sure that they didn’t get lost, and making sure that he found his cousin.

                        The sudden sound of a voice is what snapped River out of it and caused him to realize where they were at now - exactly where they had been before. He looked up, his eyes scanning what he could only assume was the sky for his partner. He saw her, though she seemed confused. He’d talk to her later about whatever this was, or something. Instead of focused on the voice, for now, primarily because it seemed as though he was being addressed - directly. If he was right, at the very least, and he was sure he was.

                        The Terriermon answered before he could, and though she didn’t enunciate everything properly, he appreciated the help and felt bad for her when Veronika reacted the way that she did. Maybe they’d need to have a talk later, once all of this was through. Instead, right now, he turned around and stepped forward, closer to the black child. Was it a Hackmon? It was unlike any that he had seen before at the least. ”Yea, I’m her cousin. I heard her and just sorta… came running.”

                        He paused.

                        ”What do you mean charge? She’s not alone?”

                        If she wasn’t alone, then… What?
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                        Eva the Cutemon & Draco the Shoutmon

                          Benny was ready to listen intently, when the older boy turned to face him. It was a bit of a let down that he wanted to talk later, which the red-headed boy nodded in agreement. Maybe now isn't the time to have that conversation. It's not like the atmosphere is helping, even if you manage to forget that at least one person is in mortal danger.

                          The hospital room might have been creepy, but the walk through the mist was unsettling. All three all thought that the shadows were a threat that was going to pop out at them, but it never came. Instead, they just danced around them. Spirits sank even lower when their path lead back to the same hospital room that they started in. Benny didn't know if they were stuck in a loop or it was like a puzzle in a video game, where you'd have to figure out what's the right path to end up in the desired location.

                          He didn't have long to think about that, when a new voice began to talk with them. It surprised the three of them, with Draco fearing it might be a foe. But as it spoke, it's tone and what it spoke about said otherwise. It also resembled a digimon and seemed to wanted to help out the girl trapped here. Both Tanya and River were the first to interact with the shadow being, relating why they are here. Benny felt he couldn't make such a claim. He's only here because he found himself scared and was desperate for a way home. And because they didn't know what he was plunging himself into, Eva and Draco came in after him. He wished he had a selfless reason to be here, but instead, he was only here due to selfishness.

                          Eva had an idea of what the charge might be. Thinking he had to state the obvious to River, "Probably a digimon. Or another of a nice version of whatever this thing is," referring to the hackmon-resembling shadow. "That's what happened to all ya'," then he remembered Salim and corrected himself, "most ya's here. This might be might not be the digital world, but maybe this sorta thing happens when you humans show up somewhere."

                          Then there was the sound of clacking footsteps and a groan, from the ocean. The shadow then showed more urgency, wanting them to hurry. "Lead us then," the stressed-out shoutmon urged. "And is what made that noise the threat for the girl or will become one if it approaches us?"