Open Straight to the Point

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    Navi the Navimon

      "Ugh...wha?" Ren groaned, blinking slowly. He had been on his way to work when the world went all weird. Parts of the street and buildings had pixelated, like in some old video game. He had kept walking, thinking that it was all some kind of crazy stunt for a movie, then he had...fainted? No, that couldn't be right. He would never faint. Something must have knocked him out. Rubbing his eyes and adjusting his hat, he sat up. "The hell?!" The wide open grassland around him definitely wasn't Tokyo. Hell, it wasn't even Japan.

      Brown eyes scanned the landscape, taking in the waving grass, outcroppings of rocks, and the occasional tree. And random telephone poles with no wires connecting them. Yeah, definitely not Japan. Pushing himself to his feet, he caught sight of a tiny dustcloud in the distance, heading in his direction and rapidly getting closer. Heh, not even here five minutes and he had already caught the attention of something. Crossing his arms, Ren set his jaw and waited. He wasn't about to run away because of some dustcloud.


      Ren narrowed his eyes. The dustcloud was yelling at him?


      The dustcloud was almost upon him now, and still yelling. He could just make out a small figure amid the plumes of dust, but it didn't look at all familiar.

      The cloud halted at his feet, the resulting gust of wind coating Ren's jeans from the knees down in pale brown dirt, and the young man glared down at the weird robot-bird-thing staring up at him. "Master, you finally arrived! I'm so glad you're here!" the thing babbled, which was impressive, since he could see no visible mouth.

      "Who the hell are you?!"
      Ren snapped back, trying to decide if it would be a good idea to dropkick the thing into one of the rock outcroppings around him.

      The robot-bird gestured towards itself with the wing/pointer coming from its shoulder. "I'm Navimon, a Digimon! And I'm your partner!"

      "...Huh?" Digimon? Partner? What kind of place was this?