Something Beneath

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    Ten the Tentomon

    Sealsdramon had guarded the cave entrance, denying Chloe and Ten of getting inside without a fight. Now a Minomon, Ten wasn’t going to be fighting anything for a while. The cave opened up into a tunnel that winded around a corner, and luckily a light was shimmering behind the turn. Minomon was resting inside Chloe’s arms, who cautiously moved forward. Her biggest worry was finding another enemy digimon that Majiramon sent as back up. Unlike her bug partner, she had no killer moves and spear training, or a giant bug form. Although, that would be cool.

    “Chloe, your body is so tense,” Ten said, looking up with his cute, bead eyes.

    Chloe stopped and sighed. “If something shows up, I need to run. I’m just a little on edge.” She moved her shoulders in circular motions, trying to relax and loosen up. It didn’t do much. Her muscles were still tense and she stopped trying to go against them, in case she had to turn tail quick and dart out of the cave.

    The bend turned into another tunnel that lead down quite a ways before it branched off. More pathways, more dim lights. Another digimon might not be their worst case scenario, but getting lost with no help getting out quickly became number one on the list of scary things. Or the sudden rumbling they heard and felt. As Chloe slowly continued forward, a large digimon poked a hole through the current tunnel and went right into making the next, a side path that she knew to stay away from.

    “What. Was. That?” Chloe’s eyes were wide, her body scared stiff.

    Minomon was feeling as if he was cuddled between a rock. “I think that was a digimon that helped make these tunnels. Let’s just be careful, but keep moving so we can get out of here.”

    “Easy for you to say. I’m carrying you!”

    “Not so easy. I can’t really defend myself, let alone you, in this form. I just need some rest.”

    They had gotten to a fork, and neither could decide on a way to go. One path had a small source of light at the end that looked like a torch. The other pathway was dark and eerie, it frightened Chloe to an extent. The one with the light didn’t look too much more inviting, but it was looking to be the better option of the two. She began to walk down it when another, or the same, mole digimon burst through the side wall and went through the other. The whole thing was so quick, Chloe jumped and ran backwards to a safe distance.

    She sighed. Ten laughed.

    “Glad you think this is funny,” she mumbled, squeezing him a little tighter. Not enough to hurt him, though. “I hope they know we’re here.”


    The tunnel surprisingly lead to a staircase, a stone one that looked too perfect for mole monsters. They’re making the tunnels, so why would they need stairs? Maybe there were really other things down here, which made Chloe’s anxiety grow. Each step seemed to make her body hurt with how tense she was, but the feeling wasn’t going away and she knew it wouldn’t any time soon. Not until they were out.

    At the bottom of the stairs was a mole monster eating something. Chloe ducked, but studying the digimon. Minomon struggled but escaped her hands and bounced over the digimon. “Hey,” Chloe said angrily, chasing after Ten’s baby form. He stared at the mole.

    “Hey there,” he said, smiling. “Can I have some of the snack?”

    The mole smiled and snapped off a piece of what looked like meat. “Sure can, little guy.” His voice was deep, almost like how you’d imagine a bear’s. “Hold up,” the mole said as he noticed the human behind Minomon, “what are you two doing down here? We Drimogemon are working, so it is really dangerous.” Rumbling came from somewhere in the tunnel.

    Chloe carefully walked up, patting Minomon. “We are looking for a digimon, to ask him for help with something. Drill Tunnel came up as the only, or quicker, way through the mountain.”

    Drimogemon nodded, “That is true.”

    “Is there a safer way through? One where you all aren’t working?” Minomon asked.

    To both of their disappointments, the Drimogemon shook his head. “Nope, we’re all around the tunnels.”

    Chloe stood up, counting how many entrances or exits there was in this cavern area alone. Seven. “How do you not get lost?”

    “We just have a sense of direction. Innate ability to navigate tunnels like so,” the mole digimon said as he finished his food and got up from his sitting position. On all fours, the mole digimon looked almost the size of Kabuterimon. Chloe deduced that Drimogemon must be of rival power, on what Ten had called his Adult form. “I have to go back to work. Please be careful,” he said as he picked one of the several holes before traversing down one. The team heard the drill on his face come to life and a new tunnel being dug.

    Minomon finished his chunk of meat. His belly full now. His beady eyes looked up to Chloe, asking to be picked up. Chloe reached out and embraced the tiny digimon, but was confused on where to go from here.

    Off to the side was another set of stairs, but the opening looked kind of small. Too small for a Drimogemon. The stairs looked masterfully done like before, leading to this cave. She thought it was weird the mole digimon who loved digging didn’t go down this path and see what is there. But as much as she could, Chloe looked down the tiny opening and saw those familiar dim lights at the end.

    “I think I can squeeze through. Should we go down here?”

    “Only if we get closer to being out. The cave is really bringing down my mood,” Ten said, giving a giggle. The tiny bug wanted to digivolve, but Tentomon’s form would have been a bit much with both of them inside the small path.

    Chloe climbed in, turning around and grabbing ahold of Minomon. She had a sweater on, and a shirt, so Minomon laid between the two and held on. The path was long, but Chloe was able to walk down the stairs as long as she was careful. Of course slipping every few steps, making both of them sweat. As she got deeper in, the lights picked up. The rumbling from above never stopped, either. The walls seemed to be vibrating from all of the commotion above them, or around them. They couldn’t tell.

    The ground trembled underneath Chloe as she reached the last step she could use before the tunnel got too narrow for her. It broke from under her, sending her a few feet down. Her and Ten landed and rolled, Chloe’s arm shielding the small baby digimon.

    As the dust settled from the tunnel collapsing, Chloe and Minomon jumped in fear. They were somewhere else, entirely. The dirt floor was gone and replaced with a more stone floor with some weird computer technology trails carved into it. In front of them was some kind of moss-covered entrance to another tunnel, a large stone cat statue on top of it. The moss covered most of the details in the stone work and the statue, but Chloe felt it looked similar to who they were looking for. BanchoLeomon.

    Chloe pointed, “What is that?”

    Ten shrugged. “No clue, Chloe. I don’t go around seeing large cat digimon in a giant beehive.”

    Another sharp look, and squished cheeks.

    “Cut that out,” Ten yelled.

    There was a growl coming from inside the moss-covered doorway in front of them. The two of them crawled backwards a little. And a little more as bright, glowing blue eyes appeared in the shadow of the statue. The digimon that emerged resembled the statue above it, the growl reminding them of the dragon lord’s own growl or roar. Fear held the two stiff in place.

    “Who are you? Why are you here?” The digimon said, baring it’s large, gray fangs. They were the size of Tentomon’s form. Minomon too scared to actually digivolve and test it out. The digimon’s voice was deep and filled with natural authority.

    At the sound of it, Chloe felt compelled to answer within seconds. “We were trying to get through the mountain,” the digimon moved forward, stopping her.

    “Wrong way,” it said. Up close, the digimon was more lion, definitely closely related to BanchoLeomon. It stiffed at Chloe, nearly sucking up Minomon with it’s inhales. “You’re human. And you,” he looked to Minomon, “are a bug. Both of you do not belong down here in the tunnels.”

    “You’re right,” Minomon said, looking up at the hole where the stairs were. If only he could get them both up there and to safety.

    Chloe stood up, the lion giving her a look of warning. “We’re looking for a friend, one who went through the mountain probably. Maybe you have heard the Drimogemon talk about this traveling digimon?”

    “No,” it said. He began to retreat into the opening. “Go away, human.”

    “Sir,” Chloe said, taking a step forward. The digimon snarled, prompting Minomon to digivolve. Ten stood in front of Chloe, wings buzzing. “Please.”

    The sight of digivolution gave way to a new look in the cat’s large blue eyes. What was once angry softened into something else. The anger not totally gone, but it didn’t scream I’m going to eat you if you keep it up. Which Chloe decided was the best thing that has happened all day. “My name is Saber Leomon,” the digimon said, laying down. His form filled the doorway. “This is a cave dedicated to the Leomon line.”

    Leomon. Chloe smiled, pushing Ten behind her. “What? We’re looking for a Leomon.”

    “Are you?”

    “BanchoLeomon, actually,” Ten put in front behind his partner.

    SaberLeomon cocked an eyebrow. Of course he knew of digimon of that type. But he couldn’t figure out why these two would need to see one of them. Then he put things together. “The Hive.” His words got a reaction out of the human and her digimon partner. “Makes sense. BanchLeomon did speak of his exile status. But he is doing his own quest.”

    “We need to find him, really,” Chloe said, “Please. If we know where he might be going, we could meet up with him.”

    “Did you not hear me?” SaberLeomon let out a small growl. He hated being ignored. “He is on his own quest. Do not get in his way.”

    Ten floated in front of Chloe again. “We need to save the Hive from the dragon lord, Majiramon. If we can’t, many of my friends will die. You not helping would be an act of an alliance with Majiramon. I swear to you, when I get stronger, I’ll come back to delete you too.”

    There was a pause. The silence interrupted by Drimogemon continuing their tunneling. Chloe and Ten were fearing a fight, but Ten held his ground. SaberLeomon began to laugh, a loud noise in itself.

    “You’re brave. Alright, I’ll tell you. BanchoLeomon traveled to the region with canyons.” The large digimon kneeled before the hole they fell out of and beckoned for them to stand on his snout. “Time for you to go, brave ones.”

    Chloe smiled and nodded, feeling the interaction over. She didn’t want to press her luck or have Ten open his mouth anymore. The two of them carefully stood on the SaberLeomon’s nose as he hoisted them up to the staircase that abruptly ended. Chloe gave him a small pet on the snout before walking behind the flying Tentomon. SaberLeomon gave a tiny purr, which almost sounded like a growl.

    He hadn’t had visitors in some time. It was nice to see someone else for once. Only BanchoLeomon visited from time to time. Whatever they needed him for, Saber Leomon hoped it would help. The tunnel continued to rumble until more rocks fell and filled the hole Chloe came from, once again hiding him in secret.

    Carefully crawling from the opening, Chloe was met face-to-face with a Drimogemon. She let out a scream, startled by the mole digimon.

    It laughed. “This way, I made a tunnel for you.”

    “Oh, th-thanks.”