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  1. Indy Evans Courage

      A blotch of tall shadows came round to meet him; one solid sweep of his cerulean glance had the tamer turning where he stood thigh-deep in the dead of winter to appraise the terrain once again. While a double barrage of icy mist sped outward from the sparse treeline mottling the area it obscured his vision momentarily with a fog of cold.

      Causing Indy to swipe at his eyes with the heel of a spare hand he blinked twice and managed to maintain his drive long enough to dive into the shadowy mouth of a drier alcove that had been but a skeptical silhouette only a hundred yards away. Blasts of frigid snowfall snapped sharply about him slamming the outcropping they nested against and swept his prior footfalls over; the only hint as to his location was the blood that dirtied his tracks.

      He slid into place at the back and sighed, relaxing for a precious few moments as the blizzard's howling crackled in his ears. The fingers clamped to his leg came away bloody, as Indy conveniently also remembered how his traction had lost favor with the incline and the unceremonious crash into a stony ledge had lashed up his limb, but also bailed him out of a free-fall from the cliff's face in the same breath. Broken birdsong coalesced in the space of the cave; the dark-haired boy pursed his lips and whistled on sweetly enough to mask the undertones befitting a wounded animal.

      "Can't stand this cold. Why couldn't fate have dumped me on a beach instead. Just my luck."
    • Öksökö "Oz" Tengri Knowledge

        Oz lifted an arm against the cold wind and snow, thankful for the thick feathers that accompanied his Karatenmon form that insulated them against the icy grip of the Arctic Region. The transformed human was beginning to rethink their decision to go out to explore the area, the every bit of frigid wind that carried the cold through their fluffed up feathers and to their skin another chip at their resolve and desire to find out exactly what kinds of Digimon were able to live out in a place like this. They rounded a slight rise in the terrain and looked around as best they could, carefully picking apart their surroundings for any potential landmarks aside from the few they had already passed by.

        A slight darkness in the snow, quickly being covered up by flurries caught their eye and they leapt down to examine it, wings spread slightly to slow their descent. The obvious redness of the speckle of blood became apparent and they immediately straightened and started looking about, now determined to try and find what had to be an injured human lost out in this weather. Digimon didn't bleed like this after all. They began casting around, gaze kept low in search of more possible clues, moving rapidly from blood-spot to blood-spot as the potential trail of blood and disturbed snow was covered and uncovered by the swirling air blowing about bits of snow.

        And then they heard the whistling.

        It was faint, could nearly have been mistaken for the wind in their ears if it hadn't had a sort of melody to it, meandering and aimless. They turned to the sound and followed it as best they could, one feathered arm still shielding their eyes from the cold and bitter winds. The slightest dark smudge against another rise in the snow spurred them onward, the hazy outline of a cave or at least a small alcove and the ever louder whistling beckoning them closer.

        "Hello? If you can hear me, I don't mean to hurt you I swear. I saw your trail and saw you were hurt, since only humans bleed and I just wanted to see if you needed help? My name's Oz. If you're able to respond, please do."
        They stopped a short ways from the mouth of the cave, knowing that the sudden appearance of a large, crow-like humanoid could very well startle someone on edge. Especially if they were injured.

        "I'm a doctor, kind of, so I might be able to help you out enough to get you to the nearest village. They'll have supplies that can be used to patch you up properly, even if the residents might not know what to do with a hurt human."