Smells Like Trouble...

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    Vee the Chibimon

      Currently, Sami had been abducted to be used as a sacrifice, help resolve a dispute between two bandit tribes, and help a new tamer arrive and plant his feet on the ground in this vast Digital World. After arriving in this Digital World (in handcuffs, no less), she has been thrown into an illusory fire-pit, sliced up by the freaking not once, but twice, and explore a spooky mansion. Needless to say, she figured resting in the city would give her some much needed R&R.

      Naturally, fate was a cruel mistress that decided to treat her by not only pouring salt on her wounds, but giving her a hefty hospital bill for doing so as well.

      She admittedly had never seen a riot before, and despite fulfilling her curiosity for a brief moment, she wanted to get out of the city. She shoved her hands in her pockets, quickened her stride, and walked with a scowl that said if you crossed her you'd get your head ripped off. Even though there was an adorable Chibimon resting on top of her head, she thought that she looked pretty intimidating.

      Evidently, many other Digimon thought differently. Several made threats to her and her partner Digimon, tossing various objects in her direction. She tried just ignoring them and to keep on walking, thinking they were more of an inconvenience than anything.

      Once a belligerent Woodmon lifted an entire dumpster, however, things became more than an inconvenience.

      "Hey, humon!" He suddenly yelled out after the crunching sound of metal as his tree trunk of arms pressed into the sides. "Digital Dawn? More like a Digital Don't!" It lifted the dumpster over its head as Sami responded.

      "That doesn't even make any sense... SHIT!" The Woodmon launched the large metal object. Sami froze as she just watched the large object fly in her direction. But the voice of her partner, Vee, snapper her back into reality.

      "Sam! Duck!" managed to throw herself down as it crashed into the building to the side and above her. Thankfully the Woodmon's aim was off as the dumpster missed her as she landed.

      As for the contents of the dumpster, however, seemed to exclusively hit the girl. She was buried under a hill of refuse while various onlookers laughed at her plight. Sami threw piles upon piles of trash off of her, letting out a vulgar phrase with every box, smelly bag, and piece of rotten food that was blocking her path to fresh air.

      "What the hell is your problem!?" She yelled out. She felt the weight on her head slip, so she reached up to steady it. But instead of the usual baby Digimon that normally rest atop her head, instead a giant ball of some lime-green, slimy substance. She batted off of her in an instant, the object crashing to the ground. Eyestalks appeared out of it as scurried off in the distance.

      "You ruined my house!" It complained as it waddled away, but Sami didn't pay it any mind. Instead, she turned back towards the pile of trash.

      "Vee? Can you hear me? Listen, if you can hear me, say something!" She waited and waited, but didn't hear a response. She gritted her teeth, braced herself against the smell, and dove back in to find her partner, watching as the Woodmon and a couple other Digimon jeered and laughed mockingly.

      Why couldn't she actually have a good day for once?