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    Zen the Veemon


      The Sengoku Games

      • Redemption Toshiro and Zen part ways with their friend, Adelaide, and meet up with a trio of Hangyomon who ask for a bit of an escort job. The duo comes face to face with a strong perfect digimon, but he proves no match as Zen is able to digivolve to his own perfect form, quickly making work of the enemy.
      • Thread Subject A summary of the thread.
      • Thread Subject A summary of the thread.
      Group Threads

      • Trouble in the Fog Toshiro and Zen are on the loose after escaping from Toy Town during some trouble dealing with another character. But trouble isn't far from them either as they get caught by some Shamamon and brought to their boss, Fugamon. They defeat Fugamon and retreat from the other lackeys, when Zen runs into a swamp. What next?
      • Ran Ragged ----
      • Restaurant Rumble The team just wants a day off, but things don't seem to be going to go that way.
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