Open Retrieve Lucemon. Primary Village Attacked! [Open]

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      "Collect the egg of light and dark, bring my Lucemon home to me" The voice echoed in his head. The blank eyes and painted on smile gave those he passed the chill. An Umbrella lifted upwards, open, protecting him from the sun. Upon said Umbrella stood his Digimon. The beautiful orb like creature. A bat by all means though much much more sphericle than those within the human world. "Destroy....." The small digimon said. "Chaos" Tai whispered as he walked through the tree's. Normally when seeing something like Primary Village, you would certainly be in shock. Large building blocks towered over the great bouncy floor of the village. Large sections were taken up by cradles while others were taken up by eggs.

      Tai walked groggily, as if he were drunk. His blank face barely even blinking. His face dark in colour, almost grey, his normally colorful eyes a dark black. Those below, they did not know the kind of trouble that was about to befall them. "Lillithmon wants you to cause some chaos, bring the guardians of the village around. Destroy the infants and the eggs, keep everyone busy until I'v located Lord Lucemons egg" A voice said. Though there was no other person visible as the duo walked towards the village. "Understood, Chameleonmon" Tai uttered. "N.....No" Demi-Devimons voice spluttered out in a cough. Tai froze, a flash of his true sense filled him for just a moment. "Did you hear me?" the bodiless voice said. "huh" Tai replied as his eyes glazed once more. "Once I have the egg, I will signal your retreat" The invisible digimon said, his voice fading as he left the duo.

      Alas those within the palce of life knew nothing about what would soon befall them. The three known guardians where tending to their duty. The ever so gentle and graceful Swanmon, It's armoured form danced around the eggs, carressing them, checking if they are ready to hatch. Bitmon rolled through cradles, laughing and playing with the toddlers. While Grizzlymon, the main fighter was playing with a handful of the young children. Life was good, Life was unassuming. The sounds of children laughing, the sound of young jingled through the village."Now" Tai said as he and his digimon touched upon the bouncy floor. The young male's hand wrapped around his digivice. Demi-devimon took flight so that the young man could pull the umbrella down. Allowing it to rest against his side so that he could grasp the cards within his pocket. His hand only needed to grasp one of them. The power radiated from it. "Go, Demi-Devimon. Destroy" Tai uttered as his hand guided the card into the slot. Skimming it through the reader.


      Energy erupted forth, dark light burst onto the scene enveloping around Demi-Devimon. The form of the strange bat began to change, His body shrouded by a light that felt so evil, not him. Upon the light disapating, the bat was no more. What stood in front was nothing that he had seen before. Standing at 8 foot tall was probably the biggest, darkest, most terrifying teddy bear that you could ever see. Metal needles poked out from parts of its fur, stuffinf leaked. A gas mask hid its mouth leading into a heart shaped device upon his chest. Such a strange creature. "Needle Barrage" The breathy voice of the bear shouted out. Its right paw swiped forth releasing a barrage of the metal like needles that stuck out from the teddy bear. These needles shot forth into the eggs that lay there, slicing through them as if they where butter. The strange creature would begin to rampage through out primary village. As Tai stood far away as to not get caught in the after math.
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    • River Addams Love
      Raphaela the D'Arcmon

        Life was precious. It was precious back home on Earth, and it was precious all the same in the Digital World. River Addams wasn’t inherently in the best headspace lately, all for personal reasons that he might have kept to himself, but were there none the less. He was doing somewhat better than he’d been when had met Leo, but that wasn’t exactly saying all that much; his partner could tell that he was hurting. She wished that he would open up a little bit more. Maybe that was why she’d brought him here today, to Primary Village.

        ”All life starts here. My life started here.” She explained to him as he cradled an egg in his arms. It was a bonding moment between the two of them; they were close regardless but this was something different. She wanted him to open up, and giving him his space wasn’t something that was going to get them very far. River nodded his head slowly, understanding, but still finding it a little bit strange. ”Life back home starts all over the place. It’s kind of chaotic. Kind of.”

        Was it weird that as much as he didn’t want to leave the Digital World right now, he kind of missed home? He bit down on his lip and sighed. ”It is much more simpler here. Or perhaps more complicated. I’m still not privy to the way that the human mind works,” Rae explained, petting the small Cupimon that she was cradling in her arms. She had been a Cupimon just like this once before, when she was younger. It was nostalgic, to say the least. Things were simpler then.

        No strange digital creatures trying to destroy the Digital World, or humans causing any havoc. But she supposed that she never would have met River if things had been this way. It was a mixed bag of multiple things, and she let out a sigh… and then chaos broke out. The sound of screams from the children and a breathy, low voice from across the field. A Porcupamon? And one that was aggressive all the same. River and Raphaela took one look at each other. River snapped his fingers, and as his red digisoul covered his hand, slammed it down on the Digivice.

        The light enguled the D’Arcmon, and from where she stood, now stood an Angewomon. ”I’ll get the babies taken care of. You do your thing, and I’ll be with you when I can.” River said, taking the Cupimon and then taking a group of baby Digimon and herding them away. Rae took to the air, and floated above the scene where the Porcupamon attacked. She formed a gate of holy energy within which the Needle Barrage disappeared, though an egg or two had still been lost. Rae cursed, but beneath her helmet, she glared at the creature.

        ”I do not think so, foul one. I give you five seconds to turn back.” a Holy Arrow had been knocked, aimed directly at the chest of the bear digimon, ready to loose at any moment.
      • Tai Purity
        Demi Devimon the Demi Devimon

          Have you ever seen a teddy bear try to run? with practically no joints in the legs or the arms of the strange looking digimon, the charge was somewhat comical. Though Angewoman held a bow to it, he did not seem to notice. Porcupamon was clearly not in its right mind. This coud be easily seen within the wildness of its eyes. Angewomans voice was not the trigger, it was simply its appearance. It was the most notable digimon in the vicinity, though where she floated behind her lay digieggs and digi-cradles filled with young, trembling young whom let out squels of terror at the evil immitting from the dangerous teddy bear. Now though its charge was comical the intent within it was not. Releasing a defying howl as it charged the strange teddy bear gave no caution for its own being, charging towards the beautifully angelic digimon.

          Of course the tamer, whom was also not in his right mind, though he was still calculating, through the use of his digivice he could watch the battle unfold without needing to step directly into the fold itself. With the arrow being his main concern right now, his hand glided to two individual cards. Two which would be used in quick succession. The first a card that generally was noted to be a trump card. Granting a large increase of power to the next move of the digimon. His champion/adult level digimon was weaker than that of the Holy digimon in terms of level. He also had the type disadvantage being a virus type fighting against a vaccine. The only advantage he had compared to that of the Holy Angel was the battlefield itself. All around the battlefield digimon where. Primary Village was full of them of course. Digimon where constantly being returned to their egg forms, their digisoul floating through the air and forming into beautiful digital eggs. Unlike Angewoman whom would have to be careful about shooting to close to these creatures or halting large scale attacks, Porcupamon did not have that issue. Though if Porcupamon had been in his right mind, he would have known these things. For now though the teddy bear digimon charged.....or at least tried to, with the digital monster floating out of range of the Porcupamon it made for a rather strange veiwing. Thankfully though the cards mentioned before would help.

          The second card which was swiped was an attack not known to Porcupamon, but seemed rather fitting when battling against Angewoman, it was well known that in digital species, Angewomans nemesis was the dark fallen angel whom went by the name Lady Devimon. This would the attack that would be released from each of the incomplete stitching of the teddy bear. Darkness Wave released a countless amount of bats from all around the bear, now these countless bats where far stronger than what they should be thanks to the prior mentioned card in which empowered the next attack brought forth by Porcupamon. With the bats flowing from Porcupamon they would also act as a barrier. Though if Angewoman released her arrow the two attacks would probably negate one another. While the bear continued to swipe at the bats also having lost interest in the winged angel, the strange creatures flowing from his body brought his attention to the area around. Spotting small infant digimon, as the bats flew from him he charged for the infants, intending on completely wiping them from existance.


          While this battle took place, an invisible ally began his movement, The chameleamon with his capability to transform the digital coding of his body to match the colouring of all he touched would make his way through primary village, every so often his body shimmered into existance as he moved from object to object, being unable to change seamlessly to maintain invisiblity at all times, his 360 degree vision would allow him to chose the most opportune times to move as to try not to be spotted by the other carers of primary village whom now tried to evacuate the infants...

          Sorry for the increadibly late reply, RL has been a pile of Numemon right now