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      A long and drawn out sigh could be heard in the immediate area as a blue haired woman stared down at the D-Terminal in her hands. Snapping it shut with a huff after a brief moment of silence, Chinami looked up to see the sky start to tinge orange. If she had to guess then she would have said that there were maybe only a few hours of daylight left until nightfall. She had expected her brother to message her by now, but she had no new messages.

      Well she was sure that he was fine, he had a digimon at his side after, but she couldn't help the nagging sense of worry. The incident with the Ogremon had happened back in May, and she was certain that at least two months had passed, but it still weighed heavily on her mind. Regardless, that wasn't actually why she was checking her messages even if it instantly made her want to check again. No, he was supposed to send her more details about the request she took on for a local Babamon. All she had to go on was that her destination was Drill Tunnel and that she was looking for a thief.

      Briefly looking at her state of dress as she quickly approached her destination, Chinami couldn't help but to notice that her kimono was starting to fray at the bottom. Her festive attire really wasn't meant for prolonged wear or for treks through the forest. Perhaps it was time for a new wardrobe? She probably had the bits for it anyway. She had been running around File Island for the past month helping people out, saving them if she could, and slowly amassing a decent amount of bits from the requests she fulfilled.

      "Maybe I'm just running myself ragged?" She mused softly with a hand through her hair. Maybe what she needed was a break? She really only ever stopped to sleep, and really only in a few hour bursts, but if she really wanted to be a Heroine of Justice than was it right for her to be selfish and take time for herself? She didn't really have the time to answer that question. Just then, as her sandal-clad feet were about to cross the entrance to Drill Tunnel, a loud beep caught her attention. The sound of a new message on her D-Terminal. Maybe it was her brother?

      "Obaa-chan says that it was a Petermon that stole her broom! Please come back safely <3!" She read silently to herself after flipping her D-Terminal open. Swiftly typing a message back that read something to the effect of "I will, thanks! Love ya~", Chinami shut and put away her D-Terminal before letting out another sigh. This Petermon had to at least of been an Adult level if he was able to get one over on the unassuming Ultimate level. This was starting to sound like it was leading a fight. That was fine though... really! She was sure that she could handle it. If her Beast spirit didn't cut it then she could always fall back on her Human Spirit. Still, it was all just so... tiring. Ignoring her own fatigue, both internal and external, Chinami took her first step inside Drill Tunnel.

      Perhaps she really was running herself ragged?
    • Victor Caine Hope Plotter Tracker
      Usara the Sistermon Blanc

        File City was a bust. No one seemed to have any information on anything relating to the real world, other than some rumors about someone called "Terrafirma". Further inquiries into this Terrafirma resulted in what seemed to be some kind of following related to returning to the "original world" and the "digital dawn". The bits of information Victor obtained were nothing substantial to go on, but Victor found it amusing that there was something of a cult going on in the Digital World as well. After all, it meant that Digimon could also blindly allow themselves to be guided by whatever savior figure appears before them as well.

        Take the foolish Digimon walking beside him. The Sistermon Blanc had recently lost her home and everything she considered a family, but she still blindly followed Victor, if only for the fact that he "helped" save her and her sibling, Sistermon Noir. It didn't matter that the next day she lost everything regardless. In the end, people will only form connections with whatever's the most convenient, such as bonds between friends and family. What's more, the child Digimon was meek and seemed to lack any will of her own. If it weren't for the fact that she loathed fighting, then she would be the ideal partner for Victor. But the Digimon only fought to protect the ones she cared about, which meant that in order to built up her strength and have her obtain actual fighting experience, it meant having to risk his life and play the hero for a while. But Victor supposed that wasn't the worst course of action, though. After all, playing a hero meant saving people, which meant possible favors down the line.

        Thus, the pair had moved on from the city, and just began roaming wherever while Victor formulated his next plan.

        Victor's thoughts were interrupted when Usara, the white-rabbit nun Digimon walking beside him, tugged on the sleeve of his long, gaudy coat. "Victor, I see someone up ahead," She pointed towards the entrance of the tunnel. The sun was fading fast, and Victor only thought he saw a figure move off in the distance. But she knew that the Digimon's eyes and instincts were far superior than his own.

        "I see," Was his reply. He waited for more details, but the Digimon didn't elaborate. He stifled a grunt before asking, "And what did this person look like? Was this figure a human or Digimon?"

        "Oh, I'm sorry. It looked like a human, but it had blue hair. I have never seen a human like that before." Her voice was hauntingly distant. Victor realized she must still be partly in shock from her recent loss. It wasn't like there was anything she could do about it, though. He would have preferred it if she would just move on already. It had been over a week. He was growing tired of consoling her. She looked over to him and asked. "I didn't see a Digimon with it, either. What do you want to do?"

        Victor paused before answering. "We follow this person into the tunnel. We don't try to be stealthy, but we won't make contact unless they come to us. We happen to be going in the same direction, after all," He looked at his Digivice. If there was combat, he could probably obtain more data to power up his partner. "This person might be separated from their partner, after all, or could just be a Digimon that looks similar to a human. Either way, there might be someone that needs protecting. We can't just ignore this person, after all." He formed a warm smile on his mouth. Usara gave a weak smile back an nodded.

        "I think that is a very good idea," She answered. Victor ignored the urge to laugh as the pair approached the tunnel's entrance.
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        Zen the Veemon

          Things just weren’t going right. The Sengoku Games started off real slow, and he wasn’t getting any further for capturing land between him and his friends. Zen was getting antsy for more battles. You know, cause the few they’ve had recently weren’t enough. They had been traveling to the forest region, despite Toshiro’s early plans, and coming through the Drill Tunnel. Not much in there but tunnels, dirt, and a mole digimon or two. There was a path to a lake, one mole digimon said, but Toshiro turned it down. Looked like things had gotten messy around the entrance to it.

          Coming out of the tunnel, Toshiro’s eyes stung with what sunlight there was left, but it was much brighter out of the tunnel than inside. Zen covered his eyes and threw himself to the ground.

          “C’mon, Zen, you're not a vampire. You’re not going to burn up with some sunlight,” Toshiro said, grabbing the small blue digimon and hoisting him up to his feet. The Veemon didn’t resist, but he didn’t help his partner either.

          “But it hurts, Toshiro!”

          “I don’t care,” Toshiro said, lightly punching the digimon in the head.

          They stopped their own bickering to notice a blue haired girl looking at them and trying to get past them and into the tunnel. Toshiro quickly moved out of the way and bowed, the girl looked like royalty in her kimono. Zen was late on the reaction and just looked dumbfounded at Toshiro, and then back to the girl.

          “Miss,” Toshiro looked up, “Are you going into Drill Tunnel alone? Would you like some travel company?”
        • Chinami Fujii Love

            Wow were her eyes bad or what? Perhaps it was just the change of lighting, but she didn't notice the person standing in Drill Tunnel's entrance until it was almost too late and she was forced to try and sidestep around him all of a sudden. Of course him moving to the side and then bowing to her caused the faux bluenette to stop in her tracks for a moment. She had to fufill Babamon's request of course, but the headband wearing man's action was utterly bewildering. Why was he bowing and why was he bowing to her?

            Did he mistake her for an actual princess? That was pretty far fetched notion though. There were dark bags beginning to form under her eyes from how little she slept, her hands were scratched up and covered in dirt from a few incidents back in Native Forest, and her kimono was beginning to fray at the legs. She probably looked the furthest away from being a princess that she possibly could in that moment. Still, the man with the Veemon was still bowing. He even offered to accompany her through Drill Tunnel.

            "I don't mind the company, but..." She really had to ponder how she wanted to voice her opinion as she scratched at her cheek with her right index finger while sporting a thin, nervous smile. "Please stand up. I'm not royalty and you're unnerving me right now," She really didn't mind the company though. She was probably going to need the help when she finally came across the Petermon after all. Two heads were better than one and all that.

            "If you still want to come with me, then my name is Chinami Fujii~" She said with a less forced smile than the one she was donning a moment before. "Oh, right! I'm looking for a Petermon that ran off with a local Babamon's staff. He's supposed to be somewhere down in these tunnels!" If he really wanted to come with her then he needed full disclosure didn't he? Or at least that was her mindset when she divulged her reason for coming all the way out here. She almost wanted to ask the guy just why he was already in the Tunnels, but she didn't really feel like prying.

            "If you still want to come, then we should probably go inside if we want to be done before dark," She stated curtly as she once more picked her sandaled feet up and started to take steps inside the Drill Tunnel. Her D-Terminal was securely put away and her D-Scanner was clutched firmly in her left hand as she slowly picked up the pace. Little did she know that there was another human and digimon pair intent on following her though. They were probably even able to hear her name and her reason for walking into Drill Tunnel if they were following close enough. Who knew though?
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            Usara the Sistermon Blanc

              Victor and Usara continued to follow the young woman into the tunnel. There, he saw her approach another man with a Digimon at his side. And this one... bowed to her. Interesting... It seemed that this young woman, while looking dirtied at a closer glance, was some sort of nobility in this world. And if she was traveling alone, then she was likely some kind of human-looking Digimon, after all. After all, who was this strange man that bowed to her? A lover? No, because then he wouldn't have left her alone in the first place. A servant, then. He couldn't be too sure of the circumstances anymore. He had to obtain more information, and to do that, he had to approach this pair. Besides, since the two were initially separated, which raised the possibility that both of them were capable of defending themselves. He didn't want to be attacked by two Digimon with just a pacifistic nun child to defend himself.

              "Usara," He said in a soft whisper, getting her attention. "I don't fully trust these people, and I'd rather they not know my name. So please play along with me." Usara looked up to him in confusion, then nodded. Good at least the child was smart enough to listen to him without asking any questions.

              Victor approached the pair, walking towards them with warm smile on his face and a wave. "Well howdy there!" he said in a deep southern drawl. Usara gave him a stunned look or a second, then realized that she had to play along and continued on with their stride. "Fancy meetin' you here! I see you're walkin' along this here tunnel as well? Don't suppose ya got room for me and my kid, do ya?" He let out a bellowing laugh, patting Usara on the head. "Just kiddin'! There here's my Digimon partner, Usara!" He patted her on the back.

              "A-and he is mah pahrdner, Victor!" Usara replied in a terrible imitation and a strained smile. Victor forced back a sigh and just extended his hand out with a firm handshake.

              "Pardon her, she's still workin' on soundin' like me, sweet girl she is! But you can call me Vic!"
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              Zen the Veemon

                “Toshiro, ma’am!”

                Toshiro stood up quickly, standing straight up, stiff. Zen followed, keeping his chin up and looking around with just his eyes. The Veemon nudged his partner’s leg for a moment, and when Toshiro kneeled to speak to him, Veemon whispered and pointed out that there was no digimon trailing behind her. Oh, and that another man was walking in their direction.

                “A Petermon?” Toshiro was confused. He hadn’t been in the Digital World for too long, but what a weird yet simple name for a digimon. “I didn’t see much in there but some kind of mole digimon. Could have missed him. There are tons of tunnels it looked like. Even one that kind of looked like it led to a lake.”

                “Toshiro, you’re rambling.”

                “Am not!”

                As they went to turn to get in the tunnels behind their new friend, Chinami, the other guy Zen warned about caught up to them. His digimon partner resembled a girl, far too like a girl that Toshiro had no idea until they got close and it was announced.

                “Hello,” Toshiro and Zen said in sync. “We’re going to look for a Petermon. The more eyes, the better.”
              • Chinami Fujii Love

                  Ma'am? Really? The faux bluenette had to hold back a sigh when she realized that Toshiro wasn't going to ease up on the formality here. He looked kind of stiff too. Well at least he wasn't bowing anymore... right? While he had some sort of chat with his partner, Chinami took the moment to check her D-Terminal once. Of course there were no new messages. It wasn't like she really expected her little brother to instantly message her back, but it would have been nice if he did. As she flipped it shut once more, she realized that Toshiro was rambling about the tunnels.

                  "That so?" She muttered softly to herself with a slight frown crossing her face. She had figured that the tunnels were going to be expansive of course, but even knowing that didn't help her chances of finding this Petermon. Still if there was a tunnel that really led to an underground lake then maybe the Petermon stopped there? It sounded like a long shot, but if she were a Digimon trying to hide out then that sounded like the perfect place to rest.

                  "Maybe we should-" She started to say only for the rest of her sentence to die down in her throat when a blonde man and a young child, who could have easily been a Digimon, dressed as a nun strolled up to them. Vic, the blonde whose accent she really couldn't put a finger on other than it being definitively not-Japanese, was the human and Usara, the child, was his Digimon partner. They wanted to join up with her and Toshiro. Chinami didn't really have any objections to that of course, but there was the matter of time that she had to be conscious of. She didn't really want to try and navigate Native Forest in the dead of the night after all.

                  "I don't mind, Vic, but we are looking for a Petermon that stole a local Babamon's staff as Toshiro-kun said," She said with a warm smile on her face. The more the merrier after all and she had to admit that Vic's partner was absolutely adorable. "You mentioned a tunnel that leads out to a lake, Toshiro-kun? Let's go look there first!" She declared before she once more started walking again. She hadn't really expected to gather a party when she set out from File City earlier in the day, but she had to admit that it was a nice feeling.

                  If only she knew her way around the many tunnels that made up Drill Tunnel.
                • Victor Caine Hope Plotter Tracker
                  Usara the Sistermon Blanc

                    Victor decided to scan through the available Digimon that he had through. Cyclomon, Devidramon, Fugamon... Sistermon Noir... None of them would help navigate through this area. It sure would be convenient if they found some sort of cavernous Digimon that allowed them to get through this place easier. Victor had decided that first and foremost, he had to obtain the data from various Digimon in order to greater utilize the potential of this... Xros power.

                    Victor had no clue what a Petermon or Babamon were, but it seemed like he was expected to. He noticed Usara nod thoughfully towards the blue-haired woman's explanation. Come to think of it, neither one of these two even bothered to introduce themselves to Victor and Usara. It seemed that his winning smile wasn't enough to fully win them over. He'd have to have Usalia fill him in on the details in private.

                    "Well, I reckon' I don't got nothin' ta help us out here, but you said somethin' about a lake?" He looked towards the others.
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                    Zen the Veemon

                      Chinami was using kun, which was nice to hear since his arrival in the Digital World. She may have turned down the bowing, but she didn’t look like she enjoyed the other approach he was making. This is troublesome, Toshiro thought, but if we’re going with those kinds of suffixes, I have a plan.

                      “Oh,” Zen said as he looked toward Victor, “Toshiro gets distracted easily. My name is Zen, and his is Toshiro. Nice to meet you both,” the Veemon nodded in acknowledgement. The duo’s priorities and understandings of situations varied. Greatly.

                      “Yeah, it looked like a path to a lake. I saw a mole digimon with a drill for a nose in front of it.” Toshiro entered the cave a little further, pointing down the tunnel that would lead them there. He began to walk but turned and couldn’t help himself.

                      “Chinami-sama, if you don’t mind me asking if you have a digimon partner?”

                      Zen smacked himself in the forehead. He noted to himself that his human partner had still not really acknowledged Victor and taken on a whole new personality around Chinami. What were they getting themselves into?