Radiant Purity

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    Ten the Tentomon

    Somewhere at the Great Canyon…

    Kabuterimon was getting a little tired of flying and not finding anything. They had been flying since they left the Factorial Town. It wasn’t that he was necessarily tired of flying himself or Chloe around, but that he just grew bored. Landing, Chloe woke up from her slight cat nap. Her eyes grew wide as she brought her head up from her resting spot to see a canyon in front of her.

    She slide off of Kabuterimon’s back; Ten reverted back to Tentomon.

    “We’re here? In the Great Canyon?” Chloe asked, rubbing her eyes to wake up.

    “Yes, sleepy. We’re here. I got bored so we can walk a bit. Think my legs went numb from hanging about.” Ten stomped on the ground a few times before leaping, flying over the edge. He giggled.

    Chloe walked carefully to the edge. Heights weren’t really her thing, despite flying. It was different being on or around Ten, who she knew could save her. The edge was jagged, and gave her the sense it could break away at any moment. The canyon itself was beautiful. They couldn’t have asked for a better day, either. The sun was high in the sky and the crevasse of the canyon had mostly been lit from it, which Chloe was happy to take in the view of many digimon down below. Some were flying through the crevasse, while some were walking. It seemed like a popular spot for the Digimon.

    The sides of the canyon were vast and went on for a while, but large rocks were stretching from near-impossible looking spires. There were wooden makeshift bridges connecting them together to make their own kind of location. It was truly a rare sight, Chloe thought.

    It was one digimon down below that looked familiar. One that Ten caught sight of at first and pulled on Chloe’s pant leg, pointing with the other claw. There was no words coming from Ten, however, as he was unsure if he was really seeing what he thought he did. Down below was a coat-wearing bipedal digimon that walked throughout the bottom of the canyon, who looked like he was lost of looking for something. There was also a weird character next to him, possibly a monkey digimon. At this distance and height, Chloe couldn’t sure it was her intended target.

    “Could be,” she said to Ten, “But no way to find out from here. If you digivolve again and bring us down there, that could bring a lot of attention our way.”

    Ten looked at Chloe with his expressionless compound eyes. He shrugged, “Do you think I care? Nope.” And just as one would guess with this digimon, he borrowed some energy to digivolve back into Kabuterimon, regardless of just having left the form. His large hand reached out for Chloe, who grabbed ahold while sighing, and away they went. The large bug heading down into the crevasse of the canyon.

    And like Chloe had mentioned, as they landed, a lot of eyes were on them. There were many digimon. Some Chloe kind of recognized from around Primary Village or nearby the Hive. Even some that would fit in Factorial Town. Most of them she had never seen. Sure enough, though, the eyes of the coat-wearing digimon caught her and a slight smile on his lips.

    “So, you’re here,” the digimon said.

    “Indeed. We’ve come a long ways.” Chloe was released from Ten’s grip and ran forward. Kabuterimon reverted once more and followed her by flying, landing only a few inches to her side when she stopped. “It has been a while, BanchoLeomon.”

    The monkey digimon was in armor that covered his torso, but baggy pants. A purple hat sat on his head with some sort of foreign character on it. He moved forward to see BanchoLeomon’s face, but had no expression. “Bancho, you know these two?’

    BanchoLeomon turned to his companion. “Yes,” he said, “They are also from the Hive. Makuramon meet Chloe and Ten; guys, this is Makuramon.”

    Chloe exchanged their greeting with a wave and smile, Ten bowed his head. Makuramon nodded. A slight frown appearing. “Unfortunately, this will be cut short, Bancho.” He turned to the lion man. “Like I said before these two showed up. I’m in no position to face your foe. These two look promising, though. Ten has unlocked the ability to digivolve at will. He may be young, but he is also your potentially greatest ally.”

    Makuramon turned and left, walking away without looking back. BanchoLeomon’s face showed defeat. He sighed, letting his shoulders slouch. His eyes met Chloe as he shook his head. “I’m sorry, guys.”

    “For what?”

    “After Majiramon exiled me, I went to look for other digimon that could rival him. This particular Majiramon is what you’d call a Deva. They’re a bit stronger than your normal variation of the digimon. They follow one of the Holy Beast digimon religiously. I either could not find some or got rejected.”

    “We’re on our own,” BanchLeomon finished. He went over to a stray rock sticking up out of the ground and sat down. His head rested in his hand, extending to his knee and was held up there.

    Chloe saw him as a sulking child at first, but she smiled. “That is okay,” she said to cheer him up, “Ten and I will just do our best to become even stronger. Will you teach us?”

    “Me?” BanchoLeomon pointed to himself. “You want me to teach you? I couldn’t even beat Majiramon. He is strong, clever, and evil.”

    Chloe shook her head, “That doesn’t matter. You were the only one to actually keep up with Majira. You said that, at least. Teach us how to increase Ten’s endurance. We are going to take back the Hive.”

    Ten’s compound eyes focused on Chloe. She was standing in front of him, unwavering with her conviction of saving his home. She still hasn’t mentioned going home to her own world. There was something about the way she said it, or the confidence she had when saying it that gave Ten a warm feeling. The emotions radiated off of Chloe, it seemed. Ten could see BanchoLeomon’s sulking expression lighten and clear up. He stood up and smiled, holding out a hand and nodded. It was the start to what would become Ten’s rigorous training that would power him up, but he wanted it. He needed it. Hold out guys, Ten thought about Kunemon and Dokunemon, Majiramon will be no more soon enough.

    “You know what,” BanchoLeomon said, “I will help you two. Makuramon is right! You’re the Hive’s best hope.” The lion man nibbled at the small twig in his mouth, bouncing it from the left and right side of his mouth. Chloe could tell he was thinking of something, but just didn’t really have an idea.

    “Alright, boss,” Ten hovered up to BanchoLeomon’s eye level, “What is first?”

    “Hey now. I have no idea. Don’t put me on the spot.”

    Chloe giggled and put a hand on Ten, sending him to the ground. “Well, where can we meet up and rest?”

    BanchoLeomon rubbed the back of his head, embarrassed by what he would say next. “I’ve got a small house rented in a place called Toy Town. It was the best I could do. My friend Monzaemon was letting me stay. You could come see Toy Town and we can ask Monzaemon if he has anything you can have.”

    “Sounds good. Lead the way.”

    Ten looked between the two of them. “No way are we walking.” He digivolved in front of everyone, gaining more and more attention. Chloe whispered a few choice words to him, scolding him for drawing so much toward them. She was the first to jump on his back, followed by BanchoLeomon, who awkwardly struggled for space. “Hold on,” Ten said, taking off from the ground.

    BanchoLeomon was very scared, not having a lot of space he felt like he was holding onto bare minimal. His claws tried to grab onto Kabuterimon’s body, but the hard skin protected Ten but made things even worse for BanchoLeomon. He did a good job, though, as they were leaving the region.

    In Toy Town…

    The buildings in Toy Town were made of an assortment of toys. Mostly building blocks, or things that looked like a fake, plastic playset. Much like a Barbie house. BanchoLeomon was telling Chloe about Monzaemon as they came into view. The lion man told them that Monzaemon was a giant yellow stuffed bear digimon, who thrived on friendship and hugs. He ran a sort of haven for some of the other exiled digimon from the Hive, the Garden, and a few other organizations that lie around the Forest Region.

    “Hey, BanchoLeomon,” Kabuterimon said, “What is all of that smoke?”

    Straight ahead was supposed to be Toy Town, but all BanchoLeomon had spotted was smoke trails that reached high into the sky toward the clouds. Chloe leaned forward, trying to find out the source on the ground. A few buildings were on fire. Then that is when they saw the two colored lights fly into the sky. They were like lasers that turned into flamethrowers aimed at the smoke trails. Blue and green. There was no doubt these two colored flames were coming from digimon.

    Kabuterimon let them down just before the town. He took to the sky after dropping the other two off. Chloe and BanchoLeomon ran full speed into the middle of the town, a ruined and scorched patch of land.

    “Run,” Monzaemon yelled as he ran toward them. He was scooting a crowd of digimon along, and even a human Chloe saw. “You all need to get out of here.”

    BanchoLeomon leaped the distance between them and tried to help his bear friend. He turned his eyes to Chloe over his shoulder and gave her a nod that she understood. She looked to Ten, who gave her the same nod. They joined up and went for where the flames were coming from, their source.

    Even in the scorched patch of land, a single green flower had been blooming. It was shining with light green light, giving off what looked like small glowing orbs of pollen of some sort. Chloe’s eyes grazed it as they ran by it, seeing flames seething up from something behind a building in front of them.

    As they turned the corner, two dragon digimon had exchanged looks and laughed together. Their happiness in their destruction told all she needed to know. These two were more dragon digimon that the dragon lord himself sent. Majiramon was rooting the possible spots out one by one for the two of them. Chloe and Ten stood their ground.

    “Hey,” Chloe said, “You two losers really need to go. I’ll give you a message to bring to Majiramon.”

    The twin dragons had stopped laughing when Chloe began, shocked someone dared stand up to them. Then they began to laugh again after she spoke. “What a joke,” said the blue one. “These two are the ones he is looking for,” the other one, the green dragon, said.

    “Yeah, that’s right,” Ten shouted to them. He buzzed his wings angrily before landing again. He turned to Chloe. “Let me take these fools out, Chloe.”

    The girl was staring sternly at the dragons but looked down at Ten, digivice in her hand, “Sure, let’s do this! Ten digivolve!” Ten’s form changed into Kabuterimon. “I’m going to make sure no one is around with Monzaemon. Take care of them.”

    “My pleasure.” The large bug took off into the sky, hoping the dragons would fly up with him. And they did! “That’s right, follow me!” They were firing fireballs at him, but Ten managed to dodge them all. He had a bit of the speed advantage it seemed.

    Chloe turned to see Monzaemon running up to her. He was out of breath, and his normal yellow fur was a bit darker from all of the ash and flames. A piece of his ear was also missing, but it didn’t seem to bother him much. “You have to warn your digimon partner,” he said, hunching over in a coughing fit.

    “Warn him what?”

    “Coredramon,” he continued coughing. “That is what those digimon are. They have a particular scale on their body that will send them into a deadly berserking rage if you touch it.” Both of their eyes darted toward the flying digimon, where Chloe witnessed Kabuterimon smacking one out of the way only to take a fireball to the chest and returning the gesture with a horn smack. “Please, girl,” the bear pleaded.

    Chloe ran underneath the fighting and cupped her hands over her mouth trying to make a hand-megaphone. “Ten!” The bug digimon didn’t turn to her. She tried again, “Ten!” But again not even a look or a call back. Chloe inhaled as smoothly as she could before trying to shout as loud as she could. “TEN BE CAREFUL OF THEIR SCALES!”

    Kabuterimon bashed into the blue dragon with his horn, shooting the dragon to the ground. There was a weird noise coming from the smoke that arouse. Chloe thought maybe he had activated the scale. They didn’t know where it was, not even Monzaemon truly knew. At any moment, these dragons could get double in power. It was truly a scary thought, but Chloe knew she had to trust in Kabuterimon.

    There was just nothing for her to do while Ten was up in the air fighting. The green Coredramon narrowed his wings and took off at high speeds toward Ten, who shot a powerful Electro Shocker into him. The green dragon drifted backwards, clearly in pain, while the blue one shot up from the ground after Ten.

    Chloe went back to helping Monzaemon get some of the child digimon out. She met a few ToyAgumon and a Labramon who were playing with some sort of ball and doll when the dragons attacked. ToyAgumon explained he almost lost an arm after one of their fireballs zipped right past him. Labramon was lucky to be next to a building and jumped inside before anything terrible happened. They passed the flower that Chloe had noticed before. The green flower was still shining, and almost calling to her. It was oddly placed, just right in the middle of Toy Town. Monzaemon told her, as well as the two children digimon, that the flower hadn’t been there for too long before Chloe got there.

    Ten crashed to the ground this time, not the Coredramon. Chloe’s glance quickly went up to them to see what might have happened, and their tails were where Ten would have been. Both of them must have whipped him with their powerful tails right into the ground. She ran to her partner, sort of cradling his large head in her arms.

    “They’re powerful,” Ten said. “Real powerful.”

    “You’re more powerful,” Chloe said. She could tell Ten was hurting, giving up almost in spirit. “You’re the strongest digimon I know.”

    Two fireballs came soaring down toward them. In a swift movement, the form of Kabuterimon flipped over and covered Chloe. The balls of fire made a loud smacking sound, followed by sizzling, as they disappeared after knocking into Ten’s back. He let out a groan of pain, a sound that haunted Chloe. Tears filled her eyes.

    “Ten,” she whispered. “We have to win. We have to beat them. You know that,” she said. She put her wet cheek up to Ten’s large armored head, rubbing it gently with her hands. “I told you--no, I promised you, that we would go back to the Hive and win. To save your friends.”

    There seemed to a silence that surrounded them, but only Ten and Chloe. Between Kabuterimon’s arms, Chloe could see the children she was helping Monzaemon save shouting something at her, and even the bear mouthing something. The fire around them should have been making the sizzling and crackling noise fire makes, but it didn’t. Even the shouting they had heard from the Coredramon were absent. For all she knew, they could be right above them or flew away or maybe she was dead.

    “Do you really want to save the Hive?” It was Ten’s voice, but Chloe didn’t see his mouth move.

    “Of course I do,” she said, “the Hive was such a peaceful place when I saw you and your friends play, and you loved it. All we need is to remove Majiramon.”

    “Why would you do that for,” the sentence finished with a combination of us and me. It freaked Chloe out. She was unsure what actually was said, but it didn’t matter.

    “Because you’re my friend. You’re my best friend.” There was a weird vibration from her pant’s pocket. As she reached for it, she remembered that was the pocket with her digivice. What could it want right now? When her hand retreat from the pocket, the digivice had pulsed and began to glow with a yellow light. “Whoa,”

    Monzaemon moved the children further into the house as the Coredramon landed on the other side of the lane, on the other side of the green flower. The same flower’s glowing aura brightened up and burst with a bright light. Above it was a transparent symbol, almost like a raindrip with a circle missing from the droplet, with a dot in the middle of the empty space. The symbol thickened, becoming something that looked like it was actually part of this world. It began to shake, rumbling with power before turning into a stream of light that flowed toward Chloe. She was gripping her digivice tightly against her chest, the light going into the digivice right through her hands that were wrapped around it. Green lightning sparked off of it before it rumbled, the whole device turning green to match the symbols coloring.

    “I cannot believe it,” Monzaemon told ToyAgumon and Labramon. “The girl had found one of the legendary crests. I never imagined it would be here.”

    Chloe brought the digivice away from her, looking over the new color. It was vibrating with power. Ten looked like energy was returning to him, as he stretched up over her. He began to have a light veil of green coloring form around him. He looked down at Chloe.

    “It is true what you said. We need to go and protect our friends.”

    “Yes, we do.”

    The Coredramon twins exchanged looks between each other before launching themselves forward. They were coming at the duo with amazing speed, but the digivice sent out a light that halted them.

    “Super Evolution,” Ten said. His form was lifted into the air and began to change. Chloe could tell this was unusual in their evolution. It was different than JewelBeemon in the fact that it didn’t use a digimental, and it was more powerful going to just Kabuterimon. His body turned red. His wings came together to form a giant shield-like hump on his back with a large jewel coming out from the top. The horn on his head got bigger, and his silver armor turned red to match the rest of his body. The horn now looked like a double-sided axe. While his arms got skinnier in appearance, the muscles around his shoulders bulged. “MegaKabutermon (AtlurKabuterimon)”

    The appearance of the new, even bigger bug digimon made the dragon twins take a step back. Ten had other plans, though. He kneeled and thrust forward, catching the green one in his horn while the blue one was able to dodge this attack. The horn flipped upward, sending the dragon into the sky. Energy pooled around the horn and then blast right into the dragon digimon. The explosion was loud. The thud was slightly satisfying as Coredramon green hit the ground hard and rolled off. Ten looked to the blue one, now looking to deal damage to him. He shot forward and began a flurry of blows with his Wild Scratch attack. His long, armored arms swinging to smack the Coredramon who had defended himself with his own, muscular arms. What the blue dragon didn’t know was Ten had a new move that ended up zapping him with electricity, Lightning Wave. The dragon involuntarily moved forward, to where Ten flipped him and sent a powerful Electro Shocker into him. Like his green counterpart, he rolled after landing.

    “Finish them off,” Chloe said. It was a bit weird to her that she even said it. The digivice’s unique coloring flickered. But even she knew that they had to before the dragon twins returned to the village and blew it up.

    Ten nodded, “Got it,” he said, flying into the sky. “See you some other time, dragons!” He powered up a massive Electro Shocker (High Mega Blaster). The ball of energy was twice the size of his horn, which was massive enough. The lightning streaked across the interior of the energy ball. As he sent the blast for the dragons, they yelled out in fear. It collided with the dragons at the same time. They let out their pain through their yelling. The data that made them up, collectively, burst and flew toward the sky.

    MegaKabuterimon was very tired, swaying in the air before reverting even further down his evolution ladder. Instead of Minomon, Ten turned into a Leafmon, his very first form upon entering the Digital World. It was a baby of a baby. Entirely adorable. He laid into Chloe’s arms.

    “Whoa,” ToyAgumon said. Him and Labramon ran up, the latters tail wagging wildly. “That was so cool, whatever it was.”

    Labramon sniffed and gently licked the Leafmon. “You’re a really neat dude, dude.”

    “I have to say,” Monzaemon said, towering over them, “That was dangerous but I am so glad you won. You’re the type of person the Hive needs to save it from Majiramon.” The giant bear looked around and began to beckon a digimon over. BanchoLeomon ran over and stopped right in front of Chloe.

    He looked at Leafmon. “Is that Ten?” His voice was filled with worry. “Tell me he is okay!”

    Chloe begun to laugh. Monzaemon put a hand on BanchoLeomon’s shoulder. The lion man looked up to see the giggling girl and the smiling bear. Labramon and ToyAgumon stood there cheering Ten’s name.

    “BanchoLeomon,” Monzaemon said, “Little Leafmon had super evolved and took care of the Coredramon in a volley of attacks.

    “No way,” BanchoLeomon said. He smiled and scratched his chin. “Never heard of that before. How did you do it?”

    “I believe Monzaemon called it a crest.” ToyAgumon chipped in.

    Labramon gave Leafmon a big lick again, “He is my hero!”

    “A crest?” BanchoLeomon scratched his chin again. An eyebrow raised. He looked like he was deep in thought, but Chloe couldn’t tell if it was about what a crest was or what the next step is. There was a look in his eyes. He went to open his mouth and Chloe leaned in, eager to hear what he was about to say. “What is a crest?”

    The whole team fell silent. It stayed that way for a little before Chloe burst out laughing. She couldn’t contain it any longer. Leafmon nearly fell from her arms as she wrapped one around her stomach, laughing the hardest she had done in a long time. Ten began to laugh, but his was for Chloe as her loud cheerfulness rubbed off on him. Labramon and ToyAgumon nervously chuckled, unsure what was going on.

    Monzaemon even gave a chuckle, hiding it behind a hefty squared off hand. “My friend, a crest is a legendary item for digidestined. Is specializes a trait within them, but also allows a partner to super digivolve.” The bear scooted the children digimon along. “At least that is what I’ve read in books. I must get these two to anew place in the town so I can start to rebuild.”

    The bear stepped up to Chloe and leaned over, giving them a weak hug. “If it wasn’t for you, my child, Toy Town would be crushed. You’re welcome here whenever. You go and save the forest from Majiramon. I know you can.” As he left, he placed a paw on BanchoLeomon, who patted the bear paw with his own.

    The lion man smiled and gave a long sigh. “A crest, huh? You made quick work of not just one adult digimon, but two.” He was holding up two fingers before he twisted his wrist and turned it into a thumbs up. “I don’t think you need my teaching, honestly. You have a choice, Chloe.”

    “What is that?”

    “Well,” the lion fixed his belt, “You can train with me, for whatever purpose you think it would help. Or you go try to finish the job.”

    Chloe brought Leafmon up to her face, giving him a sweet little kiss on his cheek. “What do you want to do, buddy?”

    “Rest,” Ten whispered. They shared a laugh.

    “I’m going to say train. Majiramon is stronger than normal, you said. We should train when we can and practice super evolution.”

    “Fair enough. Let me show you to my little Toy Town home.” BanchoLeomon swung an air around Chloe to lead her in the direction of his home. Leafmon fell asleep.

    Back at the Hive…

    The Hive was very quiet. Twin Coredramon were sent out a few days ago, and so far no word from them. Majiramon had floated above the Hive an hour ago and saw colored flames in the direction of Toy Town. He assumed it was the Coredramon, since the flames were the respective colors. However, those flames quickly went out. One of two things happened. The first option was they destroyed Toy Town and moved on. The second option made Majiramon the angriest digimon in all the land. It was only if the Coredramon twins had been defeated.

    As the Dragon Lord stared out of the window of his new chambers, he wondered which option it really was. Clearly he had hoped for the first. If they did run into trouble, was it the pesky girl and her digimon? If they were in Toy Town, they either had nowhere to go or were heading back.

    Majiramon waved for his guards. A digimon approached, but Majiramon halted him. “Summon the two bugs. We messed with them long enough. Time to make them an offer they cannot refuse.”