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    Quest System
    Quests are pre-written plot hooks or prompts for groups of players to undertake. Completing quests can earn rewards, affect the site's lore, or even influence the plot.

    Quest Passes
    A quest pass is required to participate in a quest. Quest passes are earned by completing threads and submitting them for Evaluation.

    Each quest has a set difficulty. Higher difficulties may have stricter restrictions, more complex requirements, or greater potential for danger. You should roleplay this accordingly. The difficulties are Easy , Normal , Hard , and Nightmare .

    Quest rewards are based on completion, not success. A group can "fail" at a certain quest (e.g. unsuccessfully stop a thief) and still receive its rewards—we even encourage this, to some extent!

    Claiming Quests
    A group of players who meet the requirements can “claim” a quest, and that quest will be removed from the list of available prompts. If the group does not complete the quest (e.g. never starts it or the thread dies halfway through and can’t be resurrected), the quest may become available again. To claim a quest, reply to this thread with the following form:
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    [b]Quest:[/b] Name of the quest to be claimed. [b]Participants:[/b] Tag each of the participants.
    Nightmare Quests
    Occasionally, Nightmare-difficulty quests will be made available to particularly enterprising Crested adventurers. These quests are staff-guided and will reveal more details about the Digital World and the mysterious creatures that inhabit it. Nightmare Quests can only be purchased via a Nightmare Pass; these will be awarded for the completion of particularly compelling threads.

    Only the purchaser of a Nightmare Quest must have a Nightmare Pass; all other participants can utilize a normal Quest Pass. Be warned, however—Nightmare Quests will pit the adventurers against the Digital World's primordial terrors and forces of nature. Participate at your own risk! Serious injury or death can occur at the discretion of the Administrators.


    Under the Mountain Normal

    Since the portal disaster at Mt. Panorama, word has spread that a group of Digimon with unique abilities lives in the caves beneath. The prevailing rumor is that they consume other Digimon—others claim they've learned how to morph their data from the Rising Tide. Either way, an enterprising group has decided to seek these Digimon out to learn their secrets.

    Spoiler They're cannibals. Staff will be in touch with additional details.
    Restrictions Any attempts to annihilate the cannibal cult must go awry

    A Glitch in the System Easy

    Neon City has recently been plagued with glitches, corrupting small chunks of the Digital World, affecting the growth of the local meat crop, and unfixing the casinos' fixed games! The city council has recruited a group of humans and Digimon to find and stop the source of these glitches.

    Restrictions Group must have at least one Maverick who's the unwitting source of these glitches! Thread must involve an absurd glitch.
    Spoiler They cause localized glitches whenever they get drunk

    Pirates!!! Hard

    Coastal villages have reported that a pirate ship is harassing them, demanding food and booze or else they'll pillage the town! The waters surrounding File Island are notoriously dangerous, as well as the Digimon that make a living off of them. Find the pirate captain and negotiate a ceasefire—and maybe learn a little more about File Island's mysterious condition in the process!

    Spoiler Staff will be in touch
    Restrictions The pirate ship must be boarded at some point

    Foraging for Winter Easy

    A pair of kindly Otamamon run a Digimon orphanage near Primary Village. They have asked for your aid in gathering supplies for the coming winter! Travel to Drill Tunnel and forage for mushrooms to be stored for the needy young ‘mons!

    Restrictions N/A
    Reward 250 Bits

    The Lonely Gazimon Easy

    This Gazimon doesn't think humans are so bad -- and that has earned him the ire of his former friends. Trek to Primary Village and show the local Digimon that humans aren't as bad as they might seem!

    Restrictions None
    Reward 250 bits

    Late Summer Inferno! Normal

    Radical opponents of the Digital Dawn have set flame to a hotel known for serving humans and Digimon alike, and the blaze is threatening to spread! Help fight the fires and try to save the hotel!

    Restrictions 3+ Participants Required
    Reward 350 bits

    The Shifting Sands of the Great Canyon Normal

    A posting on the Adventurer’s Board tells of a mysterious treasure hidden away in the sandy crags of the Great Canyon. Travel to the Great Canyon and seek your prize, but beware for the roving bands of Sangloupmon that terrorize tourists in the region!

    Restrictions 3+ Participants Required
    Reward 350 Bits

    Wanted: Giromon the Metal Vandal! Hard

    File City authorities have placed a bounty on the head of a rogue Giromon who kills for sport and ransacks public buildings out of sheer boredom. Search File City for this crazed criminal, but beware – he is not afraid to go for the kill!

    Restrictions 3+ Participants Required. Dangerous Mission!
    Reward 500 bits

    Extra Security Hard

    An enterprising Andromon is releasing a new device that he claims will be able to empower Digivices. However, anti-human protesters are threatening to crash the release party! Serve as a security detail for the party in Neon City, but try not to make things worse!

    3+ Participants Required.
    Reward 500 bits

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