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Pokefalls | Pokemon Au

Discussion in 'Link Back' started by Pokefalls Staff, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. [​IMG]

    Legend tells of a world and land of pokemon and people. Here you can find people with strange gifts, the Gleeful family. It is said they are here to do bad things, create the next Reverse Falls. They have formed a team called Team Blue Legacy. But can they do it? Can they create this next Reverse Falls? Or will the people of the Lazuli Region stop them in their tracks?

    But the future depends on YOU. Will you come and help stand against Team Blue Legacy? Will you ignore them and just travel the land however you wish? Will you help them to create this Reverse Falls? Or will you join them for your own personal gain? There are so many possibilities and adventures to have in the Lazuli Region, SO WHY WAIT?

    Pokefalls is a site built around a custom-made region full of gyms and more to go through.
    [​IMG]Choose any pokemon you wish to start with from Caterpie to Absol.
    [​IMG]Earn Legendaries as you go from completing threads!
    [​IMG]Make your way through the gyms to get to the elite 4 and become champion!
    [​IMG]Go through the Contest Hall and become the Top
    [​IMG]Sell your own graphics and gain some more pokedollars.
    [​IMG]Have fun as you interact with the other characters and form your story.

    The NEXT pokemon League champion could be YOU.
    So what are you waiting for?

    Your partners are waiting for you.