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    Event 3.0: The Divide
    You've cried for it, you've fought your way to get to this point, let me now present to you.... THE NEW EVENT THAT EVERYONE SIGNED FOR: EVENT 3! Known as The Divide, a group will now begin to look into some dark secrets of the Dark Ocean, which was newly discovered by River Adams and the intrepid heroes that forced their ways through a corrupted gate, during the initial attack of the Rising Tide. Some people, along with a select squad of the Digital Dawn, will also be trying to infiltrate the lost city of Arpa, located deep in Mt Infinity where the Rising Tide has been located. Maybe they'll find information as to what they are truly planning? Last, but not least, there was a murder that happened in File City, not long after the riots have happened. The circumstances are... somewhat odd and a specialist was called in to investigate this matter. Will you be able to shed light on this mysterious case?

    The Divide • The groups
    Now what you may want to know the most is: what groups you young pups are in. There is 3 groups, with one of them bigger than the others. I will be placing codes near the group names so you guys know which group you're in for DTP (Discord Tagging Purpose).

    Conquer the Dark Ocean (Code: Sub-Event 1)
    • River Adams
    • Dominique Rousseau
    • Jason Lhant
    • Ezra Greenfield
    Infiltrate Arpa (Code: Sub-Event 2)
    • Darius Sung
    • Varius
    • Roy Allistair
    • Sami Raines
    • Kiyoshi Nakahara
    Solve the Mystery (Code: Sub-Event 3)
    • Liliummon
    • Gila
    • Balder Schwarz
    • Edward Beaufort

    When will it begin?
    I'd like to say right now, but we can't. Some of us got some easter plans to prepare, but it'll definitely be up around the beginning of april.

    How do we proceed?
    For those that lived through Event 2's sub-events, you already know how we roll. For the new bloods, here's how we go: one staff mods your thread, guiding you through obstacles and story moments. Some times, a mod can replace another, anything can happen. That's why we won't say who mods what thread, and no it's not because Balder is investigating the Murder that it means I'm the one modding it lol.

    When we post, we'll give a general date and time of when we'll move to the next round. During this time, everyone is free to reply once (Maybe more if they are quick replies to what someone said and if the staff approves.) It might happen that we delay the date of posting, since we have a life and, some times, issues. Please bear with us when that happens and we'll try to get your post up as fast as possible.

    Contest 3.5 • The renewal (Advertising contest)

    We need new blood. Fresh and ready to jump in the chaos. The digital world can't save itself (or doom itself, depending on your point of view), so we need more individuals to make this place a lot more fun. Thus, we open a new advertising contest that will be slightly different from the previous one.

    What are the rules?
    To know more about the event, I invite you all to look at the advertising thread right here:•-the-renewal.1640/
    I assure you, the rewards and the gains we get from it will help everyone.

    Seeing the future Testing realms

    As most of you saw during the poll, I have opened Tester positions. Now why did I do that, you ask? Adding new events and new systems are good and all, but some times, we need to see the reactions to such announcements and movements, to understand the will of the people. Thus, I found it easier for everyone to create a testing channel that only the Staff and the select few will be able to see.

    There's no reward for participating, except knowing for potential happenings before their time, and you'll never be forced to do anything, but we do ask anything you see in there be kept under the wraps. If someone is revealed to have disclosed the information from the Test Channel, I'll be forced to bring out Mjollnir and whack him on the head (And maybe put him a special title for a week). You're also free to opt out whenever you want, just by telling a staff member your're not interested anymore. Everyone that signed up will soon added to the discord group and have access to it.