Patch 1.4.0 • Paragons & Contest 3

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    Paragons are our first step toward bringing solo Digimon in line with other classes. As always, comments, suggestions, and concerns are welcome. If there's something you'd like to see out of a new class, just drop a staff member a line or make your way over to the Suggestions board!

    Primary Function • Digisoul & Burst Evolution
    Digisoul is emotional energy harnessed and used as a destructive force. Digisoul can be used to empower the Paragon, allowing them to achieve Burst Modes of increasing power or perform self-destructive feats of strength. However, due to the volatility of digisoul and its susceptibility to intense negative emotion, Paragons are more likely to dark evolve than other Digimon.

    Paragons can evolve into short-lived Burst Modes that are fueled by their digisoul. These Burst Modes are always the same species as the Paragon's current form (Agumon → Agumon Burst Mode) and are in between levels in terms of strength, e.g. a Child Burst Mode would be between Child and Adult, while an Adult Burst Mode would be between Adult and Perfect. These half-level Burst Modes are both emotionally and physically exhausting to maintain.

    Paragons may also evolve into full-strength variants instead of their typical next form, e.g. Agumon → Greymon may opt to use Agumon → Agumon Burst Mode instead. Perfect and Ultimate Burst Modes follow the normal Perfect and Ultimate requirements, i.e. activated crests.

    In-character usage should differentiate between half-level and full-level Burst Modes, e.g. by explicitly stating such or representing them with digisoul auras of different colors.

    Secondary Function • Healing Factor
    Paragons recover from injuries at a quicker rate than other Digimon. This healing factor only comes into effect when the Paragon is not in immediate danger, e.g. being pursued or in a fight.

    Super Ultimate
    It's Burst Modes all the way down