Patch 1.3.1 Trouble in File City!!!

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    Trouble in File City!!!
    Since the failed portal, the Digital Dawn have named themselves File City's new peacekeepers in the name of protecting the city from the Tide—working as a heavy-handed force that unilaterally executes offenders on the spot.

    Between these new peacekeepers and the Tide, tempers in File City have finally reached a peak, with the Tide, Digital Dawn, and humans all sharing equal (if unfair) blame; and a minor scuffle between the Ogremon gang and Digital Dawn has sparked a full-scale riot!

    Humans, members of the Digital Dawn (or Digimon who look like they might be), presumed sympathizers, and anyone who just looks at someone funny in or around File City may find themselves targets.

    • All threads in File City Riot are assumed open for any player to join, up to a total of four players. You can mark these threads as Private, but we encourage you to start and participate in open threads!
    • Official riot threads can be created for the next two weeks—after that, the minor event is only open for preexisting threads. The riots last for three days in-character.
    • Players who make at least 5 posts in the File City Riot board will receive an achievement for participating in this minor event!
    • Characters who participate in the riots themselves (e.g. looting, picking fights, general destruction of property) will receive an additional achievement: You're An Jerk!
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