Patch 1.3.0 • Event 3, Event 2 Recap, Survey, & New Items

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    Episode 1 • Event 2 • Recap
    The Digital Dawn's attempt to bridge the Digital World and real world ended in disaster when an unknown force corrupted the portal and allowed the Rising Tide to materialize from the Dark Ocean.

    A mysterious cloaked figure grievously wounded Terrafirma, and though the Rising Tide was beaten back, the Digital Dawn's leader remains comatose.

    A group of adventurers pursued the cloaked figure into the tunnels beneath Mt. Panorama, only to be separated by a cave-in. Two intrepid adventurers discovered a cult of cannibalistic Digimon, and though they eliminated the group they encountered, others still remain. The cloaked figure toyed with the second group, until Rosalie manifested a mysterious force that dealt the cloaked figure a minor but effective blow.

    Episode 1 • Event 3 Sign-Ups
    Event sign-ups are done via poll. Include your OOC name and the events in order of preference, e.g.
    If there is an event you are not interested in at all, do not include it. Sign-ups close Friday, February 2.

    Murder Mystery

    A high-ranking Digital Dawn officer has been found dead! Pool together to find the murderer and bring them to justice.

    Rising Tide Infiltration
    The Rising Tide have taken up an abandoned city beneath Mt. Infinity, and the Digital Dawn have recruited a small task force to infiltrate it and gather intel.

    Dark Ocean Exploration
    A group has joined together to enter the corrupted portal at Mt. Panorama and explore the Dark Ocean.

    Survey • Multi-Level Digimon & Sexuality
    Based on player feedback, we have opened up a short poll on how to treat Digimon with multiple levels and whether a sexuality field should be added to character apps.

    Currently, Digimon with multiple levels are restricted to their "most" canonical level, e.g. Tailmon is treated as Adult even though it briefly appeared as Child in one of the V-Pets.

    Item Additions
    Digivice Upgrades
    • Incognito Mode • Hides user from other D-Terminals' radar when active. User's radar will not function while incognito mode is active.
    • Buddy System • Allows user to register other D-Terminals as "buddies". Buddies' locations can be seen on the regional map, instead of just the local area, and are labeled with the name they are registered as.
    • Recall Function • The user can summon their Digimon partner if their partner is over half a mile away.
    • Human Protocol • Allows a crested or partnered Digimon to assume a human form. Its appearance cannot change on subsequent uses. The Digimon's natural power is greatly suppressed while the protocol is active.

    Dark Materials
    • Whip • Allows the maverick to temporarily direct their berserk partner with simple commands such as "attack that" or "move there".

    • Power Surge • The Digimon's next attack is treated as if it came from a Digimon of one level higher, if applicable.
    • Berserk Plugin • Boosts Digimon's speed and strength at the cost of significantly weakening their defense.
    • WarGreymon's Terra Force • The target launches a giant sphere of dense energy pulled from the atmosphere.
    • Ice Age • Alters the terrain around the user. A slick layer of ice forms on the ground, and large pillars of ice form. Effect lasts for 20 minutes.
    • Cage Match • Conjures a temporary steel cage around the target and an opponent. Effect lasts for 20 minutes or until destroyed.
    • Sandstorm • Alters the terrain around the user. The ground turns into sand and a fierce sandstorm begins.
    • Type Change: Virus • Temporarily changes the Digimon's attribute to Virus.
    • Type Change: Data • Temporarily changes the Digimon's attribute to Data.
    • Type Change: Vaccine • Temporarily changes the Digimon's attribute to Vaccine.
    • Lava Moat • Alters the terrain around the user. The ground around the Digimon breaks away, creating a circular river of lava. Effect lasts for 20 minutes.
    • Copycat • Digimon copies the last technique it was hit by.
    • Heavy Mist • Alters terrain around the user. Thick and heavy fog covers the area. Effect lasts for 20 minutes.