Patch 1.2 • The Rising Tide

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    Patch 1.2 • The Rising Tide
    Thank you all for making the opening of Shinka!!! a resounding success. To say that its first few months have exceeded our expectations would be a drastic understatement. The site staff couldn’t be happier with the wonderful adventures we’ve already been on together, and we definitely can’t wait to see what comes next.

    That being said, we want this site to be an evolving, continuous story – and any systems-based method of storytelling is liable to benefit from the addition of new avenues for those stories to be told within. That’s why, every couple of months or so, we’re hoping to roll out a new patch to keep things fresh and interesting, and to accommodate the requests of our members. This is the first such update. Dive into the sections below to see what new toys we’re introducing to the site!

    Event 2 • Exploring the Sunken Labyrinth
    The opening of the portal to the human world was (somewhat predictably) met with tragedy, but what was left behind in the aftermath of the strange cloaked Digimon’s attack remains a mysterious and compelling matter in its own right. It’s time for the humans and their partners to venture into the depths of the Sunken Labyrinth – and for those who choose to remain outside to defend the gateway against the encroaching forces that seek to go in after them!

    This is a continuation of the previous event and will be split into three individual phases. Each phase is capped at six members, and each character can only participate in one of the three threads. Signups for the three phases are listed here. Please post in the sign up thread with the character you wish to use and the thread that you wish to participate in. First come first serve!

    These events, and the actions of the players in those events, will help shape the future of the Digital World and the Real World alike. Nothing is set in stone, and player actions will have IC consequences on the site’s plot and setting. Be creative, and have fun!

    New Class • The Maverick
    Dark Digivices were, frankly, boring and poorly fleshed out. So we’re scrapping them in favor of the site’s very first Prestige Class. Normally, the Maverick would only be available to members who have been on the site for at least one month – but to thank you all for seeing the site through its beginning days, we’re letting all members who signed up prior to October 26, 2017 make a Maverick immediately!

    The Mavericks are a group of humans who somehow found their way to the Digital World, but were never assigned a crest. Glitched out and dragged into the world through the terrifying depths of the Dark Ocean, the Mavericks and their partners have to resort to alternate means to enable themselves and their partners to brave the dangers of the Digital World.

    Read more about Mavericks and their class features here, and don’t forget to check out the site shop for the new Dark Materials, augmentations and abilities exclusive to the Maverick class, available now.

    New Resource • The Codex
    The Digital World is a constantly shifting and changing place, and there is a great deal of information that players are only beginning to learn about it. Need to brush up on your Digi-history, or have something that you want to contribute to site canon? That’s where the Codex comes in.

    We want the lore of Shinka to be player driven, so we’ve decided to do our lore pages a little bit differently than most sites. In addition to traditional, staff-written entries, players will be able to submit their own lore pages for review by the site staff. If your lore entry is approved, it will be added to the site canon and you’ll receive a bit bonus and a medal for your OOC account! Read more about the Codex and how to submit lore pages here.

    That about does it for Patch 1.2! Again, thank you all for the great things that you’ve contributed to the site thus far. We hope you enjoy the new content that we’ve put together, and we look forward to seeing the stories that you all will tell!


    Shin, Sterc and Vera
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