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      Trash flew everywhere the alleyway as a pile of bags exploded from having a bolt of energy shot directly into them. The Gorillamon roared as he aimed the large cannon on his arm at the blonde man that he meant to hit. "Hold still! Let me kill you!" He roared once again before charging another blast by the glow of the cannon's barrel and took aim again. Kazimir just stared him down while growling himself, not looking as pretty as he used to with cuts and bruises all around his exposed torso as the last scrap of his shirt slid down him, as he looked between the charging glowing ball of death and between the ape's legs where his Digivice lay. He knew he had one shot and if it didn't work then his life was pretty much at the end of its track. "Die Humon!" Gorillamon screamed as Kazi suddenly lunged forward and tucked himself into a roll as the energy left the ape's arm and grazed his back, the burning sensation strong enough to cause the man to growl even more as he made his way under the Ape and grabbed his Digivice. Of course not before he lifted his feet to deliver a hard kick to the Digimon's tender area.

      "Hah, fuck you ya dumb monkey! Why don't you die-" He was poised to transform and give this ape the beat down he deserved, but said was much quicker to recover than he realized and the man felt powerful knuckles dig into his gut before being thrown back against the side of the building where stone bricks managed to break his fall as well as probably crack something. Kazi only got a gasp of air before he could feel hot and smelly breath breathing down over him. "This for you beating me!" Kazi's chest was met with a foot as it kicked him dead center and propped him up against the wall where the two were eye to eye, both of them glaring at one another.

      "Humiliating me! Taunting me! Stealing my money!" Each sentence was accompanied by both spit from the mouth of the screaming ape and his large foot repeatedly stomping on Kazi's chest and fists striking his head. Breathing was starting to be a problem and each hit only stole more from his lungs as it was pratically forced out of his body as the gorilla ended his rampage with another punch to the gut, only this time it was with his metal arm before grabbing the man's throat and hoisting him up against the wall. "Last words?" It growled before raising the cannon to Kazi's bloodied face as it glowed from the light inside the barrel.
      " time don't be shit at wrestling...ya fucking monkey."

      He really didn't think this is how he'd go out in any reality. Yeah grudges were made in pro wrestling but that was usually for dramatic effect. No one he knew went out of their way to kill just cause they lost to someone clearly better than them.
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      Gideon the BlackGuilmon

        A very peculiar thing happened next. The Gorillamon seemed to... Well. Stop. The energy that had been building within its cannon flickered and sputtered as everything from the creature's words to its movements simply seemed to slow down. It was as if the Gorillamon was a sixty-four bit program suddenly thrust into an archaic twentieth century operating system; in short, it was chugging hard.

        It was enough of a delay to allow the black-scaled dragon-esque Digimon that escorted Cassandra Kane to charge the creature headlong, slamming its head into the side of the Gorillamon with enough force to (hopefully) grant Kazimir some modicum of a chance to escape its clutches. Standing some several paces away, clad in a blue trenchcoat and clutching a pale, hollow-looking Digivice, stood Cassandra herself. Her black hair was pulled into a haphazard ponytail that sat high upon her head, and her free hand was placed upon her hip in a display of something that fell somewhere between disinterest and frustration.

        "You alright?" she called out to the other human, paying little attention to her partner as he squared up for another attack against the Gorillamon. He would stop lagging in a few moments; presumably, the force of the impact would push him off of Kazimir and leave him rather confused.
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          In his head he both accepted this and rejected this. Fighting in a world full of monsters pretty much was a death sentence if you were an adrenaline junkie like Kazi but at the same time how could he just end up dying in an alley? He was a hero! Or so he told himself when he was in the ring wearing that mask of his. And heroes don't just end up kicking the bucket cause of a dumb grudge like this gorilla had.

          However before anything could be done things seemed to slow down. Well not entirely just the monkey as something big and black rammed into it knocking it back and freeing Kazi who slumped against the wall as the voice of another person caught his attention. Looking over as he grabbed his Digivice just in case he caught sight of a girl who looked like she was giving him the stink eye. "Yeah...peachy." He panted in between breaths as he slowly made himself stand up straight against the wall, "Thanks for...the assist...think your guy can handle it?"

          He weakly jerked his thumb to the black dragon wrestling with the Gorillamon who just growled at the newcomer and swung his cannon arm at its head. How dare it get in the way of its revenge! It was going to pay dearly for this! Even if he had to turn it into pixel dust to do so just like he was going to do with that annoying human!
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          Gideon the BlackGuilmon

            "I certainly hope so," the dark-haired girl replied. To her credit, she did afford a glance over her shoulder towards the angry little dragonoid as it squared up for another strike against the Gorillamon.Black tendrils of smoke and flame spilled forth from the gaps in its maw before exploding outwards in a fiery torrent.

            It would not be enough to take down the larger, angrier Digimon -- there as a level difference to contend with, after all -- but the BlackGuilmon did not seem terribly interested in playing defense or worrying about its own well-being. Instead, it pressed an all-out assault, following up the bevy of flame with a leaping shoulder charge intended to knock the creature squarely on its rear.

            "Honestly, what are you thinking?" the woman chided, her withering gaze returning to the blonde. "Digimon are dangerous. You could have gotten yourself killed."