On This Lonely Rail

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      Living in South Hampton for little over half a year, Mirko had made it a routine to run off to nearby New York City when he wanted to get away from home. It was the truant vagabond in him that had accustomed him to long train rides, and although this particular one was sentient, he had quickly dozed off into a light nap. Joined by Lorelei, Hackmon, and his partner Boi, the group had boarded a friendly Trailmon that had offered them a ride to their next destination. Now the group was rolling through the curving roads of the mountain sides, periodically dipping in and out of tunnels.

      Where initially they faced each other in a booth, humans on one side, and digimon on the other, Boi had squeezed in alongside Lorelei. Hackman had settled into an ease, sprawled across from them with his eyes closed- if he was asleep or simply opting out of the quiet conversation was a little unclear. Mirko was definitely unconscious, leaning against the window, breathing lightly as he slept. He proved to be a fidgety sleeper, occasionally spasming abruptly, before muttering something in a foreign tongue and settling back down. This left Lorelei with only Boi for interactive company, and the little wolf monster had joined her, dangling his feet as he took the seat nearest the aisle.

      "I... I like the idea." Boi was saying, keeping his voice at a polite whisper. When Lorelei had asked him how he felt about having a human partner, he was a little taken aback, and he leaned over to see Mirko on the other side of her, as if mindful of talking about someone unaware. "Mirko is interesting. I wasn't doing much before he appeared. I was just a Caprimon before I ever met him, and... hmmm." Boi's face never changed, but he looked off in the distance, far past his gaze with Lorelei or Mirko next to her. "I don't think I was very needed in my batch. I got thrown out because I had too many feelings...."

      There was a quiet pause, the Trailmon gave a turn that caused a slight shift, and Mirko rolled gently. His head landed on Lorelei's shoulder, and he adjusted unconsciously, snuggling himself into the warm spot between the seat and her arm. The movement made the tag around his next swing like a pendulum, putting on display the Crest of Friendship they had recently obtained. Boi looked at the crest, transfixed.

      "I think he's like me. Mirko." he whispered, bringing his voice very low and leaning toward Lorelei, as if carrying a secret between them. "I think he was very lonely too. So I'm glad he understands. He's a... a Mirko, but I think we're supposed to be really good friends."

      "I just hope we can make more friends. Because the crest... " Boi looked down at his knees, his legs swaying now, like a restless child told to sit still. "And uh- it would be hard to go be lonely again."
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        Lorelei hadn't expected to run into Mirko and Boi again, but it was becoming a habit. Not that Lorelei minded at all. She loved their company and thought they were funny and sweet, but Hackmon didn't have such nice things to say. Mostly because he seemed to think that having friends was more of a distraction than anything else, but Lore felt like deep down he enjoyed the familiarity. She couldn't say for sure, but something about the way he talked to them, and how often he talked about them when they were gone. Lorelei didn't know much about Hackmon's past before she had arrived in the digital world, just that he seemed very determined to be on his own. Maybe he was like that for a reason. And maybe having familiar people and digimon around him made him remember, or forget.

        Either way, Lorelei was happy to have run into Mirko and Boi at the Trailmon. It meant they could spend more time together, and that Hackmon wouldn't have to feel like the burden of protecting Lorelei was entirely on his shoulders.

        They'd gotten on and begun their trip, and Mirko had fallen asleep shortly after. Lorelei couldn't help but be drawn to Mirko. There was something about him that she couldn't explain, other than how cute his accent was. Whatever it was, she just enjoyed being around him. But she hadn't really had much time to get to know Boi, his digimon, so when both Mirko and Hackmon ended up fast asleep, she took the opportunity to pick Boi's brain. She listened carefully as he spoke, smiling all the while, feeling the warmness between he and his human partner. The way Boi looked at Mirko, checked on him constantly, worried for him...it was clear that Boi had formed a bond with Mirko as soon as the two had met.

        Lorelei giggled quietly when Mirko ended up on her shoulder, nuzzled against her. He was an attractive boy, the kind that would make blush if she didn't already know that she wasn't quite his type. But she liked him, a lot, and hoped that they would be friends for a long time. "It's really nice that you feel so strongly about Mirko, Boi. I know he feels the same about you, you don't have to worry a bit. Maybe he doesn't know quite how to express it, is all."

        When Boi mentioned that he felt Mirko was lonely, she realized what it was that she felt so strongly about when it came to Mirko. Lorelei had always been the nurturing sort, who wanted to help make people feel better when they were down. Even though she didn't know much about Mirko's history or life, she must have felt that something was wrong, or missing, and zoned in on that. Still, Mirko often put on a kind of facade, and Lorelei wasn't one to pry until someone was ready to talk.

        "But don't worry about having friends. I don't know about anyone else, but you'll always have at least two!" Lorelei smiled warmly and reached down to touch Boi's hand, holding it in one of her hands and patting the top with her other hand. "I know I shouldn't speak for Hackmon. If he were awake he'd yell at me, but I think he like y'all too, and I know I sure do. I've made some friends since I've been here, but you guys are special. I hope, if we ever figure out how to get back to our world, we're able to come back and visit. Or maybe you guys can come to our world to visit us!"

        Up until that moment, she hadn't though much about what would happen after they left. Suddenly she felt a little sad, worried that once they found a way back to the human world they wouldn't be able to get back to their digimon.

        "Whatever happens, we're gonna be friends forever, I promise you that, Boi. So don't you worry about it! What about digivolving? Have you guys figured that out yet? Hackmon digivolved to the next level, but he figured it out before I got here, so I'm still not sure what to do. I don't know if we're supposed to help, but if we are...I don't know what I could possibly do to help Hackmon. He's pretty self sufficient, ya know? What about y'all?"

        While she had Boi here, she wanted to ask him as much as she could. She knew she'd get straight answers from him, rather than anything bias. Hackmon often withheld information from her when she asked, so this was nice, just talking with another digimon friend other than her own.
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          Boi gave a little start when Lorelei cupped her hands around his, but didn't pull away. Perhaps unlike a lot of his peers, he wasn't entirely unused to contact with others. Mirko may have been a lot of things- confrontational, aggressive, even bullying at times- but with him there was no lack of physical affection. It was more the gentle manner it occurred in that threw Boi off, but he said nothing, the furry scarves on his back swaying gently, like a wagging tail, to signal his approval. He gave a small shush, finger to his snout, as if sharing the secret between them. It came out more as a growl through his canine jaw, but the sentiment was the same- he was just as hopeful to stay friends as Lorelei was. "I won't tell Mirko, if you don't tell Hackmon." he said, smiling surreptitiously.

          The strabimon did tilt his head at Lorelei's question on digivolution. He hadn't properly thought about it too much, and he looked towards his sleeping partner's form, as if Mirko would utter the answer (or anything besides anguished russian) in his sleep. "Uhh, I don't know..." he said, ears dropping apologetically. Boi freed his hand from Lorelei's grip, rubbing his chin and pondering. Eyes fixated on his human, he pondered the difference between him and Lorelei. Well, there was certainly a world of difference- Boi had yet to encounter two humans he could count as more different. In a lot of ways Lorelei was the antithesis of Mirko- she was kind and soft, he was abrupt and aggressive. Lorelei could prattle on for days in high pitched excitement. Mirko's voice was always (alarmingly) low, and an increase in volume was usually a warning bell or alert. "I'm not sure, Lorelei. I evolved almost as soon as I met Mirko into me now, and it kind of is what I fall back to? I like having legs and arms." Boi opened and shut his paws in demonstration; after all, bouncing as a caprimon for the majority of his existence had grown tedious very quickly. "I can go to adult form, yea, but I think it had to do with Mirko too. When he gets really...ummm... it's not violent, per say but..."

          Boi's words trailed off, and he was looking at Hackmon now, a little nervously. While Boi was very close with his own partner, like kin in a litter at times, and he had an immense amount of affection for Lorelei, Boi held Hackmon in the a sense of venerated awe. Hackmon was just so sure and capable of himself- like Lorelei had said self-sufficent- and Boi knew he counted on Mirko far more than most digimon did. "We uh..."

          "We fight together." Mirko's voice came out suddenly, laced with sleep inertia and grogginess. He hadn't moved or shifted his position, nestled against Lorelei with his eyes still shut. However, he was clearly now present for the conversation, his mouth turning upright in a sly smile as Boi gave a small gasp. Mirko kept his eyes closed, raising his eyebrows up in teasing. "Why are you trying to get all my secrets, Lorelelei?" Mirko asked cheerfully, using the intentionally butchered name he had used initially with her. "Won't you get bored with me if you figure me out?"

          He finally sat up properly, shimmying a little closer to gently nudge Lorelei with his shoulder, opening an eye to wink at her. Mirko was probably as fond of Lorelei as she was of him, and it was probably a godsend than under his gritty scrappy veneer his interests were so obvious. Incompatible orientations aside, he had grown attached to her by now, and it probably served their friendship much better than the way he treated almost all his relationships that went the way of bed sheets. He pulled on his nose thoughtfully now, sniffling as he considered. "I do know Boi gets a little anxious when i take on too much- he goes 'me me big boi', grows all the spikes, yas?"

          He too looked at Hackmon now, on the seat by himself, still and calm. Mirko smirked, tapping Lore with the back of his hand, mischief in his eyes. Boi sat upright, nervous, not liking where things were going as Mirko stood up. "But Mr. Hack Hack is very capable. Maybe he doesn't get nervous about protecting our Lorelei too? He's just so constantly... vigilant?" Mirko plopped himself into the leather seat besides Hackmon, reaching out with a quick hand to gently graze under Hackmon's chin with his knuckles, drawing his hand back. Hackmon was a proud, stiff, honorable creature, yes, but that didn't spare him from Mirko's teasing, sanctity of sleep or not.
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            Lorelei was startled by Mirko's voice interrupting the conversation she'd been having with Boi. Even though it would now be coming to an end, she was glad that she'd had time to speak with Boi alone. Well...she wasn't sure how long Mirko had been listening in, really, but as he spoke, she had a feeling he was just coming out of his sleep. Even if the conversation was over, though, she'd had no doubt that the two of them would have the chance again. After all, they'd just promised each other to be friends forever, didn't they?

            She turned looked at Mirko as he still rested on her shoulder. His words made her blush, even though he picked at her about her name. Even while sleeping, or feigning sleep, he was beautiful. It almost made her heart flutter, something she couldn't control despite knowing his preference was men.

            "Don't be silly," the girl choked up, quickly clearing her throat. "The two of you are waayy too interesting to ever be boring. Even if I manage to get a few secrets outta you." She scrunched up her nose and smiled as he sat up and nudged her, opening his blue eyes. It made her realize, for the first time really, that his and Hackmon's were the same color. Her own eyes were blue, sure, but much deeper and darker than theirs was. The realization enlarged her smile, knowing that two of her boys shared such a cute trait.

            When he began speaking a little more seriously about the topic, Lorelei listened carefully. She nodded, watching Mirko's face as he spoke, taking in his mannerisms and expressions as she did with everyone. When he finished, she bowed her head for a moment to consider what he had said, then looked to Boi. "So when you digivolve, it's got nothin' to do with whether or not Mirko can handle himself. You just want to help him and be there for him, just in case?" She hoped she was understanding it right, but she didn't have much more time to process.

            Her train of thought was interrupted by Mirko's mischief, and before she could say a word to stop him, Mirko was already switching seats, stealing a bit of room from Hackmon. The digimon didn't like being bothered while he rested...Lorelei had learned that the hard way, a while back in File City. And he especially didn't like nicknames. Hearing Mirko call him Mr. Hack Hack would annoy him just as much as being prematurely woken. But neither Lorelei nor Boi could stop Mirko, once he'd decided to do it, so she watched carefully for his reaction.

            "Vigilant," Hackmon huffed, his eyes still closed. Lorelei wondered how long he'd been awake. Had he heard what she'd said about the digivolving stuff? "You make it sound as if I worry about the girl. I'm simply observant and perceptive. Any proper warrior is heedful of his surroundings, regardless of weakness of company." As stone-faced as Hackmon could manage to be in even the most dire of situations, Mirko really seemed to take him by surprised. He hadn't expected to be touched, and the dog-like digimons crystal blue eyes opened wide, a comically huge bead of sweat appearing at his forehead, alongside one twitching eye. He remained very still until Mirko's graze was done, then sat up tall in the seat and glared toward Mirko...but not at him, passed him. "I would advise you never to touch me in such a manner again, human, should you wish to keep all of your fingers."

            That response startled Lorelei more than anything. She'd expected something more boisterous from Hackmon, but she supposed that the reason he'd kept so calm was because Mirko had truly surprised him. It wasn't often people surprised Hackmon. Just the opposite, actually, his poise was impressively difficult to surpass.

            "Hackmon...did Mirko just...take you by surprise?" Lore teased, adding on to Mirko's coup, giggling through her fingers, her hand still partially covering her mouth. Hackmon turned his head and his eyes pierced Lorelei's so deeply that she almost felt the gaze knock the breath out of her. Suddenly she knew why, even though he resembled a dog, he was technically a dragon-type digimon. Her lips parted in a tiny gasp and before she knew it, Hackmon was jumping down from the seat and exiting the booth.

            "Don't go, Hackmon, we were just pickin'..." Lorelei tried to say, but her voice was little more than a whisper as she stood up in her seat to stop him. He didn't bother to glare back at any of them.

            "This booth is thick with human smell, I need air." His words were icy and he left without another word, moving to the back of the car and out, into the car behind it. Lorelei stood at the door, watching him leave for a moment, before she sat back down. She chewed her lip and tapped the top of her knee for just a moment, before she regained her smile and looked back up at the two boys still in the booth with her.

            "This happens all the time," she said, waving it off quickly. "He takes himself very seriously, is all. He isn't used to jokin' around like us but he'll warm up to us eventually. We just gotta be patient is all!" Her tone of voice was back to it's cheerful chime, to match her smile, but deep down she couldn't get the look in his eyes off of her mind. Lorelei couldn't help but think that they had somehow hurt his feelings.
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