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    Kenta the Kotemon

      For once, Kenta was unusually tight-lipped.

      Having mostly recovered from his back injury, the pair were set out to leave the Arctic Region. Their previous ordeal defending Darius against a nest of Blade Kuwagamon had Kenta questioning his fundamentals in combat. He had wished to leave right away, but he had to wait for his partner to recover at such slow speeds that only humans could obtain.

      As a result, Kenta wandered a good portion of Freezeland and the Ice Sanctuary, where a local Yukidarumon had been treating Michael during his convalescence. It wouldn't be surprising when at the end of the day, Kenta told Michael all about his day of training on a glacier, or training in a cold cave. All-in-all, Michael just wanted to leave and get out of the cold. Perhaps his partner was sensing this, for once Michael recovered, Kenta led him back through Freezeland, stating some kind of surprise.

      Despite his insistence, Michael couldn't get Kenta to speak up on what hellish training he decided to put Michael through. After all, he had been resting his body for some time, it was only natural that he was weaker. But to Michael's surprise, Kenta had led him to... what could possibly be considered the warmest place in the entire Arctic Region.

      "These are... hot springs?" Michael asked his partner, watching the various pools of water. As if to conflict with the region itself, the temperature disparity caused a hazy visage above the steaming waters. Michael had never encountered outdoor hot springs. He once used the hot tub in a hotel he went to once, but that was the only experience he had. He was more of a shower person.

      "That is correct, Michael Walker," Kenta confirmed. "You have been recovering for some time, and I can tell that your body has yet to adjust to the cold temperatures like mine has. As such..."

      "I see. You think my lack of training in this cold has caused my body to become rigid, and further training could cause further damage to my body. The more I'm injured, the more detriment it causes to both of our training. That was rather well-thought out, Kenta." The Kotemon looked back towards Michael with his glowing yellow eyes and obscured face.

      "Y-yes! That was precisely my intention!" He nodded. He had actually just wanted to do something nice for his partner and show off something cool he found during his daily wandering, but he decided to take the credit. "In order to train, you must first be able to train, after all!" He gave Michael a knowing nod, and for a split second though he saw his partner smile

      "Well, thank you for your thoughtfulness. You're a good friend and comrade, Kenta." The Kotemon looked away from shyness, though he tried to cover it up by pretending to watch out for potential danger.

      "I will patrol the area while you rest, Michael Walker. Relax at your leisure, but do not stay in too long, or else the frigid winds will feel even colder,"

      And thus, Michael was sitting in the hot water. In the middle of Freezeland, with only a towel around his waist and a scar down his back, staring at his crest tag with a strange symbol engraved into it.
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      Misha the Liollmon

        The tundra felt more like home to Vash than any other places they have been. The cold, frigid air reminding him of Russia. Though he was almost sure Russia was larger and far more chilling in some areas.

        His breath came out as a thin layer of fog as he walked. Misha was actually curled up around his shoulders keeping them both warm. The lion cubs paws not made to pad across the snow and it chilled him to the core because of it. So Vash had to carry his partner. Something he didn't complain about considering the cub maybe weighed but ten pounds. He'd lifted far more when having to dance.

        Something he terribly missed doing. Though he was growing used to his freedom in this world. It just might spoil him into not wanting to go back at this rate. No one knew him here and multiple times he's fingered his wedding ring wanting to throw it away. He could dance and act himself here without it affecting his life in the real world.

        "I smell water,"
        Misha said his tail lightly swatting at his face to bring him from his thoughts. He grabbed the tail and turned his head to Misha.

        "We are surrounded by water,"
        Vash said unamused.

        "Not the frozen kind. It smells a bit earthy,"
        Misha said and motioned to the general area with his paw.

        "Hot spring most likely,"
        Vash said deciding it would be a nice change of pace. Sauna's and hot tubs were very popular in Russia for relaxing muscles. Even Vash had to say he liked a good sauna from time to time. It was even recommended for dancers such as himself.

        His feet crunched in the snow as he approached. Even from a distance, he could see the steam against the blue sky. He had to give that nose credit for being able to tell. He reached up scratching Misha's cheek and chin earning a headbutt of enjoyment in response. He had never considered himself a cat or dog person until now. It was strange how things change.

        "Someone else is here,"
        Misha said his body suddenly alert. His ears pricked towards a small blue form several feet from them. Vash couldn't tell what it was but it certainly wasn't human.

        Vash inquired.

        "Could be but it's just a child so nothing I can't handle,"
        Misha responded. His tail swaying slightly as he watched it making sure it wasn't going to harm them.

        "Can't relax unless we know,"
        Vash said and began to approach. "Good afternoon," he called out even as his partner was ready to defend him. Though the need to actually do so was lacking as humans came into view already enjoying the water.
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        Boi the Strabimon

          "I do not not know why you are so bashful." Mirko was still fiddling with the waistline of his partner Strabimon's pants, trying unsuccessfully to wrest them from Boi's grip. "You are already covered in fur!"

          "I don't want to. I am not going in the water!" Boi was whining, shimmying away and trying to shake off Mirko a lot more forcefully than he normally would. It was a scene not unlike a parent trying to strip a child to force them into a bath, the only caveat being that the idea of Mirko being a parental figure was a frightening a prospect to Boi as being submerged in near boiling water. He was often bent to the will of his exceedingly overwhelming partner, but this time Boi was determined to have his own way.

          For his part, Mirko had taken to the idea of a hot spring with an enthusiasm that alarmed Boi more than surprised him. Boi may have been innocent, but he certainly wasn't dumb to Mirko's particular brand of... whatever it was that made him so prone to the audacious and restless. Mirko had stripped down completely almost as soon as he was able, not even bothering to cover himself after leaving the showers, the white towel dropping from his shoulders as he wrestled with Boi's pants in the small hallway. "You're a silly, there is not even anyone here to see you in your..." Mirko gritted, pulling his hand back as Boi's claw accidentally scratched against his knuckles. He pulled back, frowning. "Your... wet skinny dog-ness!"

          Boi's cheeks were flushing a bright pink now, embarrassment overcoming his desire to frantically apologize. "Ma-maybe? Don't make fun of me!" The insult had been precisely what he was insecure about. Like most furred animals, Boi knew he looked ridiculous when soaked- smaller, undignified, stupid. To Boi's surprise, however, Mirko backed off, raising his hands up and stepping back in a nonverbal concession.



          Mirko nodded, stooping to pick up his towel, his casual dropping of the subject putting Boi on edge. "Is ok if you are insecure. Everyone has their... ehh... nedostaki?" Mirko shrugged, wrapping his towel round his waist. It was becoming less frequent, but there were still moment he lost the word need in English. Boi cocked his head to the side, but Mirko just carried on, now gesturing to his chest. "Sometimes I get bothered over being so skinny. Also lot of nicks and cuts, see?"
          His fingers traced across his collarbone, a pale landscape of tight flesh that was marred here and there with small scars and bruises. A lot of them were from Mirko's own propensity to get physical with strangers- those he had sought out. Others, he had been given in a way Boi only suspected but Mirko never confirmed. Boi was unsure how to respond- his partner was hardly every overtly empathic, and he was struggling with how to respond with what seemed to be a moment of vulnerability. "Mirko, uh..."
          "But I still like enjoying myself."
          Mirko cut in, now smiling brightly. He made his way past Boi to the doors leading out to the hot spring, clapping his digimon on the shoulder as he past. Boi stood, stunned into a silence by the whiplash in tone. "I see you later then, bye." With a jaunty wave, the Russian vagabond left his strabimon behind to ponder just how, if at all, deep his partner could be.

          It would have been a few moments of silence and solitary contemplation for Michael as he remained the sole occupant of the hot springs, separated by his on-sentry partner, much like Mirko. It may have been sudden, or noticed, but Mirko wasn't one to consider his approaches too far. For as Michael sat staring at his Crest of Friendship, a pale arm would reach over his shoulder from behind, a finger poking at the rim of the pendant. "This one's the best crest, ya." Audacious, Mirko was crouched behind him, seemingly heedless of the propinquity, one made possibly more awkward with the two boy's glaring near nudity. Undaunted, Mirko gave a little wave and smile in response, slipping into the water right next to Michael as if it was the most casual thing in the world.

          "I has the same one." Mirko said simply, holding his wrist up to show his own Crest of Friendship, it's string wrapped around his wrist. "Have you figured it out ye- oh?" Because before Mirko could get too far into introductions or conversation, he was interrupted by the sound of Vash's greeting in the distance.
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          Kenta the Kotemon

            As he tended to do, the young man got lost in thought for far longer than he realized. Yukidarumon had told him what it knew about the crests and the symbols, but it was ultimately next to nothing. Oddly enough, any information related to Digivices, Crests, and humans themselves were all based on legends, the only substantial information being obtained in the past few months that the humans have been in the Digital World. Even so, it seemed like information wasn't as viral as it was in the his world. After all, many Digimon were more concerned with protecting their territory and keeping safe from these human invaders to actually learn anything about them. He had to explain several things about himself to his own Digimon partner, and he still wasn't sure Kenta fully understood that Michael wasn't made of data.

            Which, he supposed, raised the question of how creatures made of flesh and blood could survive in a world completely made up out of something else entirely. After all, if his biological body still needed oxygen to breathe, then there must be some kind of data in the digital atmosphere emulating breathable oxygen. But did that mean that Digimon had to breathe as well? Michael wasn't entirely sure. He made a note to check the next time Kenta fell asleep. Humans and Digimon followed through with the same digestive functions, but for Kenta it didn't seem to matter what he ate as it simply provided him with energy.

            As he began to question the effects of foods and strange diets that had an effect on his body, Michael suddenly snapped back into reality as someone crept up behind him and touched his crest pendant. He let out a surprised yelp as he spun around, tripped and fell backwards. Hot water rushed into his nose and mouth immediately as he flailed about for a couple of seconds. He rose back to his feet, coughing and gasping while staring at the young man showing off the crest tag wrapped around his wrist.

            "Sorry..." He said once he could get their air out. "I didn't mean to get so startled. I'm not normally not that..." He let out another scream and nearly slipped in the water again as he heard a voice call out to them. "Jumpy..."
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            Misha the Liollmon

              Vash raised a brow as he stopped short of the hot spring. The obvious youngest of the group seeming startled and a bit scared at being joined. He had to wonder what his problem was but decided to say nothing about it. For all, he knew the kid had some mental disability.

              "This party open for all,"
              Vash asked smiling politely as he let his digimon partner jump down. The stones around the hot water more than warm enough for the cats padded paws. He stretched and laid on the edge his left paw idly touching the water to test it.

              Vash himself didn't wait for much of a response. If they wanted to be alone he could easily just go to the other end away from them. He set down his small satchel where he carried what little he needed while traveling then began to strip. The idea of others seeing him not bothering him in the slightest as he pulled out his towel and then joined them in the water.

              He rested along the edge with his partner a bit away from the pair. The cat wasn't keen on water but he couldn't deny the fact the atmosphere felt good right now. He let himself sprawl out his tail wagging ever so slightly.

              "There really was no point asking if you were going to get in anyway,"
              Misha said watching the other two curiously.

              "It is always polite to ask before doing. Though there is still plenty of space should they want their own comfort away from me,"
              Vash responded not really bothered by his partner's complaint.

              "Vash Parker, and this is Misha,"
              Vash said now that his partner and him were settled in.