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      The Adventure of Evan and Edward awaits! What could possibly go wrong with these two?​

      Edward's Timeline
      The Chapters

      • It's not country it's screamo! [Solo] - Chapter 1: This man was ready to get married to a crazy bitch but only to have find himself falling into the middle of the ocean! There he met Yertle with a ukulele and a giant whale known as Whamon! After Yertle explained the situation to him in a song , they made their way towards File City to fix Yertle's ukulele or else they're heads will be cut off!
      • Big brother? Chapter 2: Trying to escape from Yertle and Whamon is like trying to run away from a bodyguard! Being dragged around with Yertle, they finally made it to File City to fix Yertle's ukulele! With Yertle being distracted, Edward made his final escape route but only to bump into someone rather interesting. Has he discovered his long lost brother?
      • The singing never ends! Chapter 3: Looking for his Digivice was his first step but he encountered something interesting! It turns out he met up with a female and her Lopmon. What could possibly go wrong?
      The Encounters

      Whamon This guy is Yertle's best friend but to Edward this isn't the case. He doesn't like the fact he was blackmailed by a giant fucking whale! Do you know how embarrassing that is?
      Melody & Moka A lovely female Edward met at the beach and it turns out the two of them will be traveling together! What could possibly go wrong?

      Evan's Timeline
      The Chapters

      • Coming soon
      The Encounters

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