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  1. Gila Courage

      After so long away, he was BACK...unfortunately not as he had hoped.

      Gila slunk through the city as he entered it from a direction he normally wouldn't use.
      He wasn't an adult anymore, and he feared his child form would be immediately recognizable should he happen to pass through any familiar neighborhoods, so he was trying to be extra careful not to go anywhere near them.

      The lizard, quite honestly, wasn't entirely sure why he was here.

      He'd been hanging out in the woods with absolutely no intentions of visiting the city until after his terrible condition had been fixed, but, unfortunately enough for him, loud noises began echoing across the treetops, and how could he possibly resist loud noises?
      To compound his bad luck they led straight into the city at the heart of the forest, and of course he STILL couldn't pull himself away from the tantalizing sounds of battle.

      Ears flicked forward as he hoisted himself up onto the roof of a squat store, casting his gaze around at the scene of innumerable monsters duking it out in the alleys, streets, even above the skyscrapers.
      It appeared as though the whole city had gone into a tizzy!
      Now what could this all be about?

      Gila sat down, tail sliding absently across the shingles, scratching perplexedly at his chin.
      Everyone was so much bigger and stronger than him.
      It wasn't FAIR!
      Why did he have to be stuck like this AGAIN?

      His claws scraped angrily at the roof in his frustration, pulling up some of the shingles and dropping them to the sidewalk below.
      One hit from those beasts and he'd be down!
      He didn't care why anyone was fighting; he just wanted to be able to join in like the rest!
      So why couldn't he?

      He huffed, staring with almost glazed eyes at the perplexing sight.
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      Gazimon the Gazimon

        "Oooof!", Clemens proclaimed, immediately clutching at his head. It hurt! His fingers instinctively wobbled towards the new dust and stuff that was in his hair, picking out chunks of brilliant yet hard red, almost like chalk. He looked up expecting to see more of it, and he did - they were clay adobe roof tiles. But what he wasn't expecting to see was a furry purple fox-dragon that looked like it had come straight out of a waifu catalog.

        He focused his eyes on the creature, willing his brain to search the countless upon countless hours he had wasted into this VRMMO when he was still back in his world, in his bed. Squinting didn't work, but he did remember enough that this purple dragon was a recent update to the game and highly desired as a bigger, more purpley dragon.

        " 'Ey yo, purple dragon thing", he called out to it. "You just plunked me with a roof! What you doin' up there?", then he added, unable to help himself, "Does your mommy know you're up there?", even though the digimon was perfectly normal sized for its digivolution stage.

        Clemens Gazimon trotted along beside him, a line of drool dripping from his mouth, over his shoulder, and through the air like a spider web filament, thanks to some wonky physics and the momentum. It was a lot of work for him to keep up, and his cross-eyed, constipated expression reflected that perfectly, if Gazimon were a phone emote. But as a living breathing digimon, it looked like it had been dropped on his head - multiple times.

        "Oy, yo!", he tried again, unsure if he'd gotten the purple dragon's attention. He didn't know why he wanted this critter's attention so much, he just did. Maybe something about being rejected as a partner from the BlackAugumon he had seen made him want to try again with this uber-rare, uber-new digimon, according to when he had played it.
      • Gila Courage

          Ears twitched, the DORUmon's head snapping down at a voice calling up to him.
          Oh, it was just one of those of those weird wobbly things.
          Apparently they had their own version of a BlackAgumon.

          For a brief second the lizard got excited, because for once this human was ALONE!
          He'd never seen them fight before, never been able to reach one thanks to the other monsters they tagged along with, but now finally he would be able to find out--nope, there was the guy's escort.
          The reptile groaned to himself, though this groan was cut off short the longer he looked at the other monster.

          That Gazimon didn't look so good...maybe Gila would get his chance after all.

          A second shout upwards pulled the lizard out of his thoughts, and with a blink he gave one last look towards the other digimon fighting in the sky and the surrounding streets, then dropped down to land in front of the duo.

          In as deep a voice as he could muster, he rose to his full height on all fours and said, "I am my mommy."
          Wow...that did not come out as cool as he thought it would.
          Quickly he tried to recover: "Step back, spittles, I gotta check your guy's head here."

          He waved a flippant hand at the gazimon, trying to shoo it away as he marched closer to the human, the fur rising across his shoulders, his jaws slipping open in a wicked, grinning snarl.

          He'd seen big humans and he'd seen small humans, and this one was most certainly one of the bigger ones.
          It had to be an adult, but he'd seen that even they always had another digimon accompanying them.
          They must be a very weak species of monster--surely he'd be able to beat one up?

          His tail thumped hard onto the ground, feet sliding as legs pushed against gravity, the DORUmon launching himself in the air towards the human.
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          Gazimon the Gazimon

            As he waited for the digimon to respond, he began to think about it in the context of the VRMMO. What was its name? It was big, purple, and that was accented by the fact it was usually written in capital letters. Ugh, he couldn't remember. But aside from Renamon, it was one of the most advanced and detailed rookie digimon there was, and also loved by certain types of people he refused to look at their art, yeaaahhhh....

            He thought that the digimon had a rather deep voice, and it comforted him to be able to understand it, unlike the digimoji he needed a digimon to understand for him. "Cool, a-sexual digimon.", he added on. He began to think about sea-horses then realized his error and thought of sea-urchins. He did not feel frightened by the roof-tile launching, vertical-happy fox digimon. It was just too, too, too.... purple.

            Clemens moved his head over slightly to watch Gazimon, who kept the same expression, seeming either not to notice or to be stubborn about it. Just as he was beginning to feel like the Gazimon was being protective by not moving, which was sort of cute in its own way, a glisten began to happen at one of Gazimon's nostrils. Every breath it grew bigger until it was a decent size for chewing gum. Then it popped into sparkly mucus. "Ugh, gawwwww!", Clemens moved his hand back, trying to shield himself from it. It didn't go very far. He stifled a retch.

            His focus was on the purpley dragon now. He just stood there and watched, far more scared of another bubble and losing his brunch than he was of the rookie digimon. "My head is fine, Barney.", he answered.

            He watched as the digimon did a beaver-tail-slap then jumped in the air. He almost hoped that the digimon would land on the Gazimon and rattle his brains back to sanity. "Maybe in your next hatching you should digivolve into a bird digimon.", he commented aloud, but more to himself. He chastised himself for possibly pissing off the furry purple dinosaur which digivolved into a massive purple dragon. Whatever, what's said was said. He felt too unconcerned to dwell on that thought anymore. His attention was fully on the again-airbourne Dorumon.
          • Gila Courage

              He stepped on his tail.

              Of course he didn't realize it until it was too late.
              Half of him went one way, the other went another.
              The lizard leaped up, and partway through the jump his body flipped over backwards, slamming his head hard against the ground.

              Stars flashed before his eyes as he sat, folded over himself.
              Eventually his gaze began to clear and his rear-end slid forward, plopping him into a sit.

              Blinking and shaking his head, he realized the duo were gone--but he could still hear them.
              "Hey, that's a neat tri--" he began, before turning his head in the just the right direction and finding the pair there.

              The reptile twitched an ear as his body followed his head, pushing himself back to his feet as he was facing the two once more.
              He felt oddly sick now after that whack to the skull.
              It probably didn't help watching the other monster blow a giant snot bubble which inevitably popped.

              He backed up with a grimace as mucus went flying, hastily rubbing away the drops that had scattered across his chest.
              "OAWEWO!" the lizard shouted in dismay.
              "AM I GOING TO GET INFECTED?"
              Is that what was going on around here--everyone was delusional from fever?
              Had he sauntered into a biohazard zone?

              The lizard planted his head against the ground and began fiercely scratching his interface against the concrete, trying to scrape off whatever virus the gazimon might be spreading.
            • Clemens Nevan Friendship
              Gazimon the Gazimon

                Clemens watched expressionless as the purple digimon lept into the air with impressive acrobatics and a not so impressive landing. He didn't get what caused the fail, though, as because of his angle he'd missed the vantage point of the dorumon stepping on his tail on the way up. He let the digimon recover, being careful not to snicker.

                "Oh.", Clemens confirmed, agreeing with the Dorumon.

                "Well, that's one way to get down. At least I don't have roof tiles giving me more bumps, now, so thanks for that.", he noted, soberly. He passed his hand through his fluffy eye-bang clump and then held his chin in contemplative thought.

                "Fortunately, this gazimon's stupidity isn't contageous. So, no. ", he said, his hand still on his chin. He smiled a bit at his own joke. And then he cringed at the thought of what if it actually was...

                "Say, digimon....", he paused, and thought. "I think there's something wrong with this gazimon. Personally, I think he's all glitched out. Like a MissingNo, one day he'll just evolve into a whole inventory of Beast Data-E chips.", he continued, referencing the VRMMORP that dorumon had probably never played as this was his reality.

                Just then, a bright light from someplace distant was hurled through the air and landed about ten feet from the three. Clemens squinted at it. "Is that... flaming poop?", and then he sighed. "Ah, I hate Sukamon. It's kind of gross to realize that they are poop pooping, throwing themselves.", he paused again, then made the 'hurry up' motion with his hands to try to get Dorumon to begin walking with him. More bright lights began to fill the sky, going in various directions in the distance. More flaming poop.

                "It's probably dangerous to be standing here right now. What's going on out there, purple digimon? And who -", he remembered something, pulled out a D-Pad, pointed it at the dorumon, and read the screen. " - Ah, you're a Dorumon - ", he pocketed the device as quickly as he had pulled it out. "So yeah, that just leaves my first question. What in digi-god-poop is going on? Is this some sort of poop festival?"

                Clemens paused for a moment to realize that he'd walked three steps forwards and gazimon hadn't budged an inch, not even a muscle, as if frozen there. "Oh, sometimes he gets like this.", he jogged back, made a fist, and bopped gazimon on the head like a game of whack-a-mole. Something audibly rattled around. Gazimon began to move, trotting alongside Clemens as he came back to where he was before. The two began to walk forwards again, with Clemens beckoning Dorumon to walk and talk with them.
              • Gila Courage

                  He squinted, twitching, eventually relaxing after the human had explained that the gazimon wasn't contagious.
                  Then the lizard's eyes were screwing up in confusion as the man continued on about something or other.
                  Was the stranger...insane?
                  Or was Gila just that unlearned?

                  "Beast Data-E chips?" he murmured to himself.
                  Sounded tasty.

                  The reptile scratched his head as the words the man spoke fumbled around in his head, until a bright light knocked into the ground and rolled around, catching his attention.
                  The monster wrinkled his nose when he saw what it was, turning his eyes upwards to watch as a whole barrage of them began to fly overhead, splatting on walls an' everything else.

                  "I don't know!" the lizard answered plaintively to the human's question as to just what in the heck was goin' on, glancing in brief curiosity at the odd device that the human pulled out.
                  "Everyone's fightin'.
                  Maybe there's a big competition goin' on?" he mused, automatically trailing after the human as he began to move away.

                  He gave a brief pause when he realized the gazimon wasn't coming, blinking while the human moved back and bopped the monster over the head, which seemed to do the trick in getting it to move.
                  Musta just been one real dumb digimon, he thought; got knocked upside the head one too many times.

                  Swinging his tail, the dorumon followed after, walking to the other side of the human just in case the gazimon happened to spontaneously sprout a viral contagen; at least that way he had a wall of flesh between him and the snotrabbit.
                  As they walked, the dorumon peered around the human's legs to stare at the strange monster.

                  "Do you talk?" he asked the gazimon, realizing that he hadn't heard it speak a word yet.
                • Clemens Nevan Friendship
                  Gazimon the Gazimon

                    Now that the Dorumon wasn't raining down roof tiles on their head or jumping on him, the creature was inquisitive and pleasant to be around. It almost reminded him of the feeling of what having a real digimon partner should be like.

                    "Let's go see why, then. We'll be careful and stay on the outskirts, maybe question a few digimon as to what's going on. This upheaval can't be for nothing.", Clemens more commanded than suggested, using his arm and finger to point in respective directions with helpful body gesture motions.

                    Dorumon trotted along with them naturally. At Dorumon's conversation with Gazimon, Clemens winced and prepared a hand to face-palm.

                    Gazimon looked at Dorumon, then slapped his own head with one of his big paws, dragging it downward, with little streaks of black following his hand from his eyes to his chin. Then Gazimon beamed at Dorumon, flashing a whole mouth full of completely black. No teeth at all. Even Clemens cringed and his stomach lurched. It took him a moment to realize that there were teeth there, just that Gazimon must have made them black with his blueberries that they'd found earlier.

                    Then Gazimon began giggling, first polite, then deep, maniacal sociopathic laughter with a heaving chest. Frightened and taken aback, Clemens stopped walking and stood back, half-expecting Gazimon to digivolve up or down or maybe digivolve into a tree or a floppy disk for all the wierdness that was him.

                    "When I want to," the Gazimon answered Dorumon back when he'd settled enough to speak. He straightened himself up, wiping his face, chewing what was in his mouth, and wiping the rest on his arm. It was as if Gazimon's entire demeanor changed.

                    "WHAT!?! You mean all this time...?!?!", Clemens roared at the Gazimon who's idea of a practical joke apparently was deep insanity for weeks, and during his first weeks of arriving when he needed help the most, too.

                    "You never asked.", Gazimon replied with a huff. He turned to Dorumon then. "Want blueberries?", and he offered the purple dinosaur some from a pouch that hung at his side. He picked up the pace that they had been walking before, inviting Dorumon to continue, and leaving Clemens behind who could only stand frozen in shock.
                  • Gila Courage

                      Gila could only stare as the gazimon began to do and show him all sorts of strange things.
             blood, was it?--all over his face.
                      His brow furrowed, lips quirking up as the gazimon began to chuckle, then burst out into insane laughter.

                      He grinned when at last the monster spoke, even offering him some blueberries--FOOD!
                      "Yeah!" he said happily with a buoyant nodding, reaching forward to take the proferred fruits and pop them into his mouth.
                      "Ahh, thanks!" he mumbled through the mouthful.
                      Despite them being measly plant matter, his tail still thumped happily against the ground, glancing back with a quirked brow while the human slowly fell behind, clearly at a loss for words.

                      "Hah, I knew you had to be a sweet trickster!" said the DORUmon with a cheeky smirk once he had swallowed.
                      That seemed more like the gazimon he knew!
                      All his worries about infection went away.

                      There was a flash of color in the air overhead followed by a great sliding crash.
                      Two flying monsters had sped past, one colliding with a wall, toppling brick and mortar down onto the streets below.

                      "Look out!" called the DORUmon, hopping out of the way of the falling debris, his scrawny wing fluttering uselessly at his side.
                    • Clemens Nevan Friendship
                      Gazimon the Gazimon

                        Clemens watched the vanity of Dorumon hopping along like a three legged dog or a kangaroo or some other creature with not enough appendages or useless ones, and he felt a bit sorry for the digimon, but his attention was still too wrapped up in Gazimon's wicked sense of humor.

                        "Heh heh 'mons over 'muns!", Gazimon cheered Dorumon, offering a fist-bump at his joke. Gazimon grinned wickedly seeing Dorumon stuff them in his mouth, and Gazimon repeated the same action, carelessly tossing a fist-full into his gaping mouth and swallowing really without bothering to chew. He left Clemens where he was, as if to contrast on how Clemens had been treating him : like a souless animated doll.

                        Gazimon ducked, Dorumon dodged, and Clemens stood there, getting smacked in the side face with a brown, warm gloop that slid down his face. Grossed out, Clemens violently swatted at his face and cheeks, trying to get it all off.

                        "Don't you like digimon byproduct, 'Clemens' ?", the Gazimon mocked him, with special emphasis on his name, as if it wasn't the human's real one. The strength of Gazimon's personality and the sheer bitter cruelness of it was stark.

                        "Digivolve into Dorugamon and go fly up and see what the common is! Maybe there's food!", Gazimon motivated the digimon, both because he was geninely interested in more food himself, because he knew Dorumon was purely food-driven, and not so much at all for Clemens' benefit. Gazimon began to jump up and down, and sort of dance on his hind legs, trying to root the Dorumon on, offering his energy and belief in his newfound companion, without a doubt in his mind - it was simply the way of things, and Gazimon knew that this was next, as surely as tiredness followed too much food.

                        Clemens stood idle, unsure of what to do.

                        "Help him, idiot.", Gazimon prodded.

                        Clemens had no idea of what he was supposed to do or how. Gazimon groaned in disgust.
                      • Gila Courage

                          The monster snickered, returning the fist bump despite not quite knowing what the gazimon was getting at.
                          He was grinning crookedly when the human got smacked in the face by a slimy mess, his disgust in the matter quickly washed away by the hilarity of someone else getting the shaft.

                          "Digivolve?" the DORUmon echoed hollowly, his ears drooping as he turned to stare at the gazimon.
                          The other monster was dancing up-and-down, rooting, and he could feel the energy starting to flow through him, but...the DORUmon shook himself, as if to relinquish the proffered cheers.

                          "I can't," he said, dragging a claw meekly across the concrete.
                          If he couldn't evolve during that battle with the giant dinosaur, why would he be able to now?

                          Oh, but how he wanted to!
                          Unfortunately wanting wasn't trying, and the DORUmon couldn't think to really try.
                          He was sure that he'd been knocked back to child form for good, and he'd have to grow up all over again.
                          Through the years.

                          He sighed, thumped his tail against the ground, and launched himself onto the nearest building, scrambling up the wall so he could have another view from the rooftop, scanning the throngs of fighting digimon for...there--!

                          He grinned, shooting a glance down at the pair as he pointed off towards what he'd spotted.
                          "There's a meatery!
                          Let's hit it!"
                          Now that he had a potential partner in crime, even if he couldn't fight all the big monsters...the DORUmon felt a lot better about taking advantage of this mess.

                          He leaped off the roof, trotting fast towards a hopefully unguarded meat store.
                        • Clemens Nevan Friendship
                          Gazimon the Gazimon

                            Gazimon's face lit up, as if about to cheer the digimon on some more even though Dorumon had already admitted defeat. But a second later, the look changed to mocking. "Rooookie!", he teased, name-calling the child purple dinosaur with tyrannosaurus-arms for wings. He thought nothing else of the digimon's reply at all.

                            Gazimon and Clemens both watched as Dorumon thumped his tail, half as if to gain his balance and half as if it were Tigger The Tiger's bouncing tail. They'd seen Dorumon bounce around like this before, so such excentricities were not unexpected, especially as Dorumon had just been given food.

                            "Meatery? Could the names of factories be any less generic?", Clemens scowled, now seemingly recovered enough to talk, but with more disbelief.

                            "We don't have time for human babyishness.", Gazimon scolded, bouncing up in the air himself, flapping his ears like wings for a few seconds, and managing to grasp onto the wall with his arms and legs. The ear flaps hadn't done much good, as big as they were. With his massive black claws, Gazimon scaled the building, observed the factory for himself, then impatiently barked orders at Clemens. "Let's go!", he struggled to catch up to Dorumon, and Clemens ran around the building as Gazimon resorted to running on rooftops as Dorumon had when they'd first met.

                            "They're going to destroy our food supply at this rate!", Gazimon added, as he got closer.

                            "Seems tactical.", Clemens replied, dryly.

                            "So do your eyebrows.", Gazimon mocked.

                            "Should we even be interfering with this?", Clemens changed the subject, asking Dorumon more than Gazimon.

                            "Unless you want to starve to death!", Gazimon offered his opinion, but looked to Dorumon with a cocked head, waiting for his decision.

                            "Why even is this happening?", Clemens added, after a moment, not understanding why anyone would want to destroy all of the digital world's food, or how that would even be possible with just a single building's destruction.
                          • Gila Courage

                              Destroy the city's food supply?
                              The meatery?
                              That place?

                              Why, the gazimon must have gone bonkers again!
                              The DORUmon couldn't think how one measly little building could be so important, but it wasn't as though he were the expert around here.

                              "Well, I'm hungry," protested the DORUmon, who hadn't ate any meat in an egregious amount of time, not even giving pause as he approached the building.
                              He flicked his ears dismissively as the human questioned again as to the state of these matters.
                              Who knows, the DORUmon thought to himself, who cares?

                              It was an easy path up until he found himself among the throngs of fighters, the rabble-rousers tossing and tumbling all over the place and the poor "rookie" having to roll and slide to stay out of the way of a potentially fatal blast or stamping feet, to say nothing of what the poor human behind him might be having to face.
                              He still had no idea how powerful humans really were--perhaps the guy was going to blow away all the monsters at any given moment!

                              The lizard was panting when he reached the entrance, or what he assumed to be the entrance, seeing as how it was a big gaping hole in the wall.
                              He cast his eyes around for the gazimon and human, ducking when a beam of energy shot through the concrete above his head.

                              The combatants were all over the place here.
                              Did either of them manage to make it through?
                            • Clemens Nevan Friendship
                              Gazimon the Gazimon

                                "But you just ate...", Clemens grumbled to himself, remembering the food Gazimon had shared with the Dorumon.

                                The closer the got to the factory, the more crowded it got. There were digimon everywhere. He even thought he spotted another human or two in the distance but with all the activity, it was hard to focus, so it could have just been a tall digimon. He spotted some champion 'mons, but mostly they seemed to be rookies, with very few - ... he watched the baby digimon he'd spotted digivolve to continue its fight - nevermind, with really no baby digimon. He supposed that was a good thing, with no defenseless hatchlings being trampled underground.

                                Still, he didn't understand what was happening or why.

                                "DD!", he heard from somewhere in the background. He had no idea what that meant or who was talking to who, it blended in with the rest of the battle noises. But the noise of it began to rise. He reached the Dorumon, reaching out to grab it, and wondered if he'd pulled its frail useless little wing-bones. He tried not to think about it.

                                Meanwhile, the cries around him were growing. "DD!", then another, "DD!"

                                He ducked as a piece of concrete was hurled at his head. Wha? He was beginning to realize that he was now involved in the fight, whether he wanted to or not. Gazimon made no move to protect him and wasn't the least bit alarmed.

                                "Up there!", Gazimon pointed to a high platform overlooking the fighting, but to get there they'd have to navigate to the other wall and climb four flights of stairs. The factory floor was crowded with digimon and boxes and all manner of strange-looking machines, but the metal, wrought-iron stairs were empty as any indoor fire-escape would be.

                                "Why...", he started to ask, but Gazimon cut him off.

                                " - There's a megaphone!", Gazimon answered.

                                "What am I supposed to do with that?!", he looked to Dorumon and Gazimon for help as a fist-sized poop-pie hurled past his head.

                                "Use the microphone to calm them down!", Gazimon replied. "Unless you have better ideas," Gazimon looked to Dorumon for ideas.

                                "DD! DD! DD!", it had become a sort of angry chant now and he realized that things were being thrown at him in particular. He saw a group of digimon amassing into a single mob, marching straight for him.

                                "Uhhh Dorumon...???!!!", his face was frightened as he watched that mob come towards him.
                              • Gila Courage

                                  "Aiek!" the DORUmon yelped when he felt one of his wings being yanked at it, whirling around and snapping at the offender, who backed away right quickly (for once).

                                  He swiveled his head around again in search of the pair, eventually finding them, if separated.
                                  The human in the middle of the crowd and the gazimon perched on a rooftop.

                                  He was beginning to think that perhaps he should have stayed on the roofs, too.

                                  The DORUmon lifted himself on his hind legs, trying to hear past all the commotion and wave down the human.
                                  Why was he looking at him like that?

                                  Oh...he saw a crowd of digimon marching slowly towards them, some manner of malicious intent swarming upon their faces.

                                  "Evolve or move, human!" he shouted out.
                         could he possibly hear him above all this noise?
                                  The human didn't seem to be getting it on his own, either!

                                  "Yes-yes, FINE," he grumbled to himself, hopping away through the crowd, skidding to a stop in front of the human, his body sidelong so as to block the path of the digimon.
                                  He'll save the hapless hairless monster.

                                  He blinked at the mob.


                                  The DORUmon lifted his head and erupted in a uproarious snarl, the hairs along his back poofing out like the bristle of a broom.

                                  "Don't touch him!" he growled at the crowd, trying to pin them down with what he hoped was a threatening glare.
                                  Then he turned his head, eyeing up the human.
                                  A smirk quirked up his lips.
                                  "He's MINE."

                                  And the DORUmon pounced, trying to topple the human over.
                                  This was helping, right?
                                • Clemens Nevan Friendship
                                  Gazimon the Gazimon

                                    Clemens realized that he had become separated from everyone. Not even Gazimon stood by him as an angry mob becan to chant "DD" - the best of which he could figure meant 'sister' for short, but didn't make sense as he was not female.

                                    He spotted the Dorumon flail for a brief moment at an attacker he couldn't see, heard the digimon shout at him to basically shit or get off the pot. But he was a human, not a digimon, and he couldn't digivolve.... He remembered some of the more peculiar human-to-digimon armor-like evolutions on the VRMMORPG cutscenes. ..Or could he?

                                    Clemens gathered all his energy, strength, and belief into a single, concentrated lump in his stomach, closed his eyes, and believed with all his might. He squeezed and clenched and believed harder, imagining himself digivolving, being a digimon, and finally, being a human digivolving into an armored, firey digimon like a badass. When nothing seemed to be happening, he tried to keep the momentum going, and try harder, shouting, "SPIRIT DIGIVOLUTION!!!!", and then even humming the digivolution theme-song. But when he opened his eyes, he was still himself.

                                    The angry mob blinked and looked at one another in confusion, not sure what to do. "Down with Digital Dawn!!", a geckomon shouted, pumping his fist. Like a machine, various digimons got revved up again and the mob was moving. He began to back up, trying to move towards the stairs with the platform and microphone, but it was quickly becoming claustrophobic. But in the VRMMORPG, digimons had never attacked humans, only other digimons!

                                    Suddenly, the purple prehistoric dinosaur was in front of him, having appeared in mid-air, basically, as he missed the part where Dorumon had travelled to him.

                                    Dorumon got grumpy.

                                    The mob continued.

                                    Dorumon got bristly and snarly.

                                    The mob slowed.

                                    Dorumon claimed Clemens for himself.

                                    The mob stopped completely.

                                    Wait - wha-

                                    And then four paws were connecting with his chest, followed by a surprising amout of weight and force. The wind was knocked out of him, and he felt his body hit the ground. The digimon mob was now satisfied, and found new targets to haze on.

                                    Clemens looked up as Gazimon grabbed his shirt with long claws in a fist-full and began to drag his body towards the stairwell, apparently going along with Dorumon. "Mine, mine, too!", Dorumon chanted in a trance-like monotone whenever any unknown digimon came near.

                                    Gazimon might have been helpful but he was the worst nurse he'd ever had. Clemens still had no idea what was going on, and now he had a splitting headache, his chest felt like it had been hit with bricks, and he was being dragged along limply as a decoy.

                                    After a bit of dragging, they were at the outskirts of the mob. Gazimon let go and Clemens got up and dashed up two flights of stairs without incident. As he reached for the microphone, his hand was slapped away. He looked down to see an Otamamon there, who had been hiding on the underside of the platform somehow.

                                    "I've been watching you, Dawner. Oh, no you don't.", the Otamamon sneered.

                                    In the blink of an eye, Gazimon stepped on the Otamamon's tail and dragged it backwards, effectively trapping the digimon and removing his reach for the microphone.

                                    Clemens sighed in relief, and started to reach for the microphone again. He stopped himself realizing that he had nothing to say. Didn't even understand what was going on. He looked at Gazimon and Dorumon, letting his vision swim out of focus as the two digmon got nearer and farther apart thanks to his woozy vision.

                                    He picked up the microphone, pressed the button, and spoke into it. "Attention all digimon and humans. Lunch is being served in the lobby. Please proceed to the nearest exit to recieve your complementary lunch. Thank you for participation in our Apocolyptic Disorder Training Drill.", he said calmly, then put the microphone down.

                                    He looked to Gazimon, who was now engaged in a slappy-hands cat-fight with the Otamamon, its tail still under Gazimon's foot. He looked to Dorumon, then. "Did it work?"
                                  • Gila Courage


                                      Too bad it was a fake fight.

                                      The DORUmon pretended to gnaw into the human's shirt, watching closely for any sign of pain (because who knew if that stuff was actually his skin?).
                                      In the corners of eyes he could see the mob slowly moving off, looking around for someone else to bother.

                                      Claws grabbed.
                                      Ah--the gazimon!
                                      Gila stepped off the human, echoing an affirmative cheer to the gazimon's chant as he began to follow the dragging away towards a set of stairs.

                                      Wait, why stairs?
                                      He thought they were going to filch all the food while everyone was distracted....

                                      The human dashed up, gazimon following, DORUmon trotting quickly after in confusion.

                                      Reaching the landing above, he sat down near the stairs, watching as a tadpole creature popped out from underneath the platform with an accusation, quickly put down by the gazimon, soon to engage in a silly little 'fight'.

                                      'Dawner'? the monster wondered.
                                      He thought they were called humans!
                                      Maybe it was a nickname.
                                      Maybe the otamamon knew this particular human.

                                      He was snapped swiftly from his thoughts as the human took up a microphone, his gaze lowering to the crowd below as an announcement was made.

                                      The DORUmon stared.

                                      Down below, the mobs had stopped, and were actually beginning to thin out.
                                      Drifting away towards various doors.

                                      Yeah?" answered the monster, perplexed.
                                      How in the hell....

                                      He could only conclude one thing:
                                      That human was MAGIC.
                                      And magic didn't fit in a world of digitalized monstrosities!
                                      No wonder the crowd had been so angry at him.

                                      After a few moments of watching the DORUmon asked, "Do you think they'll just raid the shops and start fighting again when the food runs out?"