Mountain Region: Taggable Areas

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    Mountain Region: Taggable Areas
    Mount Panorama lies in the middle of File Island, its high peaks impossible to miss from any vantage point. The mountain's valley is a wide savanna frequented by traders and caravans, and beyond the valley is a trio of cities: the infamous(ly smelly) Trash Mountain, throne to King Sukamon; Factorial City with its booming industry and factories; and Toy Town, a small, strange population of misfits.

    Mount Panorama

    A large mountain in the middle of File Island. Home to many Adult-level Digimon.

    Gear Savannah

    A grassy savanna in the valley of Mount Panorama that is frequented by traders, nomads, and caravans. Three cities sit at each corner of the savanna.

    Factorial City

    A booming industrial city, home to as many factories as it is to Digimon.

    Toy Town

    A small, strange town populated by misfit Digimon. The buildings are made out of toy blocks and off-brand Legos, colorful and haphazard and often literally falling apart.

    Trash Mountain

    A massive, towering landfill named the Dust Kingdom by its Numemon and Sukamon inhabitants. No one knows where the trash came from in the first place, but King Sukamon has named himself ruler over his smelly mountain, regardless of its mysterious origins.

    Misty Trees

    An ominous forest at the north foot of Mount Panorama. A number of well-worn paths wind through the forest, but thick mists obscure their twisting turns.
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