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      • His first major role was as an antagonist in a supernatural drama. Where he played the lead male love interest, turned boyfriend, turned serial killer. He was killed off in the show's final season by the protagonist with their final fight being in the park where they first met.
      • He would then continue to get minor and major roles in different shows and series, and much to his annoyance 80% of those roles were "villain" ones.
      • The prosthetic arm he has is actually 100% legit. He didn't lose it in a tragic accident, he was instead born without a left arm due to a birth defect. Thus he has had a prosthetic arm since he was 7 years old.
      • While he was a good student and quite popular in his later school years, he was in fact bullied in his earlier schooling due to his arm and his gangly appearance. He gained the nickname "Robot Kid" by most of the school which would carry into his high school years, though in a more fonder sense.
      • He actually knows a bit of martial arts from his acting days that require him to know at least some of the basics. He grew to enjoy them and took classes on and off the set. He's skilled in Judo reaching to (Gokyū) as a Senior Green Belt.
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