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    Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

      She had to give the sky some credit. The sky was afire with so many hues of warm colors, giving off a fading radiance to the canyons in the north. The dying lights seemed to give an eerie enchantment to the jungles beneath them, as the lights of various strange devices began to light up. It was always so strange what kind of strange electronics she found all over this world.

      Lucy held onto her cap as she soared through the air. On top of her dragon friend's back. Well, one of them. The other didn't fly, so he couldn't be up here. He actually was up here, but he was inside of her techno thingy. The one that didn't seem to do much of anything except, like, store dragons and stuff. Which in of itself was nice, seeing as she had two eight and a half-foot tall dragons that followed her around and kept calling her "Your Majesty". Which is an admittedly amazing ego booster, sure, but it was getting a little ridiculous. She'd never been pampered so much in her life, but certain parts were beginning to get a bit annoying.

      "Brother Diamantus! Are you done with your flying yet? Finding a place to land can't be that difficult for you, can it?" A voice blared out from Lucy's device.

      "Silence, Brother Malacaius," The dragon whose back Lucy was riding on replied. "I will land when I find a spot with appropriate accommodations for Her Majesty!" This is what was getting annoying. The two dragons couldn't seem to agree about anything, and all the time they spent bickering was grating Lucy's last nerves.

      "Come on! Hey, Queenie, talk some sense into this stubborn fool, would you? If we have it Dia's way, then we'll stay up in the air forever!"

      "I will NOT permit you to shorten my name like that, Malacaius Verde de Dragos! That name is a title bestowed to my by Her Majesty and only she is permitted to use it!"

      "Enough!" Lucy finally shouted. "Dia! Find us somewhere to land already before it gets too dark! And Mal! Stop trying to annoy him so much! It was only funny the first couple of times!"

      "Ha! Yes, Your Majesty!"
      "Y-yes, Y-Your Majesty!" This was the part Lucy hated the most about flying. Diamantus turned to a wide clearing and touched down to a smooth landing. She found herself wrapping her arms around the blue Coredramon's neck and tightened her grip the closer she got to the ground. She heard a gargling noise as Diamantus began to sink down low enough for Lucy to drop down.

      "Your Majesty... is choking me rather tightly..." He managed to gasp. Lucy loosened her grip and slid down the dragon Digimon's back as laughter shot out of her Digivice.

      "Haha, don't pretend that you don't like it, Dia!"

      "That's..." Diamantus coughed through a wheezing noise. "Diamantus, Brother Malacaius..."

      Lucy looked down and adjusted her cap, too embarrassed to speak up.
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      Norris the Dracumon

        "Come on! Alice we need to hurry if we're gonna get anywhere before dark!" The small, scampering form of a Dracumon turned back to wait for their companion to catch up, a young human girl carefully picking her way through the jungle that surrounded the pair. Norris was tapping their foot impatiently as they looked about, careful not to lose the nigh-invisible path they'd been following all day. "You said you wanted to see where it was, c'mon!" They took off again, one hand waving for her to follow.

        "Norris! Norris please, there's so many things to see, can we please take our time? We've been camping out for the last few days anyway, what's one more night before we get there?" Alice's tone was bordering on a whine, though she quickened her pace a touch to better keep up with her enthusiastic partner as they lead the way. Theoretically they were trekking through the jungle towards the region they'd said was called the Ancient Dino Zone, though she was somewhat skeptical of Norris' sense of direction. Sure the pair had a basic map to work off of in her D-Terminal, and yes they'd gotten some directions from a friendly local at the edge of this part of the jungle, but still. The trees were thick, the paths were winding, and they'd both already gotten turned around several times before figuring it out and correcting their course.

        "There's a clearing up ahead, we can stop there if you really wa-" A loud rush of air covered up Norris' words as something very large flew overhead, followed by a thump as whatever it was landed in said clearing not far away. Both Digimon and Human shared a look before moving forward as one, attempting at first to be sneaky as they stopped just outside the break in the trees to see what had arrived. The sight of another human sliding off the back of a large, draconic Digimon was certainly not what either had been expecting, though Alice did not waste any more time stepping free of the jungle's cover to say hello. Norris let out an exasperated sigh before following suit, the little Dracumon much tenser than their partner, on guard.

        "Hello there!"
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        Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

          Still regaining her nerves from the landing, Lucy didn't even notice the girl and her Digimon partner approach them. Diamantus had been flying Lucy around for a few hours now, and having landed he was struggling to stay awake. And Malacaius didn't have a good view of his surroundings due to still being stuck in Lucy's Digivice.

          So when she spoke up to greet them, their instincts kicked in. Lucy turned to face the newcomer, a look of fright immediately replaced with an intensely hateful glare. Once she saw that it was a girl that looked to be the same age her she gave a sigh of relief. Her face relaxed to her neutral dead-eyed scowl. She nodded in response to her greeting. Lucy eyed the strange-looking creature beside the girl, but her vision was blocked by Diamantus.

          "Do not take one step closer!" Diamantus jerked his head towards the girl and let out a blood-curdling roar. Sapphire flames built up in his mouth as if for emphasis.

          "Hey! I heard a roar! Is there a fight going on? Let me in on this!" Lucy struggled to hold onto her Digivice as a second dragon Digimon materialized next to the first one. Unlike the blue Diamantus, Malacaius's scales were forest green. While he had wings on his back like his twin, they were much smaller and tattered. But a glance could easily tell that the muscles on the green dragon's arms and legs were more pronounced. "Much better... huh? It's just a little girl and some shrimp child Digimon? That's no fun at all!" Green flames began gather within his mouth.

          "Wait, you don't need to..."

          "It doesn't matter whether it is 'fun' or not, Malacaius! Any creature, human or Digimon, that sneaks up and startles Her Majesty will be met with a swift end!" Diamantus took a step towards the approaching pair.

          "You don't have to attack them..."

          "Then if we're gonna fight, I want to take on the Digimon! I need a little exercise after being cooped up in the Digivice all day! You can take out the little girl!" A wicked grin spread across Malacaius's draconic face as he stepped forward as well.

          "I said.. CUT IT OUT!!!" Lucy stamped her foot on the ground as an aura of golden Digisoul erupted from her body and illuminated their surroundings. The two dragon Digimon spun around in a flash and bent a knee to her.

          "Yes, Your Majesty!"
          "Yes, Your Majesty!" The two dragons bowed their heads as the aura faded and she gave an exasperated sigh. Lucy gave the girl an apologetic frown.

          "Sorry. They get really aggressive sometimes when they bicker all day without fighting something," She tried to explain, hoping she could just apologize away the twin dragons casually talk about murdering the two of them. She walked over and tapped Diamantus's and Malacaius's leg. They rose and stood behind Lucy. "My name's Lucy, by the way. And the blue one is Dia, and the green one is Mal."
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          He had to admit... one part of him didn't like areas like this, while the other rather did. On one hand, it was frustrating having lessened visibility, not always being completely certain where he was going... on the other, it gave him plenty of points to leap off of if he so chose the risk of getting leaves and bits of bark all through his fur, or misplacing a landing somewhere because he couldn't quite make out a branch.

          Well, alright, so most of him didn't particularly care for areas like this.

          Yet, even if he couldn't see as well as he liked, he could certainly hear, such as something flying overhead and, he presumed, landing not far off. Maybe... just maybe they'd seen something? Any slight hint of what he was trying to look for here? No, never mind that; the reptilian roar soon to follow was quite unmistakable, and that alone got the rabbit moving rather more quickly than he was, bounding between the trees until he could get something of a hiding spot within the branches and leaves to just catch what was going on. A pair of young humans, a few digimon... and a threat, it seemed, toward one of the humans. While calling the other... 'Her Majesty'? Was she... someone special back where she was from...?

          He already didn't get it -- which, itself, was nothing particularly new for him when it came to humans -- but, it seemed, at least, the threat was soon to pass, per their apparent human partner. So, calmly and quietly jabbing the icy arrows he'd drawn into the tree he'd perched on the branch of, the Lekismon himself dropped down and toward the clearing from just over to the side... his lesson learned about appearing aggressive from the first time he'd run into a human, and their new digimon partner, some months ago.

          "Not sneaking up... I was just wandering through," he spoke up, his eyes cautiously focused on the pair of Coredramons. "I'm Varius, if that helps... erm... I hope I'm not... interrupting anything..." he nervously trailed off a little. What was there to possibly interrupt? Well... he didn't know... perhaps the humans had planned to meet, and the dragons didn't quite get the memo...?

          Ah, how he wished he'd grown further past the awkwardness than this... but, at the very least, if the dragons decided to change their minds, he was confident he stood a better chance than the young human girl and her Dracumon partner.
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          Norris the Dracumon

            It would be a lie to say that Alice wasn't slightly thrown off by the very rapid play of emotions over the other girl's face, and an even bigger one to deny that having the focus of a very large, very intimidating pair of dragons suddenly focused on her and Norris and they casually discussed killing them both. However she did her best to stand firm, to not step back or show any more fear than she'd already let slip as a faint hint of purple energy flickered over her own hands and Norris stepped in front of her protectively. This was not at all how she'd expected this to go.

            The little Dracumon bared their teeth at the Coredramon staring them down, doing their best to project a degree of confidence they hardly felt until the other human managed to defuse the situation in a rather.... strange fashion. The sudden submissiveness of the two larger Digimon threw both them and Alice off kilter, and they looked back to share a very confused look before the other human introduced herself. Alice carefully let herself relax as the danger passed for the moment.

            "It's... uh, lovely to meet all of you. I'm Alice, this is Norris. Um, why do they..." Her train of thought was interrupted as yet another stranger stepped out into the open, a large rabbit-like Digimon that, unlike Lucy's partners, was very careful to avoid seeming threatening at all. Alice gave te newcomer a small, grateful smile as the tension in the air seemed to lessen with his approach.

            "You weren't interrupting anything, really. It's nice to meet you Varius, I'm Alice."

            "I'm Norris. Y'know I really wasn't expecting to bump into anyone all the way out here. I know why we're out here pushing through the jungle, but why're you?"
            Norris grinned and relaxed, but was still careful to stay between the two Coredramon and Alice.
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            Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

              Once again a creature managed to approach the group, this time a strange, alien-like rabbit creature covered in crescent patterns. Malacaius was the first to react, turning his head and growling fiercely, and Diamantus followed suit a split-second after. When it announced that it wasn't here for a fight, Malacaius groaned in disappointment. He then looked over to his brother.

              "I thought you had flown to a secure location, Diamantus," Malacaius mocked, aggressively jabbing the blue Coredramon with a scaly elbow. "There seems to be an awful lot of visitors for a secure camp site!"

              "Silence, Malacaius!" Diamantus replied in a whispered rage, batting his brother's arm with a full-strength slap. The two dragons turned to face each other and locked hands, both struggling to overpower the other.

              Lucy tried to ignore the bickering dragons and instead looked over to Varius as he spoke up and demurely introduce himself, and heard the girl Alice and her partner introduce themselves soon after.

              "Perhaps I would have been able to find a more secure spot if you did not pressure Her Majesty into landing due to your own insecurities!" Diamantus jeered.

              "Mind your tongue, Diamantus. It sounds an awful lot to me like you're doubting Her Majesty's decision!" The green dragon gave his brother a wicked grin. as

              "I'm Lucy, by the way..." the girl added, tipping her hat to the rabbit creature, avoiding eye contact with the creature. She found the creature... adorable. She always had a soft spot for rabbits, and was secretly wondering how soft and cuddly this creature's fur was. Then Norris asked a question and she turned back to him and his partner. But Lucy was distracted by her own partners.

              "YOU DARE QUESTION MY LOYALTY!?" The blue Coredramon pushed with all his might, only for the grapple to be undone and ram right into Malacaius's shoulder. The green Coredramon tackled his brother to the ground, sat on top of him, and began to brutally pummel his fist into Diamantus's face.

              "Haha! Finally, a good scrap!" Malacaius yelled out with glee.

              "You guys can't ever quit, can you? Go sort out your squabbles somewhere else!" She held up her Digivice, pressing a button and the two flew inside of the device in streams of data. She could hear them still shouting at each other within the Digivice. "And do it quietly!" She shouted herself, shoving the Digivice back into her short's pocket. She looked back at Varius, Alice, and Norris, thoroughly embarrassed. The first groups of friendly faces she had found, and they were most likely alienated by her two draconic followers.

              "I'm really sorry..." She tried to apologize, while her face was red from embarrassment. "We were just here to see the dinosaurs. Dia and Mal said this place was called the 'Dino Region', and that actual dinosaurs lived here. So I just wanted to see one, was all..."
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              He wasn't, then? Well, that was... good, he supposed. Or at least decent. In spite of his cautious gaze, though, Varius showed no particular reaction to the dragons' own threatening gazes. If he were to be honest, and as strange as it was for him to think... he'd been through much worse, even recently. And if they did decide to change their minds... he didn't exactly lack a means to fight back, if it came to it.

              Which, well, he still hoped it wouldn't. Assumed he wouldn't, no less, since it didn't exactly seem like they... got along very well, and with how much larger than him either of them were, that wasn't something he wanted to be in the middle of. Agility was more his thing... not brute physical strength like them.

              When the other human girl introduced herself, though, he blinked in some surprise, pulling his gaze away from the bickering Coredramon duo to find this Lucy's own gaze averted, his head soon tilting a little to the side in curiosity. New here... probably...? Before he could consider much on that, his attention quickly turned back to the dragons, just to find them drawn into that device of hers. That... solved that, he supposed...

              "W-well... they are right about that. I thought... you humans didn't have creatures that large back where you're from? Or at least... I'm sure that's what I heard... I don't know much about that world of yours anyway..." he muttered, turning his gaze skyward and scratching a little at the back of his head in embarrassment. He shouldn't even be embarrassed, some part of him said -- of course he'd know next to nothing about their world! Yet, his job revolved around information... not knowing something felt like something of a... failing on his part. Hrm. Oh, and... the question posed. Right, he should probably answer that.

              "As for me, well... no reason... kind of...?" he trailed off, nervously biting a little at his lip. "I-I'm just... looking for something, that probably isn't here..." he trailed off, exhaling a light breath before turning his gaze back down to the human girls, and the Dracumon. "But, well... I can help you out to navigate around the place, at least. I know how to get around pretty much everywhere on the island by now," he offered with a slight grin, shoving his own little issues back out of mind for now.
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              Norris the Dracumon

                Norris and Alice watched Lucy's two partners struggle with one another for a few moments before they were pulled into Lucy's digivice, the two of them completely bemused by the antics of the other girl's partners. However, when Lucy mentioned the reason for her coming all the way out here, Alice's face lights up. "That's why we're here too! Norris mentioned that there's dinosaur Digimon and I had to see them, so we've been trying to find our way through the jungle to where they are! Oh, we should go together!"

                Norris smiled as they watched this, happy just to see Alice enjoying herself. The girl was usually fairly withdrawn and sad, so this was a welcome change. They turned towards Varius as he spoke up about being a guide. "Well I don't know about Lucy and her friends, but Alice and I've already gotten lost a few times trying to find our way to the Ancient Dino Zone, so I won't say no." The more the Dracumon looked at Varius, they felt a faint twinge of familiarity tugging on the empty forgetful void inside them, as though they had met someone similar in their past life. Someone forgotten now of course, but it was at least something. They turn back to the girls, clearing their throat to get at least Alice's attention.

                "So should we camp here for the night or keep going? I don't know how close we actually are or not."
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                Dia the Coredramon (Blue) & Mal the Coredramon (Green)

                  Lucy nodded to Varius. She remembered that Digimon didn't know what the human world was like. And unlike her partners, this one seemed rather interested. And once he and Alice began talking about dinosaurs, she couldn't help but chime in. "Yeah! There used to be a bunch of big lizards and such back in our world a gajillion years ago, but they all died... cause of like... a meteor, or an ice age or something!" Her eyes lit up as continued talking. "And a bunch of..." She struggled to think of the word for a second. "Archaeologists dug up a bunch of their bones and displayed their skeletons in these big, super-boring buildings called museums in order to make them more interesting!" She turned to Alice and nodded at her idea.

                  "And we should totally go together! Plus, I was thinking that since all the dinosaurs are Digimon, too, we could try and talk to them! Maybe if we ask really nicely we can ride a triceratops! Or a pterodactyl! Or slide down a brontosaurus's neck!"

                  "Or wrestle a Triceramon!"

                  "Or wrestle a..." She pulled out her Digivice and put it in front of her face. "Hey! No picking a fight with the dinosaurs!"

                  "Oh come on, Queenie! Don't be like that! You can leave one or two Digimon for me to fight, can't you? It's been a while since I last fought a Perfect! I wanna feel that rush again! Pretty please...?" Lucy could hear the sarcastic tone Malacaius's voice, but she considered giving Malacaius and Diamantus a chance.

                  "Fine, but you have to get along with Dia until then!"

                  "Ugh... Fine..."

                  "And you can't just go attacking a random Digimon this time! You have ask its permission, okay?"

                  "Fine! You're ruining the fun part, but okay!"

                  "I'm not finished! You have to give Dia a turn, too!"

                  "Oh, come on, Queenie!"

                  "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

                  "Rgh... Alright already! But I get first crack! And Diamantus can't complain if I take it down first try! Deal?"

                  "Deal!" She placed her Digivice back into her pocket and looked back at Alice, Norris, and Varius. "Sorry about that..." She felt like apologizing on behalf of her partners was going to be her new social norm. "But I was planning on wandering around for a bit and going to see the dinosaurs tomorrow! But..." She turned to face Varius, the adorable-looking rabbit Digimon. "I'm don't really know the best time to find or talk to the dinosaur Digimon. I haven't been here very long, and Dia and Mal don't really tell me much about this world other than, 'this is the best place to fight dinosaur Digimon, or this is the best place to fight insect Digimon!'..." She gave a small smile. "And maybe you could help us, then! And maybe we can help you find the thing you're looking for!"
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                  Meteor? Ice Age? Archaeologists? Well, alright, he could understand some of it... but ultimately, the basic point seemed to be that both of these girls were here looking for dinosaurs. That much wouldn't be difficult... though if it was fighting them, like the Coredramon seemed to want to so badly... Varius wasn't certain. He wanted that to just be their concern... but he couldn't let the young humans get endangered at the same time...

                  ...though, he did have to admit, at least this 'Queen', Lucy, seemed to have them well enough under control, somehow or other.

                  "Mm..." the rabbit muttered thoughtfully. "Just... one moment," he offered. With that, the Lekismon glanced up to scan for a good spot, before bending his knees and hopping up high into the air, so he could perch right atop a tree just by the little clearing they'd found. That was there... and that was there... hm. It would be a small trip by foot -- smaller still by wing if it came to it -- but with how late it was getting... he much preferred not to hazard it. Not when some of the more aggressive ones liked to seek out unwitting prey. Making up his mind on the matter, he hopped back down to the clearing, landing perfectly lightly on one foot.

                  "We're a little ways off, so we should probably camp here since it seems like a decent spot," he suggested. "But, um... you're probably hungry, right? Unless you've... eaten something already..." he trailed off, scratching a little at the back of his head in embarrassment. "That is... there're some fruits around here and there that should be easy enough to get to, and we won't have to go far from the clearing here," he offered, glancing around a little in the directions of some of those that he'd just been able to make out. And then, of course, there was that point as well. Well... he had to finally move on one way or another... right...?

                  "As for what I'm looking for, well... it'd probably just be something we'd see from afar anyway. They... never liked being around anyone outside the group," he muttered, hoping to, perhaps, leave it at that... though he doubted it.